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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 120

Episode 120:

Kang Seol’s accommodation, guided by Park Chang-sik, exceeded expectations.

“and! “It’s really big!”

Karen made a fuss about her bedroom in the past, which must have been much larger.

The size of this accommodation was definitely too large for one person to use.

Karen said something about him.

“That guy seems quite serious, doesn’t he?”

“You must be serious.”

Kang Seol, who experienced the labyrinth of penance firsthand, was able to understand at least part of Park Chang-sik’s mind.

Kang Seol suddenly became curious and looked at Karen.

“… why?”

“Was there a labyrinth in your time?”

“Yes, I was called by a different name.”

“Another name?”

“We called it the grave. There was even talk that it was really someone’s tomb to begin with, and people who went in never came back.”

“no one?”

“Yeah, no one. And after that, Jin threatened that no one should go in there, so I lost interest. Well, there are always crazy idiots, and there were grave robbers who went in on their own. Of course I couldn’t come back.”

Kang Seol nodded.

‘The labyrinth has existed for a very long time.’

Since it was not created recently, it would be difficult for someone’s intentions to intervene. Moreover, if it has been this long, even if there was intention, it is bound to have become blurred.

‘Who on earth created the labyrinth? For what?’

These are things we cannot know right now. And it wasn’t an important issue right now.

Actually, the most important problem right now was that Snowfall had to break through the labyrinth.

‘Still, the Labyrinth of Penance is more worth doing than other labyrinths.’

Other labyrinths were notorious among players even without mentioning their difficulty.

Of course, this does not mean that the difficulty of the Labyrinth of Asceticism is low, just that it is worth doing compared to other labyrinths.

‘Especially when you get into it so early on…’

It’s probably no different from a nightmare.

Under normal circumstances, I would never have gone in. There would be no horse that could break through the labyrinth at this early stage.


Knowing all this, Kang Seol decided to enter the labyrinth of penance.

The labyrinth tests everything.

Strength, wisdom, and even mental strength.

There were several reasons why Kang Seol headed to the Labyrinth of Asceticism.

First of all, he was confident in his own way.

First of all, as many as two horses challenged the labyrinth of penance. The information about the labyrinth accumulated in the process was also considerable. So, I was confident in my strategy as long as there were no major problems.

And another reason why he wanted to break through the labyrinth was because of the blood saint who had broken through the labyrinth of asceticism first.

‘Am I actually stronger now than I was when I broke through the labyrinth?’

If Jiang Seol’s memory was correct, the Blood Saint also broke through the labyrinth quite early. Of course, it was later than now.

So, it was not strange for Kang Seol to have these feelings.

‘I walk the path taken by the blood saint.’

For Kang Seol, the inspiration and elation that this fact brought was very great.

Although he encountered the labyrinth a little early, it was a good opportunity to test what had remained a mystery to him all along.

Just how far have you come?

We should not have been defeated by previous horses, whether in wisdom or strength.

“Master, but the labyrinth of penance… won’t be easy, right?”

“… It won’t be easy.”

“The name itself is a bit disturbing.”

The Labyrinth of Asceticism is a labyrinth that focuses on mental power rather than strength.

The final 10 members of Jiang Seol’s Horse, who were so powerful, had all failed to ascend to heaven.

However, if I failed to break through the labyrinth here, the future was clear even if I didn’t have to go to Ascension.


‘I can do it. I am stronger than 10 people at this time of year!’

Knock knock knock.

At that time, someone knocked on the dormitory door.

“Who came?”

A voice came from beyond the door.

“This is Park Chang-sik.”

“yes. “I will open it now.”


Park Chang-sik’s complexion wasn’t very good.

“A little… awkward problem has arisen.”

* * *

Early morning a few days later.

After putting himself in order, Kang Seol headed somewhere with Karen.

Audenin is a city where five large guilds lead the transferees.

Therefore, the influence of immigrants within the city could not be ignored.

The most symbolic representation of this was the lighthouse of faith that stood tall in Audenine.

Although it only had the name, it was not actually a lighthouse, but a building made of high-quality stone. Still, no one could ignore its majesty.

