Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 90


[Golden Giant]


An alarm broadcast sounded throughout the city along with a loud siren sound.

[Gate appears! Citizens in Mapo District 456 are requested to evacuate to the nearest shelter.]

Citizens who heard the broadcast stopped everything they were doing and started running. A movement that has now become a daily routine. There was little confusion.

However, not all citizens were able to escape from the monsters.

Especially when the gate opened right in front of me, there was nothing I could do about it.

“Please save me….”


A blade demon appeared in the middle of the city, blowing human heads into the sky.

[Blade Demon]

A humanoid monster whose entire body is made of metal, and the cutting power of the blades attached to its limbs is enough to cut through steel without difficulty.

Step by step.

The blade demon scratched the floor roughly and began slaughtering the humans. In an instant, more than a dozen people were chopping people to pieces, staining their bodies red with the blood.



The place where the gate was opened happened to be a densely populated area. The Blade Demon killed dozens of people on the spot and began chasing the fleeing humans.

The father and son, who ran away frantically and were cornered, hugged each other tightly and trembled.

The Blade Demon was walking towards them with great strides.

“Oh, please save my child…”

The man hugged his son tightly and pleaded with the Blade Demon. I knew words didn’t make sense to monsters, but I couldn’t think of any other way.

“Dad, I’m scared…”

In my young son’s hand, he was holding the toy he had bought him as a birthday present today.


One corner of the red-stained blade ghost’s mouth rose. At the same time, the blade of his right hand was lifted upward.

“Jun! “Run away by yourself!”

The man closed his eyes tightly and rushed at the blade demon. I was thinking of buying some time for my son.

And a miracle happened.



When the man opened his eyes, he looked alternately at the blade ghost flying into the wall of a building in the distance and at his own fist.

‘No way, at the moment of crisis, I awaken as a superhuman…!’

“Are you okay?”

The man came to his senses when he heard a slow voice coming from next to him. Well then. It was useless to quit my job and worry about which super guild I should join.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

The man bowed his head and hurriedly left the place, holding his son. Then I glanced back.

He could see the back of the superhuman who saved him and his son.

The [WH-7] logo engraved on the back and the roaring phoenix mark below it.

And then I saw the giant body of a superman shining golden.

“Golden Giant! Thank you!”

Hearing a shout coming from behind him, Wang Guhao scratched his cheek as if he were embarrassed.

‘Golden Giant is really…’

Although he thought it was an embarrassing nickname, Wang Guho raised his Diamond Power Ball and prepared for an attack by the Blade Demon.


Wang Guhu’s body became a deeper golden color.

It was a phenomenon that arose when Wang Guho’s superhuman trait [Petrification] was combined with the Diamond Power Technique taught by Daein.

Citizens who had survived from death cheered when they saw the sight.

“The White House superhumans have arrived!”

“It’s a golden giant! “I’m alive now!”

“The phoenix emblem engraved on my back! The legendary 7 teams?”

“Guardian of Mapo-gu!”

‘Please stop…’

Wang Guho wanted to hide if there was a hole, but he couldn’t because the blade demon was running right in front of him.


The blade demon escaped from the wall of the building and rushed at Wang Guho with the intention of chopping him to pieces.


However, even the blade demon’s attack, which could easily cut through steel, could not even put a single scratch on Wang Guho’s body.

Quad deuk!

Wang Guho caught the blade demon just like that.

It was then that the WH-6 team arrived.

Team 6 leader Yong Dae-hoon, who arrived one step later than Wang Gu-ho, shouted.

“Wang Guho! I told you not to act alone! If you’re a support team, act like a support team!”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry. “I heard the situation is urgent…”

“Hmph. “You probably want to play hero alone.”

Yong Dae-hoon grinned and gave orders to Team 6 members.

“Surround yourself from around the gate! There may be more coming soon!”

I don’t know about humanity, but Yong Dae-hun’s judgment was right. After a while, three more blade demons came out from the gate.

“Wang Guho! Tank!”


Wang Guho took off all the attacks of the four blade demons by himself.


I stimulated the Blade Demon with the energy of the Geumgang Power Ball and drew aggro, and

then, boom!

[Petrification] and [Proliferation] abilities were appropriately utilized to restrain the enemy’s body.

Thanks to Wang Guho’s performance, Team 6 was able to easily fight the monster.

