Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 98


[Sisyphus Rock (2)]

Two people As I entered the rock, the surroundings suddenly changed, as if the scene had changed.


At that moment, Daein could feel the energy of magic.

‘It’s probably space distortion magic.’

Unlike the outside, which was all black, the inside of the rock was a cave made up of reddish-brown rock layers.

The cave was alive and writhing.

Kugoogung! Kugugoogung!

Walls and ceilings wriggle and repeat contraction and expansion. The great man felt as if he was in the stomach of a huge animal.

“Ugh. It’s gross…”

Lily stood close next to Daein. The great man patted the girl’s helmet and said,

“Don’t take off your helmet yet.”

You can’t see it from the outside now, but if you go further inside, you will find a space where acidic gastric fluid is dripping from the ceiling.

The great man said after looking around.

“Let’s go inside.”

Daein was a little nervous and took the lead.

I’ve heard it a lot and looked at it later, but this was my first time going inside.

[Sisyphus’ Rock]

Strictly speaking, this ‘material disaster’ that came with the red fog was closer to a magical creature and fortified weapon than a monster.

There is a devil living inside this rock, and he is controlling this huge rock.

‘It was several years before we found out about it.’

In Daein’s past life, the number of Seoul citizens who fell victim to the rock of Sisyphus exceeded 10,000.

It rolled all the way to the center of Seoul, increasing its size to 300 meters, and was eventually able to be stopped only after all the [First Awakened] came forward.

But the greatest damage occurred then.

When the rock reached the point of being destroyed by the indiscriminate attacks of superhumans, it self-destructed.

‘That was absolutely terrible.’

Despite all the disasters he personally experienced, Daein could not forget the memories of that time.

The pure white light that leaked out as the rock split itself.

President Kim Soo-ho anticipated an explosion and shouted at the top of his lungs for everyone to run.

And a few seconds later, a blinding flash of light erupted.

Even though he was quite far away from the scene at the time, he was caught up in the explosion and was blown dozens of meters before losing consciousness.

And when he came to his senses again, he realized how lucky he had been.

The area around the place where the explosion occurred was devastated as if dozens of bombs had hit it.

Nearly a hundred adepts died, and the first awakened people were also seriously injured. Fortunately, the city did not blow up because their abilities minimized the damage.

‘But what upset me the most was that I still missed the point.’

The kernel – the devil living in the rock – who escaped after blowing up the rock that day, reappeared in China a few years later by creating the Rock of Sisyphus.

And in China, they succeeded in catching him. Although it suffered tremendous damage.

Several years had passed, technology had become much more advanced, and China even had data on battles that had taken place in Korea before that.

Therefore, instead of attacking and destroying the rock from the outside, the Chinese superhumans used a method of infiltrating a small number of elites inside.

Just like the great man is doing right now.

“At that time, everyone was upset that I gave them the porridge, but… I never thought I would use that method again.”

“Man, it’s strange. “I was muttering to myself earlier…”

The great man patted the helmet of Lily, who was looking at him like he was crazy.

“Men sometimes get caught up in their painful past. In that case, I just quietly pretend not to notice.”

Lily said with the same expression as when she took a bite of the food prepared by her husband.

“It’s a line from a drama I watched yesterday. “You look like a pervert when you do it.”

“hey. “All lines in dramas are like that.”

“It’s not. “It’s not like that when a handsome protagonist does it.”

As a child, you already discriminate against people based on their faces. The great man grumbled and aimed his sword straight ahead.

Twenty twenty.

Countless bugs were crawling out of the ceiling and floor. The great man frowned heavily.

“I thought it was time for something to come out, but…”

[Acid Silverfish]

These are the bugs that live inside Sisyphus’ rock, sharing the nutrients absorbed inside the rock.

In lieu of rent, they sometimes act as cleaners to remove foreign substances that invade the rocks.

The size varies from 30 cm to over 1 meter.


In an instant, hundreds of acid silverfish surrounded the two people. Acid dripped from their chins.

The great man recalled their information.

‘An outer shell so hard that it can be cut in half using a strong tool. Fortunately, the other abilities are not that special and the speed is slow… but if you ignore them, they may become a nuisance later.’

I thought it would be better to just clean it up and move on.

He also happened to bring the world’s most powerful flamethrower.

“Come on, kid.”

The great man brought Lily forward.

Since fire is the best way to kill bugs.

