Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 338


[ (Side Story) Let’s scold him through his connections]

Chijijik …!

It felt like the magical power emitted by the two girls was intertwined in the air, causing an electric current to jump.

Wendy and Anna, floating about 1 meter in the air, glared at each other fiercely.

“Are you prepared to be embarrassed?”

“That’s what I want to say.”

“under. “You didn’t say a word until the end?”

“Then shall I give it to you? Well, you also have the respect of a duke…”

“Fuck around a bit!”

-I’m sorry!

Formidable magical power collided in the air and spread out in all directions. The ground was turned upside down by a strong magical storm, and trees were uprooted and blown away.

The test takers who were watching from afar could not help but be astonished.

“What kind of children are those….”

“They are the same test takers as us? “Are you going to compete with monsters like that?”

Most of the test takers here were people who were considered geniuses in their own world.

However, in the face of the best talent selected by the WHA, they could not help but feel helpless and deprived.

The two girls were equally surprised by each other.

‘What is this…’

‘It’s stronger than I thought. It will be difficult to subdue it easily.’

The two girls, who looked like they were going to clash at any moment, felt that the opponent was unexpectedly formidable, so they did not attack easily first, but faced off cautiously.

The person who broke the tense standoff was a sharp-looking young man behind Anna.

“Ready for battle.”

At the words of a young man who appeared to be Anna’s aide, about 100 test takers drew their weapons so that they could fight at any time.

There was a hint of willingness to intervene in the fight if necessary.

“shit. If this happens, we too…”

So Shinhan bit his nails as if he was nervous.

The opponent is a large group of up to 100 people.

On the other hand, there were only three friendly troops.

The situation of the war was, of course, desperately unfavorable for this side.

‘No matter how strong Lily is, there are 100 people over there. There’s no way you can win!’

It was a time when Soshinhan was desperately wondering if there was any way to avoid this fight.

“good! “I’ve decided!”

Lily, who had been thinking deeply about something earlier, confidently stepped forward.

Patter, patter.

While bending your neck left and right like a gangster in a drama.

“I guess I should just hit him and scold him. “They’re tough, so they won’t die easily!”

“…Don’t shift responsibility for the murder onto the other person!”

Soshinhan once again held on to Lily’s pant legs. He was desperate.

“Lily, please! Let’s think of a peaceful way! This isn’t a fight that ends with a few people being destroyed! “There are 100 of them!”

“Let go! They started the fight first! oh! “Your clothes are stretching!”

It was when the two people were fighting while holding on to the yellow training clothes.


Knight Gerold The middle-aged knight who followed Wendy opened his mouth heavily.

“If possible, could you stop that fight?”

“huh? why? Are you a coward too?”

“…The premise of that old man’s ‘do’ is me, right?”

Lily pretended not to notice Soshinhan’s timid complaint and looked at Gerold with an expression of incomprehension.

The reason why the knight wanted to avoid a fight seemed different from Sosinhan’s.


Gerold frowned for a moment, gathered his thoughts, and then continued.

“Regardless of whether that fight is won or lost, it is not good for the head of the family to clash with the Duke Strauss family now.”

“Are we going to win?”

“…In fact, that could be more of a problem. Even now, the head of the family is under the control of numerous nobles.”

Rainstorm family.

An ill-fated count family that was once one of the top ten noble families in the empire, but was completely burned down after being caught up in political strife and an unknown ‘accident’.

The Rainstorm family was a forgotten name in the Empire until the last survivor, Wendy Rainstorm, appeared.

And some nobles were still uncomfortable with that name.

“…If the head of the family defeats Anna Strauss, nobles like hyenas will rush in. They will criticize her for her faults and spread the rumor that the head of the family started an argument and attacked Anna first. Then we have no choice but to move in the duchy as well.”

“But he started the fight first, right?”

“Facts have nothing to do with politics.”

Regardless of Anna’s jealousy toward Wendy, the Strauss family has maintained political neutrality so far.

However, if Anna is defeated by Wendy and returns to the empire in disgrace, a more difficult and thorny path awaits her in the future.

“The opponent is the duke family. “It is a family that has the power to put pressure on even His Majesty the Emperor.”

“Then do I have to lose on purpose?”

“…That’s also difficult.”

Conversely, what if Wendy loses to Anna?

The Rainstorm family, which dreamed of revival thanks to the Emperor’s favor, will lose its momentum.

It will be an established fact that Wendy’s talent is lower than Anna’s. Even if that isn’t true.

‘The emperor likes talented people. If you see that limit, you quickly lose interest.’

If you win the fight, you will become an enemy of the duke family,

and if you lose, you will lose the emperor’s attention.

In other words, it was best to avoid this fight at all costs.

“It’s complicated….”

“I’m sorry. “I disturbed my mind with pointless stories.”

Gerold bowed his head slightly to Lily and sighed softly.

-Lily is the friend I can trust the most. Sometimes, he is much wiser than me. –

I remembered something Wendy said to me one day, so I brought it up just in case.

