Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 358


[ (Side Story) What are they again? ]

The great man, who was surrounded by three women in front of the wall behind him, scratched his cheek with an embarrassed expression.


In front is Baek Young-hee.

On the left is Alina.

On the right is Namgung-hyeon.

The three women pushed the great man into the wall and looked at him with determined faces.

“Let’s get these hands off first…”

But all three didn’t move.

Baek Young-hee spoke on behalf of everyone.

“Don’t think about sneaking away this time either. “We didn’t come here with a light heart.”


The great man looked at the three people with a complicated expression.

It would be a lie to say that I didn’t know their feelings until now.

He also knew that the three women here liked him and that their feelings were so serious that they would not change even after several years.

‘It’s more of a problem because it’s too serious.’

If Daein was just a lively 20-something, he would have chosen one of the three and dated him without much hesitation.

Maybe he was trying to use their hearts to do something with all three.

I didn’t even think about the hurt they would get.

‘Only children have such immature thoughts.’

However, despite her youthful appearance, Daein was actually a middle-aged man who had gone through many hardships.

In other words, I was at an age where I knew what was more important than momentary emotions.


Daein made eye contact with the three people asking for a choice, one by one.

When our eyes met, I felt everyone flinch.

The great man, who saw that, chuckled.

‘Of course this isn’t it.’

Each person is a precious relationship.

Taking the risk of losing it and starting a new relationship was not a very good option for a person seeking a peaceful and enjoyable retirement life.

“I’m sorry, but…”

It was time for Daein to cautiously open his mouth.

“We all know why you’ve been avoiding us until now!”

Nam Gung-hyeon cut Dae-in off and boldly said,

“I guess you were worried that you might lose all the relationships you have had so far. “You probably thought that if you chose one of the three… you could lose all three.”

Alina was also looking at Daein with serious eyes and

asked, “Do you think it would be better to continue to be friends with everyone like this? “Rejecting everyone is the way to ensure no one gets hurt.”

Baek Young-hee shook her head.

Before he could respond, she continued speaking quickly.

“But that was only considering the vice president’s position.”

Immediately, two people added from both sides.

“What about our feelings? “Did you think it would go away on its own over time?”

“You are too good a person. “Sometimes it’s so frustrating.”

As the three of them took turns saying something, Daein didn’t have time to reply.

“Tell me honestly. “Are we not that attractive as women?”

“Do you think in the future we will be able to meet a girl who is prettier than us and who likes you as much as we do?”

“Do you think we’ll leave you alone if you date another woman?”

Daein was unable to come to his senses for a while due to the constant barrage of attacks.

“uh? By becoming a man!”

“Why worry about later!”

“How long did you think you could avoid Yorijori?”

Before I knew it, Daein was scolding the three in turn.

He shouted with an aggrieved expression.

“wait for a sec! “Give me a chance to talk too!”

“That’s Okay. “We finished talking among ourselves before you came.”

…What story do you end up with?

Before Daein could ask in detail, Baek Younghee asked with a serious expression.

“Before that, tell me the truth. “Don’t we really feel like women?”


That expression was the most serious he had ever seen, so the great man could not bear to lie.

“…That’s not true. But…”

The great man slowly shook his head, and smiles of relief bloomed on the three people’s faces.

“That’s enough. But there’s no need to listen to what I say later.”

“Then we can decide among ourselves as we agreed.”

“Thank goodness. “It’s a good thing I trained thoroughly on a regular basis.”

…What do you agree on?

…What is training again?

“excuse me? “I can’t understand the conversation from earlier?”

Daein, feeling inexplicably anxious, asked a question, but the three women were no longer looking at Daein.

They took a few steps back, looked at each other warily, and had a meaningful conversation.

“know? “I accept the result and don’t say anything else later.”

“of course. “I knew this day would come someday.”

“We will finally decide the winner.”

The three women glared at each other with fighter-like faces and then turned their heads to look at Daein again.

And he said something briefly.

“Follow me.”


The three women came out of the villa after reaching some kind of agreement. The great man followed quietly behind him.

Actually, at this point, I was even more curious about what he was going to do.

“Vice President, you can just sit there and watch.”

The three women came out into the wide open space and stood facing each other at a similar distance.

“What on earth are you trying to do?”

When Daein came to the side and asked, Baek Younghee answered while warming up her body by stretching.

“Isn’t there an old saying like that?”


“He who is courageous wins beauty.”

She stretched out her long limbs and bounced in place. It was a light movement like a gymnast.

“It’s similar to that. “In this case, I may have to change it a little bit.”

From the other side, Alina and Namgoonghyun could be seen working hard to warm up.

Alina was looking at the bow she had taken out of subspace and flicking it in the air


Nam Gung-hyeon, who drew his sword, took the basic posture of the Pacheon sword technique and took a deep breath.

As he looked at those scenes, Daein’s anxiety deepened. A drop of cold sweat formed on his temple.

