Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 5


[ Control Area ]

A few hours later.

I arrived in front of the few government offices left in Seoul.

-Disaster Management Headquarters Seoul Jongno Branch-

After entering the building, I entered the [Superhuman Cooperation Team] department.

A woman with short hair who was rapidly tapping on the keyboard, probably busy with work, glanced at me and asked.

“What brought you here?”

Then, I spoke in a relaxed voice to the woman who was looking at the monitor again.

“I came to register as a superhuman.”

At that moment, the woman opened her eyes and looked up at me. Attached to the woman’s chest was a name tag that read [Jin So-mi].


“I came to register as a superhuman.”

“Oh, the person in charge isn’t there right now….”

It’s not even lunch time, but he’s not there. Civil servants were the same 20 years ago or later.

…wait for a sec. If he was in charge here, wasn’t he that bastard?

If he were that kid, he would have been away for some other reason than because of school.

It just worked out well. I should quickly register and go when that child is not around.

“It’s urgent, how can we not?”

“I also received related training, but… it’s been a while since I came here…”

Jin So-mi looked helpless for a moment and then said to me.

“Do you by any chance have a personality?”

I shook my head.

“no. “It is a personalityless body enhancement series.”

It was a lie.

Jin So-mi called the person in charge and said several times, “Yes! yes!” He said and hung up the phone.

“Please come this way first.”

I followed Jin So-mi to the fitness room in the basement.

At this time, devices for measuring magical power were not even developed, so the method of proving one’s superhuman status was simple.

All you had to do was show your individuality as proof of becoming a superhuman, or if you had no individuality, prove it with physical abilities that far surpassed those of humans.

I looked around at the exercise equipment in the fitness room. Jin So-mi spoke from the side.

“First, let’s measure muscle strength…”


I controlled my mana and lifted the 200 kg barbell in front of me with one hand.

At that moment, Jin So-mi’s eyes grew twice as big.


It would be impossible for a slim man without much muscle to lift this unless he was a superhuman.

Suddenly, Jin So-mi stuttered.

“So you really were a superhuman?”

“Then it must be fake?”

“The team leader said that fraudsters often come here….”


Now that I see it, they thought I was a fraudster.

When I looked at her like that, Jin So-mi quickly turned her head.

“Then let’s try something else!”

I took a few more tests as Jin Somi instructed.

Superhuman Registration Act.

There was a law that required superhumans who had awakened their abilities to report the fact.

At this time, it was a famous and useless law that did not have to be followed, but there were some inconveniences if you were not registered as a superhuman.

All my test scenes are recorded on video and sent to higher-level organizations, which then make the final decision and notify me.

Of course, there was no way I would be rejected. It didn’t take long for Jin So-mi, who was contacted by a higher-level organization, to tell me.

“congratulations. “You have been officially registered as a superhuman.”

I nodded calmly and asked.

“Can I receive the initial authentication certificate right away?”

The initial authentication certificate was like a driver’s license.

“The official certificate takes a few days. “Currently, only temporary certificates can be issued.”

“Then please give me a temporary certificate.”

Once I receive the certificate, my work is done.

Oh, I had one more thing to ask.

“When is the next ranked match?”

Ranking matches are like martial arts competitions in which superhumans participate.

It is an event competition hosted by the government and participation is free, but rankings are made based on performance and broadcast on TV.

Ranking match rankings are directly related to popularity, so quite a few superhumans participated in ranking matches. The guild also encouraged it for publicity purposes.

Of course, I have also participated in ranking matches a few times.

How were your grades?

…Let’s just say that participation was meaningful.

Jin So-mi checked the schedule and said.

“I think the next ranking match will start on September 15th. “It may change, but for now, I think it will probably stay like this.”

“It’s September 15th…”

There’s a little over two months left. Is this enough to prepare?

“Are you going to apply to participate?”


I nodded. It may not be possible to reach the championship level in two months, but it will be possible to reach the final tournament.

Even if you get that far on your first appearance, your awareness will increase tremendously.

Moreover, the hanging products are also attractive.

There was no reason not to participate.

“Please give me the application form.”

I filled out the application form for the ranking match and handed it to Somi Jin.

I registered as a superhuman and submitted an application to participate in the ranking match.

Now I have finished all my business here.

“Then, have a good time at work.”

When I finished my errand and turned around,

“Oh, team leader!”

Jin So-mi stood up behind me. It was the same voice as when an idol fan saw an idol.

At the end of her gaze, a tall-looking man was walking.

Neatly combed hair and straight facial features. A face that looks like it will play a second generation chaebol in a drama.

The name of the man who seems to live alone in the world is Joo Sang-wook.

If you were to go back in time and ask me to name a person I wouldn’t want to be associated with, he would definitely be in the top five.

