Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 9


[ Recover Mana ]

“Little one. “Don’t touch me from now on.”

I sat cross-legged and artificially induced the flow of mana.


The mana in the dantian spread out gently to every corner of the body, absorbing the mana that came into the body through nutritional food and pulling it into the dantian.

While repeating the process, I closed my eyes and took deep breaths.

“Seup- hoo-.”

Five years from now,

another dimension will be connected to Earth.


After the two worlds were connected, Earth and Murim exchanged technology and culture little by little.

The field in which the martial arts people showed the most interest to earthlings was science.

On the other hand, the field in which the people of Earth – especially the superhumans – were most interested in the martial arts was definitely martial arts.

Among them, it is a mental method that increases the amount of magical power and helps you handle it more freely.

After learning the mind method, the level of adepts was able to become much higher than before.

Because of this, all the individual national powers and large guilds were anxious to obtain powerful spiritual laws.

However, the martial people were reluctant to exchange martial arts even among themselves.

After all sorts of lobbying, most of the martial artists that were obtained from the martial artists were third-rate or second-rate martial artists.

Among the giant guilds and hero-level supers, there were those who had learned more than first-class martial arts, but for me, they were just a pie in the sky.

Before returning, the landlord was an ordinary superman with little power, strength, or connections.

The only thing he can show off is his stubbornly accumulated wealth.

So, I sought the best way to think within the scope of my financial resources at the time.

Great Sea Review.

Although it is a second-class martial arts technique, its stability is better than first-class.

Although the speed of accumulating mana (ki) in the body was somewhat slow, it had the advantage of not causing backflow of mana.

He warned Lily not to touch it, but even if he did, the flying ball would stop immediately.

As the level of achievement increases, it can be performed while standing or lying down, and

its extensibility is so high that it can be learned along with any other martial arts.

“Seup- hoo-.”

Since I learned this meditation method at the age of 30, I have practiced it without missing a single day.

Even though it was a waste of money I spent to buy it, I couldn’t help but try it.


Concentrating my mind completely, I summoned dust-like mana as if it were being called.

As time passed, the speed at which the mind was used began to get faster and faster.

…But something was a little strange.

The speed at which magical power increased was faster than expected.

If it used to be a gurgle,

now it’s a kwakwa kwakwa! It feels like this.

At first, I was very surprised by the speed that was incomparable to before the regression.

However, I soon realized that the situation was very different from when I first learned the meditation method.

High mana density spread in the air.

Help from mana nutrition made with the highest quality ingredients.

Moreover, I already had a fairly high level of understanding of the Daehan Juryeop.

The combination of these various circumstances allowed me to build up mana in the danjeon at a much faster rate than I had imagined.


I continued the exercise without loosening my posture.

Sweat was flowing down from my entire body. My body convulsed as if I had undergone an intense full-body workout.

“Whoa whoa….”

How much time has passed? I took a long breath and opened my eyes.

I felt intense fatigue. However, my body felt extremely refreshed.

When I opened my eyes, Lily was looking at my face with an anxious expression.

“What. kid.”

“are you okay? “I heard the mana around me was fluctuating earlier.”

I smiled and nodded.

“Condition is excellent.”

Only after seeing my normal expression did the little boy finally seem relieved.

The Danjeon, which was once the size of a pea, had grown to the size of a golf ball.

Compared to before regression, the level is still far below.

However, if it is at this level at this time, it is unlikely to be dangerous.

Looking outside the tent, the sun was rising. Since it started at night, it looks like it lasted at least 5 hours.

Maybe that’s why

it’s funny. Growling.

“…I’m hungry. “Do you have anything to eat?”

As I clutched my hungry stomach, Lily’s tiny finger pointed in one direction.

There was still a lot of mana nutrition left there that had been made a few hours ago.

I frowned and looked at the cursed pot. A sigh came out naturally.

“The effect is really good….”

The effect I felt directly was almost like an ‘elixir’ rather than a nutritious food.

Of course, you cannot increase your mana indefinitely with nutritional food alone.

Once it reaches a certain level, its efficiency will drop significantly and it will be almost ineffective.

Still, if I consumed it consistently, it seemed like I could quickly raise my mana to a similar level as before returning.

So even if it doesn’t taste good, you have no choice but to eat hard.

I grabbed the pot and started scooping up nutritious food with a spoon.

“Fuck. Fuck. “Fuck.”

It was so tasteless that I couldn’t help but curse.

Next to him, Lily asked with a look of complete incomprehension.

“Is it that delicious?”

Who is this kid making fun of?

When I frowned and glared, Lily spoke again with a natural expression.

“I told you that’s what you say when something tastes good.”


“huh! “Fuck!”

This kid. I’m sure he didn’t know this and did this.

I looked at Lily with suspicious eyes, but she just looked at me with innocent eyes.




Two days have passed.

I devoted myself to flying day and night for two days.

