Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 306


[ Master of Flame (1) ]

[Rat-like bloke! Are you running away again?]

The magical energy emitted from Agares’s fist swept through the rear of the retreating Vassago army.


The fleeing demons exploded like firecrackers, and their flesh and blood poured down like rain.

[How long do you think you can run away! I’ll grab that bone and break it right away!]

Agares, whose entire body was stained red with the blood of her enemies, slashed at the back of Vasago’s head as he walked away.


Vassago did not even respond and retreated his troops.

It was another defeat.

However, Vassago seemed to have become accustomed to defeat by now and succeeded in forcing his army to retreat in perfect order.

[Wow! I missed it again!]

Rather, the one who seemed dissatisfied was Agares.


Agares, who stamped his foot strongly, gritted his teeth as he glared at the fleeing enemy.

[If we chase after them now, we can finish them off! Right now…!]

But Agares had no choice but to stop here.

[[Agares. Stop.]]

Hold on!

It was because of Baal’s voice that seemed to be clawing at my head.


[[There is no need to chase them deep. Defend your position.]]

If it had not been for that voice, Agares would have ordered the entire army to chase long ago and chased Vassago at the forefront.

But I couldn’t. My feet no longer fell.

‘Baal’s command… I cannot refuse.’

Agares knew.

The fact that he suffered ‘something’ when he was briefly eaten by Baal in Baal’s castle and then spit out again.

At that time, Baal did not destroy Agares and cured her of the curse, but he placed an even stronger prohibition on her.

Although he did not know exactly what the prohibition was, it was certain that it had an absolute influence on him.

…and it was getting stronger.

[Baal… Why… I shouldn’t pursue him…?]

Just asking questions that went against Baal’s orders like this made Agares feel more difficult than the battle with the demon lords.

[[Perhaps that cunning bastard may have set a trap? There is no need to take risks.]]

Baal’s voice was heard again. It was a friendly explanation, regardless of the pounding headache.

[…is it. I understand.]

Agares, who was silent for a moment, turned around.

As if he was disappointed, he couldn’t take his eyes off the retreating enemy until the end, but he eventually returned to the main camp where other demon lords were gathered.

[joy. It’s not that big of a deal when you look at it.]

[Is it inevitable to rush to the end of tragedy… This is the fate of the demon king who was once called the overlord…]

{Vassago bones! I ate one!}

{No! This belongs to Vasago’s family!}

{Give it to me too! I want to eat it too!}


There, the demon kings belonging to the 10th throne had already gathered and enjoyed the afterglow of victory – except for the three heads of Amon who were fighting over a single bone.

As everyone, including Agares, gathered in one place, dark clouds gathered in the sky above their heads.


The dark clouds gathered together and swirled for a moment, forming a shape resembling Baal.

Baal’s gigantic shadow covering the sky looked down at the ground and spoke.

[[Children of the Demon World.]]

With that one word, all the demon beasts and demons fell flat on the ground. Trembling with overwhelming fear, he cried out Baal’s name.

-thud! Thump thump thump!

Even the demon kings who were loyal to Baal knelt on one knee.

[Appreciating the king.]

The 10 kings, famous for their pride, also knelt one after another.

[I salute the king.]

Baal’s brand on their foreheads was burning.

And finally

– coo!

Agares knelt down. The sight was so amazing that even the demon lords who had lived the longest in the demon world were shocked.

That Agares is on her knees!

[The king…]

While trying to speak, Agares clenched her teeth.

The Demon King, who coveted the highest throne more than anyone else, looked up at the shadow of Baal that covered the sky.


The last of his pride, his wild soul, raised its head stiffly.


I gritted my teeth. Agares straightened her knees and tried to stand up proudly again.

At that moment, my head started pounding again.

Accidents were all mixed up.

Memories, beliefs, soul, some force was eroding his being.

Why am I opposing Baal?

Baal is the king of this demon world and the demon world itself.

In the end, I am also just a child of Baal…


With a soft sigh, Agares’ eyes gradually turned gray.

And after a while

– coo!

The half-extended knee touched the ground again. Agares lowered her horn and spoke in a more polite manner than anyone else.

[I bow to the king!]

The shadow of Baal that appeared in the sky shook its shoulders and laughed.

At this moment, Baal was the only king of the demon world.

Neither Vasago, who rebelled, nor the fearless devil lord in the north could be his opponent.

[Children of the Demon World. Don’t be impatient. Because the end of everything is approaching.]

-Grumbling! Rumbling!

An ominous voice that made me shiver echoed throughout the demon world.

[My glory will be with you!]


“I have found out what Baal is planning.”

Inside the Allied barracks.

Inside, Daein and Abraxas were having a secret conversation.

Abraxas, who had recently concluded an alliance between Vassago and Nibaniva (Lily), pretended to return to Nibaniva and joined Daein.

Of course, her disguise as a succubus had returned to its original state.

The great man asked.

“Are you saying that he distributed his soul to several places before?”

“that’s right.”

Abraxas nodded with a stern expression and continued speaking.

“I tracked down the places where souls were scattered, and I found one thing in common.”

“What do we have in common?”

“This is where the largest roots of the Demon Tree are located.”

