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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 117

Snowfall’s score for successfully completing

Chapter 117 , Adventure 16, appeared on his interface.

[Information is private.]

[Your score is 3456300 points.]

‘It’s over 3 million points.’

It may not be possible to accurately judge whether the adventurer’s score is high or low, but just by looking at the numbers lined up neatly, it is clear that it is a number that cannot be easily approached.

Kang Seol didn’t show much of a reaction to the huge score, but she couldn’t help but widen her eyes a little at the message that came to her mind.

[Adventure score exceeds 3,000,000 points.]

[Achieve the first achievement, ‘Beyond.’]

[Acquire the first title, ‘Trustworthy One.’]

‘The first achievement… This is the first title!’

When I reached 1 million points a while back, I got the first achievement and the first title.

The title I got at that time was Albuza.

This title allowed him to acquire additional ability points each time he completed an adventure, allowing Snowfall to draw a blueprint for widening the gap between him and other transferees.

Of course, because he was caught up in various things, he still wasn’t using his ability points properly.

Top adventurer ranking

1. Private (3456300)

2. I like being alone (811710)

3. Private (800220)

4. The tree that I cherished (776390)

5. Who ate the mango (720440)

Han So-mi and her group were shocked after checking the leaderboard. caught up in

“33 million points… It’s crazy… Oppa, that’s you, right?”

“Didn’t we just go on the same adventure? “So we’ve gone up that much too?”

“Gyeongtaek, are you on bad terms with the thing on your shoulder? “What is the difference in contribution between us and your brother?”

“Ah… I see.”

Han So-mi corrected the part that the group might have misunderstood.

It was as she said.

The party-only adventure score did not increase equally for all party members.

Contribution calculation method.

The adventure points each person earned was determined by how perfectly they performed their role within the adventure.

Moreover, for a person like Snow Seol, this adventure wasn’t one that gave him that many points in the first place, and since he almost monopolized the points, it was highly unlikely that the points would have been given to others.

The reason why Snowfall scored so many points this time was possible because the previous adventure was one where perception was at a dangerous level.

In addition, the fact that unexpected adventures have additional points compared to existing adventures was added.

Of course, there was no way Kang Seol knew this fact, as it was actually his first time playing in a party.

“Hyung, how does it feel to get over 1 million points?”

“… well?”

“I have a long way left to reach 1 million points…”

Kyung-taek Kyung showed a despondent look.

Kang Seol didn’t pay any attention to his appearance and focused on other things.

What he was interested in was his newly acquired title.

[First Title: Trustworthy]

Related Achievements: Beyond (Adventure: None)

Special Ability: Ten Thousand Demons (Unique) Action

‘… What? Unique ability?

Except in special cases, proper unique abilities only appeared in equipment of the non-exclusive grade or higher.

It was a very rare case for it to appear as a title like this.

‘Is the ability… persistent?’

An ability that is described as increasing damage, healing, and recovery by 10% for all allies within a wide radius.


Kang Seol confirmed his ability and his complexion hardened.

“brother? What’s wrong?”


– Oh wow hahahaha

– Deal heal + 10% Are you crazy hahaha

– Don’t talk to me! Because I’m enjoying the afterglow!

– Is it in the form of an aura? crazy; If it applies to all allies, it will also apply to the raid level, right?

– It’s super efficient… but it’s just continuous? No cost?

– Since last time, I don’t know the extent of the first titles…


A geometric pattern has appeared under Kangseol’s feet.

After the pattern’s light flashed a few times, it vaporized like smoke and hovered around Snow Seol.

The energy of the pattern merged with the energy of the black shadow he was handling, creating a quite mysterious energy.

And that energy spread to Snowfall’s party members.

[Continued: Thousands of thousands of demons are at work.]

[Continued for college students: Thousands of thousands of demons are at work.]

[Continued to a cat like me: Tens of thousands of demons are at work.]

[Continued for Yerin’s dad: Tens of thousands of demons are at work.]

“. .. uh?”

“A thousand soldiers? What’s this? What appears in the reinforcement effect window?”

“Damage and healing 10… percent? This is awesome… Gyeongtaek, did you have this kind of skill?”

