Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 89


[ King of networking ]

Usually, the left hand is left on the table. There was a wristwatch he was wearing.

“I want to know how to use this thing perfectly.”

Tichtal’s watch.

The object that brought Daein back to the past and the beginning of everything.

But Daein still didn’t know much about this watch.

“What I found out is that it consumes a huge amount of magical energy. Every time a certain amount of magical power is charged, the form that can be used changes and the stopped clock hands move again one by one.”

Now only two of the five clock hands were ticking. The third clock hand just twitched, as if it could not move.

It seemed like more and more horsepower was needed the further back we went.

The great man was curious.

What would happen if all five clock hands moved?

‘Is it possible to return to the past again?’

That was what I was really curious about, but the great man did not even tell Abraxas about the return.

I don’t know if she found out on her own, but there was no need to tell her that first.

Abraxas looked at the clock and smiled.

“Hmm. “Actually, it was something I was watching with quite interest.”

At that moment, the clock floated in the air on its own, flew in front of Abraxas’s eyes, and stopped.


Abraxas began to look at the clock like a child receiving a new toy.

Although she has countless artifacts, it was her first time seeing something so elaborately designed, even from another dimension.

The dragon, curious, used magic to investigate the inside of the clock.

The doll’s eyes turned transparent and the magic surrounding the clock began to seep into it.



At some point, the magical power that was inexorably seeping into the clock was blocked by an unknown force. It was a kind of defensive barrier.

‘There is nothing you can’t break through if you put all your strength into it, but…’

If you do that, the watch might break. Abraxas said, slowly withdrawing his magic power.

“It will take some time to investigate in detail, right?”

As she said that, there was a smile of joy rather than displeasure on her lips.

The great man asked.

“How much?”

“well. “Honestly, I don’t know.”

Abraxas couldn’t remember how long it had been since he had said this to someone. So I was embarrassed. At the same time, curiosity about the unknown began to boil over.

She said in a slightly excited tone.

“It’s been a long time since I set my mind to something and wasn’t able to do it. “No matter how long it takes, I will definitely find out what this is.”


The clock disappeared before my eyes. It disappeared into the subspace of Abraxas.

The great man said with a slightly troubled expression.

“Until we return to Earth, right?”

Abraxas answered with a meaningful smile.

“You don’t need to worry about that part. “I think it’s now my turn to demand payment.”

From the beginning, this was a deal.

In return for letting Abraxas analyze the watch, the great man had to pay her a price.

But the great man did not nod his head obediently.

“The analysis hasn’t even been completed yet, right? “What if you fail the analysis?”

“That is impossible. “It just takes some time.”

Despite her confident attitude, the great man shook his head.

“But there’s always what if.”

It was an expression that I couldn’t even imagine, but Abraxas quickly nodded and said.

“but. From your perspective, you might think so. “If I cannot analyze this object perfectly… then I will grant you one wish.”

Only then did the great man grin.

Now, whether Abraxas succeeded or failed in analyzing the clock, he had nothing to lose.

Far from being a loss, it was a huge gain either way.

Now all we have to do is solve one thing.

“great. “What do you want from me?”

“Surprise me.”

A dragon with brightly shining eyes. There was a lot of anticipation in her voice.

The great man asked back in a slightly embarrassed voice.


“The deadline is until I finish analyzing the watch. Until then, you can surprise me with whatever method you use. “Is it easy?”

I should have expected this, but the man ended up laughing.

‘Would that be easy?’

The opponent was a dragon who had lived for an enormous amount of time. A historical entity that can become thousands of books just by accumulating time alone.

It might be interesting or entertaining, but making people feel truly ‘amazing’ was close to impossible.

Of course, Abraxas knew that too. That’s why it was something I desperately wanted.

“For your information, the last time I was surprised was when the Demon King tore off my wings. I think it was about a thousand years ago…”

As the great man’s expression darkened rapidly, Abraxas said with a chuckle.

“I’m not saying you should find my body and attack it. “I won’t stop you if you want to try it, but…”

The great man shook his head.

“I have no intention of committing suicide.”

“Then we should find another way, right? “Any method is fine.”

Abraxas smiled happily and looked at the great man.

A human from another dimension.

It was interesting to watch all the way here. His way of thinking and his actions. The way to influence the world was also strange and fascinating.

That’s why I looked forward to it more than ever.

‘You might be just as disappointed.’

At that moment, Abraxas spoke in a serious voice.

“But if you don’t surprise me within the deadline…”


The space where the two people were sitting began to become distorted. The pure white marble turned into a land of flowing lava, and the feast on the table turned into pieces of bone with dried flesh.

In the space that turned into hell in an instant, Abraxas spoke with red lights emanating from his eyes.

“Then I will take your soul.”


And Abraxas, who turned the space into a palace again, smiled like an angel and said.

“So you should work hard, right?”

Abraxas thought that the great man must have been terrified. You must have known for sure that this was the end of the favor and that from now on it was just a test.

But rather than being scared, he nodded as if he was waiting.

“Speaking of which, can we do it right now?”


“Just wait a moment.”

The great man sat down the embarrassed dragon and took the equipment from the carriage and installed it.

“…What kind of barrier is it?”

Abraxas muttered as he looked at the object being installed in front of him.

Two black boxes were placed in front of her.

