Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 319


[ Final Weapon (1) ]

Light explodes The moment the space movement magic was activated, the final team tensed their entire bodies.

Soon the light disappeared and the surrounding scenery changed.

“On alert!”

“Everyone to their positions!”

Even before the leaders of each team could shout, all members of the death squad had finished preparing for battle.

They are at least a sword master, an archmage, a supreme expert, and one of the strongest figures in each dimension. He had the composure to not lose his composure in any situation.

“Rather than being inside a tree… it’s another world.”

Abraxas looked around with curious eyes.

Inside the magic tree.

The place they arrived was a forest filled with trees that reached all the way to the sky.

But it wasn’t just the forest. When I turned my head, I saw a lava-infested land far to the left, and when I turned to the right, I saw a wide field. If you look further away, you can see a snowy field with a blizzard raging.

“Have all the terrain been implemented here? “How big is it inside?”

As Abraxas was observing the surroundings with eyes sparkling with intellectual curiosity, Cheonmugeuk shouted in a loud voice.

“Everyone gather in one place!”

The final group selected to fight Baal totaled 300 people.

Even if the opponent was Baal, the strongest demon king in the demon world, his power was so powerful that it was not enough, or even excessive.

“Team 1! “Everyone has gathered!”

“Team 2! “Everyone has gathered!”

“The personnel check for Team 3 has also been completed.”

“Team 4 still has one person… Ah, everyone is here now!”

Vassago’s space movement magic may have been a bit unstable, and some people were scattered here and there after the movement.

However, like all talented people, they quickly gathered together and formed a new formation.

Except for one person.

“mister? “Where is he?”

Lily asked, looking around. People who were startled by those words also looked around.

…There was no sign of the great man anywhere.




“Vice President!”


Everyone expanded their senses and looked for signs of Daein.

However, there was no sign of Daein anywhere.

Unless he intentionally hid himself using [Stealth], there were no people within a radius of several tens of kilometers.

“…I can’t even see Vassago.”

Abraxas said, his expression hardening.

“No way…”

Only then did some people recall Daein looking at Vasago at the last moment of teleportation and saying, “You can’t be…”

“What did that devil bastard do to the Vice President…!”

“I should have killed you a long time ago!”

“We need to find the landlord quickly first!”

“A person who is not in good health!”

Anxiety began to spread throughout the death squad.

The final 300 men gathered to fight Baal.

They were warriors who would never lose their composure in any battle.

However, the fact that only one person was not with them made everyone very anxious.

This was proof of the great presence of Daein within the Allied Forces.


Some people trembled with fear, especially when they saw Lily, who had the most anxious expression on her face.

‘Lily won’t run amok here, right?’

‘If the greatest strength of the death squad is shaken….’

‘Damn it. If you’re not careful, things will go wrong from the start.’

The Lily they knew had tremendous potential, but was very dependent on others.

No matter how strong she is, she is still a young girl.

There was no way to know what effect the fact that her only family member had gone missing would have on the girl’s psyche. Because of this, everyone had no choice but to look at Lily with eyes that were half worried and half afraid.


Wang Guho approached Lily and bent down to make eye contact.

“Team leader, I’m sure you’ll be okay…”

“Yes. “You’ll be fine.”

Lily’s expression turned white, but she soon bit her lower lip and put on a stern expression.

“You’ll be fine, uncle! So, let’s go catch Baal first!”

The girl looked back at the people who were looking at her with concern and shouted proudly.

“Are you really okay?”

Lily raised her head and forced a smile as Abraxas came up next to her and stroked her head.

“huh! are you okay. Because you are strong.”

‘Not long ago, you treated him as a patient, as if he would fly away if you blew on him…’

Abraxas did not bother to say what was on his mind.

“okay. And to the great people…”

The moment she was about to say something, Lily clenched her small fists and said.

“And because he’s so sneaky. Even if you fall into a trap, you will get out just fine. So don’t worry!”

“…hmm. “Hundred percent recognition.”

“Cluck. “Nothing.”

Abraxas and Wang Guho, as well as Cheon Mu-geuk and Baek Chang-su, who had come next to them, also nodded.

People who are not that close to Daein say, ‘The Prophet is shrewd? ‘Someone who sacrificed his life to protect the world?’ they wondered, but they would never know the true face of the great hero.

“For now, let’s go by ourselves first. He said he didn’t have time! “Look over there!”

Lily raised her finger and pointed in a direction.

There was another tree that existed inside the Demon Tree.

Although it was not as large as the Demon Counter seen from the outside, it seemed to be at least several kilometers high.

“Wow… that’s a huge turning point.”

Cheon Mu-geuk looked at the tree while rubbing the goosebumps on his forearms.

A power that cannot be dared to be measured.

The enormous malice felt along with that may be the core of the demon

world that the disciple spoke of.

It was then.

Tsutsutsutsuham ….

The magic from the Magges is getting deeper and the leaves bloomed on the branches that were closed.


At that moment, all the members of the death squad felt a chill.

They could know with superhuman senses.

That tree has a clear will and this entire world has begun to harbor murderous intentions towards them.

“The fusion of Baal and the Demon Tree has already progressed considerably. Was sneaking in secretly impossible in the first place?…”

The moment Abraxas frowned

– Kugugugugung…!

As the magnitude of the earthquake grew, the ground began to turn over

– kwakwakwakwa!

