Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 36


[Fishing – Paid serial start]

After returning from the dungeon Internet portal sites were plastered with our articles and photos for a while.

[Superhumans who were thought to have been wiped out! Miraculously survived!]

[New dungeon syndrome? “I keep hearing the whistle…”]

[Exclusive report! Coverage of collusion corruption between specific public officials and guilds!]

There were many articles with provocative titles, but

this was the best of them all.

[Who is Wang Gu-ho, the man who stole Baek Young-hee’s heart?]

The photo that takes up half of the article shows Baek Young-hee jumping into Wang Gu-ho’s arms.

“Key… this composition is a work of art. “How did you film it at this timing?”

As I looked at the monitor and made exclamations, Baek Young-hee, who was touching the little boy’s clothes, opened her eyes and glared at me.

“Can you stop teasing me now?”

I ignored Baek Young-hee’s words and read part of the article out loud.

“According to the words of Baek Young-hee’s closest associate, the two have been meeting secretly since last month, and they mainly date at the office and at home to avoid the prying eyes of those around them…”

Baek Young-hee shouted in frustration.

“Who on earth is that closest associate? “I’m going to sue that reporter!”

Of course, I know that there is no such thing as a close aide mentioned in the article, but it was so much fun to tease him that I couldn’t stop.

“The reason the two had no choice but to hide their romantic relationship was because Baek Chang-soo always threatened, saying, ‘If you want to date my daughter, you have to at least win over me.’ Does this seem real?”

It was such a plausible story that it gave me goosebumps a little.

Baek Young-hee sighed in resignation and finally pinned the yellow ribbon on the little boy’s head.

And he came up to me and said.

“I’ll go to the hall first. Is there anything else you need? “Don’t make fun of me.”

I pointed with my chin at Wang Guho, who was watching in the corner.

After that photo was taken, Wang Guhao seemed to not know how to treat Baek Younghee.

“Can I not take him?”

Baek Young-hee glared at me fiercely, then turned around and left.

Why are you with a straight face?

Only after Baek Young-hee left did Wang Gu-ho hesitantly approach me.

“That team leader….”


“There’s something I’d like to discuss…”

I sighed, looking at Wang Guhao’s shy face.

“no. Absolutely not.”

“yes. yes?”

What Wang Guhao was thinking was very obvious on his face.

This guy had absolutely no immunity to women.

“Baek Young-hee doesn’t like you. So wake up from your dream.”

“I didn’t think like that.”

Wang Guhao shook his head and tried to deny it, but his disappointed expression was clearly visible on his face.

I said, putting my arm around Wang Guho’s shoulder.

“No, man. My older brother gives me advice as a senior in life: Don’t even look at a tree you can’t climb. “Particularly, if you like a girl like Baek Young-hee, you will become a real fan among the bigots.”

Wang Hogu looked at me with a very resentful expression.

“It’s not true… And I’m older than the team leader, so why do you keep…”

This kid is being strict when it’s no big deal and he’ll normally do well.

I said, lightly ignoring Wang Guhao’s protest.

“Anyway, mark my words. “If you want to have a romantic relationship, don’t do it with Baek Young-hee…”

As I was giving sincere advice as a senior in life who had gone through a bitter experience, I felt something pricking my side.


When I turned around, the little boy was poking me in the side.

“huh? why?”

The little boy spread his arms and said.

“How about this?”

The little girl was wearing a dress in a red tone similar to her hair.

Adding a large yellow ribbon to her hair made her look like a foreign child actor.

But his expression seemed somehow dissatisfied.

“It looks good to me. why? “Not so good?”

The little boy said while rubbing his belly, which had become thin over the past few days.

“My stomach is tight. “I have to eat a lot today…”

In the end, do all your problems lead to one thing?

I sighed lightly and walked to the kid’s closet on one side of the office.

Inside, there were about 100 different types of children’s clothes that Baek Young-hee had bought.

I took out a comfortable-looking white t-shirt and overalls from the closet.

“Then change into this.”

The little boy puffed out his cheeks.

“That’s not pretty.”

…What are you going to do with me?

Pretty clothes and comfortable clothes to eat in.

