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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 115

Episode 115

Han So-mi felt like she was dreaming right now. It was also a very unrealistic dream.

‘Oppa Kang Seol is that person…?’

Kongori and Nobira.

Cities in an ambiguous location whether to be called the central Nevenia region or the northern region.

There is a very famous person there.

A person called private.

A being who neither discloses information nor reveals his or her whereabouts.

However, about 90 out of 100 people in this area paid attention to his movements.

This is because of the ranking system.

‘I heard it’s almost… close to 3 million points.’

Recently, it was reported that the adventurer score had reached almost 3 million points, and I thought that this score could only be achieved by bringing together the average transferencers to almost the raid level.

It was like that.

Private was a legion on his own.

‘How can you accumulate so many points?’

The number of transferees that Somi Han had met so far was by no means small.

Whether for adventure or relaxation, transferees shared information with each other and information was exposed knowingly or unknowingly.

Everything is the same.

They experienced similar courses and adventures of similar difficulty.

After combining all that information, Han So-mi’s conclusion was that she could never reach an undisclosed score in an ordinary way.

‘I thought there was some kind of trick…’

Actually, that’s natural.

If most of the transferees are getting similar scores without a huge gap, is it strange that the person who leads alone or the average person is strange?

The soloist was clearly strange.

The events taking place on this continent of Pandea were strangely regular and could be seen as timely.

Unless I did something particularly strange, I would encounter adventures of moderate difficulty and structure.

‘As if this was all a game.’

Sometimes the phrase “rolling dice” came up, so her reasoning may not have been entirely wrong.

‘But this… it’s a foul…’

If this was a game, it was clear that Kang Seol was a very bad player who was exploiting the bug.

That was the only way I could explain it.

“haha! “It’s over!”


Turiax tried to defend against Karen’s attack by giving up his arm, but from the beginning, Karen possessed a Fire Exaltation that could inflict damage even if the opponent defended.




Afterwards, a quick, invisible sword strike was fired at Turiax, and the ogre’s head fell to the ground with a very clean cutting sound.


The severed head must have weighed a lot as it made a loud noise when it fell.

“Phew… this is the end!”

Karen sighed as if she had just finished her boring homework.

Even this reaction was surprising, but what surprised Han So-mi even more was the black knight that jumped out of Kang Seol’s hand.



Suddenly, a huge amount of blue light leaked out, and the ogre he was fighting was cut into pieces.

What is an ogre?

At the current level of the transferees, it was a large monster that was extremely difficult to hunt even through party play except for those at the top.

Their intelligence, slightly superior to that of beasts, made them very picky.

They are beings that can single-handedly subdue such ogres.

And now I know it’s true, but these weren’t people.


These were shadows.

The flowing black energy was constantly proving that her guess was correct.

dealing with shadows

As an individual, he had overwhelming power.

– Are you having a welcome party yet?

Han So-mi pondered the meaning of these words and then shouted.

“Ahh! “It’s dangerous!”

As far as she could see, a dark-looking being in the form of snowfall was fighting the lone ogre single-handedly.

* * *

[Take on the form of the shaman ‘Jammard of the Volcano’ and a night raven.]

[Absorb the abilities of ‘Jammard of the Volcano’.]

[Occupation: Fighter status.]


In a moment of crisis, in such a short period of time that it could be said to be a split second, Snowfall, surrounded by shadows, collided with the fist of an ogre named Toria.


The snow bounced off with a loud thud.


However, he was able to reduce the shock beyond his wits and was soon able to assume a stable posture.

[Quiet Toria]

Grade: Rare

Estimated level: 20~25

Forest ogres are more intelligent than other ogres.

They often use simple tools, but by human standards, those tools are sufficiently threatening.

Unlike other forest ogres, Toria grew slowly. But even so, there was no one who ignored Toria. It was because of other abilities that Toria had honed.

Despite the ogre’s naturally large size, he was able to move with great dexterity and stealth. He has a very strong sense of camaraderie and becomes the most feared person when his fighting comrades fall.