“Do you see those bugs? “Roast it all.”

The problem is that this flamethrower makes a deal with food whenever he gets the chance.

“Can I go home and eat ice cream later?”

The great man gave Lily a stern expression as she blinked her big eyes and looked back at herself.

“no. “You ate three for breakfast.”


The silverfish kept coming, but Lily did not give up on negotiations easily.

It was even armed with its own logic.

“I heard you ate a lot when you were growing up!”

Of course, Daein was just being ridiculous.

“If you grew up the way you eat, you would already be 3 meters tall.”

However, since we first met, Lily has not grown even a centimeter taller. Even adults these days seem to be wondering about it.

“therefore! Since you’re not growing, you need to eat more! “You have to eat until you grow up!”

At this point, you are the miracle king of logic.

Still, on the continent of Gaia, people listened to me calmly…

‘Well. ‘It’s much better like this than when you looked like a sick chicken.’

In the end, the great man sighed and nodded. You will regret it later when you go to the dentist.

“okay. “They’ve already come this far, so let’s get this sorted out quickly.”


Lily shouted “Hurray” and aimed both palms at the bugs.



A flame bloomed in front of two small palms.

Lily drew a circle with her finger, and the flames spun furiously along the circle, creating a ring of fire.

It wasn’t the end with just one ring. 3, 5, 10…

In an instant, dozens of rings of fire rained down on the silverfish.

-Pow! Burbububbung!

Bugs exploding in all directions. As if being blackened wasn’t enough, there were some that were completely reduced to ashes.


The great man looked at Lily with a shocked expression.

That was because it was a much more powerful flame than he had ever known.

Recently, Lily was rarely allowed to go into battle because she was training Sirutteok and Wang Guho.

No, it was only about a week.

“What was that just now? “Is this technology you’ve never seen before?”

A ring of fire remained on Lily’s palm, spinning at breakneck speed.

‘…Isn’t that too dangerous to play with as a joke?’

Lily responded with an innocent expression to Daein, who was thinking such things.

“this? Ass taught you this?”


It wasn’t someone else, it was a dragon that taught me.

It is also the longest-living dragon on the continent of Gaia.

That’s right. In that case…

Daein took out a 50,000 won bill from his pocket, put it in Lily’s hand and said in a soft voice.

“Ask me to teach you something else later. Seduce her gently by buying her something delicious. Understand?”

“really? “Am I giving you this?!”

It is best to learn as much as possible while you can.

Especially when it comes to magic, even if you search not only the continent of Gaia but other dimensions as well, there are almost no teachers like Abraxas.

‘Now that I think about it…’

I was so distracted by the red fog and the Sisyphus Rock that I didn’t realize it, but for some reason I couldn’t see Abraxas.

I’m not the kind of guy who would miss such an amazing sight.

‘Well, I guess I discovered something interesting along the way and took a side road.’

Daein decided to pay attention. Now was the time to focus on the task at hand.

Stop the Sisyphus Rock from exploding in the city and hunt down the demon who is controlling the rock.

And obtain the [Black Stone] that the devil has.

‘You must obtain the Black Stone.’

[Black Stone]

The source of the rock of Sisyphus.

An object that can create one of the hardest rocks in the world and grow, build, and transform its shape as desired.

In a word, the best ingredients.

Considering the progress I made after getting it in China in my past life, I definitely had to get that stone.

And I personally needed it.


“It’s almost time to build a new house.”

The great man was planning to build a new house with the hardest materials in the world.





Daein and Lily continued to move forward.

Burning and sometimes cutting down hundreds and thousands of silverfish, we went deeper and deeper inside.

Lily looked at the great man with a tired face.

“Why is it so long here?”

Sisyphus Rock seen from the outside was about 100 meters in diameter.

Even though the rolling 100-meter rock seemed enormous, it was not a distance that would take several hours to pass since humans were not snails.

Sigh! Sigh!

The great man answered by cutting down the attacking tentacles one after another.

“It’s because there’s a space distortion spell.”

We have long passed the area where silverfish come out, and we have also passed the stomach where acidic liquid was pouring down like rain. Now it was the final gateway, the tentacle area.


After cleaning up all the tentacles, the great man stepped back for a moment, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Whew. “I knew it, but when I got there, it was longer than I thought.”

The outside and inside of Sisyphus Rock were separated by magic, and a space distortion magic was applied to the inside.