Unlike in the past, I was excited as my magic power steadily increased. As his mana recovered day by day, he was regaining his former abilities.

But it wasn’t without problems.

“It’s so fucking delicious…”

Having to eat mana nutrition three meals a day makes me want to vomit. However, it was something that had to be accepted for a happy retirement life.

Lily, who is currently studying Korean these days, asked if she heard what I said.

“What the fuck?”

“You don’t need to know that.”

During my free time, I toured the restricted area or mainly trained my body.

At best, it was only two days, so I didn’t suddenly gain muscle, but it was enough for my body to adapt to my younger body.

There was a reason for training so hard.

I put the empty bowl aside and stood up.

Now I have some confidence.

“good. “Let’s go treasure hunting.”

As I spoke while looking at the old map posted on one side of the tent, Lily tilted her head next to me.


“Yes, treasure. “A treasure quietly buried and waiting for me.”

I looked at the map with a happy face. I marked X’s all over the map.

Control area. Land that the government has not yet recovered after the First Gate.

It is occupied by animals, plants, and minerals that came from the other world, and as you go deeper, monsters that have taken over the territory lurk.

Here are also unclaimed treasures.

Some of them were valuable enough to advance my retirement plans.

I looked back at Lily with a solemn face.

It’s difficult to go there alone.

“kid. “Get ready.”

Just for today, dozens of chickens and mana nutritional food were brought into the little boy’s stomach.

Perhaps because he ate so well, the little boy seemed as tall as his fingernails. It might be an illusion, though.

“Where do you want to go from here?”

“It starts…”

It was when I pointed to a point on the map.

Wow! Wow-!

I took out my phone and checked the caller’s name.

-Baek Young-

hee- Whitehouse Guild’s general recruitment manager.

To be honest, I almost forgot about it for two days. Because I was busy training and making retirement plans.

I got a call.


-I’m sorry. I thought you would contact me first.

A soothing voice came from over the phone.

This woman is still the same.

In order not to interrupt Baek Young-hee’s pace, I asked straight to the point.

Anyway, there would be only one reason for Baek Young-hee to call me first.

“What happened to the contract? “Has it been modified as I suggested?”

-Tch. This is the first time we’ve contacted you in two days. Can’t I ask how you’re doing first?

Looking at the way the horse is turning, it looks like something is not right.

“I’m a little busy right now. “It looks like something went wrong, right?”


Sure enough. Baek Young-hee trailed off.

Two days ago. Among the suggestions from many guild managers, I accepted Whitehouse’s suggestion.

Down payment of 2 billion won. The best treatment for new recruits in the industry.

Even after hearing the somewhat unreasonable conditions I had requested, Baek Young-hee was confident that she would persuade the guild master and conclude the contract.

But even for the guild master’s daughter, was such a condition unreasonable?

I waited for her to continue.

-I succeeded in persuading the CEO. It took some time, but he said he would recruit you to our guild if you were sure of your skills.

As long as you are sure of your skills.

I felt like I knew what was going to happen next.


“Would you like to do a tryout before signing a contract?”

When I answered in a slightly unpleasant tone, Baek Young-hee responded in a slightly discouraged voice.


The entrance test consists of a sparring match against a superhuman from an existing guild.

Since violence is almost one-sided anyway, it is customary not to test newbies.

But what about offering me a tryout?

It means that we will test your skills and if you don’t like it, we will destroy it and kick you out.

-sorry. I couldn’t convince everyone by just believing in Lim Da-in’s skills…

Even if I refused the test here, Baek Young-hee had nothing to say.

Who will compensate you if you get hurt during the recruitment test?

So it was a reasonable choice to refuse and find another guild.

-I also think the test makes no sense. I wasn’t planning on recommending that from the beginning… just give me a few more days. Find another way…

That’s what it means in ordinary cases.

“Let’s do it. Entrance test.”


The unusually surprised voice was quite cute.

“Anything like that. Instead, there are conditions.”

-What are the conditions?

I said with a grin.

“We sign a contract so that the down payment increases depending on the test results. Double if I beat my test opponent. how is it?


A moment of silence. And a sound of stifling laughter was heard from the other end of the phone.

-You really are a person who hits hard. Are you serious?

“of course. call?”

Baek Young-hee said in a voice that could barely contain her laughter.

-great. I will definitely promise you that part. Even if it means doing a striptease in front of my dad, I’ll add it to the contract.

This girl. Even I would be embarrassed to say such a thing.

“Hmm. See you soon then.”

I hung up the phone. And then I spoke to Lily, who was looking up at me.

“kid. “It’s a change of destination.”

“Where are we going?”

“To make money.”

I came out of the tent. Lily asked, following me closely.

“Are you going to buy me some chicken after this?”

“I saw you doing it.”

We headed to the headquarters of the Whitehouse Guild.

[Recover Mana] End

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