Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 303


[Why now? ]


With Gamigin resisting until the end, all five demon lords knelt before Baal.

[Please save me…]

Gamigin begged Baal for mercy in a hoarse and cracked voice. As a result of the fierce resistance, his body was covered with scars.

Next to him, the demon kings were first seen kneeling. Their appearance was also not much different from Gamigin.

[Baal! Why do we have to go through such a tragedy…!]

{It hurts!}

{Help me!}


[I’m going crazy…]


Mar bath. Amon. Paimon. Buer.

Half of the 10 proud members of the demon world knelt down.

Behind them, Agares was glaring like a jailer watching over sinners, and in front of them, Baal had his arms crossed and looked down at the five demon lords with a cold gaze.

The balance of power has long since collapsed.

[You brought this upon yourself. You’re trying to negotiate with me without fear… Since when did the Demon World become a place where people rule with their tongues, not their power?]


A powerful force emanated from Baal. That force crushed the shoulders of the five demon kings and forced them into a polite posture.


The Demon Lords, who knelt down and bowed their heads like slaves, trembled in humiliation.

But Baal did not show them even the slightest sympathy.

[There is no need for mere loyalty. Choose. Either swear your existence to me or be destroyed like this.]

Along with the blatant threat, Baal reveals the evil smile he had been hiding.

[Of course, if you choose the second option, you will go through a very long and painful time.]

[I will be faithful!]

Gamigin was the first to approach on his knees and tried to kiss the back of Baal’s hand. It was truly a way of dealing with one’s position as 4th in rank.

However, Baal looked down at Gamigin with a crooked gaze.

[Will you be loyal?]

[…I will be loyal.]

Only then did Baal offer his hand as if he were being generous, and Gamigin cupped Baal’s hand with both hands and kissed it, as if accepting something precious.

At the same time, a


pentagram was engraved on the elongated forehead of Gamigin, which resembled a horse, and the emblem of an ugly goat was placed on top of it.

Baal’s Brand.

Now that Gamigin had sworn allegiance with the [Oath of Existence], he could not betray Baal unless he risked extinction.

…Or, there is no choice but to overwrite the current stigma with the stigma of a being other than Baal.

[What are you going to do?]

Baal looked back at the other demon kings who were hesitating.

The demon lords looked shocked when they saw Gamigin’s actions. But in the end, they had no choice but to make the same choice.

[…this Marbas. I pledge my undying loyalty to you.]

Marvas bowed exaggeratedly and swore his loyalty in a noble manner.

{Save me!}

{I will surrender!}


Amon held his hand like a pet of Baal. He licked his face, rubbed his face, and swore an oath of obedience.

[…If anyone were to look at it, they would think that the ranking was determined in order of servility.]

Paimon made a disapproving expression, but held both ends of the black dress and bowed to Baal.


Buer showed his loyalty by offering his bow to Baal instead of speaking. Baal branded his bow and returned it.

Baal, who received everyone’s loyalty, ascended to his throne again.

Baal smiled in satisfaction.

[Your loyalty has now been proven. Now we can talk about how to dispose of the other traitors.]

After that, the meeting proceeded smoothly.

Of course, it could no longer be called a meeting. Baal gave instructions and the other demon kings simply followed.

Baal was the first to call Paimon.



Paimon awkwardly bowed his head at Baal’s call.

[I have something else to do for you.]


Baal waved his hand, and a large magic mirror appeared in the air.


What is reflected in the unfolding magic scene is a battlefield with flames everywhere.

At the center of the battlefield, the Demon King and the Demon King were clashing.



The multi-faceted fortress, resembling a red spider, quickly used its dozens of legs to pour fire on the Demon King, which was more than twice as large as itself.

The opponent’s Demon Castle was huge, but its movement was too slow. When the wheeled body was turned and the main gun was fired, the red polygonal fortress had already gone out of the aiming range.

The battle was one-sided.

And the top of the tallest spire of the red polygonal fortress.

A fairly chubby Demon World rabbit with a red ribbon on its chest was shouting with flames forming in both fists.

[If you don’t want to be broken, surrender!]

The moment Paimon saw that, he knew who the opponent reflected in the magic mirror was.

‘It’s that guy. The new demon king who is said to have caused a great rebellion within Baal’s territory…’

Did you say Nibaniba?

As a demon lord who mainly uses fire, Paimon had some interest in his opponent.

Then Baal said:

In a somewhat uncomfortable voice.

[Paimon. You go and deal with that traitor. Please handle it as quickly as possible and come back.]

[Yes? Why am I…]

Paimon’s beautiful face was slightly distorted, as if his pride was hurt.

‘Are you asking me, the 9th ranked demon king, to deal with such a bastard demon lord?’

However, Baal’s command did not change.

