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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 100

Episode 100 Xiamen

was the first to react to Jiang Seol’s words.

“Can I take a look?”


Karen placed the snake in an appropriate place because it had some weight.

Xiamen was once again impressed by the unique appearance of the fire snake and again by the material it was made of.

“It’s definitely a fire spirit stone. It seems like the power was concentrated in a very… very unique way. “I think this will also be a learning experience in its own way.”


he said, caressing the fiery snake.

“Let’s make a weapon for Karen.”

“How long will it take?”

“Assuming my items are in place, I think it will take about 15 days.”

“15 days… I understand.”

There were still about 20 days left until the next adventure, so that was enough.

After finishing her business, Karen yawned as she left Xiamen’s blacksmith shop.

“Haaam… So it’s roughly resolved? “What should I do now?”

“I’ll have to decide where to head next.”

In fact, it was as if Kangseol had come to Nobira because of this problem.

To decide what to choose for your next adventure.

‘Chao…is it still there?’

Chao said that he would teach you, so give him three months and ask him to find a medicine that will help you fall asleep. Kang Seol accepted the offer and successfully completed the mission.

However, everything went wrong because while he was heading to Nobira, the place had already been attacked once and the weather was devastated.

Perhaps Chao might have been caught up in the trend and suffered a misfortune.

‘Chao was Gregory’s disciple. Is that connection disappearing like this?’

Gregory was one of the top three shadow summoners of his time. He was also famous for his cruel and eccentric temperament, but his skills were so outstanding that no one could defy him.

Even most of his students had a reputation for being talented.

‘Chao is a name I’ve never heard before…’

No matter how much Kang Seol did, unless he lived in the same house as Gregory, he didn’t know in detail how many students Gregory had and what their level was.

However, since the character Chao had never been mentioned in Pandea, his curiosity grew even more.

‘The momentum was real… and whether Chao is Gregory’s disciple or not is not important right now.’

Whether to find her or not was the only question that mattered.

“So you came here again?”

“It’s a familiar place, master.”

“uh? But it’s better than I thought, right?”

The place they arrived was the mansion where Snowfall always stopped by to meet Chao.

‘Are you avoiding the fire because this is on the outskirts?’

The mansion stood there quietly, retaining its original appearance. When I first came here, I wasn’t in a good mood because it was gloomier than the other buildings, but now that the other buildings had collapsed and burned, this mansion looked rather gloomy.

– Is this Jonber?

– I stayed still and the others fell behind!

– Looking at it like this, it seems like the house is pretty nice haha.

Kang Seol and his group attempted to enter the mansion.



clack- The door must have been fixed by Chao and it was in the right place again.

“I’ll break it again…”

“No, Karen.”

Karuna frowned and stopped Karen.

Then Karen became sullen and followed behind him.

– Pyeon-an

– Phew haha Karuna! Thanks for coming back!

Snowfall and the others climbed through the window with ease.


The inside of the mansion was the same.

The lobby is more dusty than before and doesn’t feel warm.

They headed straight to what was Chao’s laboratory.



“It’s the same?”

“It’s nonsense.”

Because it was a hectic development, both Kang Seol and his group were disappointed.

I wondered if there was any information she left on the wall, but it was the same as before.

‘I guess I’ll have to give up.’

It was clear that meeting Chao again was a desire.

Since the promised deadline had been missed for a long time, it was natural for this to happen.



“Wasn’t there something the woman left behind?”

“Yes, that’s right. “Obviously…”

– When you come back, hang a white cloth on the main gate pillar and check this place every midnight.

Chao’s words to Kang Seol.

When I returned to Nobira, I was told to hang a white cloth on the pillar of the main gate of the mansion.

“Let’s wait a little longer.”

On this day, Snow Seol tied a white cloth and hung it on the pillar of the main gate.

Even after midnight, Chao did not come.

From that day on, Kang Seol and his party went to the mansion every night at midnight to check if Chao had come.

“Actually, aren’t you kidding us, master?”

As Karen said, since there was no change, Snowfall gradually gave up hope.

Life was pretty good in Nobira while waiting for Chao.

Although much of Novira was burned, much more was added to the city.

Transferees were also occasionally seen in the city.

“Hey, isn’t the house almost empty now?”


“Relic hunting. Isn’t it almost Muju Gongsan now that the people who used to do it all have disappeared? “Then if we jump in, won’t we eat everything like they did before?”

