Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 49


[Start of operation]

“Team leader. “Is something good happening?”

Cheon Seol-ah, who was putting the armor on me, tilted her head and asked. He must have been puzzled by the way I was grinning earlier.

“That… foot…”

I tried to suppress my laughter, but every time I looked in the direction of Shelter 4 to the west, I couldn’t help but giggle.

“I received some overdue bonus yesterday.”

Shelter 4 was defended by the Black Hound Guild.


I was afraid Cheon Seol-ah might misunderstand, so I explained it in more detail.

“Oh, not here, but at the company I used to work at. But I guess the bonus the boss gave me was a waste.”

It was such a shame that [darkness] had been rising from the direction of the 4th shelter since morning.

Just then, darkness erupted once again from the direction of the 4th shelter.


That [darkness] is the personality of Kim Tae-jin, who is called the Demon King among the first awakened people.

It also showed his current mood.


“…I don’t know why you’re smiling, but it’s done.”

Cheon Seol-ah, who put the helmet on me for the last time, stepped back and said.

“Could you please check if the ear microphone is working properly inside the helmet?”

“iced coffee. “Can you stop by the support team?”

Leader Cheon Il-nam and Cheon I-nam, who were waiting inside the vehicle, answered.

[I can hear you well.]

[Yes! I can hear it!]

When I looked to the side, the equipment support team was there, putting armor on the kid and Wang Guho.

The three of us wore different types of equipment depending on our positions.

I wore partial armor that protects key parts over the basic combat uniform to minimize discomfort in movement.

“It’s uncomfortable because I’m fat…”

The kid, who doesn’t move his body much, wore spacesuit-like armor with excellent protection. .

And Wang Guho said,

“This outfit is so embarrassing…”

He wore highly elastic body tights. It was the only material that could maintain its shape even when it was turned into a rock and its body grew.

I clicked my tongue as I looked at Wang Guho, who was covering his important parts with both hands.

“Do you want to fight like that even during battle?”

“It will be okay if you petrify at that time.”

It’s even more disgusting that that place was petrified, you bastard…

Anyway, we were waiting, fully prepared for disaster.

A faint purple band remained in the sky.

It is not strange if that line breaks at any time.

I looked back at Seoul Shelter 3 behind me.

“If that’s enough…”

A division-sized force and three superhuman guilds, including Whitehouse, were stationed at the third shelter, which housed one-tenth of Seoul’s citizens.

“I think we can easily stop it.”

Baek Young-hee, who was walking towards me, smiled as if she heard those words.

“of course. “Whitehouse is in charge of the operation.”

“Isn’t the operational commander here the division commander?”

Baek Young-hee said to me that she knew everything and said that.

“Officially, yes. But you know what? “Who is the real leader here?”

I know.

That guy has been standing on top of the anti-aircraft defense tower since last night like a war god.

Baek Changsu raised the blue dragon and moon sword high in the sky and roared like a lion towards the sky.

“Disaster! Come as many times as you want! “I’ll stop Baek Chang-soo!”

I haven’t counted, but it must have been over 100 already.

Ordinary citizens were impressed when they saw Baek Chang-soo doing that all night long, saying something like ‘the sacrificial spirit of a hero’, but

in fact, everyone who knew enough knew it.

Why has Baek Chang-soo been acting like that since yesterday?

“Are you so excited that you can’t sleep?”

Baek Young-hee sighed heavily at my words.

“yes. Sometimes I feel like I’m raising my son…”

Baek Chang-su’s loud roar covered her words.

“Disaster! Come quickly—!”


As a person raising a similar single-celled organism, I could understand it to some extent.

“By the way, what happened to what I asked for? Those three people…”

A few days ago, I asked Baek Young-hee to bring my old friends to this shelter.

situation. Saddle stitching. play.

Friends who attended my retirement ceremony with me.

Since all three had not yet awakened to superhuman status, I wanted to protect them here if possible.

It will be safer here than anywhere else.

Baek Young-hee said with a grin.

“Everyone is in there. “I brought all my family members with me.”

“…Good for you.”

I smiled as I remembered my friends who had lost their families in the first disaster.

“But you don’t have to meet me? Seeing that they take care of you like that, it seems like they are the team leader’s friends…”

“It’s enough for now.”

Apparently, my situation was very different from the past.

Leader of the superhuman team of a large guild. It was obvious that I would be a burden to my friends who were still civilians, and in the future, even after they became superhumans, there might not be much contact between them and me.

Maybe I can’t be friends with those three in this life.

Well, then it can’t be helped.

I said, looking at the sky.

“Team 7. Everyone, relax. “This is just my intuition, it looks like disaster is about to begin.”


I also relaxed slightly as I watched the team moving busily.

It was then that something huge walked out from inside the shelter.

Coo! Coo! thud!

“It’s a monster!”

“A monster has appeared!”

“Ready to shoot!”

Behind the surprised voices of citizens and soldiers, people from the Whitehouse Guild ran out and shouted.

“Don’t shoot! “It’s our friend!”

“It’s not a monster! “It’s our weapon!”

The identity of the gigantic creature that caused chaos in the area was the iron golem that I rescued from the bottom of the lake earlier.

It even had a name.


From Baek Young-hee’s report yesterday, I heard that it would be difficult to restart until today…

A wide smile bloomed on my face.

“Jang Young-shin, this guy. “You succeeded?”

Coo! Coo! Coo!

An iron golem walked in front of me. A voice came out of the snowman’s speakers.

[…Zoo. Don’t forget.]

But for some reason, your voice is a bit strange. It wasn’t the hard mechanical sound I was familiar with, but like…

At that time, the engineers in the workshop who followed the blind man shouted.


“Get out of there right now!”

