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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 116

Episode 116:

Snowfall, who had just delivered a brutal blow, was out of breath.

“Haa… haa….”

Who would have known that it would have such destructive power that it would blow off an ogre’s entire head?

[Your current magic power is below 5%.]

[You will experience a magic power deficiency.]

[The speed of magic recovery is reduced by 50% for 5 minutes.]

[You used excessive magic power at once.]

[Status abnormality for one day: Dizziness. suffers from.]

[The cooldown of the ability increases by 10%.]

It seems there was some risk in return.

‘It’s worth it.’

If the ability to rip out the head of a large monster was without any risk, Snowfall would have been the first to feel puzzled.

‘I guess I’ll have to use it as a finish or all-or-nothing approach.’

Iron Fist Rule can only be used in the form of a raven in the first place, and it sucks up most of the remaining magic power.

This was not something that could be solved by increasing horsepower.

‘Is there no choice but to increase proficiency or modify the ability itself?’

It was a sound that would have made other adventurers, who were using only their given abilities to overcome a crisis, angry if they had heard it.

But because it was snowing, it was possible to design such things.

In any case, it was a good thing to gain new abilities.

In the first place, it was a magic power that had no use other than the Shadow Hand. In the meantime, even if you didn’t use magic power, the summons took care of everything.

Since he had an excuse to expend his vast magical power, it could be said that he was a much better step forward than before.

Snowfall stood over the headless corpse of an ogre and looked down at the onlookers.


That image overlapped with the scenery of the forest at sunset, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Even though it wasn’t Kang Seol’s intention, it made him seem like a lonely absolute figure.


“Brother tongue….”

“Seol is sleeping….”

‘Hey’ sponsored Madness by 1200!

[My seat there.]

– It’s crazy!!

– click! Click click click!!! (Shutter sound)

– Difficult to

take a picture – Wow… Is this the stupid summoner who was hiding behind the summoner?

‘Ogre fist?’ You supported Madness by 1000!

[Wrong, now is the era of the night raven pork cutlet punch!]

– Pork cutlet punch! Pork cutlet punch!

– You are God!

– I was completely entranced…

– Snap! Snap! (sound of pork cutlet banging)

– Do you like pork cutlet?

‘Inconvenient Bug’ sponsored Madness by 1300!

[I feel a little uncomfortable. There’s a job fantasy… The summoner has to summon it, but where can you beat it with your fists? This inconvenient insect has been eradicated by Sesco, so don’t worry!]

– I believed it! POSCO!

– Not there!

– Of course, UNESCO!

– Not even there!

– It was quite spicy. Tabasco Coon!

– ….

Karen and Karuna slowly approached Kangseol.

“Is it Jamad?”


“master? Oh… it’s pretty… I’m a bit surprised.”

Snowfall in the shape of a night crow, and Karen and Karuna.

Just the three of them gave off a feeling of intimidation that was even greater than that of the ogres.

Han So-mi and her group were so overwhelmed by the intimidation that they could not speak properly.

Who would have known that the young man they regarded as a summoner who was good at cooking could have such dangerous powers?

The only thing Shinmun-ho started talking about was stuttering.

“Huh… heh… I wonder what happened….”


“We bought it… right?”


Snowfall has canceled its raven shape.

When he returned to a calm mood, Han So-mi sighed until the floor fell.

“Whew… we’re not going to be eliminated, are we?”

Kang Seol was dumbfounded and asked back.


“When you see it in the movies, it’s like, ‘You saw something you shouldn’t have seen.’ They say they eliminate witnesses. So maybe…”

Only she could have such a unique delusion.

“Oh, that doesn’t happen.”

At that time, Shin Mun-ho and Kyung-taek Cho sighed at the same time.

“Ha… I’m glad.”

“I got scolded for keeping an eye on you.”

Kangseol corrected.

This unique delusion was more common than I thought.

Once the tension was resolved, the lively world of Han So-mi arrived. Han So-mi chatted happily to the point that it felt as if the dull background had been painted colorfully.

“You have an older brother. Is your brother that person? Well… it’s private, right? “This is the person who has a really high score and recently visited Yognatun.”

Kang Seol, who didn’t know she would admit this with her own mouth, shrugged her shoulders and answered instead.

“Oh… that gesture is cool too. “You have to learn it.”

“If we do it, we’ll look like people with stiff shoulders.”

“As expected… is it different because it is done by a master? Are these differences what separate the ordinary from the extraordinary?”


– Stop losing Han So-mi!

– The effect of Han So-mi’s shame attack was amazing!

– I can’t breathe because I put so much gold on my face! Even my nostrils were blocked!

“How could this be a coincidence? “It seems like it was only yesterday that we heard news of Yognathun… Why did we meet here?”

It wasn’t something that could be called a coincidence.

It was just that Snowfall was going on an adventure here, and suddenly an adventure occurred and she joined her group.

“I knew. “Is this it?”


“fate. “We were destined to meet like this!”

“Sister, let’s come here and take a look at the loot. “I have to check to see if anything came out of my sister’s too.”

“Hey Gaegyeongtaek! Don’t you want to listen to me? Now about fate…”

– Hey Mr. Han, don’t talk nonsense and come get the loot.

– Han So-mi’s opponent Kyung-taek Kyunghaha

Kyung-taek Kyung said while rummaging through the loot.

“Don’t worry bro. My sister watched too many dramas. Also, I’m a person who only likes posts about celebrities on Instagram…”

“How did you know that?”

“My sister told me everything last time.”

“anyway! “But shall we check the loot first?”

One piece of loot was created at each person’s feet.

“Let’s talk about this first after checking the loot.”

Han So-mi bent down and opened the box to check her loot.

Kang Seol kicked the loot box and checked its contents.



[Check the trio’s loot.]