“You b*stard, I’m a slave, isn’t this your first time?”

“uh. why?”

The man, who was talking so loudly that people could hear the snow as if it was an innovative plan, fell silent at the man’s next words.

“Relic hunting isn’t something we can do on our own. Relic hunting is something that requires about 20 people to be crowded with archaeologists, workers, and hunters to be successful. So when the transferees first came to Nobira, they chased after the hunters like ducklings.”

“I’ll make 10 servings, so wouldn’t it be okay for you to serve 10?”

“There’s a guy who can’t even eat 10 servings of food.”

“Hmm… So is it better for the ruin hunters to return?”

“If there are any left. “I heard that a few hunting parties survived and evacuated to Kongori.”

“Oh, and did you hear that Kibo lived?”

“uh. “There are some transferees who return to Nobira because of that.”

“How was the keyboard? Is it important to come back? Why the transferees?”

“When Kibo returns, the hunting party will also return. So, are you planning to take the risk of falling there?”

It appears that the news that Kibo lost both legs has not yet been reported.

Kang Seol only heard that and left the restaurant.

“master! “Did you see it earlier?”


“That bakery back then! “They opened it again!”

“… Let’s buy some bread when we go back.”

Karen nodded her head several times like a child.

– Bread sun…

– Bread is a serious matter haha

– Is today exactly the 15th day?

Full moon.

Snowfall did two things while checking the equipment while staying in Nobira.

One was to plan in advance what kind of adventure we would have if we couldn’t meet Chao.

The other thing was to wait for Chao at the mansion.

Even after fifteen days, she did not come.

“Let’s give up. “It was a bit of a waste to have to go all the way to Water Mist Village because of that woman, but in the end, we solved the problem there.”

Karen tapped Kang Seol on the shoulder and said that.

– Cheer up.

– Spread your shoulders! (wink)

– Sister? No tongue hyung?

Today I was going to Xiamen to see the results of a request.

Since Xiamen told Jiang Xue that the product was completed, he came to his blacksmith shop with a happy heart even though he was sad about Chao’s problem.

“You’re here.”


“The sword is complete.”

Behind Xiamen’s back.

There was only one red sword on display on the sword display stand.

Even just by looking at it, Snowfall felt that the energy contained in that red sword was not ordinary.

This feeling.

I felt it recently.

It was the first time he saw the fire monkey that was now his cape.

‘no way?’

Karen gradually approached the red sword.

Very slowly, as if possessed by something.

And then he lifted the sword in its scabbard.

“… beautiful.”

“It wasn’t an ordinary spirit stone. “I believe it is probably not an item obtained from a human land.”


Sreung –

A sword was pulled out from within with a clear sound.

The aura has become stronger and does not match the thinner sword body and simpler decoration.


I felt heat just looking at Karen.

Even though the cold air was cooling his body.

Karen seemed to like the sword and looked at it blankly for a while before sheathing it. He

clicked it

and held it out to Kang Seol.

[Externality: Acquire an ember.]

[I obtained an object that did not exist in the world.]

[Externality: Ember]

Grade: Exaltation

Appropriate level: 20 – 30

Attack power: 100 – 115

Durability: 220/220

Weight : 3.0kg

The sword used by Scarlet Knight Karen was born through the miracle of Xiamen, a descendant of Orgo. The fiery snake used by the fiery Magra was melted and fused into the sword. The blood of an ominous being and the fire spirit stone further enhanced the sword’s power.

Basic Ability: Strength + 28 Dexterity + 25 Stamina + 35 All Abilities + 8

Special Abilities: Forced Breakthrough (Unique) Action One-Point Breakthrough (Unique) Action Additional fire damage equal to 30% of physical damage Cooldown of abilities that deal fire damage is 20 % reduction

‘Bug Pant’ sponsored madness by 300!

[what? Another non-appropriation? I just heard the sound of a bargain and came running.]

– Snowman, the worst creature in the universe

– Really starting in the morning haha

– I’m going spinning haha

‘Are you from Xiamen’ sponsored Madness by 200!

[How about making Xiamen a public property? This is already the second time this b*stard has been disbursed. The form is back.]

– Information) The items that the Snowman gave were already showing sprouts

– Are Atarak and Magra funny?

