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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 107

Episode 107:

Snowfall and Jamard steeled their resolve while gazing at the gods.

‘I’m getting out of here.’

If someone had asked Kang Seol when she woke up from a dream, she would have answered that it was when she realized that everything was a dream.

But that wasn’t the case now. Even though I knew this was all a dream, the situation did not change.

No, it actually got worse.

“So you hate us?”

“It’s too much. “How can you insult us like this for hanging out with humans?”

“Do we really seem like bad people?”

Jamard warned Kangseol.

“Be careful, we will break through.”


I also had the feeling that if I missed the outflow of snow, I would once again experience the flood that happened in Karen’s memory the other day.

“Let’s… join us…”



The body of one of the gods swelled to a gigantic size.

It inflated its body like a puffer fish, as if the flesh inside was a balloon, and soon it burst like a balloon.




A hideous creature appeared with a terrible smell.


Compared to my memories, your memories are like hell.”

“I agree. “I want to get away from this place, which is really my memory.”

A monster so horribly shaped that one thought it would look like that if the inside and outside of the blood and flesh were turned over blocked their path.



“Ugh… don’t go… let’s play forever…”

Jamard’s huge fist hit the monster in front of him.



Jamard ran with the snowfall.

“No one can block my path!”

Quasi profit!



“Kikik… I can’t go out….”

“Shut up!”


Jamard felt like he was seeing a fearless general.

This scene looked exactly like a general escaping the enemy camp with his lord.



There were more than one or two monsters that the gods had turned into.


“Don’t go….”

“Damn, it’s endless.”

The good news was that they weren’t using any special magic and their current speed wasn’t that fast.

But they were numerous and persistent.

Snowfall and Jamard continued to break through the group and soon felt free.

We have escaped the siege, even if only for a moment.

“Haa…haa…a crossroads.”

A crossroads appeared.

Jamard asked.

“Right or left? “You have a good sense.”


“Hey snowfall!”


“good! run!”

No light illuminated their path.

In the black darkness, the landmark that Jamard could rely on was Snowfall, and Snowfall also did not rely on light.


It was as if the familiar darkness was just showing him the way.

We need to move this way. If you go this way, you can get to where you want to be.

In the nostalgic light.

“Where are you going!”

“A crime that dared to disturb heaven! “You will have to pay by being thrown into eternal darkness!”

Suddenly, normal-looking gods appeared riding strange-looking horses.


Hot steam flew towards the snowfall.


Jamard grabbed it with one hand.

“Ugh… Hey Snowfall! “Come to your senses!”


“This is where you rule. Everything is up to you. Don’t get caught up in the story. Nothing is set in stone! “They are the result of your delusions!”

The situation started to get worse.

“Over there!”

“Tch, if it’s like this…”

As the monsters piled up, it became increasingly difficult to escape.

Because the enemies were piling up faster than Jamard could defeat them.

Something had to be done.

Even at this moment, Kang Seol was reflecting on what Jamad had said.

‘Delusion… It’s a delusion….’


“Kaaaaaa! dare!”


Kang Seol lifted his head from his bowed position and looked straight ahead.

“I thought of a way out!”

“If there is such a thing, try anything!”

As Jamard warned us earlier, if you get scared even for a moment, your nightmare will become reality.

That terrible imagination will eat away at everything and stop Snowfall and Jamad.


‘What if it’s the other way around?’

There was no law that imagination would only have a negative effect.

In other words, Kang Seol’s imagination or delusion could be his weapon to get out of this place.

‘Imagine, imagine….’

What will you imagine?

Imagination was easier to recall if there was a concrete entity.

What are those things to Kang Seol?

‘Can I borrow…?’


their power.

Snowfall closed her eyes and muttered.

First of all, a very fast means of transportation to get out of here.


“This… What is this?”



A huge wild boar that wouldn’t flinch even if Jamard rode on its back, and a courser with an attractive blue mane appeared in front of them.

‘Hoggs and Grimbelle.’

They were famous as legendary means of transportation in Pandea.

Snowfall imagined their presence and soon it appeared before their eyes.

“get on! It will help you get out!”

“Great! “Things are finally getting better now!”

The gods seemed perplexed when Kangseol and Jamad suddenly had a suitable means of transportation.

“Stop it! “No one can escape from here!”

“noisy! Let’s go snowfall!”

[Illusion: Boarding the heavy Hogs.]

[Illusion: Boarding the galloping Grimbel.]


Bang bang bang!

“Avoid blood!”



As Hogs charged furiously, the gods were unable to dodge and were thrown back. Like a kite whose strings were broken somewhere.