[The level increases.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability activates.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[The deceased noblewoman’s Obtain gloves.]

[Acquire a necromancer tree.]

[Acquire an ogre’s fang.] [

Acquire an ogre’s fang.] [

Acquire 4 platinum coins.]

[Acquire 30 gold coins. ]

[Acquire 22 silver coins.]

[Acquire 10 medium-sized red potions.]

[Acquire 8 medium-sized blue potions.]


Snowfall’s expression was not good.

‘Three materials came out.’

Necromancer tree and ogre’s fang. Moreover, the ogre’s fangs came out in duplicate.

Both were subjects that did not have much meaning to Kang Seol.

‘The rating is too low.’

First of all, the problem was that both were rare grade materials.

Of course, even if the material was rare, treasure-grade production equipment could be created, but the probability was relatively low compared to other treasure-grade materials.

Moreover, Kang Seol had several pieces of equipment that could be considered the ultimate in production equipment at this point.

So, these materials are not to his liking right now.

‘The adventure was a bit easy.’

An adventure where all you had to do was slay the demonic beasts that flowed from the center of the forest.

Still, as if it was worthwhile to kill all three ogres that came out, a piece of treasure-grade equipment appeared.

[Gloves of a deceased noblewoman]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 22 – 28

Defense: 45

Durability: 92/92

Weight: 0.1kg

Gloves made from the silk of dream silkworms distributed by Mirshen. The silk of a dreamy silkworm is worth more than the same weight of gold. There is also a popular belief that anyone who wears clothes made of this silk will definitely have great luck.

However, the owner of this item personally proved that the rumor is nothing more than a rumor.

Basic ability: Intelligence + 9 Wisdom + 14 Stamina + 10

Special ability: Comfortable fit that blends into the skin Grants a slight correction to all actions taken with the hands

Snowfall immediately took off the spirit protection gloves she was wearing, put them in her belongings, and put on the noble lady’s gloves. worn.

‘Any action done with the hands would include fighting.’

That alone was worth it.

It would be helpful when he took on the form of a raven.

Plus the options were pretty great.

‘It’s rare to find fighting equipment with wisdom.’

– A summoner during the day, a fighter at night.

– Fighting during the day and at night haha

– No matter what item you wear, you’ll get the effect haha.

“Um… bro.”


“Did you come up with something good?”

“No, I guess the adventure was a little easy.”

– Hearing about treasures must be astounding lol

– Oh, it would be a shame if someone who only eats treasures ate less than usual!

– Gyeongtaek Cho: I see… Is Seol hyung useless?

– Does this child know what it feels like to be full?

“brother! You know what? Do that!”

“that? “What is that?”

“Have you never played party before?”

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember doing anything that could be called party play. Because Snowfall was always alone.

But for some reason, I felt uncomfortable saying yes.

“I can’t understand you because my sister speaks strangely. It means to barter. After collecting the loot, we exchange the equipment we got, right? “That’s it.”

“Oh, me again.”

In fact, Kangseol didn’t even know that such a thing existed, but it seemed to be a widely spread culture among transferors.

Tap, tap, tap.

Party members started putting things down.


The quality of the goods was so bad that I wondered if the compensation was the same.

The items they put down all started from scratch.

Snowfall deliberately did not put down special grade equipment because she thought it was a bunch of miscellaneous equipment, but they seemed to be using such equipment as well.

– This… I can feel the gap between the rich and the poor…

– The bus fare isn’t 10,000 won? yes? It’s completely free!

– Chaebols cannot understand the hearts of common people.

Meanwhile, there was equipment that caught Snowfall’s attention.

A rare grade necklace put down by Han So-mi and a rare grade ring put down by Shin Mun-ho.

Both were good equipment for combat classes to use.

In the case of snowfall, it was a good item for summons to go through before getting good equipment.

“Aaaah! It’s a commanding tree! “That’s a necromancer tree, right?”

“canine! “I was looking forward to it, and it took off there!”

But they also seemed to like Kang Seol’s items.

‘Sarment wood is a good bow material… Ogre fangs are a good material to use as a dagger.’

Han So-mi approached Kang Seol with shining eyes.

“Are you using that? yes? use it? Does a summoner need a commander? yes? Wouldn’t it be better to take it and plant it in the front yard? yes?”

“It is said that those fangs only drop at a low probability when hunting ogres… Since I hunted three, two of them are worth dropping. Um… that….”

Kangseol exchanged their items with the materials he had. It was a mutually satisfying exchange.

Before Han So-mi clicked the end adventure button, she offered something to Kang-seol.

“Brother, look at this….”

“Leather? “Why is the leather…”

“Put your signature here… If you scratch it with this knife, it will remain cool. I’ll add it to my weapon later…”

– Is this a good restaurant?

– Ah… This is why celebrities were

handed knives and signed autographs as if they thought Kang Seol was ridiculous.

“It was written down there, ‘Somi, you will definitely get into college next year. Please also include ‘Seol’s oppa…’. Even the ellipses are vague and vague!”

“… Are you sure you can go back next year?”

“I’ll just use it as a talisman.”

– Always be happy (Snowman)

– This place is really delicious (private)

– Good luck! (Kang Seol)

Kang Seol somehow felt refreshed when he was with Han So-mi. Still, because he was a positive person, Kang Seol’s gloomy feelings were further alleviated.

They pressed the end adventure button at the same time.

Jiiiing –

All party members were sent together to the vicinity of Novira.

Because this was the first time she had ever experienced a memory like this with people around her, Kang Seol felt a little unfamiliar.

“Whew… how did you come back alive?”

“It’s hell every time I go on an adventure.”

Han So-mi and Gyeong-taek grumbled and opened the interface.

A message that comes to mind to party members.

[The following is the current score ranking up to Adventure 16.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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