This can’t be right….

The blind man ignored the engineers’ words and walked past me to the kid.


The little boy who was munching on the bean jelly given to him as a snack tilted his head and said.

“who is this?”

[…it’s me. Youngshin oppa.]

Nunnunmon’s chest opened to the left and right, revealing a boy with a pale expression.

At that moment, the little boy opened his mouth wide and the bean jelly fell out of his mouth.


Jang Young-shin turned his head to the side and muttered. Those cheeks were already red.

“…It’s nothing special.”

“Interesting! Interesting! “I want to ride too!”

I grabbed the back of the kid who was trying to enter the golem. Then he

sighed and spoke to Jang Young-shin.

“Could it be that it was remodeled for boarding?”

Jang Young-shin nodded. And I looked at the little boy struggling in my hands and said.

“…I will go with you too.”

“Surely with us?”


“Did you get your mother’s permission?”

Of course, I thought he would shake his head, but Jang Young-shin nodded.




Seeing that he was looking away from me, it was clear that he left without telling his mother.

I said with a sigh.

“go back. “Leave the golem here.”

“…If it’s not me, you can’t control it.”

I asked back with a puzzled expression.

“You have an automatic system, right?”

“…I couldn’t recover it. yet.”

So you’re saying that this golem can’t be used unless Jang Young-shin rides it?

What is this?…

“You come down from there first.”

“…no, I do not want.”

Jang Young-shin must have thought that I would force him out, so he closed the golem’s chest.

The golem’s face looked at the kid.

[…I will protect you.]

Then he turned his head to the side as if embarrassed.

It was so absurd that I shook my head.

“You man. Love also has its time and place….”

My words were drowned out by Baek Young-hee’s screams.

“manager! “Sky!”

Ssssssut –

the last border in the sky was disappearing.

A purple band scattered like a mirage.

At the same time

, wow!

The sky was colored colorfully and the air vibrated.

A feeling that it suddenly becomes difficult to breathe, as if the oxygen in the atmosphere has become thinner.

I looked up at the sky and took a deep breath.

“It has begun.”

How should I describe what happened after that?

If the world were suddenly torn into hundreds of pieces, that would be exactly the scene.

Jeeeeee! Jeeeeee! Jeeeeee! Jeeeeee! Jeeeeee! Jiiiiiiing!Jiiiing! Jeeeeee! Jiiiiiiing!Jiiiing! Jeeeeee! Jiiiiiiing!Jiiiing! Jeeeeee! Jeeeeee! Jeeeeee! Jeeeeee! Jeeeeee!

Gates spread like stains, covering the ground and sky.

They grew rapidly, vibrated, and soon began to vomit out numerous monsters like an anorexic patient.




The screams of over a thousand monsters made soldiers, police officers, and even veteran superhumans freeze like stones in an instant.

“Oh my god…”

“There are so many of you…”

They won’t know. That’s only the first wave.

Maybe it was because I saw it the second time. I came to my senses before anyone else.

I stamped my foot loudly to wake up the frozen people.


A strong vibration spread around me.

At the same time, I fired the Lion’s Roar at the people standing blankly.

“Team 7! Ready for battle-!!”

My mana-filled shout spread quite far. Not only to Team 7 nearby, but also to everyone guarding the shelter.

“Get ready for battle!”

“Stand by for fire!”

“Shibaal! “Let’s give it a try!”

I nodded to the voices coming from all directions.

That’s it. They will be able to sufficiently protect this place.




The monsters that covered the sky and ground pitch black heard our cries and began to flock.

It was the South Korean Army’s self-propelled artillery that first opened the attack.


As dozens of guns spewed fire, hundreds of monsters running from the front were blown up.

President Kim Su-ho declared a state of emergency and authorized shelling of all areas except major facilities in the city.

It was an extreme choice, but at the same time a wise one.



Every time the gun spewed fire, the monsters exploded.

However, there were quite a few monsters that came through the bombardment.

The soldiers and police who climbed up the defense tower fired machine guns at them.

“Start shooting!”



At the same time, superhumans also stepped forward.


“Wipe it away!”

They took up their weapons and jumped into the battlefield.

“You’re finally here!”

Baek Chang-su, who ran ahead of anyone else, cut off the head of a monster the size of a three-story building and raced towards the huge dark blue gate that appeared not far away.

That place was the Core Gate ‘Steel Prison’ that Baek Chang-soo decided to deal with.

I muttered while looking at that figure.

“We should move quickly too.”

And he spoke to Jang Young-shin, who was inside the iron golem, which was still standing in place.

“Go back to your mom right now.”

This was a battlefield. A place overflowing with shouts, screams and the smell of blood. It was not an environment that an ordinary child could endure.

However, even after seeing this chaos, Jang Young-shin’s voice did not change.

In fact, he shouted more resolutely than before.

[…I’ll follow you!]


Well, this guy is no ordinary kid either.

I gave up arguing with Jang Young-shin.

I don’t have time for that anymore, and it’s true that the iron golem helps with power.

“Follow from behind and back up.”

Jang Young-shin answered with a happy voice.


After that, I immediately stood on the roof of the equipment support team’s vehicle.

“Everyone to their positions!”

As practiced in advance, the little boy climbed on top of the medical team vehicle and Wang Goo-ho climbed on top of the filming team vehicle.

The formation is a tripod with me at the center.

The plan was to break through the enemy lines and reach the core gate.

I said, putting down the goggles on my helmet.

“White House Team 7. We will begin solo operations now.”

As soon as I said those words, the drivers stepped on the accelerator.

The combat vehicles that had been modified for today gave off a roar.


We left the shelter and ran through a city filled with monsters.

[Start of Operation] End

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