Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 320


[ Final Weapon (2) ]

Space movement magic Daein, who made eye contact with Vassago just before it was activated, noticed something strange.

“You can’t believe it…!”

Just a few hours ago, Vassago proposed to Daein that he would cooperate on the condition that after dealing with Baal, he would compete with Lily for the position of ruler of the demon world.

The great man accepted the offer.

The betrayal that occurred immediately afterward.

‘It was a strategy to catch me off guard.’

He was a great man whose attention was mostly focused on Baal. Vassago used that moment as his last chance to turn the situation around.


The moment the surrounding scenery changed, Daein realized that all his guesses were correct.

There was no one around.

The great man frowned and asked Vassago.

“You didn’t scatter everything, right? “Unless you come all the way here and want to be killed by Baal.”

[…I was expecting a slightly more embarrassed reaction. You and I moved separately, so there is no need to worry.]

Vassago no longer hid his true colors.

His robes fluttered wildly, purple demonic energy rising wildly in all directions.


The magic power spread out in an instant, forming a huge spherical barrier.

It was barrier magic, one of Vasago’s specialties.

[The inside of this barrier is completely blocked from the outside. I won’t be able to avoid Baal’s eyes here, but… our final conversation won’t take long.]

Blue natural fire burned as if overflowing from the empty skull’s eye sockets.

The great man crossed his arms as he looked at Vassago slowly walking towards him.

“This is the last conversation…”

The great man tried to communicate with Lily and others as a test. As expected, everything worked.

“If we’re going to do it, let’s get started quickly.”

We had no intention of seeing each other face to face for a long time. Daein also raised his magic power and prepared for the fight.

However, Vassago did not seem to have any intention of starting a fight right away.

[Landlord. You deceived me and insulted me. Nevertheless, I want to give you one last chance.]

“What chance?”

The great man tilted his head and asked.

Did you really just call me aside to have a conversation?

[I make the same offer you made to me. Be loyal to me as a pledge of your existence. If you do that, you will return to Earth alive.]

Vassago knew the value of a renter.

Not only humans, but most races connected to the dimensional hub respected the landlord and looked up to him as a hero.

-The landlord is the central point that unites dozens of dimensions.

‘There is no need for war. If I make only the landlord my family, it’s the same as making the dimensional hub mine.’

It was not called out separately to remove the landlord.

With the strength of the Allied Forces in the current dimension, they should be able to subdue Baal even without Landlord and himself.

So what happens after that?

Vassago was not confident that he would be able to withstand the attack of the angry dimension allied forces if he had eliminated the landlord.

‘There’s a much simpler way than that.’

A covenant of existence.

All you have to do is get the landlord to swear with your soul and keep that fact a secret.

[I will abandon my current appearance and name and hide myself for a while. Instead, you will rule the dimensional hub on my behalf.]

After the war was over, the strong people who made up the main axis of the dimensional allied forces could not afford to leave them alone.

Therefore, Vassago planned to hide himself for a while. Instead, it will rule the dimensional hub through its lessors.

In the end, the ultimate winner will be you!

‘When I think of the insult this guy gave me, I wouldn’t mind tearing him to death, but…’ It

would be a more thrilling revenge to save him and make him one of my family members than to kill him.

[This is the greatest mercy I have for you.]

“Hmm. “It’s fun.”

The great man looked at Vassago with a truly amused expression.

“So what if I refuse? Are you going to kill me?”

[no. [Do not kill.]

There is no way you would do something foolish like cutting open the stomach of the goose that lays the golden eggs.

[Instead, you will be in more pain. All of my memories will be manipulated.]

Step by step, Vassago

walked up the sky as if he was climbing a transparent staircase.


When he waved his wand in the air, an unknown character was engraved and a huge magic circle was created.

Inside, the bones began to grow rapidly and take shape.

-Blah blah blah!

As the bones came together, Vassago’s Demon King [Bone Dragon] was summoned.


The Bone Dragon roared, raising its long neck high in the sky.

Vassago, who was standing on the head of the Bone Dragon, looked down at the great man arrogantly and said.

