Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 37


[Was it you?]

“Huh! “I can’t believe there was such a wonderful lake in a place like this!”

Baek Chang-soo had already been amazed several times.

Before our eyes, an emerald lake spread out like a picture.

“When I come to Mother Nature, I feel like I’m going to have a good time!”

Baek Chang-su took off his shirt and jumped into the lake.

with a plop!

A middle-aged man with iron-like muscles showed off his swimming skills like a swallow filled with water.

It seemed like he had already forgotten about the fishing story. If you look at the fishing rod left to one side.

I was lying down on a mat under a parasol, leisurely enjoying my time.

It’s still summer.

It was a season when the midday sun was stinging.

And next to me, a little boy in a yellow one-piece swimsuit was sitting, sipping his drink through a straw.

“Masit… Why are there so many delicious things on Earth?”

I can’t help but feel moved by just one glass of soda.

I said, slightly lowering my sunglasses.

“If you eat a lot of that, your teeth will get damaged.”

“But it’s delicious…”

“Are you going to eat something more delicious later for dinner?”


“Stop eating that.”

The kid put the soda aside right away.

I got up from my seat. I stretched, yawned long, and walked leisurely toward the lake.

After the party we took a week off.

What I did as soon as I got my vacation was to invite Baek Chang-su to this lake.

This was a lake beyond the restricted area.

It was a unique space created when the other world and space were mixed due to the dimensional distortion that occurred during the First Gate.

The reason I invited Baek Chang-soo here is….

“I’m the team leader~.”

When I turned to the side at the sound of a nasally voice, I saw Baek Young-hee, who had changed into a bikini, calling me with an alluring gesture.

Why bother lying down on a mat under the scorching sun when the parasol is just fine?

The reason was soon revealed.

“Could you please put some tanning oil on my back? “I can’t reach it.”

I snorted and demonstrated putting my hand on his back.

“I try to improve my flexibility on a daily basis. see. “I can barely reach my back.”

Baek Young-hee narrowed her eyes and glared at me.

“It’s really disgusting! “Can’t you just apply some?”

“If you want to apply it, you should ask the kids over there.”

I pointed to two laborers carrying large luggage from afar.

After a while, Sirutdeok and Wangguho arrived where we were.

“older brother! “We’re here!”

Sirutdeok looked at me and greeted me warmly, but then saw Baek Young-hee in a bikini and opened her mouth in surprise.


It seems that Baek Young-hee’s body is so great that even a temporary eunuch is impressed.

Baek Young-hee stood up, wrapping a light shawl around her shoulders.


“It’s an honor to meet you!”

But that doesn’t mean it’s not an honor….

After shaking hands with Baek Young-hee, Sirutteok looked at her and me in turn, and made an expression on his face that he realized something.

Why are you suddenly looking at me with a face full of respect?

“I truly respect you! older brother!”

“…Don’t make this ridiculous misunderstanding. Let’s set things up for dinner later. “Did you bring all the ingredients?”

Sirutdeok answered more loudly than usual.


Then, together with Wang Gu-ho, who couldn’t find anywhere to focus his eyes, they started building an outdoor kitchen.

Baek Young-hee came next to me and asked.

“Who is that person?”

“He is Si…”

At that time, Sirutteok introduced himself.

“My name is Kim Min-jae, sister-in-law! His nickname is Sirutteok! “Please feel free to call me Sirutdeok, sister-in-law!”

At that moment, a bright smile appeared on Baek Young-hee’s face.

“Oh my, Minjae. nice to meet you. My name is Younghee Baek. I’m the team leader’s secretary. And… we’re not in that kind of relationship yet.”

I laughed out loud as I looked at Baek Young-hee twisting her body as if she was embarrassed.

It sounds like ‘not yet’.

“Sirutdeok. “If the word ‘sister-in-law’ comes out of your mouth one more time, then your nickname will change to something else.”

Sirutdeok looked at me with a face full of anticipation.

“For what, brother?”

I shot Sirutdeok a subtle killing blow and spoke softly.

“blood. rice cake. eww. as.”

In an instant, Sirutteok’s face turned pale.


And I walked back to the lake.

Inside the lake, Baek Chang-su was leisurely enjoying backstroke.

I thought that if I just stayed still, Baek Chang-su would go to the center of the lake on his own, but

surprisingly, Baek Chang-su didn’t go far and just hovered around the area.

It seemed like I would have to take it myself.

I swam to the vicinity of Baekchangsu.


Baek Chang-soo turned his head at the sound of my voice.

“huh? Why but? “Team Leader Lim.”

I pointed with my finger to the other side of the lake.

And Baek Chang-soo made an offer that he could never refuse.

“Would you like to have a swimming competition with me to see who goes from here to the end first?”

This personification of competitive spirit never turned down a challenge.

“I’ll deal with you as much as I want!!”

Baek Chang-su immediately came next to me and took a stance.

I showed him the rock I brought from the lakeside.

“When this rock lands on the water, we’re on our way.”

And he threw the boulder high into the sky.


The stone, which had risen to a height of about ten meters, began to fall down according to the law of gravity.

Baek Chang-su’s eyes were already nailed to the stones.