To be honest, Wang Guho himself was a little proud of the remarkable improvement he had made compared to three months ago.

‘If there was a team leader, would you have praised him?’

Wang Guho has thought about that often these days.

It’s already been three months since Daein and Lily went on vacation.

Most people in the guild were whispering that they might have died, but Wang Guhao thought that could absolutely not be the case.

‘I hope you come back soon.’

Before he knew it, there was only one Blade Demon left, so Wang Guho had enough time to think about other things.

Wang Guhao, who had some free time, looked around. Most citizens retreated to a safe distance. Now, if only the situation were sorted out like this…

‘Someone please help me!’


It was a very small voice.

Wang Guho jerked his head in the direction from which the voice came.

A faint moan that you wouldn’t have heard if you hadn’t learned martial arts.

Wang Guhao moved immediately. There was only one Blade Demon left anyway.


“crazy! “Where are you going, you bastard!”

Leaving behind Yong Dae-hun’s screams, Wang Gu-ho jumped into the building that was almost destroyed by the battle.

And after a while, Wang Guho walked out of the building holding a woman with an injured leg. At that moment, like in a movie, the building collapsed behind him.

Citizens and police officers who saw this cheered.


“Long live the golden giant!”

Wang Guhao blushed with embarrassment. After taking the injured woman to the police, we returned to where Team 6 members were gathered.

And I got a slap.


“You crazy bastard!”

Team 6 leader Yong Dae-hoon huffed and glared at Wang Gu-ho. There were several small cuts on his body as he had to deal with the last remaining blade demon instead of Wang Guho.

“Who wants to move freely during battle!”

Wang Guho, who released [Petrification], bowed his head and apologized.

“sorry. “I heard the voice of the injured person…”

“Ha? You turned out to be quite a hero. Civic structure is more important than colleagues? “What would you do if someone died because of you?”

It is true that Wang Guho was wrong, but Yong Daehun’s story went too far.

The scene was already almost completely cleaned up. It made no sense that even if one of the kings was missing, they would not be able to deal with a blade demon that was all dying.

Wang Guho also knew this and made his move.

“There is only one monster left….”

“Shut up! If you’re going to do something like that in the future, work alone. “Don’t harm other teams.”

There was a lot he wanted to say, but Wang Guhao lowered his head.

“…sorry. “I will be careful in the future.”

I knew that no matter what I said, it wouldn’t work.

Because it’s always been like this for the past three months. Team leader 6 was displeased with himself, so he found fault with even the smallest things and started a fight.

And every time, Wang Guho endured it. My natural personality doesn’t change easily, and I didn’t want to cause trouble and harm the entire team.

‘I just have to endure it.’

Yong Daehun laughed at Wang Guhao, who bowed his head, and said.

“joy. If you knew, I would ask your support team to clean up the scene. “We’ll go back first.”

Wang Goo-ho muttered to himself as he turned his back and looked at Yong Dae-hun and Team 6’s superhumans.

“…If you were the team leader, you wouldn’t have been angry about something like that, right? No, he must have noticed it before me and saved the person first….”

Wang Guhao recalled what Daein said before leaving.

Over the past three months, those words have never left my mind.

‘When I’m not around, you’re the team leader of Team 7. So, do well.’

“manager. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job…”

Today, Wang Gu-ho was even more mean and missed Dae-in, who was not there.


After completing his mission, Wang Guho returned to the guild.

As we entered the guild building, many people pretended to know Wang Guho.

“Hello, Wangguho!”

“Oh, it’s a golden giant!”

“Relief! “Have you been on a mission?”

I saw people working in the building, people from other teams who I had become friends with over the past three months, and reporters coming in and out of the guild.

“Ah yes. hello! hello! I’m sorry. “I have to go up…”

After receiving each greeting, Wang Guho was able to pass through the building lobby and board the elevator 30 minutes later.


To be honest, Wang Guhao was happy to see so much attention from people, but he also felt quite burdened.

“How did I…”

I suddenly looked into the mirror of the elevator and saw a young man standing there, looking noticeably different from a few months ago.

Wide shoulders and a bulky physique. His eyes were still timid, but looking at his body, he was no longer inferior to anyone else in the guild.

It wasn’t just the body that changed. The public’s evaluation of Wang Guho has also completely changed.