But the girl in front of me didn’t seem that wise.

Gerold’s sigh deepened.

‘I guess I’m old too. To expect a solution from such a young girl…’

Gerold laughed self-deprecatingly and pulled out his sword.


The sunlight reflected off the blade and made it sparkle. The young man behind Anna saw that and his expression hardened.

‘If the lord decides to fight, the knight simply follows silently.’

Gerold drew his sword and tensed his body so that he could fight at any time.

It was then.

“Mr. Knight. “So what’s best for Wendy?”

Gerold answered without thinking.

“As long as those two don’t clash until the end of the test, and the head of the family passes the test with a better score than Anna.”

Then, the emperor’s expectations will rise further, and the nobles will not be able to raise any complaints.

But how is that possible?…

“Then, can I call the emperor and ask him to tell you two to get along well and not fight?”


As Gerold looked at him with a puzzled expression, Lily said, “Right?” I asked back.

That’s true, but doesn’t that make sense?

Soshinhan, who was listening, sighed and said as if it was absurd.

“Lily. What on earth are you talking about? “The emperor of the Gaia continent is one of the most powerful people in the dimensional hub, so how could he make a phone call… BANG!”


Soshinhan fainted and foamed at the mouth, lying on the floor.

Lily, who knocked out the intruder with a single blow, winked at Gerold, who was looking at her with a blank expression.

“What you see from now on is a secret.”


Lily rolled up her left wrist, which was covered by a yellow training suit.

Then a wristwatch made of dark blue metal appeared.

[Star of Transcendence]

It was much more casual and cute than the Daein’s, but its function was no different.

‘Other communicators won’t work here, but this will work.’

[Activate the Star of Transcendence.]

As expected, the Star of Transcendence worked properly.

No matter how advanced the technology of Earth, which became a dimensional hub, was, it was nothing compared to the technology of the Management Bureau.

‘Phone book search.’

Lily checked the contact information that appeared as a hologram before her eyes and recalled a conversation she had with Daein before.

-kid. That’s what happens when a person lives. There are times when things happen that cannot be solved by force.

Was it about a year ago?

Opposition rallies were held all over the world due to WH Group’s monopoly and control of inter-dimensional movement gates.

The problem was that behind it all, there were giant corporations that coveted the gate business and rulers from other dimensions who wanted to invade Earth.

-This is a situation like now when you should not use force because of public opinion or political issues.

-Then what should I do?

At the time, media outlets around the world expressed concerns about WH Group, which had grown beyond a single guild, and public opinion was not positive about it.

The WH Group, which made the greatest sacrifice and contributed to the war against the demon world, is now becoming a public enemy.

There was no way the landlord would let that happen.

-At that time, we will have to solve it through other means. To prepare for times like this, build up your network of contacts. That’s all power.

Daein grinned, looked through the phone book, and called a few places.

-Because humans have no choice but to fall flat in front of power, even if they are stiff in front of their fists.

Within a few days, the opposition protests decreased significantly and soon disappeared, and the media, which criticized WH on a daily basis, also became quiet as if it were a lie.

All Daein did was make a few phone calls.

-It’s fascinating…

-That’s why people need to build connections. Instead of just using your strength to fight ignorantly, you have to use your brain sometimes. This is advice that becomes your blood and bones, so remember it well.

-huh! But can I order two more chickens?

-…You really are. You didn’t listen to a word I said!

Fortunately, Lily remembered the events of that day well.

And in order to use what I saw and learned, I searched through the contact information stored in the Star of Transcendence and found one name.

It said [As♥] there.


I pressed the [call] button and waited, and after a while, a hologram appeared in front of my eyes, showing the person on the other end.

-Um… Lily?

A half-naked woman who just got up from the bed.

Only the important parts were covered with a thin blanket, and her slightly sleepy expression and messy blonde hair combined exquisitely to create a fatal charm.

Of course, for Lily, it was just the sight of her close sister sleeping naked.

“As! “What time is it now? Stay asleep!”

-The time difference between there and here… Okay. what’s the matter? Aren’t you taking the school entrance exam?

There was no time to explain everything, so Lily got straight to the point.

“You know, As. Are you close with the emperor there?”

-…Emperor of Gaia Continent? no. I’m not really close to him. why?

“really…? Ars doesn’t have many connections… Ugh….”

When Lily sighed with a disappointed expression, Abraxas made a bewildered expression and immediately scratched his head.

-You mean the emperor? He comes every year to pay tribute. It’s annoying so I just send it back.

“uh? “Then aren’t we friends?”


Abraxas got out of bed, wrapping the blanket around himself. The red silk blanket was wrapped around her pure white body, turning into a dress.

-There is no need to say whether we are close or not. I think you’ve forgotten who I am.

Abraxas sighed lightly.

She was the Dragon Lord of the Gaia continent and a being respected by all things.

-If I say one word to him, he’ll die. No, if I were to actually tell you to die, would you die?

[(Side story) Let’s scold them with our connections] End

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