There was a circular decoration at the center of the box, and a line extending from the box led to the carriage.

Since it was an object from Earth, I couldn’t figure out its purpose, but I thought it might be some kind of artifact.

After a while, Daein said after finishing installing the equipment.

“I would appreciate it if you would close your eyes.”

“―You’re going to surprise me with this?”

Abraxas looked at the great man with a somewhat disappointed gaze. Then the great man smiled and said.

“You can do the evaluation after everything is finished, right?”

“…That’s right.”

For now, Abraxas decided to play to the beat and closed his eyes.

‘Are you trying to attack me with otherworldly means? But there’s no way he wouldn’t know that it doesn’t mean anything unless it’s the main body…’

Contrary to Abraxas’ expectations, the great man had no intention of attacking Abraxas.

Daein said, adjusting the volume of the speaker.

“Then let’s start with the Beatles.”


A story of the future that only adults know.

This is what happened when quite a few superhumans met Abraxas after the continent of Gaia was connected to Earth.

‘A human from another world? ‘Would you mind telling me about that place?’

Abraxas was as amazed by the superhumans of Earth as he was seeing the superhumans, and liked hearing stories about other worlds from them.

But greedy humans wanted to get something from her.

Each time, she asked for one thing.

‘If you surprise me, I’ll give you what you want.’

Many adepts have attempted that test and most have failed.

However, while many failures piled up, there were also those who succeeded.

For example, British superman Bill Smith.

When all attempts failed and his soul was on the verge of being mortgaged, he played music before Abraxas for the last time.

Afterwards, Bill Smith returned to Earth with his wish fulfilled and became the master of the infamous Superhuman Guild.

The music Bill Smith was playing at that time was the Beatles.



As the first melody played, Abraxas, who had been tilting his head, began to fall in love with the music little by little.

“…That’s an interesting melody.”

Soon a smile began to spread across my face and I wondered,

“Is this the music of the Earth?”

I started to admire it more and more and said,

“Oh my…!”

Finally, I started having fun like a child.

The great man grinned at the sight.


As Abraxas lived for a long time, he also had a deep knowledge of music. There was everything he didn’t know, starting from old folk songs from the continent to court music.

But Earth’s music was surprising and new to her, too.

Plus, it suited my taste perfectly.

‘To surprise someone doesn’t necessarily require using strength or intelligence. ‘Only other superhumans were very broken until they realized that.’

But that won’t happen anymore.

From now on, I will tell you everything that Abraxas will like.

“oh! “This is another piece of music!!”

After the Beatles’ turn, the Rolling Stones’ music played. Abraxas’ eyes widened at the contrasting colors of music.

‘And I become the closest human friend to the king of connections on the Gaia continent.’

The great man smiled happily as he watched Abraxas nod his head to the music.




A few days later.

Abraxas made a bombshell announcement during lunch.

“I decided to follow you to Earth!”

The great man, who almost spit the food he was eating into the dragon’s face, barely swallowed the food in his mouth and spoke.

“Cough! “What is that?”

The past few days have been perfect days for Daein.

He taught Abraxas about all aspects of Earth’s film, drama, concert, and cultural life, including music, and the two developed a close friendship.

Then, I walked around the palace and saw all kinds of treasures, books, artifacts, animals and plants. I also received a few gifts.

Now that the analysis of the watch was over, Daein planned to return to Earth with a happy heart.

However, the dragon was not included in the returning party.

“I’m so curious, I can’t help it! “I have to go to Earth and see it with my own eyes!”

At this level, he was no different from a child having a tantrum.

The great man sighed and said.

“You know it’s impossible, right?”

A being as large and powerful as a dragon cannot cross the gate.

No, you can’t go beyond it.

‘If you forcefully tear open the gate and enter…’

Daein recalled one of the disasters he experienced in his past life. The moment the monster

, also known as the [Red Dragon of the Apocalypse],

crossed over to Earth, abnormal weather events occurred all over the world. For ten days, the sky was immersed in darkness, an earthquake occurred, and a tsunami struck the city.

Abnormal weather continued until superhumans from around the world came together to slay the red dragon.

‘Abraxas was stronger than that monster dragon, not weak.’

The great man said with a hardened expression.

“If you cross the dimension, a huge disaster will occur on Earth.”

Abraxas said with a somewhat ominous smile.

“That’s the story when the main body goes over. “As long as most of the power is sealed and only the soul is transferred, there will be no problem.”


Before the great man could stop him, Abraxas sealed his power.


The brilliant silver hair and emerald eyes returned to black hair and black eyes.

Abraxas, who had returned to his original plain(?) appearance as Mordrea, winked and said.

“how is it? “Is it okay to go over the gate at this level?”

“That’s true, but….”

‘I don’t like it!’

Only when Abraxas is here is the king of connections. If brought to Earth, it would be no different from a hump.

If you touch it wrongly, it can be a big problem.

“why? Is there any problem?”

However, I couldn’t just refuse it. Because I don’t want there to be any cracks in the friendship I’ve built up.

Okay. Finally, the great man sighed and said.

“great. Instead, on Earth, you always ask me before you do anything. And for other people… haha. “How do you explain this situation?”

In the end, the great man held his head.

On the other hand, Abraxas, who was excited about going to Earth, shouted with a very flushed face.

“Let’s go! To Earth!”

[ King of Networking ] End

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