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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 106

Episode 106

The sight of Snowfall wrapped in chains was extremely pitiful.

His appearance with his head down and immersed in silence.

“Hey girl! “Is this okay?”

“Nothing has happened yet and I don’t know.”

“The owner is sitting here like he’s dead?”

“It’s a lyric guidance device. “It’s as good as actually being dead.”

Karuna and Kang Seol, who are leaning against the wall with their eyes closed and thinking deeply, and Karen, who is anxious about Jamad’s unchanged state.

Snowfall’s summoned beasts waiting in reality were also not at ease. Rather, it was more painful because I didn’t know the situation.


“Huh? This… look at this!”

Snowfall’s body turned black.

“Is it a success?”

Mirei looked at the snowfall with concentration.




The black energy that invaded Snowfall’s golden eyes soon turned them black.

Snowfall’s face looks bizarre and scary.




Even the chains shook due to the snowfall, which bounced around like a shrimp as if its heart was beating.

“This is serious…”

“Why? what’s the matter?”

“I guess it’s easier to defeat memories than you think. This is not a normal reaction. “This is… being consumed by the shadows.”

“Say that! “Then what should I do?”

“What should I do? “You have to wait and hope that you defeat it well.”

“Such irresponsibility…”

“Your master chose it. “You don’t trust your master?”



Karuna fell off the wall and approached Mirei.

“There’s something I want to ask Mirei.”


He asked Mirei.

“Didn’t you say there was a way for us to intervene in your nightmare?”

“That’s… um…”

– If you want to force other shadows to intervene, you can do so, but since you don’t know what side effects will occur, you have to pretend it doesn’t exist for now.

Part of Mirei’s conversation with Kang Seol.

She touched her forehead.

“It’s only possible in theory.”

“I will go.”


Karen shouted at Karuna.

“No, you won’t find your way. Deep consciousness is like a maze and you will get lost. Regardless of your owner, your safety is also at risk.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Karuna, take me too!”

“Karen. “This is dangerous work.”

“So take me too! You idiot! Are you planning to leave me alone again?”


Mirei listened quietly and snapped her fingers as if she remembered something.


“okay! “That will do.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m sure I’ll get lost alone. Just finding out where your owner is could take a month or a year in local time. But… it would be different for the two of us.”

“Did you hear?”

“What do you mean it’s different?”

“Basically, nightmares regard intruders as foreign objects. You and that fairy will not be welcomed by nightmares. In the process, ripples will occur within the deep consciousness, which in turn will cause resonance, allowing you to not only find each other’s location, but also your master’s location…” “

Stop! You won’t understand a word! Let me in first! “The owner will die if he continues like this.”

I couldn’t fault Karen’s words for being hasty.

Mirei also noticed that, although they did not say it, they were aware that this situation was urgent enough that time was running out of time.

Moreover, the preceding content was irrelevant whether they knew it or not.

“I’m going to take a seat and send you to your master.”

“Great! Come on Karuna. Come on.”

“What should we do?”


“First of all, it’s going to be incredibly painful. “The medicine is already gone.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“me too!”

“If you endure that, find your owner in the black space. And run to the exit.”

“All right.”


Immediately entrusted to the lyrics guidance device, they screamed.

The mechanical device started working.





Karen and Karuna both lowered their heads at the same time.

“… So I’m the only one left?”

Mirei took out a cigarette from her pocket and lit it.

“Whoa… It’s the owner and the summoned beasts. Isn’t that right, Sodin?”

Of course there was no answer.

“okay. To be honest, I’m jealous. These are dreams I wanted to achieve. So…”

Suddenly, it started to get noisy outside.

“… It’s definitely here! “It smells like a witch!”

Mirei’s eyes widened.

“I plan to watch until the end.”

She came out of hiding.

* * *

Karen, Karuna, and Mirei’s concerns were correct.

The current situation for Kang Seol and Jamard was not that easy.

Snowfall faces Jamard, who broke the wall.

But there was no way the gods would just leave it alone.

Damn it…

They waved their hands behind them and the cracked part was instantly filled.

Kang Seol stood blankly and asked them.

“Wasn’t there something here just now?”

The gods reacted like this to Kang Seol’s words.

“Well… I didn’t see it?”

“Maybe I saw something wrong?”

“Well, it’s a mental shock caused by a mistake… hehe…”

“Come sit down again. You should keep playing with us, Snowman. “You like playing with us, right?”

Snowfall’s eyes began to blur again.

‘Yes, I want to play with them forever. That’s what I want.’

The game board began to come into view again.

The highest of all desires is the desire to dominate. Dominating something other than myself gave me the greatest pleasure.

Was Kang Seol moving the horses not specifically for the sake of each horse’s life, but for his own desire to dominate?

Now, Snowfall doesn’t even know that.

He became a fool and looked at the game board like a child.


“… No, I didn’t see it wrong. “I’m sure… I saw it.”

“You don’t trust us?”

“We are your friends, right? “You have to believe what we say.”


Are we friends?

Kang Seol, now a child, shook her head.

And said.

“I want to get out of here.”

“haha! You chose that path? Hey, Snowman is coming out!”

“Is it really possible?”


A dice is held out in front of Kang Seol.

The clatter seemed to be urging me to take it quickly.

“Roll the dice, Snowman.”

“It will be decided by the roll of the dice.”

“Can you get out of here or will you stay here forever?”

Kang Seol looked at the dice in silence.

A cube that has been together for 17 years. Some are smooth and some are angular.

Whenever my fingers touched the grooves where my eyes were carved, a part of my heart always tingled.