There was a strong wind that made it difficult for ordinary people to even stand in place

– rumbling… rumbling! bang! Bang bang bang!

Dozens of lightning bolts fell from the sky and I had to hurriedly dodge to the side.

The surrounding environment quickly deteriorated to the worst.

“There is poison in the air!”

“Tsk! Suddenly, bugs came out of nowhere…!”

A deadly force of 300 people entered the Demon Tree to hunt Baal.

Their enemy was not just the Demon Lord.

The entire world inside was their enemy.

“If you are not wearing the Divine Suit properly, put it on immediately!”

In response to Wang Guho’s shout, people who had not activated the Divine Suit until then – due to stuffiness or discomfort when moving – hurriedly activated the Divine Suit.


The Divine Suit covered the user’s entire body. At the same time, the artificial intelligence system built into the suit activated.

[Check the user’s vital signs.]

[Analyzing the surrounding environment…]

[Life support function is activated.]

The Divine Suit protected users from the harsh external environment.

The members of the death squad, who had finally regained their composure, sighed.

But their fight had just begun.



Monsters emerged from the ground and hail the size of rocks fell from the sky.

“Ready for battle!”

“Get in formation!”

Although the fight started suddenly, the 300-man fighting force fought brilliantly.

The monsters that flocked from the front were cut down by the river. Destructive magic fell on the heads of the monsters gathered in the back.

Each and every member of the death squad showed great stature, but the one who stood out the most was Lily.


The girl led the way from the front, turning everything in her path to ashes.

“I will take the lead!”

It was so overwhelming that even the most powerful people in each dimension felt a sense of awe.

Lily turned around and shouted.

“If we go first and wait, you’ll come over there too! No, you can do it without him!”

Before we knew it, Lily was naturally taking over the work that Daein had to do.

“I will open the way, so everyone help me!”


In the eyes of people, the girl who walked forward with her small back was no longer a child.

He was the only family member and successor of the great prophet Lean-in.

“I thought they would always be kids…”

“Kids grow up if you don’t look at them for a while.”

Wang Gu-ho and Baek Chang-su followed the girl with expressions of special emotion and said,

“Kkeul. Can you see it? “That child is my third disciple.”

“Please don’t resemble Brother Cheon’s nasty personality.”

Geomseong scolded Cheon Mu-geuk, who was grinning like a man.

“…Considering the atmosphere, it would be better not to say anything right now.”

Abraxas scratched his cheek and followed after him.

“That kid suddenly looks like that….”

“Let’s follow along!”

“let’s go-!”

A death squad of 300 people.

Among them were some who knew Lily personally and some who did not. But they followed the girl in unison.

If the forest blocked the road, it was burned, and the lava-infested land was made by freezing the lava to create a road. The incoming tidal wave was split with a sword. Even the frigid land could not cool the heat they gave off.

“Don’t stop!”

“The destination is not far!”

Tens of thousands of monsters came from all over the terrain, but they could not stop their advance.

It was a bloody battle where everything was poured out.

Some people died and others were seriously injured and left on the road.

But they didn’t stop. The Demon Counter, which seemed far away, gradually became closer to a realistic distance.

How many hours did that fight last?


Abraxas, who had blown away a monster that resembled a dragon – but was much lower – with magic, stood next to Lily and said.

“Isn’t it hard?”

“…huh. are you okay!”

“It’s okay.”

Abraxas lightly fed honey chestnuts to the girl’s head.

There was no way Lily would not get tired after dealing with an endless stream of monsters on the front lines for hours.

“If it’s hard, say it’s hard. “Don’t try to do everything yourself.”


Abraxas, who had raised his heart’s output beyond its limit, devastated the front and spoke.

In fact, the limit was passed quite a long time ago.

“…But we have to defeat Baal quickly so we can find you too.”

Lily spoke softly, almost like a whisper.

I told people that Daein would be fine, but in reality, the person who was more anxious than anyone else was Lily.

However, Abraxas’ expression as he looked at Lily was subtle.

“Hey. “I wanted to tell you earlier, but I thought it would be better to keep the mood serious, so I stayed quiet.”


“If you’re a big person, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“huh. “I trust you too, but…”

Lily nodded with a dark expression.

Even before crossing into the demon world, Daein’s body was not normal.

In that situation, what if Vassago decides to harm Daein?

Or what if these countless monsters pouring towards them also target humans?


Seeing Lily’s clouded expression, Abraxas ruffled the girl’s hair and sighed.

“I’m not just saying this; there’s really nothing to worry about. “I assure you, he is the safest among us right now.”


“Your disciple is safe? “What do you mean?”

“Tell me more details!”

Abraxas reminded Daein’s acquaintances, who were now looking in this direction, of a fact they had long forgotten.

With a slightly angry expression.

“Did everyone really forget? “I went through all that trouble to create the ultimate weapon to deal with Baal?”

Coincidentally, at that moment, light exploded on the other side, more than dozens of kilometers away from them.


The light exploded from the ground, creating a huge pillar of light that soared into the sky and penetrated the clouds.

Abraxas pointed to the pillar of light with his finger.

“Look, you’re drinking honey alone over there.”

The pillar of light slowly dispersed, and a giant robot in exquisite harmony of red and gold appeared in its place.

[ Final Weapon (1) ] End

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