Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 314


[ Final Battle (2) ]

-Tuk Touk.

The weather in the Demon World is generally cloudy and dark. It was common to see dark clouds everywhere.

Therefore, when it suddenly started raining, no demons found it strange. There may have been some who thought they were unlucky ahead of the battle.

-Shoot… ahhh!

The rain that had been falling little by little quickly turned into a torrential downpour. The rain that poured down as if there was a hole in the sky was gray, as if mixed with some kind of impurity.

Because of the gathering dark clouds and pouring rain, the scene in the demon world looked darker, more gloomy, and more bleak than usual.

“It’s the perfect weather to die in.”

When someone from the Allied Forces’ death squad told a joke, people around them laughed. Everyone has their own way to relax. That was necessary when the Divine Suit was completely stained with blood.

Around them, numerous demons were lying dead, and their comrade, who had been alive just a few minutes ago, had also collapsed.

-Roaring! Flash!

Thunder thundered and lightning struck from the sky. In each of those brief moments, the dark battlefield was briefly illuminated.

The battlefield where the armies of both sides clashed was the Burning Plain, where Vassago had previously suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Agares.

The two sides, mobilizing all available forces, clashed in the center of the plain. Because it was an open plain on all sides, a surprise attack or ambush was impossible. Because there was not enough time, it was not possible to plan detailed tactics.

The Allied forces advanced with the plan to win the battle in a short decisive battle. The Baal army led by Agares also did not hesitate to fight.

In the center of the plain, the armies of both sides clashed with might and force with all their might.

– Quad deuk! Quad deud deuk!

At the forefront, the demonic beasts collided and crushed each other. Blood and flesh splattered everywhere, and horrendous shouts and screams rang out.



The pouring rain cools the scorching heat. Pure white steam rises from my entire body. The demon beasts howl fiercely and the demons with red eyes let out a strange laugh. Humans fight for their lives in an unfamiliar world.

Most of the races in the demon world are rough-tempered and easily excited. Therefore, the ability to conduct war tended to decline slightly. However, it has invaded, trampled, and dominated various dimensions with overwhelming power and fear.

“…But you have never had such a big war among yourselves. “Because Baal was alive and well, and the demon kings, who were thoroughly divided into ranks, maintained order in the demon world.”

The great man was looking at the battlefield from a high hill.

There was not a single escort by his side today.

This was because all members of the death-defying team were sent to the battlefield. Thanks to this, Daein was able to watch the battle more quietly than ever before.

If you think about it, it’s funny.

The demon kings of the demon world, who are symbols of chaos, fear, disorder, and destruction, rank each other and divide the land to maintain order.

Therefore, in the demon world, there were small conflicts and fights between demons, but there were no major wars. The power of the Demon World could only be concentrated on invasions from other dimensions.

“That’s why you’re vulnerable to situations like this.”

A barren demon world where it is difficult for most races to even survive.

The other dimension had no ability or reason to invade them.

So Daein came up with a plan to invade the demon world. He incited Vassago to revolt and turned Lily into a demon lord.

Faced with a crisis he had never experienced before, Baal had no choice but to stop his invasion of Earth.

The order of the demon world has now collapsed.

“And when this fight is over, a new order will emerge.”

The great man gazed at the battlefield with calm eyes.

It was a battlefield where enormous armies clashed, but in the end, the most important battles were limited to a few places.

‘The battle ends only when the five demon lords are defeated.’

The vast battlefield could be broadly divided into five areas.

Agares. Gamigin. Marbas. Amon. Buer.

Powerful demon kings corresponding to the 10th throne of the demon world led their descendants along with their demon lords and entered the battlefield.



An explosion swept through the area, clearing the area around the five demon lords. The 10 Demon Lords, who lead thousands of elite troops of the Demon King and his immediate subordinates, showed formidable power.

The great man quietly narrowed his eyes and looked at the place where the most intense force collided among the five regions.


A prominence burning as if it would burn the entire world, evaporating even the pouring rain

– kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A black magical power that destroys anything it touches.

Two enormous forces were colliding, splitting the world in two. No demon king or superhuman dared to approach within a radius of several kilometers.

The great man muttered, swallowing dry saliva.


I knew Lily was strong. Even if the opponent is that Agares, I have become strong enough to not easily lose, or even to the point where I can possibly win.

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t be worried. No matter how strong he became, the kid was still a kid and he was his protector.

“Don’t overdo it.”

The great man sighed softly and muttered before turning his head to another area.

As the five Demon Lords swept the battlefield with ruthless power, the best of the Demon World Allied Forces (Vasago & Nibaniva & Dimensional Allied Forces) stepped forward to stop them.

“Stop the demon lords!”


The wave of energy that exploded was enough to make the pouring rain clear up for a while.

‘A little more.’

The great man waited.


The rain became increasingly heavier. The heavy rain pouring down as if there was a hole in the sky made the battlefield hazy and unrealistic.

‘little bit more.’

The great man waited a little longer.

Until the five demon lords can fully focus on the enemies in front of them, until their interest in themselves disappears.


Ever since he crossed over to the demon world, Daein has been killing his own existence.

He did not go into battle directly, but stored his energy as much as possible, and always had at least one team of death squads escorting him.

-The landlord has become weaker. He is no longer in a state where he can fight properly –

not only the Allied Forces but also most demons in the demon world have heard such rumors.