[…This opponent is more formidable than it looks. Also, among these, you are the most suitable person. Go deal with that traitor and absorb the flame he possesses.]

There was a reason why Baal chose her.

Queen of Fire.

If limited to his ability to manipulate flames, Paimon was the most outstanding being in the demon world.

[Absorb every spark of that traitor without leaving any trace behind. Then, your rank in the demon world will change.]

‘No way…’

Baal evaluated Nibaniva so highly that the other demon kings were surprised.

This is an assessment made as an opponent who has fought in person, so it is probably true.


Then Paimon’s expression also changed. She licked her blood-red lips with her tongue as if she were thirsty.

‘It seems like a guy with an appetizing spark has appeared after a long time.’

Paimon looked intently at Nibaniba’s flame reflected in the magic mirror.

The bright color and moderate density of the flame.

I can’t confirm whether Baal’s assurances were true beyond the magic scriptures, but if he said something like that, it was something to look forward to.


Paimon, after tasting his food, nodded.

[I understand.]

[Take care of it as quickly as possible and come back.]

None of the Demon Lords present there thought that Paimon, known as the Queen of Fire, would be defeated by the kid who had just become the Demon Lord.

Even Baal, who fought Nibaniva himself, thought that what he saw was his opponent’s limit.

After Paimon left the conference room first, Baal looked around at the remaining Demon Lords and said.

[You go to the Burning Plains.]


[Finally… I can see it.]

A voice trembling with excitement.

Vassago muttered as he looked at the huge black tree that had grown so far beyond the clouds that he could not see the end.

Demon Tree (魔界樹)

A tree that has existed since the birth of the Demon World. It is a strange and great being whose roots are unknown.

It was also Vasago’s final destination.

[For a very long time, Baal’s castle was located halfway up the Demon Tree.]

The most concentrated magical energy in the Demon World spews out from the Demon World Tree.

Baal monopolized the demonic tree for a long time, and he and his demon lordship had no choice but to become stronger.

Vassago was afraid of the power that Baal had built up over a long period of time, so he held his ambition deep in his heart.

Of course not anymore.

“Is that the Demon Tree? “It came sooner than I thought.”

The man next to me muttered with a curious expression. Vassago laughed.

[It only looks close because it is such a huge tree. There is still a long way to go before we arrive.]

And Vassago looked at the great man blankly.

‘The more I look at him, the more amazing he is.’

Not only did he block the forces of the Demon World by connecting dozens of dimensions, he came up with the idea of persuading himself and subduing the Demon World in reverse.

That’s not all.

Despite being human, he possessed tremendous power within his body, and each and every one of his landlord’s subordinates were extremely strong.

…Some of them are almost at the level of demon lords.

‘What’s scarier is that even with so much power and influence, the landlord is called a savior, not a dictator. How on earth has this man made such a detailed plan to dominate the dimensional hub?…’

Vassago was now a little afraid of Daein.

Because this was the first time I had encountered a being whose heart I could not read at all.

“What are you looking at so intently?”

[…Tsk tsk. I’m thankful again.]

Vasago smiled and hesitated, then turned his head and looked at the demon beast again.

But he was lost in complicated thoughts.

‘When this war is over, I will become the ruler of the demon world, but will I end up having to obey my landlord?…’ As I

thought about that, unpleasant feelings bubbled up inside me.

If he had to be shadowed by someone even after becoming the ruler of the demon world, why did he start this war?

Once the monster called ambition began to grow, it began to grow bigger and bigger, not being satisfied.

‘I am not the ruler of the demon world….’

Why can’t I become the ruler of the dimensional hub?

Vassago’s eyes became cold.

‘I’ll have to think about it some more.’

The great man glanced at Vasago’s profile with a strange expression.

They talked while looking in the same direction, hiding their true feelings from each other.

“But it brought in a ton of money.”

[Baal was also impatient. It looks like they have gathered all the troops they have.]

The place where they were standing was a hill overlooking the Burning Plain.

The Burning Plain was a landform made up of strangely shaped black rocks and lava flowing here and there.

A road that must be passed in order to advance to Baal’s castle.

And now, on the Burning Plain, Baal’s army was so gathered that the horizon could not be seen.

“Shall we start right away?”

Vassago nodded to the great man’s question.

[Let’s start right away. I adjusted my speed on the way and rested sufficiently.]

“Well, most of the fighting happens there. “So are you shooting now?”

[I’ll ask you again this time.]

Daein took out the remote control from his pocket. And I pressed the button without hesitation.

There was no need to specify separate, complicated coordinates.

Technology that combines magic and science has made it possible to guide humanity’s worst and strongest weapons to the desired location with a single remote control.

ding ding ding.

Daein pressed a few buttons, and dozens of nuclear missiles were launched from behind.