Now, Kangseol was entering there wearing a robe with Karen.



Eyes followed their every step.

The owners of the gaze were the guild members of the five guilds who came first.

“That person is private? “Is it normal?”

“How did Park Chang-sik seduce you?”

“The fearless b*stard is still trying to be the leader. Ha….”

A situation where we are doubting and criticizing each other in the lighthouse of faith.

Will the transferees be able to join forces only if they endure these contradictions?

Kang Seol didn’t want to get involved in this matter, but she ended up coming here because of what Park Chang-sik said a few days ago when he came to her dorm in person.

A round table sat in front of them.

“Welcome, Mr. Private?”

The guild leaders of the four other guilds that had a conflict with Park Chang-sik came and sat down first.

– In fact, there is a war of words going on about the last certificate.

The coalition’s general opinion was that there should be no failure as the certificate they held was presumed to be the last certificate.

And Park Chang-sik has already failed once and lost trust in the alliance.

The current public opinion of the coalition was formed like this. That the most capable must challenge the labyrinth of asceticism.

Even though Park Chang-sik is the head of the union, he cannot monopolize that opportunity.

However, from the perspective of Park Chang-sik’s faction, there was a reason why they could not back down.

– They don’t know much about the labyrinth. In fact, the transferees who entered the labyrinth for the second time are refusing to go back in. The labyrinth is full of fear, but we are only considering the pros and cons… This issue is not about who is best to enter. It’s a question of who can enter and endure the labyrinth.

Of course, the guild leaders would not know this.

Considering that I wasted my second chance, anyone would have guessed that the difficulty of the labyrinth was beyond imagination.

– So the conclusion was to do as the person who invited the last most suitable ascetic said. The key to breaking through the labyrinth is the last ascetic. In fact, it may not matter who the remaining four are selected to join.

Thus, the last ascetic candidate invited by Park Chang-sik became Kang Seol.

– But… they say they also brought the last candidate for asceticism. I think it will have to be verified eventually. It’s okay… are you okay?

Park Chang-sik asked about Kang Seol’s intention.

Kang Seol answered him.

“All right.”

For Kang Seol, this procedure was not about assessing what is possible and what is impossible.

Just annoying.

It was just an addition to the process of going into the labyrinth.

With that feeling in mind, I am here now.

A woman who introduced herself as Son Joo-yeon, one of the guild leaders, raised her eyes and asked Kang-seol.

“…are you listening to me?”

“…Oh yes.”

– (Picking his ear)

– (Playing on his cell phone)

– To be honest, I’m not really interested in it lol

The name Son Joo-yeon will probably be forgotten once this incident is over anyway.

A name that there is no reason to have difficulty remembering.

“We have no choice in order to fairly determine the number of people entering the labyrinth, so we hope for your understanding.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Mr. Changsik, are you really not revealing your nickname?”

“Do we even have to disclose that? Still doesn’t work. “It’s difficult because I wasn’t invited under those conditions to begin with.”

His answer gave the guild members an excuse to be dissatisfied.

“No, does it make sense to do that when you say you want to know some information about the person who entrusts your life to you?”

“What kind of idol is this? “Is it mysticism or something?”

“But is that true?”


“Is it true that this person has over 3 million points? “There are only a handful of people around here who have over 1 million points.”

“That’s what I said, but… you’ll have to see.”

After this, Son Joo-yeon and Park Chang-sik continued to argue under the guise of a meeting.

Finally, Son Joo-yeon, who was somewhat exhausted, spoke to him.

“This will never end. “We will also put forward a candidate.”

“You said that a long time ago… You just lost your strength for no reason, right?”

“If we go in, we will distribute the harvest fairly… but you really make the work tiring.”

“Haha… I didn’t get hit once or twice after saying that. “This side will distribute the harvest fairly, so why don’t you just let them in?”

“I can’t do that because we don’t trust each other.”

“I tell you this time and time again, if a clumsy person enters a labyrinth, he or she will not come out alive.”

“under! That’s your idea. Mr. Jewel!”


A man dressed in a black robe appeared in the hall.