[I didn’t think you would obey me. Judging by the relaxed expression on your face, it seems like you have something hidden.]

[But let me tell you one thing.]

The space on both sides of Vassago began to warp.

[That means you are not the only one who has the hidden cards.]

Two demon lords walked out of the distorted space.

“I was wondering where those two were…”

Vassago, seeing the great man’s expression hardening, said with a chuckle.

[Let me introduce you to my friends. First of all, you should know that this is a spherical surface. Barbatos. [He is the 8th ranked Demon King.]

[I really wanted to meet you again. “I wanted to break your bones to pieces.”

The giant with shaggy hair all over his body said while glaring at the giant. He was Barbatos, who disappeared after fleeing after the Demon King’s Castle was taken over by the Allied Forces.

[This is Bellefort. Ranked 6th. Also called the Duke of Thieves.]

[Can I just steal that guy’s heart?]

Unlike Barbatos, the short and slim-looking dwarf had snake-like eyes.

“There are three of the 10 seats in the Demon World… I didn’t expect it to get this far.”

The great man looked at the demon kings standing to the left and right of Vassago with an expression of admiration.

Barbatos. Bellefort.

They were the cards that Vassago kept hidden until the very end.

Both are formidable enemies.

A situation where you have to deal with Vassago at the same time.

[Landlord. Is the card you have hidden better than mine?]

Vassago looked down at the great man, convinced that it was absolutely impossible.

Three of the ten seats of the Demon World.

Even if Agares appeared here, I was confident that I would tear it into thousands of pieces.

“…ha. “If this continues, there is no other way.”

Daein sighed and scratched his head. A smile spread across Vassago’s lips.

[Kkkkkk… Think carefully. If you become one of my descendants, you too will have an eternal life, wealth, and fame…]

“The rule is that you don’t use the final weapon until you meet the final boss.”


The great man grumbled and manipulated the [Star of Transcendence] in his left hand.

[The Star of Transcendence is activated (stage 3).]

[Various functions are provided for user convenience.]

[Most functions have been disabled.]

[To activate the final stage, the ‘final condition’ must be met. ]

[There is a risk that the user’s body will collapse. We recommend ample rest and relaxation!]

Tick tock.

Five clock hands began to turn at the same time, and an enormous amount of energy emanated from the clock.

Vassago, sensing something unusual, shouted.

[Stop him!]

From the front, Barbatos roared and charged like an animal, and Bellefor approached the man’s back without any sign.

The great man, who was suddenly surrounded back and forth, muttered.

“Feature optimization. “Stealth.”


The great man’s body turned translucent and allowed the attacks of the two demon kings to pass through.


The great man smiled at the embarrassed Demon Lords and flew high into the sky.

The great man, who immediately stood at the same eye level as Vasago, spoke.

“The idea was good, but it was rushed. “If you had hit me in the back while fighting Baal, I would have had a little bit of a chance.”

[Don’t be cocky! I’ve already figured out that your hiding ability won’t last long!]


Purple magical energy burst out of Vassago’s body like a torrent.

The great man leaned back and said.

“Now are you going to show me my hidden cards? “Heavenly Demon Goddess – Pilot Mode.”


Black energy spread out like ink from the great man’s left hand, and the Heavenly Demon Shinap wrapped his whole body.

However, its form was different from the usual Heavenly Demon Goddess. It feels more like tights that cling to the body rather than armor.

The great man raised his left hand to the sky so that the opponent could see it.

Actually, it was a pose that didn’t need to be done, but it

was a man’s dream.

“Arm combination! “Gigas, the giant god soldier!”

[Summon the giant god soldier Gigas in ‘mounting mode’.

Light exploded from the center of the raised watch, and Gigas was summoned behind the great man’s back, and was naturally drawn into the cockpit.

Abraxas, who saw Daein practicing this alone before leaving for the Demon World, sighed and asked.

‘Which parts are combined?’

The great man then answered like this:

[Because the hearts of robots and humans have become one.]


The great man who got down to the ground looked at the enemies through Gigas’ vision.