The little boy rested his chin and began to think seriously.

Then he glanced at me and asked.

“…What do you think is better?”

“Well, the dress looks pretty.”

Why are you so sullen?

“Suspenders aren’t bad either.”

Why does it get brighter so quickly again?

Because of the little boy’s worries, I was afraid he would be late to the party, so I offered a compromise.

“Once you put on that dress, put the suspenders in your bag and take them with you, and if your stomach hurts, let’s change them.”

The little boy looked like he was the first human to discover fire.

“You’re a genius!”


After a while, the three of us got into the elevator.

Our reflections were reflected in the elevator mirror.

Just as the little boy was wearing a dress, Wang Guho and I were also wearing full suits.

Because today is the day we are the main characters.

When I got off the elevator a little while later, many people had already gathered in the party hall.

I saw many familiar faces.

Siblings Cheon Il-nam, Cheon I-nam, and Cheon Seol-ah of the field support team.

Driver Youngbae Park, who always works hard.

Chae Su-min, an operator whose face we rarely see.

Even Baek Young-hee, who is talking with other team leaders.

Most of Team 7 people were gathered in the center of the party hall.

And people from other teams were gathering around them, chatting or eating.

Today was our team 7’s birthday celebration party.

This was Whitehouse’s unique tradition of

congratulating any team at the guild level when they went on a dungeon expedition.

This is something I couldn’t even dream of when I was at Blackhound in the past.

“The main characters have finally arrived!”

Baek Chang-soo smiled brightly and walked towards me with long strides.

He hugged me tightly.

“Team Leader Lim! I thought you would come back alive and well! “When Younghee suggested sending a rescue team, I thought what a fuss she was making!”


Okay, so I hope you can let me go.

This guy’s entire body is like steel, so it’s hard for him to breathe when he’s hugged.

“Are you planning to kill me as soon as I get back…”

“Hahaha! “The young friend is dead!”

After a while, I was barely able to get out of Baek Chang-su’s arms.

Baek Chang-soo changed his target and hugged Wang Gu-ho.

“Wangguhogun! “Is it true that you are in a romantic relationship with my daughter these days?”

“yes? “Oh, no, that’s it…”

Wang Gu-ho broke into a cold sweat, fearing that he might receive a sparring request, but Baek Chang-su cheerfully laughed it off.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m kidding! “You’re not our Younghee’s style!”


This guy. That’s too harsh.

Baek Chang-su tried to say hello to Lily as well, but the little boy quickly hid behind me and gave me a wary look.

Baek Chang-su seemed a little hurt.

At that time, Team 2 leader Bang Woo-hyuk and Team 3 leader Hye-rin Lee walked towards us from behind Baek Chang-soo.

I’ve seen Bang Woo-hyuk a few times, but today was my first time seeing Lee Hye-rin.

Of course, I knew about her before she regressed.

Hyerin Lee held out her hand to me.

“Nice to meet you, Team Leader Lim. And congratulations on your safe return.”

“thank you.”

Hyerin Lee is a woman in her 30s with a sophisticated appearance. She has a slim height and is amazing with her dual swords.

Hyerin Lee after the autopsy.

There are superhumans whose skills rapidly increase after the connection between the martial arts world and Earth, and she was one of them. It may be a bit of an exaggeration, but if he had been born in Murim, he was said to have a talent that would have competed for the title of the best person in the world.

Of course, he is still a strong enough superhuman.

For a while, I was surrounded by Baek Chang-soo, Bang Woo-hyuk, and Lee Hye-rin, and we talked about various things.

“Only the three of us came today. “Because the other team leaders are on missions.”

“It’s difficult to get everyone together at once.”

“You just have to congratulate the people who are there first.”

“By the way, Team Leader Lim. “I heard the loot you brought this time is enormous?”

“I guess I should give you a big bonus?”

“ha ha ha! of course!”

The party had a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

I chatted with many people over a glass of wine and had a good time. No one said anything when I told them I could go anytime.

If you say that all guilds have this kind of atmosphere, that is definitely not the case.

Black Hound, which was not inferior to White House in size, had a military-like atmosphere with complete top-down uniforms.