The man asked with a sour expression.

“Isn’t it over yet?”

“I think Jewelry needs to step up. “The contract is… you know, right?”


In the back, the guild members began to whisper.

“Isn’t that… him?”

“That’s right… Isn’t that the one who joined the Black Pilgrim among the transferees?”

“That’s right, Kang Bo-seok. Wow… why did you come here?”

“If it’s Kang Bo-seok, doesn’t he have over 1.5 million points by now?”

Snowfall’s head turned to one side.

‘Black Pilgrim? ‘A black pilgrim came here?’

The Black Pilgrims were dispatched to the sacred nation of Baranoa.

One characteristic was that he always wore black military uniform, and another characteristic was that he was surprisingly worldly.

‘And he’s quite strong… but also dirty.’

Contrary to their name, pilgrims, they were not such noble and clean beings. At first glance, she seemed like a janitor in Baranoa, mainly taking care of personal and dirty work.

‘Commonly known as maggots.’

Baranoa was a nation that spoke of being sacred, but committed all kinds of evil.

However, Kang Seol could not understand how the Black Pilgrim of Baranoa beyond the Great Forest became involved in this matter.

The doubt was quickly resolved.

“It’s called River Jewelry. Although I briefly skipped the installation ceremony, as you can see, I am a black pilgrim. Ah, the organization I belong to has nothing to do with Labyrinth’s work. But… do I have to go through this unnecessary process? Stop giving up your authority over the labyrinth. I think it would look better for them to give in. “Wouldn’t it be better not to make your face blush?”

I finally understand the snowfall.

A group of people wearing clothes similar to Kang Boseok were seen nearby.

‘I think he was here for another mission… Was this man the only one who smelled it and intervened?’

Perhaps what the man said is true.

Kang Seol wondered what would happen if he claimed the position of a black pilgrim, but when he found out that wasn’t the case, Kang Seol felt much at ease.

The pilgrims all had T-shaped teardrop tattoos tattooed on their eyes.

The same was true for Kang Bo-seok.

Kang Seol said.

“It seems like we have no intention of giving in to each other, so I think we should at least compete briefly.”

“Hmm… I don’t think you need to try it, but do you think that having a higher score than me means you have an advantage? What have I done so far…”

“Do I have a higher score? “I didn’t know.”

“… great. Then…”



Karen stood up, pushing the chair.

“This woman will compete instead of me.”

“…Are you kidding me?”

“It’s no joke.”

“great. “Let’s compete right here!”

Son Joo-yeon, who was listening, came out in embarrassment.

“If you compete here, there will be problems with the building…”

Kang Seol asked Karen.

“Is it possible without destroying it?”

“huh. No problem.”

Kang Seol’s eyes turned to Kang Bo Seok.

“What about that one?”

“… Of course it is possible.”

Kang Bo-seok took out a huge battle hammer.


[Use the faith that Mr. Jewelry Kang carries through.]

[Strength increases slightly for a long time.]

In fact, Mr. Jewelry Kang was not confident in his promise not to destroy the surroundings. In the first place, a hammer is an object made to destroy something.

Kang Bo-seok repeatedly used strengthening abilities on his body.


[Jewel Steel uses Pain Tolerance.]

[It does not stiffen from damage below a certain level for a long time.]

[Jewel Steel uses Prayer of Purpose.]

[You can target a single target for a short period of time. All abilities increase by 10%.]



Kang Bo-seok advanced, swinging his huge battle hammer horizontally. Karen’s body was barely within the hammer’s range.

“It’s dangerous up here!”

“Oh my…”

At a glance, it seemed like Karen’s body would be swept away by Kang Bo-seok’s onslaught.


Karen lightly snuggled into Kang Bo-seok’s arms.



[Jewel Gang uses repulsion power.]

[Everything that hits around it bounces away for 2 seconds.]


Karen stopped her fist right in front of Kang Bo-seok’s nose, and when she saw that the hammer was coming back, she performed a feat.


Kang Bo-seok was embarrassed for a moment, but soon regained his composure.

I thought I could win if I got it right just once.

But that was his big mistake.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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