Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 344


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“What are we doing together?”

“…Anyone wants.”

Youngshin Jang and Shin Kurodama.

An enormous amount of magical power spewed out from the bodies of the two enraged boys at the same time.



The two boys radiated terrifying magical power and walked toward the bespectacled bastard who dared to play tricks on Lily.


“So many breaths…”

The faces of the test takers around them as they passed turned white as if they were suffocating, and there were even test takers who sat down with their legs shaking.

As if they couldn’t even see them, the two boys walked towards their newly appeared rival with a flame of jealousy burning brightly in their eyes.

“You arrogant bastard. “You cut in line without even taking a number?”

“…At least the death penalty.”

An Jun, the boy with glasses, felt the terrifying force and his expression was distorted with embarrassment.

“Why why suddenly me…”

Because the eyes of those monsters walking this way were staring right at me.

At that time, Lily spotted the two people and smiled broadly and waved.

“uh? “They are brothers!”

“…Oh brothers? “Do you know each other?”

“huh! “We’re so close!”

The two boys who were walking had their expressions melt for a moment at the mention of ‘brothers’, but then their faces turned into faces like those of Hell’s Suranachal and glared at Anjun.

“You just stand there.”

“…There is no use running away.”


If he had left it as is, catching even a child would have been no problem, so Wang Guho had no choice but to get involved in the ridiculous affair.


In an instant, he used his magic and blocked the two boys’ path.

“now. Let’s calm down. The group selection has not been confirmed yet…”

However, despite Wang Guho blocking the path, the two boys did not try to stop.

“Get out of my way!”

“…I can’t forgive you.”

The two boys’ eyes were resolute, as if they would push past them with force if they did not get out of the way.

However, Wang Guhu was not the Hugu of the past.

Be it skill or mentality.

“I told you to stop. “I’m saying this as the person in charge of this place.”

Wang Guho, who gave a soft warning, lightly stamped his foot.

But the results were not light.



A wall rose up from the pure white floor, surrounding the two boys from three sides except for the front, which was blocked by Wang Guho.

Wang Guho warned the two boys in a stern manner.

“Jang Young-shin. Kurodama God. We will not tolerate any more disturbance. “Go back to your place immediately.”



At that moment, the two boys and all the test takers who were watching the scene once again remembered who Wang Guho was.

The strongest wall of mankind.

Once this man makes up his mind, there is nothing he can’t stop.

“As expected, Wang Guho!”

“Those two can’t move either.”

It was a time when everyone looked up to Wang Guho with admiration and admiration.

“Oh my gosh… It’s pretty good, right?”

Lily wiped her nose and smiled proudly.

‘Why do you look so proud?’

An Jun looked at Lily with a puzzled look, then turned his head again and looked at the two boys.

They couldn’t get any closer because they were blocked by Wang Guhu, but they were both still glaring at An Jun with menacing eyes.

‘What on earth did I do…. No way?’

Anjun looked to the side, cold sweat pouring down his forehead.

I felt like they were doing that because of this girl next to them.

‘I approached him because he seemed the most easy-going among the teams here…’

With his speaking skills and characteristics, it was no small feat for him to seduce a naive child like this.

After that, I was planning on going to easily complete the mission… but

I never imagined that those two beasts would come running at the same time.

“Get out of the way, Guho! Who dares act like that around people? “You cockroach-like bastard!”

“…Pests are eradicated.”

Wang Guhao sighed at the two boys’ overprotection of Lily – leaving aside the question of whether she was truly worthy of protection.

-I think he’s scared enough, so you guys should stop.

Even after hearing his words, the two boys did not let their disapproving expressions go away.

Wang Guhu sent a message again.

-Or do you also want to go on a mission in the same group as Lily?


“…No, but.”

The two boys shook their heads.

They took the entrance exam because they wanted to go to school with Lily, not to fight.

If it was a mission directly related to entrance grades, I couldn’t fight Lily.

For reference, Youngshin Jang and Shin Kurodama were both aiming to enter at the top of the class.

Because the benefits were enormous.

-no. I have no intention of being in the same group as Lily.

-…That’s not it.

-Then go away.

The two slowly backed away as if they had no choice.

But before that, I didn’t forget to leave a warning to the pests that were hovering around Lily.

-Don’t fool an innocent child. It wouldn’t work anyway, but it’s unpleasant to even think about it.

God Kurodama glared at Anjun with a look that seemed to devour him and sent a warning in a loud tone

-…Don’t wear glasses again.

Youngshin Jang also sent a short message.

“Oh, why are you wearing glasses?”

An Jun, startled, looked at Jang Young-shin.

…Could it be that he discovered the secret of the glasses he was wearing?

As he looked at Jang Young-shin with anxious eyes, Jang Young-shin pushed up the frame of his glasses with his middle finger and sent another signal.

-…It overlaps with me. I don’t like it.

‘Did you just tell someone to take off their glasses over such a trivial thing?’

Anjun wanted to argue, but he didn’t dare to do so.

Even after the two boys had barely retreated, An Jun glanced towards them in anxiety.

At that time, Lily, the culprit behind all of this, spoke calmly next to him.

“But you have to be a group of three to enter. “Shouldn’t there be one more team?”

“Hey, I’m sorry… I don’t think I can do it with you.”

Now that An Jun knew that this girl was close to those monsters, he didn’t want to enter the gate with this guy.

