Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 65


[There is a way for everything]

Hawkin looks very nervous. He was pacing in front of the carriage with his face on.

“Why aren’t you coming?”

The day was already dawning. However, people who said they would return within a few hours did not return.

“No way… that man ran away with the princess…”

An ominous thought crept into my mind.

Hawkin paced around the carriage, biting his fingernails.

Leonard, who saw that, clicked his tongue.

The old knight, clearly ill, was sitting wrapped in a blanket in front of the bonfire.

“You’re so crazy, so don’t be too nervous.”

Hawkin showed a very resentful expression.

“Aren’t you worried, Leonard? The day is already dawning! “There’s no way you’d be this late unless something happens…”

“How could something happen to the princess when the Sword Master is by her side?”

Hawkin glanced toward the carriage and lowered his voice. Jang Young-shin was sleeping in the carriage.

“That Sword Master is the problem. “If that man has bad intentions…”

Leonard chuckled.

“If I had meant it that way, I would have done it from the beginning.”

But those words didn’t seem to ease Hawkin’s worries.

“Isn’t it possible to change one’s mind? Besides, is the princess usually beautiful?”

From a young age, Princess Alina’s beauty was renowned throughout the continent.

From the time I turned 14, hawks came from surrounding principalities, kingdoms, and even the northern empire.

Hawkin, who was sitting next to Leonard, spoke in a voice full of worry.

“He is also a young man. I also saw the princess’s real face. “How would you feel if we were alone together?”

“Oh my. “Why are you leaving out the little boy who went with you?”

“yes? “Well…”

Leonard clicked his tongue as if he felt sorry for Hawkin.

“A person who has reached that level has a mind like a quiet lake and is not easily swayed by any temptation. “No need to worry.”

Noh Knight had beliefs and fantasies about being a sword master, a level he had never been to.

But it wasn’t Hawkin, the wizard. He turned his head and grumbled.

“If you look at the dead Count Monchi, it’s not necessarily like that… he was very lecherous…” Even if he was

old and sick, Leonard wasn’t the type of person who couldn’t hear someone talking to himself right next to him.

“This guy? “Why is that guy’s story coming out here?”

“No, that’s not it. I’m worried too…”

That was then.

A huge fire erupted from beyond the castle walls in the distance.


A pillar of fire rising high enough to pierce the sky. Soon, the screams and shouts of the frightened people were heard from within the walls.


In an instant, the entire city fell into chaos. The vibration of people running around could be felt all the way to where the carriage was.

The old knight and the wizard were equally surprised.

“What does that mean!”

“Look! Something happened! “We must go to the city immediately!”

The two ran to the carriage and woke up Jang Young-shin. It was a time when they were trying hard to explain to the boy who could not communicate with them by gesturing with their hands and feet that they should go to the city.

“What are you guys doing?”

When I turned to look at the bewildered voice, I saw three people who had gone to the city walking towards me, each carrying a bundle on their shoulders.

“Princess mama! Are you okay?”

Hawkin ran to Alina and looked around to see if she was okay.

Meanwhile, Leonard asked Daein the whole story.

“Why are you so late? “What is that fire again?”

“There were some circumstances. And that fire…”

The great man grinned as he looked at the flames rising above the city.

“It’s for destroying evidence.”

The fire was scheduled to spread no further and be extinguished after burning down only the Thieves Guild headquarters.

The reason I smoked it so loudly on purpose was because it was bright and it was easy to sneak out if I made a fuss.

“Let’s load up the wagon first.”

The three people loaded the bundle of luggage they had brought from the Thieves Guild headquarters onto the carriage.

There was so much of it that it was impossible to fit it all inside. In the end, the luggage had to be lifted onto the roof of the carriage.

Even though I swept up only the things that looked good, it was like this.

The great man smiled happily and looked at the carriage, which had increased in size considerably.

“I’m sure there will be enough presents when I return.”

Then he turned his head and looked around at the group.

“Now let’s jump out quickly.”

After a while, the steel carriage started running again.


Lily, probably tired from walking around all night, fell asleep as soon as the carriage departed.


Daein covered Lily’s tossing body with a blanket and laid down on his back as well.

A yawn escaped me.


Thanks to this, it was Princess Alina’s job to explain what happened in the city.

Because Daein had warned her before leaving the Thieves Guild, Alina only talked about things related to her.

“It is said that the Marquis of Ormond has sent a chase party and is continuing to search for us. It became known that Count Monchi was dead, and even now, the palace is being purged every day…”

As Alina continued, the expressions of the two people became increasingly darker.