The moment the surface of the stone touches the surface of the water

– kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Baekchangsu crossed the lake, making a huge splash.

I was impressed as I followed Baek Chang-su at a reasonable pace.

“It’s really fast.”

Among the monsters called the first awakeners, there is probably no one who surpasses Baek Chang-soo in terms of physical ability.

Even though it was only a swimming competition, Baek Chang-su did his best. A tremendous amount of magical energy emanated from his entire body.

Thanks to this, today’s fishing was a success.

When Baek Chang-soo reached the middle of the lake,

he roared!

The water suddenly started to become rough, and a whirlpool formed in the center of the lake.

And then something like a huge pillar came out of the water and hit Baek Chang-su.


Water exploded tens of meters in all directions, blocking visibility.

After a while, where the exploded water droplet settled, a

huge octopus-shaped monster appeared in the center of the lake.

A monster that lives in this lake.

A kraken was caught on the bait.

However, the being who was just bait was also one of the best monster hunters on earth.



Baek Chang-su, who pulled himself out of the water, immediately stepped on the Kraken’s legs and jumped up to head height.


A huge amount of mana was gathered in his fist.

The fist of a superhuman called a monster hit the head of a real monster.


With a single blow, the Kraken’s huge body swayed.

But Baek Chang-soo’s attack was only just beginning.

-Whoops! Whoa! Burbubbubbuk!

A storm of fists rained down on the Kraken’s body as if it were a dozens of meters long punching bag.

That person is the monster Baek Chang-su. He was

one of the first awakened people, and

even 20 years later, his name always appeared when discussing the strongest superhuman of all time.

I was amazed as I watched the exciting fight.

“Hey. “You hit that thing with your bare hands and no weapon.”

I thought I would give him a little help if he looked like he was having a hard time, but now I see that it was a ridiculous worry.

After a while, the Kraken, which looked like a crushed tin can, sank to the bottom of the lake.


I approached Baek Chang-su, who was breathing lightly.

“CEO. Are you okay?”

Baek Chang-su did not show any sign of fatigue.

In fact, it seemed like his complexion had improved with moderate exercise.

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

What am I? I had fun looking around.

“it’s okay. “I never imagined that monsters would suddenly appear in a place like this.”

Baek Chang-soo nodded seriously at my words.

“That’s right. Clearly, the area beyond the restricted area is still an unknown world. “There is a monster this size in the lake…”

And Baek Chang-soo looked back to where the group was.

A small group of people in the distance were waving their hands at us.

It seemed like he was yelling to ask if he was okay.

“I feel like I’ve come too far, so I’ll just head back. “I’m also worried about where Younghee is.”

There was no need to worry as long as there was a group there. I cleaned it up in advance for a pleasant picnic.

I said, pointing to the bottom of the lake.

“Go back first. “I’m going to look down at the lake.”

“Are you alone?”

“I’m just going to investigate. “I’ll be back by dinner time.”


Baek Chang-soo thought for a moment and tapped my shoulder, saying he understood.

“I understand. “Then please help me.”

After Baek Chang-soo returned to the group, I used the Guardian’s Bracelet to create a shield.


After confirming that the shield was shaped like a helmet that completely surrounded my head, I dived deeper into the water.

Inside the emerald lake was a different world.

Colorful fish reminiscent of tropical fish and underwater monsters that do not exist on Earth.

And like a slow movie, the Kraken’s body was slowly falling to the bottom of the lake next to me.


I glanced at the Kraken’s body and swam further down.

My goal wasn’t the Kraken. However, it was only removed because it interfered with its true purpose.

I dived deeper and deeper into the bottom.



Since I had never actually seen it, I wasn’t sure exactly how far down I had to go.

The further down we went, the darker it became, with no light passing through.

When almost nothing was visible, I saw a faint light coming from below.


I swam towards a place where I felt a faint light and a slight vibration.

After a while, we arrived in front of a cave where light was leaking out.


And then I turned around.

I’ve confirmed the location, so that’s it for today.

Now I was thinking of going back, having dinner, and enjoying the rest of my vacation.

I was planning to come here with the little boy in a few days.

Unless something happened that wasn’t in any records I know of at the time.


The suction power generated inside the cave began to suck me in like a vacuum cleaner.


I struggled with my limbs to escape the suction. However, he had already fallen too deep and there was nothing to hold on to.

To make matters worse, the shield that was used like an oxygen tank was broken.

Rapidly rising water pressure and oxygen shortage. I struggled for a few more seconds and then blacked out.


And when I woke up again, I was lying on the floor, tied with things that looked like seaweed.


The guys surrounding me were startled by my moans and stepped back.

As my vision slowly recovered, blurred shapes began to appear clearly.

[It’s awake!]

It was about the size of a 5-year-old child, had blue and smooth skin, and its eyes were all black with no whites. Instead of legs, it had a blunt tail like a ghost and flew through the air.

One of the small races shouted, striking a threatening pose of his own.

[Who are you?]

That was a language I knew.

And these guys were a race I knew.

“…Is that what you guys did earlier?”

I roughly ripped off the seaweed covering my body and sat up.


The fairies were startled by my words and flew around in all directions.

[Was it you?] End

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