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Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 1063

Episode 1063

Episode 252 War begins (2)


The moment the roar of the Phoenix Tess rang out on the battlefield, everyone on the battlefield was struck by the same sensation.

An unfamiliar feeling that the sky was becoming heavier.

There was no other way to explain it. Even the Union members on board felt as if something huge was pressing down on their heads.

Heavy pressure, the power that Tess’s blue flower holds.

Before we knew it, Tess, who had been summoned, was revealing his majesty in a larger form than ever before. Tess looked around the battlefield from her position on top of the ship Sarah.

Wherever Tess looked, blue flowers were blooming. Especially around the Tower of Story, it blooms fiercely as if it were confining the tower.

As it has always been.

As a GPL, it will try to get out of the clearing by using manipulation and distortion.

But it was visible in Jin’s eyes. In his and other creators’ eyes, the fact that Zipple would not be able to accomplish the task easily stood out.

This was because even the manipulation abilities of the Demon God Stone were affected by heavy pressure.

Chijik, chiikik, kigikkik…!

The first to react to the heavy pressure were Ziffle’s fleet and Usrock, which were formed on the side of the Tushin Fleet.

Even though they were not yet in direct contact with the blue and white flowers, they were shaking like flying insects losing their energy in the heat.

The fleet formed by Jeep had messy black lines drawn all over the hull, and the lines were seen torn and blurred. Like when a trick of the eye is broken.

The essence of the army formed from demon stones is that it is ‘fake’. The fire was a force too much for such fakes to withstand.

The power of the Demon Stone itself is not a lie, so the fleet is not completely destroyed, but it will not be able to endure forever.

The fire has only just begun.


Bradamante slipped out of the sheath.

It seemed as if several streams of blue river were spreading across the sky.

Jin began to walk towards the Tower of Stories by following the flowing blue flower like a road. Widespread flames were rushing around Jin.

“Wow, it looks like part of the flame system has been recreated… Ship Sarah, I wonder how the real Sarah will feel when she sees this.”

Runkandel’s 1st flagship ship Sarah.

Sara did not just apply the Federation’s latest technology. The magic developed together by Tess, Ameris, Lucy, Valeria, and Jin was also applied.

The expression of Yeophwa was slightly changed, and runes modeled after Yeophwa were engraved on the ship.

In other words, Sarah has become a ship that can strengthen the magic sword’s secret weaponry.

Simply expanding the territory and strengthening destructive power is not everything. The technology and magic applied to the ship Sarah alleviated Tess’s manifestation conditions and even lowered Jin’s physical strength consumption.

Of course, this does not mean that Tess can fully manifest. However, that stage has now become a realm that can be reached one day, given enough time.

[You will love it, Murakan. And for Ziffle, this sword will be an even bigger nightmare than a thousand years ago.]

Leet answered. She was now doing more work as second-in-command of the ship Sarah than as head of the house. Leet and Valeria, the two recording talents, would be key in all future battles.

Jin quickly closed the distance between himself and the tower of stories.

The Blue Flower, which was shaking wildly, was now pressing on the tower, not like a river, but like a vast ocean.

But little by little, the speed of the rush was slowing down. It is true that the power of manipulation and distortion has been weakened by the pressure of Cheonghwa, but that is not the only thing at the top of the story.

Countless magic is applied throughout the huge hull. Thousands of layers of protection, and Zipple’s elite wizards guarding them.

The heavy pressure has not yet spread to the inside of the ship. And the power of the Demon Stone is stronger the closer it is to the main body of the tower.

Inside the ship, the Demon Stone was still constantly forming fake troops. They were attacking Jin, mixed with real archmages.

“Deploy the chain magic, all to the location of the revenant tower!”

Ghost Tower, Ghost Tower, Demon Tower, and White Night.

All of the wands were pointing towards Jin. In the midst of all kinds of anti-magic attacks, Jin calmly swung his blue flower and swallowed up their attacks.

The thousands of layers of protective film will eventually dissolve into blue water over time. After that, annihilating the troops was not that difficult for Jin now.

However, it was clear that the Demon God Stone would continue to generate troops, so it was essentially best to allow the fire to penetrate deeper.

[We support Sogaju. Take out your sword.]

This does not mean that the crew members should take out their swords. When Leet said to take out, he meant the sword of Hamsun Sarah.

Thump, thud-! Loud!

The shape of the ship Sarah was changing. The two-pronged long armor surrounding the main gun spread out like wings and went over the back of the hull.

The main gun then ejected brain energy to form a shield-shaped protective shield blocking the front of the hull, and two huge blades protruded from the top and bottom of the main gun.

And both the shield and the blade were wrapped around fire. The runes that illuminated the ship’s hull became increasingly darker, and the heat of the blue fire that Tess poured out became even deeper.