“That can’t be possible…”

“Can’t we ask for help somewhere?”

“I heard that Viscount Folten has raised an army…”

The great man barely listened to what they were saying. Because I wasn’t interested in the situation in other countries.

Rather, concerns about the goblin mask took priority.

‘Is it all in vain?’

Goldmary actually didn’t know anything about ‘those people’.

It’s not that I’m lying or pretending to know, but I really didn’t know much.

She had been brainwashed.

Even though he didn’t know anything, he showed blind loyalty to ‘them’ and showed hostility to the people who were looking for them.

“They are my masters!”

Moreover, he did not feel that he was brainwashed at all.

As Daein persistently questioned and inquired about the facts, Goldmary became increasingly crazy.

“no! no! “I wasn’t brainwashed, but by them…. Grrrr!”


Goldmary, who was foaming at the mouth and having a seizure, was granted the grace of Zeus so that she could rest.


Aside from that, I caught and interrogated a few more Thieves Guild executives, but there was no difference.

Either I didn’t know who ‘they’ were or I couldn’t say anything because I was brainwashed or banned.

However, this did not mean that there was no income at all.


The great man took out a magic communication ball the size of a ping-pong ball from his pocket and looked at it.

A magic communication tool that can only receive unilaterally. It was something mainly used by dirty people.

It was found in Goldmary’s pocket and had a small goblin’s face engraved on the bottom of the communication port.

For now, all I could do was hope that this was the only clue.

The great man thought as he rolled the magic communication tool in his hand.

‘It’s not that there aren’t places to guess, but…’

From the beginning, there were certain places where experiments on children that cost such a huge amount of money could be conducted.

An empire or kingdom or equivalent force.

Or it may be forces.

The scale seemed to get too big when it got there, so the great man frowned slightly.

“I just need to catch the goblin.”

I had no intention of digging deeper.

There was no interest in what kind of force the opponent was.

Just one person.

I was planning to just capture the goblin mask, kill it, and then go back.

‘But I don’t know where it is… so I need to know to find it. … wait for a sec. ‘Looking for you?’

At that moment, a thought flashed through Daein’s mind.

Why did I even think about finding it until now?

The one who ran away was a kid, and I’m sure they’d be looking for him with their eyes turned on by now.

The great man looked back at Lily and said.

“Can’t we just have them come find us there? right?”


Instead of answering, the girl snored hard.


It wasn’t until that evening that the great man stopped the carriage.

“Let’s rest here today.”

Now it was a straight line to the border. The distance usually takes two days, but at the speed of the steel carriage, it was less than a day.

And once we passed the border, we would soon be separated from the princess and her party.

The great man got off the carriage and said.

“Let’s eat grilled meat for dinner tonight.”


Lily was excited and jumped up and down. The girl ran to the refrigerator in the carriage and took out some meat.

“Anyway, it’s only in times like this that you’re quick.”

The man chuckled and took out the barbecue grill and camping supplies from the wagon.

In an instant, the tent was unfolded and the setting for grilling meat was completed in front of it.

“This carriage is truly… a magic carriage that has everything.”

Alina shook her head. It occurred to me that they were the only fugitives who could enjoy this luxury.

The great man said, picking up the meat with tongs.

“Now then, it’s been a while since I showed off my skills…”

At that moment, Hawkin quickly ran up and snatched the meat tongs away.

His movements were no less than that of a sword master.

“I’ll bake it!”

However, without any notice, Daein stepped forward to grill the meat himself.

“Aren’t you probably tired from driving the carriage all the time?”

At that moment, Hawkin hugged the tongs tightly and shouted.

“no! “I’m not tired at all!”

After tasting the dish prepared by the great man a few days ago, the former court wizard realized that he had a great talent for cooking.

At least we were able to make food that people could eat.

The princess and the old knight also took Hawkin’s side.

“Hmm. Hawkin is good at cooking.”

“…It is right for us to do the chores given the situation we are in.”

Fortunately, this one was on the decent side. The two kids’ reactions were much more intense.

“mister! Are you planning to kill the meat?!”

“…don’t do it, really.”

Due to everyone’s strong opposition, Daein had no choice but to leave in front of the grill.

“Tsk… let’s see how well you bake it.”

“Ha! Fireball!”

While Hawkin grilled the meat diligently like a master, the great man went to the carriage and unpacked the luggage from the roof.

It contained items swept up from Randol’s thieves’ guild.