No matter what mission is given inside the gate, they will be competing against each other, and if this girl gets hurt in the process…

‘It’s difficult to get picked on by those monsters after entering school. ‘I’ll have to find another party.’

Of course, that was just Anjun’s plan.

“You won’t join me? Now you come? “You said you would come first and join us!”

Lily, with both hands on her hips, narrowed her eyes and listened.

“I changed my mind. “You should also find another team.”

“Nope? “I’m going to do it with you.”

“…what? why?”

“You don’t even know that? “No investment!”

At the same time as she said that, Lily grinned.

If a person saw it, they would say, “Who on earth taught you this?” “Are you a fanatic?” It was a smile that clearly meant someone else’s fault.

“Once you decide on something, there’s no going back.”

“…It wasn’t confirmed. Let’s find another team right now. “I’m done…”

That was when An Jun said calmly and turned around.

“Then are you going to tell your brothers?”

At the word ‘brothers’, the ears of the two boys who were hundreds of meters away perked up and turned around.

“What did that cockroach do again?”

“…Pests are eradicated.”

Anjun had no choice but to freeze as he was faced with such fearsome life.

And at that moment,


A small hand resting on your shoulder.

When I turned around, I saw Lily looking at Anjun with bright eyes, like the best child in the world.

“Let’s join the same group as me. “It will definitely be fun.”


“Or tell your brothers? “You lied?”

At that moment, An Jun thought that this girl was more devilish than the monsters over there.

But I didn’t have the courage to refuse.

Even now, from a distance, the two boys were glaring at him with menacing eyes and muttering.

“How dare you put your dirty shoulder into whose hands?”

“…I need to cut it. “You can attach a prosthetic hand later.”

You bastards! It’s the opposite! Usually this situation is called a hand on the shoulder!

An Jun broke into a cold sweat and asked Lily.

“Ah Okay. Okay, so can you please put this hand down first?”

“So you’re in the same group as me? “If I don’t answer, they’ll call my brothers?”

“okay! “We’ll be in the same group!”

Lily finally seemed relieved and lowered her hand from her shoulder. At the same time, the life felt from afar became a little lighter.


Lily patted Anjun’s back as he sighed in relief.

But that didn’t mean cheer up.

“Then go and get another team. “Hurry up because we don’t have time!”


Thinking that something must have gone wrong, Anjun moved to save the third team.


After a while of wit fighting and bickering among themselves, the test takers were able to form 8 groups with 3 teams each going through the same gate.

“joy. “I will destroy you guys in no time.”

“Just meet him inside. “I’ll send you to the hospital right away.”

The teams entering the same gate have already started to quarrel.

Lily’s team was also grouped with two other teams.

However, the atmosphere in this group was a little different from the other groups, which gave off a fierce atmosphere to each other.

“Please take care of everyone!”

“…Please take care of me.”

Lily smiled brightly and Anjun smiled awkwardly.

On the other hand, the leader of the remaining team looked at the two people expressionlessly.

He also had his own manners.

It’s just that because the races are different, it doesn’t show on their facial expressions.

[Please take good care of me.]

Ivan, the son of the Fairy King and the leader of the third team that will be in the same group, said with a light blinking at the end of his antennae.

Fairies are a race that is very friendly with nature, and the representative ones are elves, but there are also various other types of fairies.

Ivan was from the Nostalgia Continent, the world of fairies, and most of his team members were also fairies.

Ivan thought as he looked at Lily and Anjun.

‘I’m glad they both seem good.’

Fairies were generally peaceful in nature.

When an enemy appears, I fight proudly, but I am not used to competitive missions like this.

…and he was a bit oblivious.

‘Besides, neither of them look very strong. ‘There’s a good chance of winning!’

Ivan, the son of the Fairy King, quietly clenched his fists, saying he had been placed in a group with a high chance of winning.

5 people including Lily.

12 people including Ahn Jun.

8 people below class.

The three teams were assigned to Group 8 and stood in front of Gate 8.

And right next to it.

Youngshin Jang and Shin Kurodama stood side by side in front of gate number 7.

“oh my god. “Are those two going to end up together?”

“It has to be that way. “If it’s not each other, who else can we be partners with?”

All teams refused to be grouped with the team of the two boys who showed overwhelming strength, and a situation arose where they ended up being grouped among themselves.

“First place is mine.”

“…No way.”


And between the two whales, an unlucky shrimp team was caught. This is a case where poison gourd was used after checking the seasoning until the end. The shrimp had a liberated look on their faces, as if they had already given up on the game.

“You guys are good too! Go for it!”

Since they were at the gate right next to each other, Lily encouraged them both to cheer up.

“thank you!”


The two boys’ faces turned slightly red, and then they glared fiercely at each other again, their fighting spirit burning.


Group 7 entered the gate first, then it was Group 8’s turn.

“…entering. “Get ready.”

[To prepare for dimensional travel.]

Anjun and Ivan carefully checked the team members’ preparedness.

Final exam prepared by WHA.

No one could have predicted what would happen as soon as they entered there.

What is certain, however, is that the level of difficulty will be enormous.

Because of this, I was hesitant to go in before other teams.

‘Things went awry… but I will win this mission no matter what it takes.’

Anjun steeled his resolve and glanced at Lily.


“Let’s go! “It’s going to be a lot of fun this time too!”

Without any hesitation, I excitedly jumped into the gate.

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