To him, dice were God, fate, and life. I have always lived as the dice decide. Because that’s the rule.


Road, road, road.

The dice went round and round.

The dice that will decide everything for him.



Finally the dice stopped.

The die’s eye was 1.

The dice sentenced him to death.

“Puhahahaha! “I got 1, Snowman.”

“What should I do with this? “Snowfall can’t escape from here now.”

“Be with us forever….”

Oh, I see. That’s probably because the dice came out that way.

I hate everyone in the world.

The gods’ laughter, the dice that came up with a 1, and this game board.

I hate everyone.

I felt hostility from everything.

I will definitely be eaten by nightmare like this.

That’s what I thought.

But then the ground shook violently.




“What are you doing? Snowman?”

Kang Seol looked at the dice that came up with a 1.

The dice’s eye had changed to 2, possibly due to the vibration.

The gods, who did not notice this, seemed to misunderstand. that he had committed fraud.

“I didn’t do that.”



Suddenly the vibration got worse.


As the vibration spread, the dice continued to move.

Sometimes a 4 came out, and sometimes a 1 came out again.

“Stop, Snowman!”

“I didn’t do it!”

“joy! I have only you! “Why are you disobeying the dice?”



The dice rolled helplessly and revealed a different side to them.


6 eyes appeared.

The highest number the dice can reveal.

The gods were silent about the current situation.

Snowfall glanced at the place where the vibration started. It was his own shadow.

“Hey Snowman. I’m simple, so I only know how to do things like this. “The only thing I can do is beat up like this.”

The extended fangs reminded me of someone.

“Jamade? “Is it Jamad?”

“you. “You dare look into my nightmares.”

“… I went back and the die came up 1.”

“No, I never agreed to that.”



Jamard continued to pound the dark space.

“What are these dice like?”

“But that’s the rule.”

“rule? Where in the world are there any rules? “Are you stupid?”


“What are you?”

“me? “I am….”

For a moment, Snowfall almost answered Snowman. Why did this question come to mind only now? Suddenly, the snowman mask weighing down around my eyes felt uncomfortable.

‘I am…’

Kangseol answered Jamad.

“It’s snowing. snowfall.”

“I see. Snowfall What is reality to you? “Is the place where we roll dice with these horrible people real?”

“No, no.”

“Then what are you hesitating about? You think too much. “Sometimes you have to live as simply as this body.”

The masked gods held Kang Seol’s arms and spoke.

“Hey Snowman! Wake! what are you doing!”

“Are you going to follow the rule that the die was 1? huh? “You’ve always been compliant!”

At this moment, Kang Seol realized.

I should have told them this a long time ago.

From the moment he became an adult who created his own destiny.



Kangseol took off the snowman mask.

Feelings on the edge of lightness and freedom swept through him.

He opened his mouth cautiously.

“Not funny.”

“… what?”

“Oh no, right? “You’re going to stay with us, right?”

Kang Seol answered with an expressionless face.

“This isn’t fun anymore.”

I have finally become an adult.

An adult living in reality.

“You guys should do this kind of trivial stuff among yourself.”


He threw the dice.

Jamard’s laughter was heard.


This dark space began to collapse.

Kang Seol realized why he sensed hostility from everything in the world.

Because we didn’t face it.

He himself had refused to wear a mask.

And now he turned back and looked at his own shadow. When he shows his back, the shadow only shows his back. But when he looked, what he saw was also a shadow.

Jamard was smiling there.

Snowfall told him.

“Let’s go out.”

The gods rebelled.


“Bad children should be punished for breaking the rules!”



Snowfall’s throat burned black again.

A long-forgotten memory. The ring of lightning that grabbed my neck before I was banished by the gods.

It was repeated again and took Snow’s breath away.


“The world is complete with the existence of rules. Don’t you know that a world without rules is chaos itself?”

At that time, the shadow of the snowfall shattered.


Jamard popped out of it and was now able to stand upright in the same position as the snowfall.

“That’s right, the black mark near my neck was because of this. Now I know everything about you. snowfall.”

“Haa… haa….”

“That impression is… very interesting, so I’ll ask. “What are you trying to achieve in the future?”

“Khehe… Kehehe….”

“I guess I should get rid of this annoying ring first.”

The lightning god laughed at his words.

“haha! “You can’t break it with your own strength!”

“Is that a rule too?”

“Yes, that’s the rule.”

“Then I will reject that rule.”

“… what?”

Jamard grabbed the ring of lightning strangling Snowfall. Then he tore it apart with his sinewy arms.



“Nonsense… No way…”

“Rules are promises made by cowards. I will reject everything you do. snowfall! Speak! “What is your wish?”

Kangseol gasped for breath, then took a deep breath and stared straight at Jamad.

“plural. “I only want revenge.”

“Hahaha! Isn’t it too simple? “For someone abandoned by the gods to have such a simple dream.”

“For revenge, I will become a god. “I will punish them at the same level as them.”

He, now an adult, stood up.

“I will become God.”

Jamard grinned and held out his fist.

“Then you qualify. This body deserves to join you on the journey to become the king of all things. Let me take you on this body’s glorious journey.”

Snowfall also smiled and placed her small human fist against Jamard’s large fist.


“That’s funny. “I am using you on my path to ascension.”

“Hmph! Whatever it is, our intentions are the same.”

Jamard’s eyes burned red.

He was looking at the gods who had done all this.

“Then let’s get out of here.”

Now these are the ones who reject the rules made by the gods.

Jamard muttered softly.

“My chosen true brother.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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