Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 308


[ Master of Flame (3) ]

[You. … Is this my child?]


Lily, who made eye contact with Paimon, unconsciously took a step back.


It was fortunate that I was wearing a Demon World Rabbit doll.

If it weren’t for that, the other person would have noticed the girl’s pale expression.

[Huh. No matter how I look at it, it seems to be true?]

Paimon spoke in a slightly nasal voice with sparkling ruby-like eyes.

She scanned Nibaniva from head to toe with an interested gaze.

[I don’t remember giving birth… but it smells like my baby. I’m sure.]

Ttogak ttogak.

In the battlefield where everyone held their breath, only the sharp sound of shoe heels echoed.


As she walked, the floor began to vibrate and crack… Lava flowed from cracks and flames lashed out like snakes.

Soon, the ground several kilometers in radius was melting and the air became so hot that it was difficult to even breathe.


“It’s hot!”

The demons were pained by the Fire Queen’s terrifying power and hurriedly retreated.

Paimon walked gracefully along the path that opened on its own.

A presence that can single-handedly overwhelm tens of thousands of troops.

Paimon stopped at an appropriate distance and asked again.

[What are you?]

Lily trembled involuntarily at the gaze of the Demon Lord, who seemed to be looking into her deepest abyss.


It was then that Cheonmugeuk blocked Lily’s path.

Cheon Mu-geuk wiggled his thick eyebrows and placed his hand on the sword so that he could draw the sword at any time.

He glanced at Lily, who looked anxious, and then sent a message to Abraxas.

-What a child. What kind of nonsense is that pretty bitch talking about?

-That guy is Paimon. He’s a pretty strong Demon Lord, ranked 9th in the Demon World… I think Lily’s spark has something to do with that guy.

Abraxas explained what he knew to Cheonmugeuk in a telephonic voice and then looked at Lily.


Lily’s condition wasn’t very good.

It was shaking very anxiously, like an herbivore that had encountered its natural enemy.

‘This isn’t good.’

It was fortunate that all the attention of the other demons was focused on Paimon’s appearance.

Because when the Demon King shows signs of weakness, they quickly change their minds and turn away. They are called Demons.


As Abraxas gently held her hand, Lily’s panicked expression slowly returned to normal.

“Ah… As.”

-are you okay?


Because he made the demon rabbit doll himself, Abraxas was the only one who was able to see through the inside of the doll.

Unfiltered, she saw Lily with an expression that was not at all okay for her.

‘They do resemble each other.’

Red hair resembling flames and eyes like jewels.

Above all, the power of the ‘peer’ to control flames.

If it weren’t for the pair of horns growing on her forehead, I thought Lily would look almost similar to Paimon when she grew up.


As if reading her thoughts, Lily shook her head vigorously and sent a warning message.

-As. That woman is not my mother. My mom and I…

-Lily. No need to make excuses.

I could feel the tremor in my joined hands decreasing slightly. Abraxas said, holding the girl’s hand tighter.

-You are human.


-Of course, he is also the Demon Lord now. But you were born a human and lived as a human. And you became a demon lord to protect humans. So you are still human.


Lily received a transplant of demon cells through human experimentation and modification in Pandemonium’s laboratory and gained the power to control flames.

‘Perhaps the demon used as a sacrifice when remodeling Lily was one of Paimon’s children.’

Abraxas deduced an answer that was close to the truth with only a few clues.

And I told it to Lily by phone.


Lily’s shaking eyes slowly began to return to their original form.

Then Paimon asked again.

[baby. When your mother asks, you have to answer, right?]

Now Lily could confidently glare at Paimon.

“You are not my mother.”

[Oh my…?]

At that moment, a fatal and captivating smile appeared on Paimon’s lips.

Until now, countless males in the Demon World have rushed to have that smile, and some of them have been ‘selected’ by Paimon.

Paimon couldn’t remember each and every one of the countless demons who had shown him favor for one night.

[I don’t know who raised him, but it looks like he didn’t receive proper upbringing.]

Fire Queen Paimon.

The most beautiful king in the demon world and the mother of countless demons.

Her ranking in the demon world was 9th, which was the lowest among the 10, but her true power could not be judged simply by her ranking.


Paimon looked at Lily with the gaze of a deliciously ripe fruit. I lightly licked my lips with my tongue.

[Well, you will soon be eaten by me, so there is no need to go through the trouble of educating me.]

For an instant, the demon king’s red eyes sparkled with greed.

Paimon lightly stamped his foot on the spot.

[Should we get rid of the troublesome things and get started?]


But the aftermath was by no means light.

Lava spreads around the ground Paimon was stepping on! It exploded. The demons nearby died without even being able to scream.

[How about we solve it neatly between the two of us? Anything else that was nearby would have burned down.]

“Everyone stay back! “I will fight alone!”

Lily also did not back down, but stepped forward and shouted.

Abraxas and Cheon Mu-geuk exchanged glances for a moment and then nodded.

‘If Lily defeats the 10th Lord alone here…’

‘She can conquer the North in an instant and gain the reputation of an overlord.’

The two people’s thoughts came together.

