Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 97


[Sisyphus’ Rock]

Rain falls from the red sky it started.

Tuk Tuk Tuk-.

The raindrops that started falling one or two drops quickly grew thicker and soon turned into a heavy shower.


“Why is it raining all of a sudden?”

The superhumans who were hunting monsters frowned at the sudden rain. The rain was pouring down as if there was a hole in the sky, sticking sticky to my skin.

“Let’s quickly clean up and go back!”

The other superhumans also nodded at the team leader’s words. The hunt was almost over anyway. If you push it just a little harder….



Suddenly the monsters started screaming and running wild. Those who were dying jumped up, brandished their claws, and attacked, not caring even if weapons were stuck in their bodies.

Like rabid dogs, the monsters rolled their eyes and frothed at the corners of their mouths.

“What the hell!”

“Are these crazy!”

The wounds on the bodies of the embarrassed superhumans increased one by one. Red rainwater seeped into the wound.

“Why is this…?”

My vision suddenly became dizzy. The superhumans stumbled. Monsters suffering from mania attacked them.

Quad, quack, quack!


In an instant, the tide turned. The monsters tore off human flesh, broke bones, and turned faces into mush.

This all happened after the red rain started falling.


The surviving superhumans slowly backed away.

My vision became blurry and strength was leaving my body. I was in no condition to fight properly.

On the other hand, the monsters ran wild with a more lively appearance.

“Retreat, retreat first!”

The superhuman team leader at the scene made a decision. If they escaped, citizens would be attacked, but now was not the time to worry about that.

It was a time when the superhumans were trying to get out all at once.


A white beam of light flew from behind and blew off the monster’s head. Then, the flames that flew out despite the rain burned the monsters.

A moment later, what appeared in front of them was a vehicle with the [WH-7] logo.

“White House?”

The great man standing on top of the vehicle looked at the mesmerized expressions of the great men and said.

“Everyone, please wear waterproof suits and gas masks from now on. Avoid exposing your body to rain.”

A layer of something translucent was covering the body of the man who was saying that, repelling raindrops.

“Thank you for helping me.”

The Choin team leader bowed his head to him. The great man answered bluntly.

“Thank you. Don’t just run away, please evacuate the citizens as well. “I won’t go so far as to tell you to fight any more.”

At that moment, the team leader’s face turned red.

“…yes. I understand…”

He couldn’t finish his answer. Because the vehicle carrying the person had already gone somewhere else.

The remaining superhumans at the scene looked in the direction they were heading.

To the west, the sky suddenly started to turn red.


At the place where the incident began, a huge gate was opening.



The great man frowned as he looked at the rain pouring down on the city.

“They said to make matters worse….”

It was embarrassing that the disaster suddenly started, but the fact that it rained in this situation was the worst.

The great man looked at the western sky and thought.

‘Why has the red fog already started?’

Second Disaster [Red Fog]

Currently, it is floating in the sky in the form of a red cloud, but as time passes, the cloud gradually descends and becomes a thick fog that surrounds the city.

Fog is hundreds of times more harmful to the human body than yellow dust or fine dust.

In just one month, people will not be able to leave their homes without wearing a gas mask.

Moreover, that fog has an ingredient that causes monsters to go mad, making the battle several times more difficult.

[manager! As you mentioned, we have requested the government to declare a national disaster. Additionally, we have provided each guild with tips on how to deal with the current situation!]

Daein nodded at Operator Chae Su-min’s report.

“great job.”

The reason rainy days were the worst was because the ingredients in the fog condensed into the rainwater and poured down.

Monsters hit by the rain become excited and run wild as if they were on drugs, while superhumans become weak when hit by the rain.

The great man looked to the side and said.

“So you guys. “Never take that off.”

Standing there was Lily Wangguho Shirutdeok, wearing tights and a motorcycle helmet.

[This is embarrassing…]

Lily, wearing yellow tights, grumbled while fiddling with her helmet. The voice was transmitted through an ear microphone.

“Be patient even if you’re embarrassed. “It’s better than getting caught in the rain on a day like this and catching a cold.”

[But why aren’t you wearing it?!]

Daein grinned and held up his palm.


A translucent spirit obtained from the continent of Gaia was lightly covering its entire body and was repelling raindrops.

“I have this. And honestly…”

It’s not even Power Rangers, it’s tight tights and a helmet. It was an absolute specification.

[Stay alone.]

Lily opened her eyes and glared at the great man. The great man lightly fed the little boy’s helmet with honey and turned his head again to look at the western sky.


Unusual magical response. Moreover, its size continued to grow.

Daein guessed what would come out of that gate in a moment.

‘I wish something else would come out, but…’

I’ve never had this kind of wish come true in my life.

This time was no exception.


The gate split open and something huge fell out of it.


A huge black rock measuring 100 meters in diameter.

The moment he saw that, the great man’s expression hardened.

It was because a nightmare I had experienced in the past resurfaced.

‘Sisyphus Rock


A monster rock named after a mythology began rolling towards the city.


The rolling of such a huge rock was a disaster in itself. The rock advanced, crushing everything in its path.


The building exploded and the debris exploded in all directions, and small buildings were flattened without leaving a trace.

And the people who couldn’t escape said,


“Please save me!”

Kwazijic! Kwazizig!

It was crushed under a rock, leaving no trace of its shape intact. The only trace was a bit of blood on the rock.