Guho Wang shivered as he recalled a special article that appeared in the Monthly Superin magazine not long ago.

“It’s ridiculous that I’m one of the top five tankers in Seoul…”

Since the article came out, the interest around me has been growing even hotter.

Most of the attention was favorable. The other team leaders of the guild wanted to bring Wang Guho to their team, and it was the same for other guilds.

Wang Gu-ho received more than 30 scouting offers in the past month. Among them was a huge salary offer.

But Wang Guho rejected all offers. The reason was simple.

“I like Team 7. And if you go to another team… you will be killed by that team leader.”

Everyone responded that they couldn’t understand.

‘The landlord is already dead.’ That was the thinking of most people in the industry.

But Wang Guhao was sincere. He didn’t want to go to another guild or another team, and he didn’t want to be beaten to death by a great person who would return someday.

Ding dong!

When he got off the elevator and returned to the guild office, Baek Young-hee was waiting for him, taking care of business.

“Guho. “How was your mission?”

“Ah… it was the same as usual.”

At first, it was breathtakingly awkward to be alone with such a beautiful woman, but now we can have a conversation quite naturally.

Baek Young-hee frowned with a knowing expression.

“I heard. I heard you got slapped by Team Leader Yong? “Did you just keep quiet about that?”

“That’s because I made a mistake first.”

Wang Guhu scratched his head and answered. Baek Young-hee said with a small sigh.

“Don’t be too patient. So, they keep arguing over there.”

“Oh, I’m okay….”

“What’s okay about being okay? Anyway, the problem is that Goo Ho likes people too much.”

Wang Guhu said with a sullen expression.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Why does Team Leader Yong hate me so much? “The other team leaders are all kind

, but…” After Daein and Lily went on vacation, Team 7, with Wang Guho alone, went out together as a ‘support team’ when other teams went on missions.

In the meantime, by teaming up with various superhumans, Wang Guho was able to grow faster as a tanker.

Most of the other team leaders of the Whitehouse Guild were kind to Wang Guho.

Except for Team 6 leader Yong Dae-hoon.

“That’s why you’re jealous.”

Baek Young-hee spoke assertively. Wang Guhu said with a puzzled expression.

“Jealousy? Me? …why?”

Wang Gu-ho’s expression of not being able to guess anything was so funny that Baek Young-hee burst out laughing, saying, “Fu-huh.”

“Well, he’s a tanker, the same position as you, but he’s much younger and a super rookie that all guilds are paying attention to, right?

“yes? “Lies…”

Instead of feeling happy about the compliment, Wang Guho looked around like he was looking for a hidden camera.

Younghee Baek said.

“It’s all real. So, it’s natural for some people to be jealous. Because Wang Guho is incredibly famous now.”


Wang Guhao, who had collapsed on the sofa, muttered with a face that looked like he was about to faint.

“This is all because there is no team leader…”

If there had been a great person and if Lily had been there, his presence would not have been revealed.

It was so burdensome.

I wanted to become famous, but it was really difficult to get everyone’s attention on my own.

Baek Young-hee sat down in front of him and complained.

“Where on earth is this man and what is he doing?…”

There were only three people in the Whitehouse Guild who did not think that the great man was dead.

Baek Young-hee was one of them. She pursed her lips and grumbled.

“I’m sure he’s late because he’s been playing somewhere. “If it comes, I won’t leave you alone!”

Wang Guho, who did not have the courage to do the same thing, decided to cheer her on.

“…Please punish me as well!”


The two people nodded at each other, feeling a strange sense of camaraderie. After finding some comfort, Wang Guhao stood up.

“Then I’ll go to training.”

I had an appointment to spar with Minjae in the afternoon.

Minjae, who had recently become an apprentice at the guild, was working day and night to become an official assistant.

Baek Young-hee said with joy at the welcome name.

“Sirutteok, please tell Mr. Minjae to work hard. And…”

Baek Young-hee said with a grin.

“Don’t be too burdened. King Guho. “I’m still doing a good job as acting team leader.”

“…yes. Thank you.”

Bowing his head, Wang Guho left Baek Younghee behind and got into the elevator. I was feeling a little better.

‘When I’m not around, you’re the team leader of Team 7. So, do well. If you become a good person, everyone will become a good person.’

Thinking back to the great man’s words, Wang Guhao forced his shoulders to straighten.

[Golden Giant] End

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