Basic abilities: [Sneak 2] [Hold your breath 2] [Shroud Strike 1] [Sweeping 3] [Persistence: Ogre Skin 3] [Persistence: Dull Pain] [Persistence: Sharp Sensation] [Persistence: Light Movement]

Special ability: [Comrades in Arms 1] [Wind Hole 2]

In that moment when Snowfall was being targeted, all other fights were resolved.



[Bone Lover Thuriax has been defeated.]

[Additional rewards will be given.]

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu us

us us!

[Forest predator Gulliam has been defeated.]

[Additional rewards will be given.]

All that was left was Toria, whom Snowfall had to deal with.

The shadow’s mouth opened.

“You just happen to be a good opponent, hey.”


“Concentrate. Take control of your body from now on.”

At that moment, a great sense of liberation came to Kangseol.

At the same time, tremendous power as well.

Kang Seol clenched her teeth and endured the endless pleasure.

“For that big guy, he’s pretty agile. “He’s worthy of being your first opponent.”

“Wouldn’t I be inferior? “I haven’t had a fight since elementary school.”

“… You grew up in a different environment than this body. For this body, living itself was a struggle.”

“So is it worth a try?”

“I’m going to slam it into your body, so feel it with your own body.”

At that time, Toria’s eyes began to turn red.


[Toria has confirmed the death of Turiax.]

[Toria’s special ability: Brotherhood in Arms is activated.]

[Toria’s all stats increase by 20%.]

[Toria has confirmed the death of Gulliam.]

[Toria ‘s special ability: Friendship in Arms is activated.]

[All of Toria’s abilities increase by 20%.]

The ferocious spirit has returned twice as much as before.

A terrible place to live.

Jamard’s voice was heard.

But this time, it sounded more clearly, as if it had come directly to Kang Seol’s head rather than a sound.

– I guess I’ll say I learn it a little faster.


[Toria uses breath holding.]

[Toria makes no sound.]

[Toria uses sneaking.]

[Toria makes no sign.]

Suddenly he The large ogre’s appearance disappeared.

– Stay focused if you don’t want your head blown off right away.

“Do you want me to help you?”

Karen shouted, but Kangseol did not respond.

Karen, who judged it to be a negative sign, shrugged her shoulders and joined Han So-mi and her group. The same was true for Karuna.

This was done because Toria might be targeting other members of the group.

Kang Seol took his mind off that place and focused on the fight.

Jamard gave advice after seeing the awkward posture he took.

‘Tread the ground widely. Good movement is determined from the beginning.’


The moment when Kangseol moves his feet slightly and corrects his posture.


[Toria’s sneaking is canceled.]

[Toria’s breath hold is canceled.]

[Toria falls into an exhausted state.]

[Damage is reduced by 30% for 5 seconds.]

Toria jumps out and grabs him with both hands. I tried to catch it.



Snowfall barely escaped the attack by floating in the air.

– Avoid rising into the air. You can’t be free unless you have wings.

“know! “I know…”


Toria’s elbow swung at the snowfall floating in the air.



Kang Seol avoided another attack by twisting his body forcibly in the air.

– So when are you going to attack?

“Ha… This isn’t easy…”

– The lower body is weak. No matter how much of my strength you have been given, your basic physical strength is…

“Is there any useful advice right now?”


[Toria uses a sweep.]

[The attack radius is now a little wider.]

– Useful advice right now? Should I have told you in advance? It’s good, since you learn it as an attribute anyway, it doesn’t matter if the standard learning comes later.

[Toria does not make any sound.]

[Toria uses sneaking.]

[Toria does not make any sign.]


Toria disappeared again.

Will I be able to avoid it this time?

– Among the traditional foods of Rock Molar, there are dishes made from wild animals.

“… That’s advice?”

– Listen calmly. Since you’re hitting it directly on the head anyway, it doesn’t mean you won’t hear it just because you’re concentrating.


[Toria’s sneaking is canceled.]

[Toria’s breath holding is canceled.]

[Toria falls into a state of exhaustion.]

[Damage is reduced by 30% for 5 seconds.]

Toria pops out again.


All the trees around it were swept away and fell down.