Rapid acceleration that explodes the optical heart power to its maximum level, and continuous short-distance spatial leaps.

The ship Sarah shot forward like light, ignoring its enormous mass and volume. In the blink of an eye, there were five space leaps, and each time the ship Sarah passed through the portal, a circular shock wave distorting space covered the sky.

The shock wave was powerful enough to shake even the golden ships scattered nearby, but the fire between Jin and the ship Sara was not disturbed in the slightest.

The clash took place in an instant.

Before Zipple had time to strengthen the shield, the two blades of the ship Sarah instantly pierced one side of the thousands of layers of shield surrounding the Tower of Story.

The ship Sara was pierced diagonally like a spear into the outer armor of the Tower of Story. The troops nearby were reduced to ashes and disappeared without even letting out a scream.

There was such an enormous impact that the entire tower of the story tilted at once. However, surprisingly, it was not transmitted at all to the interior of the ship Sarah.

There weren’t even any cracks left in her gloves. The ship Sarah was already preparing for the next attack.

[Reopen the main gun, pouring all power except escape power.]

Crunch, crack! The main gun was taken out again through the inside pierced by the blade. Zero-range artillery fire, non-stop reloading and firing.

When the main gun exploded inside the tower hull, instead of an explosion, there was a crunching sound, as if the bones of a huge animal were being crushed.

If it had been an enemy air fortress, it would have been over by this point. However, the tower of the story drew its power from the demon stone and the ‘sacred site’ of the sun god who had fused with the tower.

The wizards dying from the shock of the bombardment were laughing. As if the tower could not be brought down at this level.

As Jin expected, when the ships Sarah and Yeophwa entered the protective shield, the nearby troops did not appear to regenerate.

Although one side of the hull that had been directly hit by the long-range artillery fire was being destroyed like crazy, it could not be seen as causing any substantial damage to the tower.

In the first place, the tower of the story is not entirely composed of real minerals and goods like the Golden Armada. Most of the hull was made up of magical power and the power of the Demon Stone.

‘Only the central part where the main body is and its vicinity are real. The Tower of Stories still retains its original appearance.’

Infinite magical power and power formed from the Demon God Stone. Jin thought of a person who might be operating with that power.

Elona Ziffle.

An archmage of Jeep who was afraid of harming the world, but more than that, her true origin was Lugia, a piece of destruction.

‘Elona, I can’t sense any malice from you right now. Is it because he still has a human heart, or is it because he has become the embodiment of pure destruction?’

Whatever the truth is, we won’t hear it until the Zipple is taken down.

The fire was expanding around Jin. From the beginning, it was already large enough to surround a fleet, but it was soon about to encroach on more than 30% of the Tower of Story’s hull.

“Keliac, it looks like you’ve grown the Demon Stone well with that wicked head. I guess I’m still less afraid of the Demon God Stone than I am of Gliek. “I see that you aren’t screaming in fear like you were during the Geomhwangseong period.”

A low voice, but a voice that everyone on the battlefield can hear as if they were right next to them.

Keliak watched him through the crystal ball, and Jin looked at the sky at that moment. I made eye contact with Keliak, who was hiding in the central main body beyond.

“But I also have to listen to the demon stone’s screams today. “This is the first day I brought the fleet to kill you guys, and if I can’t even hear that, I can’t raise my face.”

Trying to run away.

Even when it was first revealed that the Flame could suppress some of the power of the Demon Stone, and even when the ship Sara broke through the shield in an instant and linked up with Jin to expand the Flame to the inside of the ship.

Jin was convinced that Jeep was preparing to escape.

From the beginning, Jeep has been avoiding all-out war ever since only the Battleship Fleet was chasing them. All they need now is time.

I could feel the flames covering the hull of the Tower of Story swarming.

It was because of the backlash. The tower was still trying to make a space leap like before, but it was being caught in the net of fire and was being slowed down.

The backlash is intensifying by the second.

Siiiiit, wow!

Following the ship Sara, two ships crashed into the Tower of Story. It was Laprarosa, the flagship of the Battleship Fleet, and Diana, Runkandel’s second flagship. Two people, Ban and Luna, were exiting the bridge of each flagship.

Just as the ship Sarah strengthens the fire, the Golden Fleet’s bombardment can assist the Emperor’s Reign Sword.

“All fleet, resume bombardment. Tushin is ready to unfold the Myeonwang Reign Sword.”

Immediately after Ban disembarked, under Baltirock’s order, all of the alliance’s fleets began to gather the brain flags at the gun ports again.

And Luna shrugged her shoulders regretfully and said this.

“Only my crimson sword has no assistance. “What can I do? I have no choice but to take my anger out on those Jeepers.”

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