Hoggs and Grimbel were the beasts that snowfall horses rode on.

After seeing that they were realized in her imagination, Kang Seol gained confidence.

‘You can use their power! Next is Gil Gil!’


Imagine snowfall.

This is not a delusion, it is a dream.


A picturesque rainbow colored the road they were running on.

[Illusion: You have climbed the Rainbow Path Priminus.]

[Movement speed increases.]

[Luck increases.]

Rainbow Path ‘Priminus.’

It was a terrain feature that made it possible to avoid getting lost and encounter unexpected luck when heading to the destination. Also, it was a bonus that you could gain incredible speed by climbing on top of it.

Doo doo doo doo doo!

Jamard’s Hogs and Snowfall’s Grimbel galloped through Priminus.

“Stop it! “They’re trying to escape!”

“Witness the power of the gods! “You scum!”

It’s a joke!

The thrilling lightning that I had experienced before was directed at Kang Seol.


Jamard’s help was a little late.

If things continue like this, snow may fall on the horses.


[Illusion: Idli’s Mirror of Madness activates.]

[Elemental magic is absorbed.]

[The absorbed elemental magic is repelled with twice the power.]




of of of of of of of of of!

Idli’s Mirror of Madness was one of the artifacts that could most effectively defend against elemental magic.

“ha ha ha! Did you see it, you idiots? You can’t stop us! Now that you know, get out of the way!”

Jamard smiled brightly and enjoyed his victory.

Kang Seol was so focused on something that he barely heard what Jamad said.

‘Even the Sudanese road artifact… everything turned out just as I imagined. This place is in my imagination. Then…’

There was still one imagination left in him that he could not bear to dream of.


“Release the monster! Stop them!”

“You must never let it escape! “They broke the rules!”

“We need to remind people what it means to those who reject the rules!”

More gods than before came, perhaps more than the gods that actually existed in heaven.

No matter how much he tried not to think about it, they continued to invade his space.

It was a scene that showed how much of Kangseol’s thoughts were taken up by gods.

“It won’t be easy this time…”

“You will pay for making fun of us.”


The gods began to gather strength.

Of course, since they were fake gods, their power and might were all just an illusion, but this time, a truly enormous power was gathering against them.

A blue shining sphere.

“ha ha ha! “I’ll break it!”

“The joke is over!”

What the sphere was aiming for was not snowfall.

This was the path they were taking.

“Tsk! no!”

There was only Jamard’s shouting, but there was no specific way to stop the attack.

But then something strange happened.

Blah blah blah…

Everything was frozen except around Jamad and Kang Seol.

Not only the rainbow path, but also the beads shot by the gods and the gods who shot the beads.

Everyone froze.

[Illusion: Season: Event Freeze is used.]

[Everything freezes.]

“Haa… haa…”

“Snow… Snow?”

This power that snowfall showed.

Jamard was so surprised that he couldn’t understand it even if he tried.

“This power… what is it?”

“My words. “It’s his strength.”

Freezing of an incident that is one of the Grand Dukes of Frost’s seasons. When he exerted himself, everything froze.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! “It’s fun, it’s fun!”

“We need to escape quickly. “I can’t last long.”

“Okay, let’s do it.”

Doo doo doo doo!

They raced away, leaving the gods frozen.

Now is the perfect opportunity to escape. But

“Stop, Snowman.”


After hearing someone’s words, all illusions disappeared like dust.

Because of this, Snowfall and Jamard, who were riding on Hogs and Grimbell, rolled on the ground.


In the meantime, Jamard used his wits and held Kangseol in his arms.

“Ugh, what is it again this time?”

“… you!”

Kang Seol saw the being blocking his path with an emotionless voice.

A mask with big eyes.

The being in front of him was Kodon, the god who had sent him down here.

“It’s funny, this kind of delusion….”

“It’s not a delusion. “It all happened.”

“haha. That is correct. That’s what happened. But not to you.”

“… what?”

“Hogus and Grimbel… The glorious path of Priminus, as well as the mirror of Idli…”

Kodon’s voice turned into a nightmare.

“Even the power of the Prince of Frost!”


“It’s probably not something you worked hard to get. Did you forget? “All you did for them was roll the dice and make a choice, away from danger, right?”


“Of course, it was your words that were responsible for the result. “Isn’t it unfair?”



“Why are you interfering with my work? “You…”

‘You sent me down.’

Snowfall was shaken when God Kodon, the only one among the heavenly gods who was on Snowfall’s side, blocked his path.

“I’m disappointed in you.”


