Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 84


[This is it for now]

The enemy is Red Goblin They expected that they would be chased.

‘There’s no way he wouldn’t come after me after being fucked up that much.’

So, I moved by deliberately throwing away a lot of money to get the other person to follow me.

He changed the appearance of the carriage and disguised himself once in a while, but that was to hide the fact that he was luring the other person.

And as expected.

A few days ago, I started to feel a subtle unpleasant presence.

‘You’re here.’

But the great man did not move hastily.

If you make a hasty move and the guy runs away, you’ll be in trouble.

If they had heard about what happened at the gambling house, the other person would have been wary of Daein’s skills.

‘Let’s catch it when it gets a little closer.’

The great man waited patiently.

And finally this evening.

With one day left to reach their destination, Daein deliberately ordered them to camp.

The place is a forest with few people.

I deliberately told the kids that I had run out of convenience food.

As expected, Zeke stepped forward to cook and, befitting his usual sincere personality, went into the forest to retrieve the missing ingredients.

‘I’m sorry, but let’s use it as bait.’

The great man entered the carriage and pretended to rest, using [Stealth] to follow Zeke from a distance.

And then he spotted the Red Goblin approaching Zeke.

I thought about attacking him right then, but after seeing Red Goblin handing something to Zeke without harming him, I decided to watch a little longer.

When Zeke returned and secretly added something to his food, Daein took a small bite and said he would like to taste it.

It was nothing special, just a sleeping pill.

So I let the kids eat it.

‘Anyway, there won’t be anything good for the kids to see from now on.’

And right now, Daein was rewarded for his patience that he had endured for several days.


The Red Goblin was hit by the great man’s fist and fell to the floor.

At that moment, Daein was a little surprised by the unexpected resilience.

‘What’s so hard?’

I controlled my strength because I didn’t want to die in one hit. However, it was by no means an easy force.

The plan was to knock him out right away.

Jump up!

The Red Goblin, who had been pinned to the floor, rose up like a crocodile. At the same time, a red light burst from his eyes.


[Mental Control]

It was a mental-type magic that made Zeke put sleeping pills in his dishes.

But this time the opponent was completely different.

“How can this be a modification!”

The great man raised his breaking skill and resisted the magic. And then it rushed at the Red Goblin, who was trying to retreat.


The distance narrowed in an instant. The two men’s gazes collided in the air.

Red Goblin shouted, glaring at the great man.

“Ansel! It was you, after all! He also stole the Fire Child! “It was you who burned down the gambling house!”

Daein grinned.

“Stupid bastard. Do you understand now? And…”

The great man shouted, pumping a lot of mana into his fist.

“Stealing means that someone stole it! “Isn’t that little boy yours?”


A fist twice as strong as before exploded into the Red Goblin’s abdomen.


With the sound of leather popping, the Red Goblin flew into the forest.

The great man ran into the forest following his opponent and gave an order to Mordrea, who had been placed on standby in stealth mode.

“Modrea! Stay there and protect the kids! “Send a signal if something happens!”


Mordrea, who appeared on the roof of the carriage, wordlessly took out his bow and looked around in all directions.

The great man who entered the forest looked around for the Red Goblin.

“How far did it fly?”

When he swung his second fist earlier, Daein clearly realized.

The enormous rebound force felt in the other person’s body.

That was not a physical ability that a human could have.

‘Probably that bastard too…’


At that moment, something like the cry of a suppressed animal came out from the darkness of the forest.

When the great man turned his head, the Red Goblin was walking out, his eyes glowing as red as lava.

Jump and jump.

Most of his shirt was torn from the attack from Daein just moments ago.

The Red Goblin’s hideous body was revealed under the pale moonlight.

The person who saw it said he wasn’t really surprised.

“I was wondering why my right arm, which was said to be broken, was still attached… I guess you were also a test subject. Or did he become a test subject later?”

“You bastard…”

The body seen beneath the half-broken mask looked like a stuffed toy made of different types of fabric.

Experimental subject.

It was also the messiest-looking test subject he had ever seen.

The great man frowned and said.

“What on earth are you guys doing? “Why do you keep putting this and that on people?”

“Doc. Hit it. la.”

The Red Goblin, speaking one word at a time, rushed towards the great man. A fireball formed in his left hand, and ice particles formed in his right.

Daein didn’t dodge either and ran towards him.

“After all, you have to get hit a little to open your mouth, right?”

The sword wasn’t even lifted at all.

I don’t know what it was synthesized from, but it’s the body of an opponent with great defense. It didn’t seem easy to subdue him without using a sword.

But to put it another way, it also meant that no matter how many losses you get, you won’t die.

“There is no need to adjust your strength.”

The great man smiled brightly and raised his fist. Aura formed above his fist in the shape of a mace.

After a while, the two men who rushed at each other met at one point.

The first strike was Red Goblin.


The flaming fist passed by Daein and became lodged in the tree behind him.

Grumble! A fire rose, quickly engulfing the tree and spreading in all directions.

The great man, who easily dodged the attack, tilted his head.

“How is this fire so familiar?”

“I’ll kill you!”