For a moment, Joo Sang-wook’s eyes met mine.


Joo Sang-wook bowed his head slightly to me first, and I also slightly bowed my head in return.

And we passed each other in silence.

I walked faster with the intention of passing quickly.

A conversation between two people could be heard from behind.

I tried to lower my voice, but I could hear everything.

“Jin So-mi. “Who is the person who just left?”

“You are the superhuman I told you about on the phone earlier.”

“Isn’t your name ‘landlord’?”

“uh? How do you know? “I don’t think I mentioned your name earlier…”

“I heard an interesting story from guild officials while I was on the way. “About the rookie who showed up today… it’s interesting.”

Don’t show interest in me. You crazy guy.

I walked faster.

There’s nothing good about being involved with that bastard.

Let’s never come here again. There’s nothing to come here anyway.

“Fuck. But why am I so anxious? I feel like I’ll see you again soon…”

Hoping that my ominous premonition would be proven wrong, I quickly left the disaster management headquarters.


“Stop! “This is a civilian controlled area.”

I handed the warm temporary superhuman certificate I received today to the soldier blocking my path.

“I have some business to run outside.”

The soldier looked at my certificate and clicked his tongue when he saw the suitcase in both my hands and the enormous amount of luggage I was carrying on my back.

“You have a lot of baggage. “Can I investigate?”

I looked a little troubled.

“I don’t care. Guild people are waiting outside the control area. Even now, people are asking me to come quickly….”

“What do you belong to?”

“Whitehouse Guild. Oh, I’m still new. If you contact me here…”

I showed Baek Young-hee’s business card.

This is why it’s good to have a background to sell when you need it.

When I mentioned the name of a well-known guild, the soldiers didn’t bother to search my luggage or contact Baek Young-hee.

Because these guys are getting kickbacks from the guild.


I passed the barbed wire fence and entered the restricted area.


Before I had even walked very far, a biting wind blew.

What unfolds before your eyes is a ruined land.

Horribly broken buildings and plants growing haphazardly on polluted land. Desolate land and animal bones.

I passed that road and headed to my destination.

Only two years have passed since the First Gate occurred.

Humanity has not been able to recover even one-fifth of the lost land.

Other than that, it was a dangerous area where entry was prohibited to civilians.

“That means that the abandoned land will increase hundreds of times in just a few years.”

If I received a down payment from the Whitehouse Guild, I was planning to buy the land first.


A hum naturally came out.

A future that only I know.

About a year from now, Earth will be connected to a new dimension.

Gaia continent.

A fantasy world where swords and magic exist.

As dimensional gates leading to the continent of Gaia open throughout the Earth, humanity encounters a new civilization.

Only one place in Korea.

A fixed gate is created right here on the ground where I am standing.

Naturally, this area becomes a center of exchange between the two dimensions, and land prices rise tremendously.

So, I was planning on buying it all.

If you build a building here and become the owner,

“you sit back and make a lot of money.”

Of course, there were many problems that needed to be resolved before that.

We have to deal with the contaminated areas and get rid of the flies that smell like money and get attracted to us in advance…

“Well, let’s think about that later and just set up a tent.”

I put the luggage I was carrying on my back on the floor.

A tent for as many as 24 people.

I bought the largest one because I was planning to use this as my home for a while.

Installation wasn’t that difficult. I don’t know if it was before my awakening, but now I’m a superhuman.

After quickly setting up the tent, I sat on a rock and was eating canned food for dinner when several wild animals caught the scent and approached me.


Here, animals that were abandoned by people or escaped from the zoo formed a new ecosystem.

I also planned to respect the laws of that ecosystem.

Of course, from the standpoint of enjoying it.

“It just worked out. “I felt weak because there was no meat.”

I stood up, holding the knife I had left aside.

And after a while, I swallowed my saliva while looking at the meat being cooked on the grill.

“I think it’s slowly ripening.”

It was when I was about to take a big bite of meat.

-If you don’t turn it off, I’ll kill you!-


I was startled and turned to look in the direction the voice came from.

I wasn’t surprised because of the screaming. It wasn’t even because of the bloody content.

The language used itself was the problem.

“Gaia continent language?”

A language that no one knows at this point.

I had just heard the official language of the Gaia continent.

I put down the meat I was eating and looked in the direction the voice came from. When I tilted my head to see if I was mistaken, I heard the voice again.

-I warned you! If you get close, I’ll kill you! –

That was certain. It is the official language of the Gaia continent.

But how? The gate isn’t open yet?

It wasn’t something I could figure out if I thought about it. The only way to resolve the question was to check in person.

I flew in the direction where the scream was coming from.



at the same time .

He used his personality to hide himself.

[Control Area] End

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