“If I had something like this, why would I have a party with my sister?”

“hey! “If I had something like this, I would have had a party with a celebrity, right?”

“Even if my sister has something like this, don’t you think celebrities will join her?”

“You b*stard, come to work!”

When party members expressed doubts about the newly emerged buff, Kangseol checked to see if the buff applied to others as well.

[Continued for Karen: Ten Thousand Demons works.]

‘… The ability also applies to summoned animals!’

Snowfall was like a walking party even if you were solo.

In other words, damage, healing, and recovery were all important options for him.

However, I never thought there would be such a surplus of business if only one title was raised at once.

“uh? brother? “Why are you smiling all of a sudden?”

Karen waved her hands.

“Leave it alone, it’s like this sometimes.”

– The summoned animals have ‘adapted’ to the snowman.

– Sometimes, the way he grins gives me goosebumps lol

[Breaking begins.]

[Novira resting begins.]

[Break 7. Novira being restored]

Rest 7. ‘Novira being restored’

Southern ruins of the eternal world of Pandea City Novira. The scars left by the Sulfur Skull are still painful, but the city is regaining its appearance.

Unlike the prosperous past, there are still many shortcomings, but adventurers are flocking to this place where new challenges abound.

Adventurers must fully rest and train here or in other rest areas before preparing for the next adventure.

Goal: Rest and maintenance.

I feel tired when I fail to achieve my goals.

Current remaining time: “Approximately 30 days.”

Han So-mi spoke as soon as she arrived in Nobira.

“Seol, have you decided on a place to stay?”

“Why are you staying here?”

“Well, it would be nice to stay in the same place….”

“That’s it! “Is this a networking project or something?”

“Shh! “Shut up, Gyeongtaek!”

“Did you hear that? This is what happens when you show your true colors. right! And you swore in private at the end, sister. “Did you forget?”

“… Oh right.”

Han So-mi has a history of gleefully chewing on private information with the belief that if she can’t have it, she will destroy it.

I didn’t even know there was a private one right next to it.

– Everyone, this is why Snowman listens to the daytime conversation and private people listen to the nighttime conversation.

– yes?

– Just get the hang of it!

Kang Seol answered Han So-mi’s first question.

“You mean the lodgings?”

“Your accommodation.”

“I think it’ll be okay. “I’m thinking of leaving Nobira soon.”

“yes? “You’re not staying here?”

“Yes, is there any problem?”

“Oh no. That’s not it… I like you both, but how can we even have a meal together…”

“That’s right, brother. Even if you go, please treat me to at least a meal. Thanks to you, we came back safely. “I think if I send it like this, I’ll keep thinking about it.”


Kangseol looked at Karen.

Then Karen, who made eye contact with him, shrugged her shoulders and signaled that it was okay.

“great. Then, let’s go right now. Where would be better?…”

“We’ll choose!” Hmm…”

– A classy meal is also called Gimcheon.

– If you go to Gimcheon, you need to be careful. If you let your guard down, the soup bowl moves as it wants hahaha

– ㄹㅇ haha soup bowl strong artificial intelligence hahaha

* * *

A restaurant that gives a somewhat neat feeling.

Perhaps because good wood was used, rather than an unpleasant scent, the warmth of the people mixed together created a quite nice feeling.

“So you lost it all?”

“Yes, I lost it all.”

“But why did you come back?”

“What… just?”

“ha ha ha! That’s the only reason you returned to Nobira after that terrible experience? “It’s fun, it’s fun!”

Snowfall was a little surprised.

‘It’s quite crowded. It wasn’t like this until I left.’

Of course, that kind of energy was there.

Little by little, I feel like Nobira is regaining her vitality.

But I never thought it would go back to its past so quickly.

“You’re going…to the south?”

“That’s right.”

“Where Audenin?”


“If it’s Audenin… that’s where Park Chang-sik or something like that is.”

“Are you famous?”

“Have you never been to Audenin?”

“yes. Have you been there?”


– I thought I’d been there lol

– (Powerful) No?

“It’s a rumor. It’s all a rumor.”

“How on earth do you hear that rumor?”