Cheonmugeuk exploded with Lion’s Roar and made everyone step back.

“conflict-! “Stand back and wait!”

In an instant, the troops retreated and Paimon and Lily stood face to face in the empty space.

[I’m looking forward to it. I’ve had many children so far, but this is the first time I’ve had a power that resembles me so much and yet is so foreign to me. If I absorb your flame as Baal said…]


Paimon licked his lips with his tongue as if he couldn’t take it anymore and gestured towards Lily.

[I feel like I can overcome my limits. Sigh… I can’t wait to eat it. baby. Come to this mother.]


The flames that rose up at the gesture of her hand washed over Lily like a wave.

“Don’t pretend to be mom! “My mom is much prettier and kinder than you!”


In response, Lily also created a flame to counter Paimon’s flame.

Flames pouring out from both sides collided in the middle and shot up into the sky as if exploding.


Fireworks exploded in all directions, turning the sky red. On the ground, terrible marks were left as if a monster of the apocalypse had scratched its way through.


“My body! My body…!

Demons who couldn’t get out in time, demons who couldn’t control their curiosity, and demons who were confident in their fire properties screamed as they rolled around on the floor with their half-melted bodies.

[You really… are quite good!]

Paimon, who had already flown into the sky, looked at Nibaniba with an expression of surprise.

Although the strength from just now wasn’t her full strength, I thought it would be enough to gain the upper hand.

However, the Demon World Rabbit on the other side was spewing out flames at the same level as himself, without a single hair being damaged.

Paimon licked his lips repeatedly with his tongue, as if he was thirsty.

[okay. This is how it tastes good.]

“I’m not eating it. “I like to eat, though!”

Lily’s eyes widened and she created hundreds of thousands of even bigger flames.



Lightning rained down from the sky like a meteor shower, the ground cracked, and a pillar of fire rose up.

-Roaring! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

The two demon kings fought, burning an entire radius of several tens of kilometers. It was a sight as if the world was turning into hell under the wrath of God.

The demons who had retreated for a while were still shivering from the heat that felt like their skin was burning. Even quite a few high-ranking demons were reluctant.

“Well… they said it was 10, but it’s not an average bet.”

“Because he is one of the guys who has lived in the demon world the longest. “It’s different from the young chicks I’ve dealt with so far.”

Cheonmugeuk and Abraxas stood side by side and watched Lily’s fight.

They didn’t even twitch their eyebrows at most things, but now they were watching the battle with anxious expressions.

In fact, I wanted to run to help Lily right away.

But there was one reason I held on.

“…If you want to take Baal’s place, you must become stronger and prove yourself.”

“That is correct. “If an unqualified person sits in power, eventually a rebellion will occur.”

Since they understood the law of strong self-respect better than anyone else, they made room for Lily to fight Paimon alone.

Lily must prove herself.

He must prove to the entire demon world that he is not a young chick who was lucky enough to become the demon lord, but that he is someone capable of defeating the 10 thrones, the proven powerhouses of the demon world, and replacing Baal.

“The numerous demons gathered here will be witnesses.”

“Cluck. “If you create a sea of fire on that scale… even if you don’t like it, there won’t be any rumors.”

This wasn’t Daein’s plan in the first place.

‘kid. While I was accompanying Vassago, you were causing chaos in the northern part of the Demon World with a diversionary operation. It’s to distract Baal. There’s no need to overdo it…’

Lily’s role in Daein’s initial plan was at that level.

But Lily soon came up with a better plan.

A plan that only he, who had the blood of a high-ranking demon mixed with his body while being altered, could do it.

‘mister! I will become the devil! And I will become the Great Demon King!’


‘Even if your plan succeeds this time, the demon lords may attack again later with bad intentions. But if I become the Great Demon King, I can rule over the demon world so that the Demon Lords can never do anything bad again.’

It was the first time he had seen Lily so calmly, clearly and logically. Except when ordering delivery food.

‘hey. What nonsense….’

‘Is there a better way than this?’

In the end, Daein was persuaded by Lily, and Lily has fulfilled her role more than 100% so far.

“Cluck. “That little thing is amazing.”

“Children grow up really quickly.”

The two looked at Lily together with happy expressions.

Then Wendy tugged on their sleeves and asked with a worried look.

“I guess your sister will win…?”

Cheon Mu-geuk picked Wendy up and sat her on his shoulder. And lightly patted him.

“Cluck. “Don’t worry.”

“okay. “If it looks really dangerous, we’ll come help you.”

“Ugh… Arase.”

And as time passed, Abraxas and Cheonmugeuk became convinced that there would never be a moment for them to step forward.



The two flames, which were close at first, were increasingly pushed to one side as they clashed.

At first glance, they all appear to be identical flames, but they were visible to powerful people who could read the flow of magic power.


“Clark.” “They’re pushing it.”

“Sister, you’re the best!”

That was when the three people’s expressions brightened.


The ground, which had melted and become mushy due to the fight between the two demon kings, shook violently and


Soon, a huge hand came out and grabbed Lily.

The moment Abraxas saw the hand, he shouted with a surprised face.

“Demon King Castle!”

[Master of Flame (3)] End

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