During the conversation, I turned my head to see what the little boy was doing, and I saw him working hard to accumulate calories over there.

Next to him was Jang Young-shin, who came to the party holding hands with her mother.

Jang Young-shin, who came wearing a tailcoat and bow tie, pushed the food on his plate to Lily.

“…eat this too.”

The little boy nodded, stuffing his food into his cheeks.

“Thank you, brother! “You too!”

Jang Young-shin’s face turned bright red at those few words.

“…I’m okay. “Would you like me to get you some more?”


From now on, I will call that guy Hogu No. 2.

While I was distracted by the little boy for a moment, someone spoke to me.

“What are you…?”


When I looked to the side, I saw Bang Woo-hyuk smiling.

“I asked if you have a goal in life. “I’m curious about what young people think these days.”

“It’s the goal….”

“Of course it’s the world’s strongest!”

Suddenly Baek Chang-soo joined our conversation.

The CEO’s face was quite red, as if he had been drinking a lot of medicinal liquor while walking around.

Of course, if you’re a superhuman, you can drive away the intoxication at any time if you want, but

no one at the party bothered to do that.

Baek Chang-soo said, pounding his chest.

“Do you want to become the world’s strongest? Then you will have to defeat me first! Team leader Lim. So, sooner or later you will catch me and spar with me…”

“I want to retire and live a comfortable life.”



People who heard me opened their eyes wide.

Baek Chang-soo, Lee Hye-rin, Baek Young-hee, who was approaching to stop her father’s drunkenness, and the people who were secretly listening to our language looked at me with strange expressions.

I sipped the wine glass in my hand and spoke leisurely.

“I want to stay healthy, stay healthy, make a lot of money, and build a mansion of about 3,000 pyeong.”

Before the regression, it was 150 pyeong, so this time I planned to build it 20 times larger, if not possible.


Before I knew it, everyone was listening to me.

Why do you guys focus and make a fuss over something that doesn’t matter?

I shrugged my shoulders and continued.

“I put all the things I like there, invite my friends, and live there doing whatever I want. “Without worrying about anything and without worrying about what anyone else thinks.”

Hyerin Lee said with a grin.

“That’s a great goal. “For those of us who have to risk our lives every day, it’s like a dream.”

Bang Woo-hyuk smiled softly as if he understood what he meant.

“You want peace to come to the world. “It’s a wonderful dream.”

…I don’t know how nicely it can be packaged for that to happen.

Baek Chang-soo was the only one who tilted his head with an expression of incomprehension.

“Then… who is the strongest in the world?”

After a while he was dragged away by his daughter.

“Dad, please check the mood!”

I laughed at that and looked out the window.

There was still a rainbow floating in the sky, a sign of disaster.

Over the next few days, the red band disappeared and the orange band began to fade.

Disaster is inevitable.

At first, I thought I could somehow hide or run away, but when I thought about it, that wasn’t true.

Every time a disaster strikes, the city will be destroyed, people will die, and

the little boy’s favorite chicken restaurant will disappear.

When on earth am I going to build my mansion?

I don’t think there would be anything more upsetting than if something were to be destroyed due to a disaster during construction.

So I thought about it carefully.

‘Would I rather prevent disaster?’

If it were something that could be prevented with the power of just one person, it wouldn’t even be called a disaster.

It’s just as difficult even if there’s a little kid next to you.

I didn’t want to step out in front and get hurt…

I thought about what to do, but the answer was closer than I thought.

This is where I stand now.

White House.

Even if I don’t do anything, 10 years from now, the name will be one of the top three guilds in Korea.

If we add their power to the information about the future that only we know, we can prevent disaster.

No, I had no intention of ending it by simply blocking it.

I poured the remaining wine in my glass into a mouthful.

“If you’re going to do this, you have to make sure you do your part.”

Whether it’s fame, money, or power,

Whitehouse will be at the top after the disaster has passed.

I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest.

I’ve already thought of a way.

I walked over to Baek Chang-soo, who was very drunk.

“CEO. Do you like fishing?”

Baek Chang-soo, who was resting on a chair, opened his eyes and looked at me.


[Fishing-Paid series begins] End

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