The demon lords of the Baal Army still gnashed their teeth at the mere mention of the name ‘lessee’, but the great man was already being excluded from the allied forces’ strength.

And just now,

“Let’s move slowly.”


The great man’s figure completely disappeared in the heavy rain.



The rain still showed no signs of weakening.



Agares burst into laughter, telling the battlefield to leave. Smoke rose from the scorched body, and the half-melted, stuck fingers were irritating.

That’s why Agares couldn’t stop laughing.

[I’ve never seen such an exciting fight!]

It was so fun. Every muscle in my body screamed, and every time fireworks exploded in front of my eyes, the fear of extinction came over me.

It feels like every single cell is waking up!

Agares had no choice but to sincerely acknowledge the other person.

[Nibaniba! You are a demon lord who deserves to kill me!]

That was the greatest compliment Agares could give. Agares gathered magical energy into her fist and swung it with all her might.


It was a blow with such power that even the mighty Demon Lords belonging to the 10th throne would be reluctant to accept it.

However, the opponent didn’t seem to even have any intention of avoiding it.


A small demon rabbit, less than 1/10th the size of the giant demon lord himself, came swinging his fist in the same way.


Flames engulf the chubby fist, increasing its size. It appears that only the fist is deformed and large.

What foolishness to confront someone with the strongest body in the demon world!

[Please don’t die!]

Agares filled her fist with earnest wish and put more strength into it.


The moment the two fists collided, the shock wave swept a radius of several kilometers. The demons who were unlucky enough to be caught in the vicinity exploded from the pressure.

The two demon kings, who were thrown back by the repulsive force of the collision, stopped at a similar distance and stared at each other.

[under! Where on earth did someone like this come from?…]

Agares trembled with fear.

From the previous blow and the fight before that, he had a premonition.

[You may be stronger than me.]

If other demon kings had heard that voice, they would have been astonished.

That proud Agares would recognize anyone other than Baal!

However, Nibaniva, who received such praise, was not particularly interested in those words.

“Then do you want to surrender?”

Lily just wanted to end this fight quickly.

I wanted to make sure that no more people die or get hurt, so that there are no more sad people.

“If you surrender, I will make you my subordinate.”


Agares laughed, shaking her shoulders.

Although his soul was under the control of Baal, his ego was not completely eroded.

That high pride and pride in his own strength still remained.

[okay. You are fully qualified to say that. But since I said that…]

-Wow! Wood clatter!

Muscles reminiscent of a bison wriggled, its outer shell grew like armor, and its horns grew longer and pointed straight ahead.


As Agares let out a rough breath, black flames spewed out from her nose and mouth.

[You will have to prove your strength by risking your fate.]


The moment Agares took a step, the ground split around him.

Damn it…!

A black beast crawled up from the underground. Its thick body resembled a bear, and its snout was pointed like that of a crocodile, filled with blade-like teeth.


The identity of the roaring beast was the Demon King of Agares.

In the past, Agares had to leave the Demon Castle behind while running away from Vassago, but since she kept the main core, she was able to shape it back into the shape she wanted.

In a form best suited for revenge and battle.

Agares, who had climbed to the top of the Demon Castle, roared.

[Demon King! Summon the most powerful weapon you have!]

The Demon King’s Castle is the most powerful armor and weapon the Demon King possesses.

Also the last resort.

Summoning the Demon King to the battlefield also meant not thinking about the future.

Lily didn’t hesitate and immediately summoned the lava giant.

“Come out, giant!”

The ground cracked and red-hot magma began to flow out. The two hands that protruded out touched the floor and lifted themselves up to the ground with all their might.


The lava giant stuck out its chest and roared, advancing towards the beast of Agares. Lily stood on top of his head.

A moment later, the two giant monsters carrying the Demon King collided.

-bang! bang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

And from above, the two demon kings poured attacks on each other.

The fight that summoned the Demon King Castle devastated a radius of several tens of kilometers. The demons around were trampled, melted, and crushed by the pressure.


Lily roughly wiped the blood flowing from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.

On the way here, we fought continuously without stopping. In Belial’s castle, he fought Baal, who descended on Berit’s body, and immediately raised an army to pacify the northern part of the Demon World. After that, he met Paimon and fought to the death.

In the process, she jumped over walls several times and became stronger, but the young girl’s body and mind still clearly had their limits.

As time passed, it became difficult to block Agares’ attacks.

[Is this all it is? Don’t disappoint me!]

– Twaa!

I barely blocked Agares’ fist, but it bounced away for a long time. Lily quickly straightened her posture. There was no time to rest. Agares’ attacks rained down like a meteor shower.


It felt like my whole body was going to break. The shock continued to pile up.

Grumbling. My nose is bleeding.

The opponent was the strongest opponent I had ever encountered.

My vision is blurring…

– Little boy. Don’t overdo it. If you have a hard time fighting, you can run away.

Lily bit her lip as she remembered the great man’s voice.

The man told me not to overexert myself, but this is a fight I can never win without overexerting myself.

‘You’re always overdoing things!’

If she escapes, others will have to stop Agares.

Everyone in this battle had a role to play. If you give up, others may die or get injured fighting for you.

The girl felt a great responsibility and decided not to back down.

“I… can do it!”

Red eyes sparkled like jewels.


Squeezing the flame once more, the girl once again reached her limit.


The great man began to move.

[ Last Battle (2) ] End

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