Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 372


[(Side Story) Conflict]

Due to the sudden appearance of an enemy The Red Finger headquarters is on alert.

“It’s an enemy airstrike!”

“Prepare for the temple!”

Priests went around urging believers to prepare a temple.

All religious ceremonies in progress were stopped and all who could fight took up arms.

“Wake up the warriors!”

There was a huge biological laboratory in the basement of the city.

The warriors sleeping there opened their eyes one by one. They stood up with red eyes shining.

“For his…”

“For glory…”

Combat weapons that Red Finger had prepared over a long period of time for the crusade.

Hundreds of warriors, unable to feel pain, implanted with powerful combat-type traits, and absolutely loyal to his orders, gathered one after another over the city.


The shock shaking the entire subspace was getting worse as time went by.


An old man with white hair approached the prophet.

The old man was the high priest who oversaw the priests and was the second most powerful person within Red Finger after the prophet.

However, even the high priest bowed his head respectfully in front of the prophet.

“Are they trackers from the dimensional hub?”

“yes. “It appears so.”

The prophet’s voice was calm despite the emergency situation. But the high priest continued speaking impatiently.

“All gates to the outside are closed. “It seems like the power of the administrator intervened.”

“…I wouldn’t have just come without that level of preparation.”

The prophet looked at a point in the sky with a strange gaze.

-What a mess…!

Following the tremors, cracks were spreading across the sky of subspace. The cracks spread out in all directions like a spider web at high speed.

-Prophet, you bastard. Don’t run away, just wait there. –

A twisted smile appeared on the prophet’s lips as he remembered the voice from just before.

An unfamiliar yet familiar voice.

A feeling of déjà vu stimulating the empty space of memory filled me with discomfort.

The prophet’s eyes shone with murderous intent. He muttered in an eerie voice.

“Don’t run away? “You’re confident.”

At that moment, the rapidly spreading crack eventually shattered the sky of subspace.

-Blah blah blah… blah blah!!!

Beyond the shattered sky, the spaceship-shaped Demon Star revealed its enormous majesty.

And the fleet of the Dimensional Allied Forces follows them into subspace!

“It’s the Dimensional Allied Forces!”

“shit. “Of course…”

Some of the believers who discovered the spaceship muttered in fear. However, things soon quieted down after the priests punished a few people as an example.

The high priest’s voice became urgent.

“Prophet. Now that they’ve destroyed subspace, we might be able to find a way out!”

“Do you think it is possible?”

The high priest hesitated to answer for a moment and then said with a nonchalant smile.

“…If only he and the prophet were there, wouldn’t we be able to live as a part of him forever anyway?”

It meant that he would stay and buy time until the prophet and ‘him’ who had not yet been completely resurrected escaped.

The high priest smiled like a martyr, perhaps thinking that it was a noble sacrifice for ‘him’.

But the Prophet laughed at him and shook his head.

“Managers are not such sloppy opponents. “The entire subspace would already be under siege.”


“We will defeat them with all our might.”

The Prophet spoke firmly.

Clearly, Redfinger’s power is weaker than that of the Dimensional Alliance.

If we fight against them with all our might, we will never be able to defeat them as we have not been able to resurrect ‘him’.

‘If the Earth were a battlefield, it would be like that.’

But this is not Earth.

A huge sub-space and temple created by Redfinger as a sanctuary to resurrect ‘him’.

Redfinger’s warriors demonstrate their greatest strength here.

The Dimensional Allied Forces seem to have decided that they can handle that level of handicap, but…

“You will regret coming here on your own.”

The prophet fiercely bared his teeth as he glared at the Demon King, who had begun to enter subspace.

He turned his head and gave a command to the high priest.

“Unlock the power of the Red Tower.”

“yes? But the red tower…”

The high priest widened his eyes.

The red tower is the final altar prepared for His resurrection.

If the enormous soul and power accumulated within him matured a little more, he could be perfectly resurrected.

“…O Prophet. Wouldn’t it be better to turn the power of the Red Tower into blood crystals and escape at all costs? Until then, we must somehow find time…”

“Since when do you start criticizing my words?”


The prophet stretched out his hand and grabbed the high priest by the throat.

The prophet’s eyes were shining with murder.

“Don’t make me say the same thing twice.”

“Whoops…. forgive me…”

The high priest, whose face turned pale, asked the prophet for forgiveness. The Prophet threw him to the floor.

“Open the Red Tower.”


A moment later, a dazzling light exploded from the red tower.


As the enormous magical power spread around the red tower, it began to affect the entire city.


The entire subspace was distorted and the terrain and environment changed.

The flat ground rose up to form a castle wall, dark clouds formed in the sky, and a storm broke out.

-Rumble…. Kwakwakwak! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

Dozens and hundreds of bolts of lightning struck the Allied fleet that had just entered subspace.

Although it did not have much effect as it was blocked by the Allied barrier, it was able to buy some time.

In that short period of time, the entire city, centered around the Red Tower, was transformed into a huge fortress.

The magic power of the Red Tower did not only affect the environment.


“His miracles are with us!”

The eyes of the believers exposed to the red tower’s magic turned bloodshot. Blood vessels stood out above the skin and muscles swelled abnormally.

“This is a temple! “Safe your life to protect the final temple!”


The warriors on top of the castle wall were glaring at the Demon King’s Castle and screaming loudly.

While everyone was engulfed in madness, the prophet smiled fiercely as he glared at the leader, the Demon King, who was advancing steadily despite the thunderbolts and storms.