Shuuuuuk! Shuuuuuk!

Missiles with flames attached to their tails flew in a parabola in the air toward the burning plain.

Daein stepped back in preparation for the huge aftershock that would occur a moment later.

“Then do your best. “We’ll wait in the back for now.”

[Tsk tsk. I’ll call you if I need to.]

Vassago rode the ghost horse and took the lead. He shouted majestically at his troops lined up.

[Sharpen your teeth in advance! We will attack as soon as the explosion subsides!]

The demons and demons roared fiercely as if their blood was boiling. They began to advance slowly.


Dozens of nuclear missiles with parabolic curves have now started heading towards the ground.

Vassago, looking at that scene, trembled with excitement.

‘If we win this battle, Baal’s castle is a short distance away!’

Vassago was brimming with confidence after his crushing victory over Agares.

He had nuclear missiles brought by the Allied Forces, and

there were demon lords who changed their loyalty from Agares to him.

In comparison, Baal’s military strength was not what it used to be as all three invasions of Earth failed.

In terms of strength alone, Vassago’s army had long since surpassed Baal’s army.

[Prepare to attack!]

After a while, a nuclear missile explodes in the enemy camp and the enemies on the plain are wiped out. Then, the troops will immediately advance and wipe out the remaining miscellaneous.

Just like it has always been.

But there were a few things Vassago didn’t expect.

[Tsk tsk tsk tsk….]

The monster he was unable to exterminate has just arrived on the battlefield, sharpening its blade for revenge.

[You mean you lost because of something like that?]

[Rejoice, soldiers! The kings who will save you have arrived on the battlefield!]

{Barsago! Landlord!}

{Who. more. Will it be delicious?}

{You can eat both!}


Likewise, unexpected people appear as enemies.

Dozens of nuclear missiles exploded in the air.




[How could this be…!]

Vassago widened his eyes in surprise.

He personally placed a strong protective barrier on each of the missiles that had just exploded. It was prepared so that it could explode on the ground without being shot down.

But the fact that they exploded in the air meant that the protection magic had been lifted.

There is no other being in the demon world who can dispel his protective magic so quickly…

[Basago! Do you know what happened to me because of you?]

Gamigin, the only wizard in the demon world comparable to Vassago, raised his magical power by throwing a rough spell.

It wasn’t just Gamigin.

[Pasago. I knew that one day you would create such a tragedy.]


The young man flew into the sky with a graceful gesture and swung his thin sword to cut off the nuclear missile.



The explosion did no damage to Marvas. He had already landed gracefully on the ground.

It wasn’t the end with them.

[Even Amon Buer…]

The moment he saw the demon kings Amon and Buer, who appeared next, Vasago realized that the 10 demon kings had joined Baal’s side.

But it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

[for a moment! I know what you are thinking about siding with Baal. But listen to me. I fully know what you want…]

Vassago tried to deceive the demon kings with his cunning tongue, but

[tsk tsk tsk tsk. It was too late at least.]

In the explosion, a being radiating power that was different from that of the previous demon kings walked forward.

Vasago almost fell off the ghost horse.

[Ah, Agares, why are you there….]


The ghost horse, reading its owner’s mood, took a step back.

Although they were still more than dozens of kilometers away, Agares’ voice clearly reached Vassago.

[I came back to tear you to death.]

The grinning Agares was somehow different from the one Vassago knew.

But Vassago did not have time to understand it in detail.

Agares puffed out her chest and shouted.

[Punish the traitors!!] With

the Demon King’s roar resounding throughout the plain, Baal’s army lined up in the plain went into a frenzy and began to run.

At the forefront was Agares, running like a mad cow.


For the first time since the start of the war, Vasago felt extreme fear.


“Isn’t this… where things get interesting?”

The great man was looking at the burning plain with an excited expression.

The battle situation, which was overwhelmingly in Vassago’s favor, turned against Agares and the Four Demon Lords as they entered the war.

However, that does not mean that the other side achieved a perfect victory.

It’s not as good as the 10th throne, but there are demon lords on Vasago’s side as well, and the army itself is more numerous and powerful on this side.

‘If we help, it will become tight again….’

“Why now?”

Even so, I was worried because I could see Vassago having other thoughts.

The great man muttered while looking at Vassago from afar, who was busy avoiding Agares’ attack.

“What’s so beautiful about a bastard who’s sure to betray you?”

-Landlord! Can you hear me? There’s a problem! Apply here right now!

Vassago’s urgent voice requesting help from earlier was being transmitted through telepathy.

But the man had a relaxed expression.

-hang on. I’ll send it to you right away.

After reassuring Vassago, Daein looked back at the death squad members waiting behind him and said,

“everyone. “Please get some rest first.”

[Why now? ]End

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