Kang Seol is much weaker than him, and I was surprised that she knew more than I thought.

Surprisingly, the answer was simple.

“It’s a transfer and a community. “You know, right?”

“I know this, but it must be difficult to get news from other bases, right?”

“It turned out to be not as difficult as I thought if it was within the same country. Have you only used the community within the association?”


“Hahaha! Did you hear, Gyeongtaek? “He is surprisingly pure.”

“Hyung… I’m shocked.”

Jo Kyung-taek looked at Snowfall with a truly shocked expression. That expression seemed like there was no way my idol could be like this.

Shin Mun-ho cleared his throat and gave Kang Seol a lesson.

“Hmm… Isn’t it possible for those friends to exchange news with each other? “I’m a little embarrassed that Kang Seol doesn’t know what I know.”

“Oh, that.”

Snowfall also knew that the friend system existed.

But I hadn’t thought about using it until now.

Because I was only focused on becoming stronger, I dismissed these small systems as trivial.

“Friends can exchange letters through the association, right? That’s where the exchange of information takes place.”


Kang Seol rarely considered anyone a friend.

To begin with, his mental world was quite unique, and he didn’t really have a chance to get along well with other transferees after coming here.

In fact, Kangseol was closer to his summons than to the transferencers.

“This is much more convenient than I thought. I’m still in contact with the girl I met at the beginning of my adventure, right? He goes down further than Audenin and sends me news every time I rest. “I also spread news from here.”



Han So-mi’s eyes rolled around.

“Chi… Chi… Chin….”

“Can I add you as a friend, bro?”

“hey! Don’t hit the player! And if you say that, who….”



“… what?”

The situation wasn’t that bad for Snowfall either.

Because I was confident that I could at least get the intangible value of information from them and that he could create tangible value from that intangible value.

At least, as long as they don’t make useless requests.

Kang Seol tried to talk about him.


Han So-mi interrupted and said as if she were having a fit.

“You don’t have to help me. Just… business? Yes business! To the extent of delivering such offers or small news? As a bonus, I also get to hear some news about my brother. “How are you?”

Kang Seol nodded.

It was never a losing business.

[I became friends with all the college students.]

[I became friends with the cat I’m the only one.]

[I became friends with Yerin’s dad.]

Han So-mi loved jumping around on her chair.

“Oppa, I will definitely protect your identity.”

“… yes? Well… I don’t like being bothered.”

Now, unlike before, Snowfall’s combat power has risen to a level that is not bad, so she can handle everything before it becomes a hassle.

Still, I was still a little reluctant to reveal my identity openly.

“I will definitely protect my identity. That’s what the loneliness of the powerful is all about. “I also saw a lot of it in books.”

“… Is that so?”

“Are you lonely?”

– Not at all

– Raised a harmonious family

– Nuclear family (4 people)

– Nuclear family (4 people) with fighting power As

Han So-mi gave her a faint look in her eyes as if she understood Kang Seol’s loneliness, someone came into the restaurant.


knock… knock…

“It was here.”

A familiar voice.

Judging from the murmurs around him, it seemed like he was not an ordinary person.

Kang Seol greeted the other person as if it was natural.

“Miss Yumira.”

Kyeong-taek Kyung-taek whispered to So-mi Han next to him.

“Wow… it’s Yumira.”

“I guess he’s back from Yognathun.”

“This is my first time seeing it in real life, but… was there a scar on your eye?”

“How about the real thing? “Your sister is better, right?”

“There is an atmosphere…. It’s no joke. “The score was also very high.”

“… Hey, we are still friends with that private person.”

“Wouldn’t Yumi be a friend too?”

“No, you can’t tell just by looking at it? business!”

Kang Seol looked at Han So-mi and the others. Han So-mi and Kyung-taek Kyung nodded desperately and pretended to go quickly.


Snowfall followed Yu Mira.

Her mood was so calm.

“Is there anything left to do?”

“Oh, I’m not saying let’s just see it as our business. another pair of boots. “Maybe… it’s your problem, right?”

“another pair of boots?”

The next words she spoke made Jiang Seol very shaken.

“Xiamen has left.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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