Red Goblin turned his body to the side and swung an ice fist. But this time too, the attack hit an unexpected tree.

Blah blah blah blah blah!

The frozen tree shattered and scattered in all directions.

The great man saw that and laughed.

“I have good specs, but I don’t know how to use them. “You never learned to punch properly, did you?”

“Shut up and attack!”

The fist swung by the Red Goblin pierced the great man’s chest.


It was an illusion.

Daein used Lee Hyeong-hwan Wei to go behind his opponent’s back.

The goblin could hear a cold voice coming from behind him.

“Now is it my turn?”

The fight that followed was a violence closer to abuse than a battle.


Red Goblin’s angry screams and desperate struggles.

Merciless punches raining down inside.

Red Goblin shouted with an expression of disbelief as hundreds and thousands of fists pounded his entire body.


Through dozens of modifications to his body, he gained a body that transcends human beings.

When he swings his fist, rocks break and he can use the power of fire and ice without having to recite a spell.

“But why doesn’t it work!”

The opponent dodged all attacks like a ghost and approached with an expressionless face, swinging his fists mercilessly.


Damage that wouldn’t be surprising if a human had died dozens of times.

In the end, Red Goblin’s knees buckled.


The great man poured potions onto the Red Goblin’s body, which was tattered like a rag.

“You can’t die already.”

“Ugh… Ugh…”

The Great Man said, looking down at the Red Goblin, who was quickly recovering from his wounds.

“Now it’s time to ask and answer questions. “If you answer quickly, you will die quickly and with less pain. If you answer late, you will die slowly and with much pain.”

“…You mean you’re going to kill him anyway.”

At his answer, the great man nodded as if it was obvious.

“that’s right. “I decided that way from the first time I came here.”

Red Goblin said with an incomprehensible expression.

“What on earth do you have to do with the Fire Child? “Why are you doing this?”

I checked everything, but the fire child had no other family other than his mother. The father died of an infectious disease a few years ago, and the relatives who did not even know the child were all insignificant people.

I couldn’t understand why such a strong person was by my side.

The great man raised his fist and said.

“I said I was the one asking the questions?”

Then the goblin laughed and said.

“Do you think I’d be scared?”

“Well, you’ll figure it out if you try it.”


The Great Man hit the Red Goblin hard on the cheek.

“Then first question. “What is the purpose of your organization Pandemonium?”


Instead of answering, a fierce look came. The great man sighed lightly.

“young. “You’re making things complicated for no reason.”

Underneath the almost completely broken mask, the Red Goblin revealed his hideous face and grinned.

“So are you going to torture me? I have already experienced all the pain in this world. “Do you think you can hear a word from my mouth!”

Red Goblin was confident.

The most terrifying underground prison in Pandemonium. He was subjected to all kinds of experiments there.

He boasted that he had now become insensitive to physical pain. Even in the fight just now, I was angry and yelled, but I didn’t scream even once.

“You won’t get any information from me!”

Even though he lost the fight, the Great Man smiled meaningfully at the Red Goblin, who was smiling like a winner.

“Then will it work if I inflict pain from another world?”

“What an odd pun….”

“It’s not a pun.”

Puff puff!

The great man’s fingers traced the Red Goblin’s blood map one after another.

It was quite difficult because of the thick leather and uneven body, but in the end, the human body was the base.

If so, the principles and effects were similar.

Puff, puff, puff!

After checking all the blood charts one by one and waiting for a while, the Red Goblin’s expression, which had initially snorted, began to gradually change.


Bones and flesh twisted arbitrarily. The blood vessels were clogged and the joints were broken. I couldn’t even breathe properly.


The greatest pain I experienced in the underground prison laboratory. Or more.

The Red Goblin, who fell to the ground, twisted his whole body and screamed.


The great man looked at the figure indifferently and said.

“It’s called Bungeunchakgol. It’s a torture method created by humans who love to explore the mysteries of the human body as much as you do. “I had a hard time learning it.”

Since learning Bungeunchakgol, Daein has never failed to torture his enemy.

There were cases where the opponent could not endure it and died.

“But because you’re a chimera, you have a strong body. “You can hold out for as long as you want, right?”

“Ouch! “You son of a bitch…. Kwaaaaaaaa!”


The Great Man continued to spray potions on the Red Goblin’s body to help him endure.

“First question again. “What is the purpose of your organization?”


“If the problem is too difficult, should we just move on to the second question? They call the little boy the fire child. What exactly does that mean?”

“Just kill me-!”

In the meantime, Red Goblin gritted his teeth and endured.

Even adults were a little impressed.

Therefore, the strength of the bone root was further increased.

“Just keep holding on. “The night is still long and there are plenty of potions.”


In the deep forest under the night sky, a man’s screams continued for a long time.

Continue until dawn.

The Great Man placed a gag in the Red Goblin’s limp mouth. A blood point was drawn using a blood clot, and the limbs were tightly restrained.

“That’s it for now. Let’s do the rest after breakfast.”

At the words, “Now is the beginning,” the unmasked man’s face distorted in despair.

[This is it for now] End

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