Daein brought out a few items that caught his eye.

The great man gave gifts one by one to the people sitting around the table eating food.

“Old man. “Take this.”

“Isn’t this… Mandragora?”

What Leonard received was a mandragora contained in a transparent glass bottle.

It was marinated in precious honey and was a health food that even nobles found difficult to obtain.

“Because it’s such a boner. If you eat at least that, your stamina will recover.”

“…Thank you.”

A few more soft wrinkles appeared around the old knight’s round eyes.

The great man gave Hawkin a second gift.

“Hockin. “You take this.”

What Daein threw to Hawkin was a magic wand.

At first glance, the magic wand with an eye-sized emerald on the tip was of high quality.

Hawkin widened his eyes.

“Even if I receive something this precious….”

“Of all the things I brought, it has to be the cheapest. And eat meat. Should I bake it?”

“Ah four! “Oh no!”

Leaving behind Hawkin, who was struggling, the great man took out a third gift.

“Youngshin. “It seems like you might like something like this.”

It was a blueprint for a certain magic weapon.

It was written in a language that was unfamiliar even to people who knew how to read Gaia, but Jang Young-shin brought it with him because he thought he would be able to interpret it just by looking at the pictures.


As expected, Jang Young-shin could not take his eyes off the blueprint.

Now there are only two girls waiting for a gift.

Alina and Lily were looking at the great man with bright eyes.

‘These things are burdensome…’

Anyway, the gift had been decided in advance. The great man gave Alina a pair of black bracelets.

“This is…”

Daein added an explanation.

“Even though it looks plain, it is a magic item. It’s called a shadow bracelet. “If you inject mana, it will take shape…”

I only explained that far, but the impatient princess had already put on the bracelet and injected mana.


The bracelet unfolded and spread like paint over the body.

Shadow bracelet.

It completely absorbed light to help hide the body in the dark, and its defense power was also quite excellent.

It was a fairly expensive item in the underworld.

An item that is not needed now, but was useful even for adults in the past.

There is just one problem

: “Ma mama!”

“How could it be so blasphemous!”

It was meant to completely reveal the wearer’s body.

“Why are they doing that…. Wow!”

The princess looked down at her body and sat down on the floor, covering her breasts with both hands.

After a while, the princess, who had removed the assassin’s clothes, blushed and said. She couldn’t even look at the man’s face.

“Oh, anyway… thank you.”

Now there is only one person left.

Lily was blinking her big eyes as she waited anxiously for her turn to come.

The expectations were so high that the meat was left cold on the girl’s plate.

Facing those bright eyes, the great man took out the last gift from his pocket.

“ruler. Take it.”

It was an ordinary necklace.

There was a cute golden sheep decoration hanging from a very thin gold string.

Its appearance looks shabby compared to the magic wand or assassin’s clothes. Daein added an explanation.

“Even though it looks like this, it has magical functions…”

“Thank you!”

Lily smiled brightly and accepted the necklace. It was a truly happy face.

However, after whining for a while as if it was difficult to put on the necklace by myself, I looked up at the person with a sullen face.


“Ugh. “Come here.”

In the end, Daein had to put on the necklace himself.

All through dinner that night, Lily played with the golden lamb decoration on her necklace.

“It’s pretty…”

Daein chuckled after seeing that.

I was happy to see that everyone, including the little one, liked the gift.

I gave it to him one by one out of the many things he had brought with him anyway, as if he were being generous.

There was much more left. To the point where even if I show off a bit, it won’t even be noticeable.

And when tomorrow comes, they will have to use the items they received today to their full potential.


“You know you couldn’t get a pass at Landol, right?”

The expressions of the princess and her party hardened slightly at the great man’s words.

Due to conflict with the Thieves’ Guild, I was unable to obtain a fake pass with the lord’s seal.

However, since the great man drove the carriage here so confidently, everyone was thinking that there must be some way.

Alina asked, putting down her fork.

“I already wanted to ask. “I couldn’t get a pass, so I don’t know how I’m going to cross the border…”

“Of course, there’s a way.”

Everyone looked relieved at those words.

Well then. The three people looked at Daein with expressions of faith and trust.

Daein decided to live up to those expectations.

“We will forcefully break through the border tomorrow. So eat well now.”

At that moment, the princess and her party dropped the forks they were holding.


“What are you talking about?”

“What are you doing now…”

The great man said calmly, picking up a piece of meat with chopsticks and eating it.

“Because it could be my last meal.”

[There is a way for everything] The end

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