At that moment, the Daein’s expression hardened. As the information I originally knew and the given clues were combined, a certain assumption came to mind.

“No way…”

Currently, Baal’s army was slowly advancing, putting pressure on Vassago.

It even felt like they were deliberately taking their time, as if there was nothing to rush about.

I thought there was something strange…

‘They weren’t pushing hard because they were afraid we would return to Earth.’

Probably right.

If your predictions are true.

The great man asked with a stern expression.

“Is Baal trying to absorb the power of the Demon Tree?”

However, Abraxas’ expectations exceeded the great man’s imagination.

She said, shaking her head.

“The Demon World Tree is the same as the source of the Demon World. “It is impossible for even the devil to absorb that.”

“Then what is it?”

Even Abraxas answered with an expression of uncertainty.

“Perhaps… Baal is planning to fuse himself with the Demon Tree.”

“…what? “He’s really crazy!”

Baal was trying to become the demon world itself.

If successful, he will be able to freely manipulate the elements and laws that make up the Demon World.

In other words, it means that he becomes an omnipotent being only in this world called the Demon World.

‘If successful, we will be able to connect Hellgate to Earth indefinitely.’

The reason why Daein traveled across multiple dimensions and collected as many as five God’s Jewels.

It was also a plan to change some of the laws of the Demon World by contacting the core inside the Demon World.

But Baal was trying it first.

The great man asked with an anxious expression.

“Is that possible?”

Abraxas tilted his head vaguely and said.

“As far as I know, it’s impossible. No, there is no point in combining them. No matter how powerful the Demon King is, he is just a soul. “There is no way you can maintain your sense of self even if you blend into one world.”

Just as the great man was about to feel a little relieved by those words, Abraxas frowned and continued.

“But Baal may know ways I don’t. He probably knows much more about the magic coefficient than I do. If the attempt is successful….”

“The words will become seeds.” “Don’t say any more.”

I could tell without saying anything more.

It’s all over.

If Baal’s ego remains even after being integrated into the Demon World, Baal will be able to annihilate all living things in the Demon World with just a simple ‘will’.

Or obey.

“It’s a pain in the ass. I thought things would go according to plan now…”

Daein sighed.

Why does something always happen bigger than expected and you have to desperately play ball to resolve it?

‘Aren’t you really hated by God?’

If there was a guy named God in front of me, I felt like I wanted to grab him by the collar and shake him.

Anyway, now that we know Baal’s plan, we must stop it.

And as quickly as possible.

Because we don’t know how far Baal has advanced his plan.

“Where is the little one now?”

Abraxas closed his eyes at the great man’s question. After a while, she opened her eyes again and said.

“We’re almost there. “You will be able to join the battlefield tomorrow.”


Daein’s original plan was to unite Lily (Nibaniba)’s army with Vassago’s army and then gradually increase Lily’s reputation and influence within the combined Demon King’s army.

So together, they defeat Agares,

eliminate Vassago at the right time, and

bring down Baal from the throne.

Once this war was over, Lily (Nibaniba) would naturally be revered as the new ruler of the demon world.

‘But I don’t have time to set them up one by one anymore.’

The whole process must be shortened.

Lily must join this alliance, defeat Agares and the Ten Lords holding on in front of her, eliminate Vassago, and quickly advance to Baal’s castle.

‘Now, landlord. Think of a way. think. How a little kid can gain powerful influence as soon as he gets here. How to attack Baal’s castle as quickly as possible…’

When the little boy comes, should he challenge Vassago and have his skills recognized?

‘no. That’s not allowed.’

If we are not careful, the power that Lily has gathered while conquering the North will be taken over by Vassago.

It was better to prove one’s skills by defeating the enemy’s 10 positions.

‘But even among the 10 lords, there is not a single good demon lord…’

The great man judged that with Lily’s current skills, it would be impossible to face the 10 lords on her own.

“Why are you worrying so much about yourself?”


The great man told Abraxas about his concerns.

Then, didn’t she snort?

“what. “With problems that amount to nothing.”

“…It’s nothing?”

“You don’t know how strong Lily is, do you?”

The great man answered with an expression of bewilderment.

“What are you talking about. Do you know how much mana nutritional food I fed the little boy?”

This was a matter of pride.

But Abraxas shook his head resolutely.

“All you know is Lily before she came to the demon world. “You have no idea how strong she has become since coming here.”

“That’s it…”

I haven’t seen it since I came to the Demon World. But not that long time has passed.

I heard a while ago that he had become stronger through communication, but he was still not able to surpass the level of the 10 seats of the Demon World…

“I guess it was just before I left here. “A demon lord named Paimon attacked us.”


For a moment, the man’s expression hardened.

Paimon is the 9th-ranked Demon Lord in the Demon World.

Her nickname is Queen of Fire.

If limited to his ability to control flames, he was the most outstanding Demon Lord in the Demon World.

That Paimon attacked Lily?

“So what happened? “Why didn’t anyone report something like that to me?”

The great man asked in an urgent voice. Abraxas laughed when he saw that.

“Why didn’t you report it? “There was no need to report it.”


Abraxas said with a mischievous smile to the great man who still had a puzzled expression.

“See for yourself how strong the little boy you know has become.”

[Master of Flame (1)] End

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