– Is it true that two items of unappropriated expenditures were obtained in the shortest amount of time? LOL

– Isn’t this how they are going to fill up their entire column with unalloyed expenditures?

– Don’t spread such clichés, they will kill you.

Kangseol examined the unique abilities of the embers.

Forced Breakthrough, the first unique ability of the embers.

Explanation that 50% of the original damage is inflicted when the opponent blocks.

‘Does this mean that even if I block, I can inflict half the damage?’

In general, if the defense is successful, damage is reduced by at least 90%. However, Karen’s attack now pierces the opponent’s defense.

– It turned.

– I can’t stop it;

The second unique ability is One Point Breakthrough.

Damage from consecutive additional hits increases by 10%. Explanation that additional hits will continue to stack if they are not cut off.

Of course, given that the maximum overlap was stated to be 10, there were some limitations.

– Continuous attack 200% damage?

– Even if you block, you get hit, and if you just hit, it hurts even more lol

– There’s a weapon like this?

– Karen is the one writing that?

Next, Kangseol, who confirmed that the other options were a good match for Karen, looked at Xiamen with surprised eyes.

“It’s a good sword. Please use it with care.”

“… thank you. “The reward is…”

“You have already paid the price by coming all the way to Yognathun to save me.”

– That’s right;

– ㄹㅇ I almost became monkey food haha

Ha-mun handed over the sword and went back.

He seemed to have stayed up all night and was trembling.

Karen’s eyes lit up and she looked at the sword in Snow’s hand.

“Would you like me to hold that sword?”

– Hahahaha I usually lift a box

– That’s shameless! That’s the charm!

Kangseol laughed and held out his sword to Karen.

“Hehe… thank you. I will do well in the future. Tell me, who is it? Who is bothering me? it’s you?”

“I know you’re excited, but please calm down a little.”

Karen, who had inadvertently threatened Jamard in the shadow space, smiled as if she were embarrassed.

She seemed in a really good mood.

– Is this how you feel when you buy your nephew a gift?

– You don’t usually buy a real sword as a gift for your nephew, right?

With this, four fireworks were collected for Kang Seol.

I remembered that I hadn’t paid any attention to it because I didn’t know I would collect it so quickly.

‘If only I could collect one more Buddhist treasure…’

Kang Seol remembered.

What happens when you collect 5 fire exorcisms?

* * *

That night, Snowfall waited for Chao for the last time around midnight.

“It’s not coming….”

“Let’s give up.”

“Okay, I think that’s it.”

This is where the relationship with the mysterious woman named Chao ends.

Snowfall decided not to hold back any more.

‘Because I’ve looked into other adventures as the next best option.’

I was a little annoyed at having to find a new enlightenment teacher, but it was something that could not be helped.

There were very few cases where enlightenment was achieved the moment Snowfall’s words exceeded level 10. In cases where it was delayed, there were times when enlightenment was only achieved after reaching level 18.

‘The problem is that we’re almost at level 18 now.’

Snowfall is currently level 15.

It was difficult to postpone enlightenment any further.

But what can you do?

Things don’t work out as expected.

Soon a choice occurred to him.

[Even at midnight, Chao did not appear. What would you do?]

1. Wait until morning.

2. Search the mansion thoroughly.

3. Leave your destination behind.

4. Burn down the lab.

– If there are no problems, I will be back within three months. If you don’t come back, is there a room over there? Set fire to that room.

The words that Chao left to Kang Seol just in case. Kang Seol was planning to use the last resort.

“Karen, set this place on fire.”

“Oh, what did she say then? “Do you believe that?”

“I don’t know, because that’s the last option.”

“Okay, I’m out.”



Karen stretched out both hands and the lab was engulfed in fire.



the regret and lingering feelings burned away.

No, I thought so.


The wall instantly absorbed Karen’s heat.



“You’re not riding, are you?”

“Where again!”



“Ahh! I’m angry! “I’ll give you some strength.”


It seemed like a huge flame would turn the room into ashes.

But the flame once again seeped into the wall.


And this time, letters began to be engraved on the wall that had absorbed the heat.

Kang Seol opened his eyes wide at this unusual situation and read the first sentence of the writing on the wall.

“I… am still alive. Come find me…?”

At that moment, a notification occurred to me.

[A late adventure is planned.]

[This adventure is very dangerous.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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