Blood-soaked rainwater splashed everywhere. Even after crushing hundreds of lives in an instant, the rock seemed to have no intention of stopping.


Wang Guhao, who saw the scene, muttered in an ecstatic voice. Ordinary people might not have been able to see it, but the superhuman’s excellent eyesight did not miss any of the terrible sight.


Rather, the great man had a calm expression.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t angry, though.

‘We have to catch that one first.’

[Sisyphus’ Rock]

A growing monster that never stops and keeps rolling, crushing and absorbing living things and gradually increasing in size.

Its hardness was such that it was difficult to break even when attacked with a strong weapon.


It’s still a big one, reaching up to 100 meters, but if you don’t get in early, it becomes much bigger.

In fact, in the past, the rock grew up to 300 meters and could only be stopped after countless lives were sacrificed.

That’s why Daein came straight here with his group.

‘If it hadn’t been raining, I would have brought all the superhumans I met along the way…’

Now, all the superhumans around here were in bad shape. The only forces that could fight right now were myself and my teammates.

The great man looked back at Wang Guhao and said.

“Wangguho. “Can you stop that thing?”

Wang Guho nodded with a solemn expression.

Wang Guhao gritted his teeth as he watched the city being torn apart and the citizens running away screaming.

“I will stop even if my body breaks!”

“No, there’s no need to go that far…”


Wang Guho jumped out of the vehicle and started running towards Sisyphus Rock.


Wang Guho’s body petrified and began to grow.

3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters…. Wang Guho’s body, which soon grew to 6 meters, shone with a brilliant golden light.

“It’s a golden giant!”

In the crowd of people running away, someone shouted, not sure if it was a scream or a cheer.

Wang Guho ran in the falling rain and cheered.


A huge rock like a mountain was being pushed in front of my eyes. It felt like the sky had suddenly disappeared.

The rock and the giant collided.


There was a huge roar and a huge shock wave spread in all directions.

Damn it! The floor that Wang Guho stood on cracked like a spider web.

“The golden giant stopped it!”


A superman who blocks a huge rock alone. It would be enough to call him a hero.



The Sisyphus Rock began to spin even more violently, as if it was displeased with the fact that it had dared to stand in its way.


The friction surface generated tremendous heat, and all the rainwater around it turned into steam and rose like a haze.

“Ugh… ah… ah…!”

Although he mustered all his strength, Wang Guhao felt himself being pushed further and further back. I felt like my back was going to break and all the rocks in my body were going to break apart.


It was then that the great man approached him and placed his hand on his back.

“Hold on a little longer.”

Daein injected his inner strength into Wang Guho’s Danjeon.


The ‘Geumgang Daeryokgong’ that Wang Guho learned is a martial art created by Geomwang. Therefore, the inner power of the Pacheon Shingong was also mixed in without any problem.

Gradually, clang, clang!

Wang Guho’s body began to grow larger. 7 meters, 8 meters, 9 meters… soon it grew to 10 meters.

“Ugh… ah… ahhh…!!”


After a while, Sisyphus’ rock stopped in place. It was still spinning furiously, but it was just meaningless idling.

‘I’ll be able to last at least a few minutes.’

After seeing that, the great man turned to Lily and said.

“kid. “Let’s go upstairs.”


The two flew up into the sky together.

“I think this will be enough.”

The great man stopped in the air overlooking Sisyphus’ Rock. He then took out a javelin that he carried on his back.


I took a deep breath and leaned my shoulders back. The muscles of my entire body were tense.

‘wait for a sec. Rather than just throwing it…’

The great man stopped his stance and looked at Lily.

“Do you see the end of the window here? “Heat it with fire.”

“how much?”

“Hot enough not to melt.”

When Lily’s fingertips lightly brushed against it, the head of the spear became red-hot as if it had been put in and removed from a furnace.


A layer of bright blue steel was added on top of it.

“This should be enough.”

After looking at the scene with satisfaction for a moment, the great man threw the javelin he was holding with all his might towards the rock of Sisyphus.


The spear failed to pierce the rock and bounced off.

But Daein was not disappointed. Because there were still a lot of javelins I brought.


The great man throws the javelin and cries


Throw again

and go!

I kept throwing.

After throwing more than 10 javelins, responses began to arrive.


the rotation of the Sisyphus Rock gradually slowed down, gray parts began to appear here and there on the previously black guy.

At that moment, a smile spread across the great man’s lips.

“It’s finally popping out.”

The 100-meter-long black rock is not its body. The real body is hidden inside a rock, and when the moment of crisis comes, it blows up the rock and runs away.

Those gray parts were its eyes. Before running away, check your surroundings first.

In the past, how many superhumans felt in vain after losing that guy.

‘Besides, you’re missing out on those good ingredients.’

The great man had no intention of letting him go this time.

“kid. “I’m going down.”

The great man jumped down, holding Lily’s waist in one hand.


For a moment, the eyes of the rock expanded greatly, then quickly contracted and tried to close.

But before that, the great man had already arrived on the snow. He thrust the powerful Shalit into the guy’s eye.

Quack! Quad deuk!

Although it has tremendous physical resistance, its eyes were an exception. The stone was chipped away in all directions, and after a while, the entrance to the inside of the rock was revealed.

The great man jumped into it without hesitation.

[Sisyphus’ Rock] End

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