His eye level was almost the same as that of the Bone Dragon, which was tens of meters tall.

Total height: 31.8 meters

Weight: 688.3 tons

Power source: Dragonheart

Main material: Ancient-level red dragon Ancient-level gold dragon The most precious minerals in dozens of dimensions.

The strongest and final battle weapon of the Allied Forces, created through the collaboration of all scientists from the Dimensional Allied Forces, has finally been revealed.

[What nonsense…!]

[Bassago! You didn’t say there was such a thing!]

[Demon King’s Castle… is it the same thing?]

The three Demon Lords were very nervous due to the enormous pressure that Gigas gave off.

A giant humanoid robot with an exquisite combination of red and gold patterns.

A black aura flowed proudly above it.

It was an effect that amplified the mana of the rider, Daein, hundreds of times.

The great man spoke in a relaxed voice.

[Actually, it no longer mattered when you betrayed me. As you can see, the cards I have hidden are really awesome.]

[…I’ll smash that thick can first.]

Vassago cast a gigantic spell on the dragon and the two demon kings.

Barbatos, who instantly grew to the same height as Gigas, charged from the front.

[I will crush you!]

A club with the power to crush even mountains with a single blow was aimed at Gigas’ head.


The moment the two giants collided, the ground they were stepping on was crushed by enormous pressure, creating a huge crater.

But a surprisingly calm voice came from the ground.

[Is this full power?]


Barbatos, whose blood vessels on his neck and forearms were bulging as if they were about to burst, was pushing Gigas while clutching his club with both hands.

Gigas didn’t move.

He blocked the opponent’s attack with only his left hand and instead began to crush Barbatos’ club with the strength of his grip.

Ujiji… crackle!

Gigas looked straight at the Demon King’s face, which was filled with astonishment, and placed his opposite fist against his chest.

The great man spoke in a serious voice.

[Golden… Magnum!]


Gigas’ right fist touched Barbatos’ chest and spun violently before exploding.


Barbatos fell to the floor with a large hole in his chest.

Just one blow.

With one blow, the most powerful Demon Lord in the Demon World, one of the top ten, disappeared.

[Couldn’t you have attacked him together?]


When Gigas turned around and asked, Bellefor, who was about to stab Barbatos from behind the moment he fell, frightened and backed away.

However, Gigas moved one step faster.


Daein, who hit the ground and caught up with Bellefor in one go, took out Gigas’ second weapon.


Gigas’ left upper arm opened and the handle of the sword protruded. The great man stretched out his right hand, grasped the handle, and pulled it out.

[Cry! Hell yam too!]


When the switch was turned on, an ultra-high temperature plasma beam spewed out from the ejection port of the ‘Hell Yam Sword’ and took the shape of a sword.

[The first second of the broken heavenly sword]

The broken heavenly sword wielded by a 30-meter giant contained the power to literally cut down the world.

Even the fastest demon lord in the demon world could not escape that trajectory.


Bellefort’s legs were cut off first, followed by both arms falling to the floor.


Bellefor, who had fallen to the floor and was rolling around like an insect, clung to the knight with a vicious look on his face.

[Damn it! Let’s die like this!]

The Demon King’s body swelled up and immediately caused a huge explosion.


With that explosion, the barrier that Vassago had spread shattered, and a huge pillar of light soared into the sky.

[How did he…]

At the moment of the explosion, Vassago spread dozens of layers of defense and flew high into the sky, so he was not greatly affected by the explosion.

Vassago looked at the center of the explosion with anticipation.

However, after a while, Gigas was seen standing without a scratch.


[What doesn’t make sense?]

In front of Vassago, who was muttering blankly, there was Gigas, no, above him.

‘How on earth!’

The great man raised his right fist upwards with all his might and then slammed it down.

[This is…just a punch.]


The Bone Dragon, which had risen to the sky with a simple punch, was immediately thrown to the ground.


[Oh, everyone was there?]

Daein (Gigas) waved his hand happily at the familiar signs that could be felt from afar.

[ Final Weapon (2) ] End

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