“wait for a sec. You guys…”

No, right? Isn’t that it?

The great man looked at them in turn with an anxious face.

At that moment, Baek Young-hee, who had completely relaxed, shouted with a face like a starving lioness.

“A strong woman wins a man!”


Before Daein could stop her, she kicked the floor and ran like a thunderbolt.



At the same time, the latest Divine Suit instantly wrapped around her entire body, completing the form of full-body armor.

As if that was a signal to start, Alina and Namgoonghyun also ran out, each raising their magic power.

“Spirits! “Heed my call!”

Alina, who had summoned the spirit, began shooting arrows with that power and said,


Nam Gung-hyeon spewed out a stream of sword energy and cut down all the flying arrows, then unfolded his divine techniques and immediately closed the distance between himself and his rivals.

A moment later, the three women collided in the center of the vacant lot.


A storm swept through the area and an earthquake occurred.

A terrible shock wave shook the giant trees of the primeval forest.

A gust of wind blew rain on the leaves and birds flew into the sky. The animals screamed and ran away.

And at the center of this incredible natural disaster, an extremely childish argument was taking place.

“You guys are out! “The vice president and I were the first to know!”

“Onii-chan, Master, you are my ancestor!”

“joy! You die quickly, but as a half-elf, I live for hundreds of years. That means I can stay by his side for the longest time!”

“funny! “I’m going to live to be over 200, right?”

“Then I’m 300 years old!”

“My life expectancy is 500!”


As time passed, the scale of the conflicting force grew bigger and bigger.

The great man opened his mouth wide and looked at the fierce women’s fight.

No, honestly, is this something that needs to go this far?

“…This is not the time to be distracted. wait for a sec! Calm down first!”

As Daein approached to stop the fight, sharp voices erupted from within.

“Landlord! “Don’t stop me!”

“Because we’re going to finish today!”

“Keep your loot safe!”

The great man who had suddenly become a trophy stopped in his tracks.

There is nothing that cannot be stopped if you use force, but it was clearly visible that if you tried to stop it now, the same thing would eventually happen again.

The great man smiled faintly as he looked at the three women who were fighting so much that the surrounding terrain changed.

‘I just wish they all died.’

It was a thought with just a hint of sincerity.

To make matters worse, that wasn’t the end.

As the fight between the three women became longer and longer, with kids fighting over adults, the gates opened in their respective hometowns and cheering groups appeared one by one.


“Knight Leonard! “I have been called by His Majesty to lead the Kingdom’s Knights and Magic Troops!”

On the continent of Gaia, Sir Leonard appeared leading the elite troops of the Hicks Kingdom

and -Jeeeeee!

“insect! “I have arrived at Lord Mun’s command!”

In Moorim, Biyoung personally led the masters of Geomhwangmun and Namgung family

and -Jiiing!

“I came because I received a call from the manager…”

“You guys too?”

On Earth, Wang Gu-ho and Min-jae were urgently called in from dinner.


The great man covered his face with his hand as he saw the elites of each dimension suddenly appearing.

With the power gathered here, at least one planet could easily be overthrown.

He muttered in a hollow voice.

“The real dimensional hub is running well….”


there were people who were even more embarrassed than the people at that time.


The deepest place within

the primeval forest of the Nostalgia Continent .

“Priest! “It’s an enemy attack!”

“…Suddenly you’re an enemy? “What do you mean?”

The pupils of the old man in red robes widened in embarrassment.

An attack?

How could an enemy attack this remote area deep in the primeval forest that was thought to be untouched by anyone?

“It looks like the Dimensional Alliance has discovered this location!”

The man who brought the news to the priest shouted in an urgent voice.

“The troops including Wulin Gaia and WH Group have just crossed the gate and arrived in the primeval forest! “It’s not far from the temple!”

“I was so careful… but how on earth did they notice this place?…”

The priest sighed and looked to the side.

Before his eyes, races from various dimensions were presented with their mutilated bodies on the altar.

They are all sacrifices prepared for Him.

The old man looked at his ‘red fingers’ and muttered.

“If only I had a little more time, I could have gathered the energy to completely awaken him…”

“Priest. There is no time! You have to make a decision!”

The priest bit his lip.

This is one of the most important temples built to worship him.

If they are discovered by the enemy, their plans may be greatly disrupted in the future.

‘Whether we hide this place or discard it, we need time. In that case, it would be better…’

After a while, the priest who had made his decision shouted.

“Wake up the warriors! “We will go out and fight against the enemies before they flock to the temple!”

At the priest’s command, the believers began to wake up the sleeping warriors.


It was the moment when an organization that had been hiding its tail so well revealed itself to the world for the first time.


The great man narrowed his eyes as he looked at the enemies who suddenly appeared from the other side of the forest.

“What are they again?”

-Doo doo doo doo!

A suspicious army was coming from the far end of the primeval forest, raising a cloud of dust.

[ (side story) What are they again? ]End

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