“You must not run away.”

At that moment, dozens of main guns of the Demon King Castle were aimed at this direction and emitting intense light.


Inside the Demon King’s Castle.

The leadership of the Dimensional Allied Forces was examining the battlefield through a large monitor.

“…The enemy’s resistance is fiercer than expected.”



The Demon King of the Dimensional Allied Forces and Redfinger’s fortress city exchanged artillery fire.

Most of the artillery fire hit each other and was canceled out or neutralized by the barrier.

The Allied leadership was quite surprised by the fact that the opponent had firepower equivalent to the Demon King’s Castle.

“If we had left them alone…”

“We would have suffered tremendous damage.”

While everyone was looking at the battlefield with serious expressions, Daein narrowed his eyes and looked at the red tower in the center of the enemy fortress city.

More precisely, I was thinking of the two-headed being inside.

“What was inside that egg…”

“It was a fusion of Baal and Soul Eater.”

Lilith confirmed Daein’s guess with a helpless expression.

The great man nodded.

“The one holding that egg was a demon tree.”

“Could it be that you were raising a demonic tree?…”

Hearing someone from the leadership mutter, the great man nodded quietly.

“Maybe they were planning to create a new demon world.”


The leaders of the Dimensional Allied Forces trembled as if just imagining it gave them goosebumps.

Everyone here participated in the war against the demon world.

What if the same thing happens again?

It was truly the worst catastrophe in history.

Everyone’s expressions became more serious.

“…I must definitely finish them off here.”

“The siege is perfect. “The Allied fleet has been placed on standby outside of subspace.”

“The horsepower pulse device is also good. “It is not possible to use the gate here.”

Redfinger was completely surrounded and there was no way out.

The great man nodded his head at the successive reports and said.

“great. Let’s sweep away every ant baby without leaving one behind. The fleet advances at full speed. “Let’s attack that fortress like this and then go inside.”

“Fleet forward at full speed!”


The Allied fleet gained even more speed. Countless artillery fire came from the fortress city, but it was offset by the barrier and counter artillery fire, narrowing the distance.

The great man bit his lip slightly as he watched the fortress city getting closer.

There was a reason why he chose the somewhat radical tactic of quick action.

‘Mr. Shinhan. ‘Just wait a little longer.’

By now, Sosinhan must be fighting inside that fortress city.

Although I had taught myself to the point where I wouldn’t be easily defeated, I still felt a little impatient at the thought of having my only employee in the middle of enemy territory.

“There is only one minute left until the enemy fortress and the Demon Castle collide.”

After Baek Young-hee’s report, everyone prepared for a collision. Cheonmugeuk’s stamina, which had increased his internal strength, slowly rose to the sky, and Abraxas’ eyes sank deeply.

“30 seconds left until impact.”


Wang Guho lightly used his characteristic to wrap a thin layer of rock over his body, and wings began to sprout on Minjae’s back after using Demonization.

“30 seconds before impact.”


Each of them took out their weapons and stared at the fortress city with deep eyes, while Baek Chang-soo repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fists to relieve tension.

“20 seconds before impact!”

But while everyone was getting ready, Lilith stood blankly, with a face as pale as a wax doll.

“Sister… are you okay?”

When Lily came to her with a worried look and held her hand tightly, an expression finally appeared on Lilith’s face.

“…huh. are you okay. Really.”

Lilith smiled and nodded.

The great man who saw this clicked his tongue and spoke to Lily.

“kid. “You stay right here with the big boy and wait here.”

“uh? “We’re not fighting?”

“What are you talking about. I myself…”

“It’s loud.”

The great man waved his hand and interrupted the two people.

“There’s no need for you to get involved in something like this. “How many people are here?”

“Cluck. The disciple is right. “It won’t be your turn.”

“You two can just sit here and watch.”

“We’ll beat up the black-faced team leader and bring him back to his senses!”

“Don’t you just want to hit me once?”

Lilith bit her lip tightly, feeling like she was about to burst into tears at every word from the people who cared about her.


“You can cry later. “I’ll make you cry loudly.”

“…huh. okay.”

The great man relaxed his body by bending his neck from side to side.

While we were talking for a while, the Demon King’s Castle was within a stone’s throw of the fortress city.

Baek Young-hee started the final count with a nervous expression.

“10 seconds before impact! 9. 8….”


Daein took a deep breath and asked Jang Young-shin.

“Youngshin. “What about the Giant God Soldier unit?”

“…We have prepared it so that it can be launched immediately.”

Over the past few years, the technology of the Dimensional Allied Forces has advanced further, and dozens of Giant God Soldiers have been produced based on the Gigas that Daeyin used to fight against Baal.

And the pilots of those giant soldiers were the strongest in the dimensional hub here.

‘Even if all the demon kings I fought before were resurrected, with the current power of the dimensional hub, I could crush them in three days.’

There won’t be any time for the two little guys to be active.

The great man finally gave instructions to everyone.

“Once the Demon King breaks through the walls of the fortress city, everyone will board the giant soldiers and enter the interior. And then…what is that?”

The great man stopped talking and looked at the small dots rising from the fortress city.

The dots flew at incredible speed and expanded in an instant.

The great man, who soon recognized the identity of the dots, shouted urgently.

“Everyone board the Giant God Soldier!”

More than hundreds of giant soldiers were flying from inside Redfinger’s fortress city.

[(Side Story) Conflict] End

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