The very fact that it was possible was proof of the ogre’s enormous power.

‘It’s dangerous if you allow an attack even once!’

– It’s a dish called Nuri, and it uses unique peppers as a seasoning. But you know what’s funny?


– You don’t have to answer because you’ll be listening anyway. All of the wild animals used in this Nuri have a very strong smell. The same goes for mountain goats, wild boars, roe deer, and rabbits. Nevertheless, the taste of Nuria, which uses different meat every time, is not very different. Even most of the scent has disappeared. Why?


“Ugh… I think I can see it now…”

– Because seasoning is the key. Most of the taste of Nuri comes from this seasoning. In my opinion, you are a wild animal. It’s lousy and smells like fun.


[Toria’s special ability: Wind Hole activates.]

[Attacks using Toria’s body now create a hole.]


Toria’s fist hit the tree instead of the snow. A large fist-shaped hole was made in the tree.

“It’s a bullet, it’s a bullet…”

– But that’s okay. This is because Jamard’s combat experience is unparalleled.

“Just to the point! Because it looks like there’s a hole in it!”

– I felt it while borrowing your body the other day, and your movements were vaguely engraved on my body. Of course, it was so clumsy that I deleted it in an instant.

“That means…”



Snowfall was still something to be avoided.

But before I knew it, I was moving much better than before.

– My movements will also be engraved on your body. Capture your enjoyment with my battle experience.

“Tell me sooner!”

Snowfall found a breakthrough and responded to Toria’s continued attacks.




Toria, who missed her goal, became angry.

Snowfall, who easily escaped from Toria’s arms, nodded.

‘It was true.’

Jamard’s senses really remained in Kang Seol’s body. The nervous snowfall couldn’t capture it properly.

Kang Seol, who realized this, is a completely different being than before.

So much so that this type of training is meaningless.


Toria pulled her right arm wide towards Snowfall, who was standing still, and extended it.

It is clear that it has tremendous destructive power, but it is a movement with many loopholes.

– Can you see it?

It was referring to the large gap in Toria’s movements.

However, even before Jamard could ask, Snowfall was already jumping towards Toria’s attack.

– Dig in, unless you’re a coward.

“Of course….”


The snow fell into my chest.


However, since this was my first attack, there was one thing I didn’t expect.

‘Is this enough?’

Kang Seol began to wonder whether simply hitting Toria with a fist would cause Toria to collapse.

However, it cleared up the question of whether Jamard noticed it.

– Rather, it overflows.

[Switches to volcano stance.]

[All attacks cause flames to ignite.]

[An explosion occurs at the point of impact.]

[Continuous: Transferring flames are applied.]

[Continuous: Heat and warmth are applied. ]

Instead of Snowfall, who couldn’t switch to the volcano stance because she was too focused on her movements, Jamard adjusted her body instead.

And a shadowy hand with a different feel than before appeared on Snowfall’s right arm.


I felt all the magic leaving my body.

It was Jamard’s doing.

‘Such ignorance! If you do this, next time…’

[The shadow hand is persistent: affected by transfer flames.]

[The shadow hand is persistent: affected by heat and warmth.]

[The special ability of the master of shadows is activated.]

[A new ability is created.]

‘… Huh?’

Snowfall’s arms swelled to a size larger than his body. And he swung it naturally.


And I felt it the moment it hit Toria’s chin.

– This body has left, so there can be no next time.

From the beginning, there was no need to worry about Daum.

Kwahiah ah ah ah ahhhhhhh!





Toria’s head was pulled out in the aftermath of colliding with Snowfall’s giant fist, breaking the tree several times and flying away.

[Silent Toria has been defeated.]

[Additional rewards are given.]

[Successfully overcome the unexpected adventure.]

[Achievement ‘Don’t panic’.]

[Obtain the title “Resolver.”]

[ You can finish the adventure when the time limit expires or when you select a reward.]

A lot of things came to mind on Snowfall’s interface.

[enlightenment! Awakening new abilities.]

[Night Crow: Awakening to rule with an iron fist.]

[Crow: Rule with an iron fist is born!]

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