“I believed you could do better, but if this is the best you can do… I think it would be easier not to even have expectations.”

“What is that…”

“So I just want to see you suffer. “Please make me happy, no matter what.”

At that moment, the air shook.



wasn was was was?

The Prince of Frost, a being who lost one eye and even lost his heart, appeared.

And others also emerged from the darkness.

One-armed swordsman.

Dragon Lord.

Immortals, etc.

After the failure of Ascension, great beings whose whereabouts were unknown lined up next to Kodon.

Jamard blocked Kangseol’s path.

“Step back… What kind of power is this…”


“What kind of power is this…”

Codon grinned.

“Now here are your words. “Say what you want to say to them.”

Then, those who were the words of the snowfall began to mutter in unison.

“Atonement… atone….”


“You… have to atone….”

“Tsk… fun, right? Oh, was it just me who had fun? Snowman, why are you so sad? “Aren’t you glad that your horses are reunited?”

“no. sad.”

“Yes? As expected… no wait! … I beg your pardon?”

Codon smiled and tried to continue the conversation, but was taken aback by Kang Seol’s unexpected reaction.

Snowfall said to his horses.

“Sorry. Because I can’t give you a better life. I was really… sorry. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you.”

“… Did you think it would be enough to apologize now? “These are beings who were ruled by you!”

But there was one more thing that Kodon’s fantasy did not predict. The Grand Duke of Frost stepped forward and spoke.


When he came forward, the other horses also came forward.

“It was an okay, satisfying life.”

“It was a life without regrets.”

“I couldn’t have had a better life than this, even though I was getting it again.”

All words have been said.

“So it’s okay.”

Kodon waved them around with both arms as if he was irritated.

Then they disappeared like mist.

Pusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss s

ft phusssssssssssssssssssssssssss phuss pussss… “Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-” “They have no sense of purpose or pride!”

The life you experience after being born.

If there is an end to life, where does it end?

Perhaps the 10 strong men who appeared in front of Kang Seol would have been able to answer in unison.

It’s called ascension.

And Kang Seol was an unprecedented player who led all these horses to the position of ascension.

“This… at this rate, I guess I’ll have no choice but to deal with it myself!”


A codon with black lightning on both hands.


As Jamard rushed forward, Kodon held out a hand.

Black lightning struck Jamad directly.


Jamard trembled in great pain.

A power that cannot even be resisted.

Kodon was a majestic person even among the gods.

Everyone was secretly afraid of him.

Kodon’s power was this powerful, even if he was an illusion. As long as he couldn’t use the power of his imagination, Snowfall couldn’t win against him.

Kodon laughed like crazy.

“Hee hee hee hee! So what are you going to do now? You abandoned your friends and are now alone. All that’s left for you, who rejected the gods…”


“What’s left… huh?”

Two swords pierced Kodon’s chest from behind.

“Uh… huh?”

Kang Seol knew what these swords were.

Because they were the only swords in the world.

Breath and embers.

They crossed and bisected Kodon’s chest.

At that moment, the codon turned into smoke and the mask fell to the ground.



The mask let out a scream and Karen and Karuna appeared in its place.

Karen growled when she saw Kodon’s mask.

“Do not deceive my king, you misguided being. He is my king.”

“Cough… King… King? You are being used by the author! Heeheehee… That loner who can’t do anything is the king? “Do you think that makes sense?”

Karen grinned.

“Yes, I am his knight, and that man will become king one day. So watch us.”


Karen said, looking at Jamard in his restraints.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

For the first time, Karuna behaved kindly to Jamad. Jamard was upset for no reason due to that awkward atmosphere.

“… joy. “What’s going on here?”

Karuna answered on his behalf.

“The situation was unusual, so I took the risk of coming in. “Master, this is the exit.”

“… okay.”

Snowfall slowly walked towards the place where the light came in.

“Wait… Wait… Hey… Are you… are you really trying to forget about us? “Are we… not your friends anymore?”

Kodon asked in a dying voice.

Numerous masks appeared around him like illusions.

Those wearing masks.

Kang Seol was not planning on wearing a mask anymore.

“Okay, now we’re enemies.”

“Why… why…”

“That’s right… because I’m an adult now.”

“… it was fun.”

“me too. But now I will never come here again.”


Snowfall, shaking off old memories and burdens, came out into the light.

The dazed feeling disappeared and Kang Seol remembered that he was now chained.



Kangseol’s body, whose eyes were still closed, slowly began to tremble.




And gradually, the vibration became uncontrollably strong.

That moment.


Snowfall’s eyes opened.

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