The actual distance inside this area was felt by people to be several kilometers.

The great man comforted Lily’s sagging shoulders. The flames had been getting weaker since before.

“I think we’re almost there, so cheer up.”

Lily answered with a sullen expression.

“I’m so hungry I don’t have any strength…”

I wanted to put something in my mouth, but I was in a hurry so I didn’t have a chocolate bar in my pocket.

The great man lightly stroked Lily’s head, which was exhausted from hunger and fatigue.

“Since we’re all here, let’s take a quick rest.”

This is not just a saying; we have actually almost arrived at our destination.

A huge door was tightly closed tens of meters ahead. An enormous amount of magical power was flowing out from within.


There is a rock devil inside.

The great man looked a little embarrassed.

‘I guess you’re a lot stronger than I thought?’

Since he was the one who exploded the rock and ran away, I thought it was a bit easy, but the magic I could feel inside was really unusual.

After all, the little boy doesn’t seem to be able to fight anymore…

‘Would you rather go out and come back in?’

It was a time when Daein’s worries deepened.


The great man’s head turned at the sight of a presence dozens of meters behind him.


As the invisibility spell was lifted, a shape slowly emerged from the darkness.

‘Could it be the devil?’

In front of the great man holding the sword, the being spoke in a familiar voice.

“I came because I felt a familiar fire. “Were they here?”


Abraxas walked towards the two, wading through the remains of flames.

“When did you get here?”

In response to the puzzled man’s question, Abraxas spoke with his eyes shining brightly.

“I saw you guys go in earlier and came in through a different entrance. “I was walking around looking at various places.”

A dragon in the world who enjoys discovering and observing new things, unknown things, and amazing things.

To Abraxas, Earth was a world full of interesting things. The Earth itself and the monsters that come from various dimensions connected to the Earth.

“So, did you finish seeing the sights?”

The great man knew that fact well.

And I was just about to think it was going well.

It was obvious what Abraxas wanted to see next.

just as expected. Abraxas’ head turned in the direction he expected.

“I think we just need to look inside one last time.”

“My destination is the same.”

Their eyes looked in the same direction.

A door that is tightly closed. The devil’s abode waiting inside.

The great man asked Abraxas.

“Is it difficult for you to go in alone?”

“You’re both common, right?”

Upon returning to Earth, Abraxas sealed away most of his power.

He is barely able to use powerful magic and can only use the level of ability needed for his hobby.

However, she was able to fully use the abilities of the doll that was now replacing her body.

In addition, if you utilize the dragon’s knowledge, its utility in battle increases infinitely.


Abraxas said, flicking his bowstring.

“I want to know how this large creature was made and how it is controlled.”

“I just need to completely stop this rock and take the Black Stone that the devil has.”

Their interests aligned perfectly.

A moment later they simultaneously kicked down the door and ran into the demon’s room.


As I entered, I saw a demon standing in the middle of a large room.


The devil was about twice the size of a human and dressed in jet-black armor.

A black haze rose from his entire body, and a green light flashed through his mountain goat-horned helmet.


The guy dragged a large sword that was over 3 meters long on the floor.

It looks much stronger than I heard.

The great man rushed forward with all his might.


The opponent is a formidable enemy. That’s why we put all our effort into it from the start.


The Pacheon Shingong raced through his entire body, increasing his physical abilities to the limit.


A bright blue sword river grew about 1 meter above the blade of the magic sword Shalit.


Tichtal’s watch also underwent transformation. In an instant, the metal surrounding his left arm transformed into a hand cannon. The gun barrel was filled with energy so that it could be fired at any time.

Abraxas also followed Daein’s footsteps and prepared for battle.


When the bowstring was pulled, magic arrows of four different attributes, fire, ice, wind, and lightning, shot down on the bow at the same time.

At the same time, an ancient, now forgotten language flowed from her mouth. The ancient language became magic and seeped into the body of the great man.


At that moment, Daein felt his movements become even faster. Great strength surged from my body, and my spirit was heightened as if I could do anything.

So, unusually, I even let out a battle cry.


Darkness emanated steadily from the body of the devil fighting him.


The devil roared loudly toward the ceiling. The room shook as if it was about to collapse. It seemed to foreshadow a fierce fight that would soon break out.

After a while, the devil’s great sword and the great man’s sword clashed.


[Sisyphus’ Rock (2)] End

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