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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 122

Episode 122 In the

pitch-black darkness, Snowfall exhaled. I definitely exhaled, but no sound was heard.

‘It is the gateway to ignorance.’

There was nothing to see or hear. There wasn’t even any smell.

You step somewhere with your foot, but you can’t tell if it’s the ground or the soft mud.

In that situation, a choice came to mind.

[You are wandering in an unknown place. This is a space where there is nothing and you cannot know anything. How would you act?]

1. Stay still.

2. [Required: Light of Istia] Removes the surrounding darkness.

3. [Required: Ether Bell] Ring the bell to ward off evil around you.

4. [Required: Sylvie’s Feather] Get out of here.

5. [Need: Wise] Think about understanding your surroundings.

‘Ha… The light of Istia? A species of ether? It’s been a while since I last saw you, but it’s still the same.’

The choices have never seemed more insignificant than this time.

Istia’s Light, Ether’s Bell, Sylvie’s Feather, etc. This is because most of the conditions that appeared in the options were artifacts that were extremely difficult to obtain.

‘In order to pass easily… I think I need at least an item of treasure grade or higher.’

If their value was converted into grades, they were at least a level of treasure or higher.

If you use treasure to break through just one gate, you will definitely suffer a loss.

‘So… in the end, I have to roll with my body.’

The Blood Saint also passed through this gateway without any artifacts. Just with mental strength.

‘Now that I think about it, I was a ridiculous b*stard.’

Blood Saint was such an incredible horse that he even felt jealous of the horse he raised.

Kang Seol defined the Blood Saint as follows:

Good but strong.

Even when he entered the Labyrinth of Pain, he had already established his own ability system to some extent, so this gateway would not have been able to stop him.

Snowfall continued to step on the soft and sometimes hard floor and headed forward.

‘I think it’s getting more and more uphill.’

All my senses had faded and I couldn’t gauge it accurately, but the snowfall continued to advance. Just because I was sitting still didn’t mean I could do anything.

‘How long did it take the Blood Saint to break through this gate?’

I don’t remember the exact time, but I knew it took a few days.

‘The method at that time…’

At that time, the only option that was worth choosing was ‘walking and thinking about it.’ Since it was just that, I probably tried that method ignorantly.


Of course, the method that Kang Seol was trying to use now was the same.

Someone watching this scene might say this to him.

Nothing has changed.

It’s still the same with no progress.

‘No, I have changed.’

By the time he entered the Labyrinth of Penance, he was already far ahead of the Blood Saint.

And there was one more thing that was different.


A shadow enveloped Kang Seol’s body.

[Take on the form of the shaman ‘Jammard of the Volcano’ and a raven.]

[Absorb the abilities of ‘Jammard of the Volcano’.]

[Job: Fighter.]

With this, Snowfall’s abilities and Jamard’s abilities are It comes together.

‘And when this happens, wisdom explodes…’

[You are wise.]

‘Okay, you’ve passed the minimum standard.’

Kang Seol was able to choose a choice that even the Blood Saint could not choose.

[Perception activates.]

[He seems to know something.]

‘You’re saying we have to f*cking roll again.’

I think while walking.

Since there was no known method other than this method, Kang Seol did it that way.

walking. I walked again. Still, I didn’t stop thinking.

The floor is both soft and hard. A strange smell that is felt at some point.

‘It seems like I can slowly smell it.’

Focused on the senses.

A smell so strong that it spreads through the shaking floor and clogged nostrils.

Where is this place?

‘Where were you when you were a blood saint? Yes, it was there.’

The stomach of a huge whale.

Suddenly, the place where the Blood Saint had been walking and wandering at the Gate of Ignorance was the belly of a whale.

I remember the other players around me cheering loudly when I realized that.

– ha ha ha! It’s amazing!

– I didn’t expect that at all!

Since Kang Seol had already lost her voice once in the Labyrinth of Penance, she concentrated on the situation, unlike other players who held their bellies and laughed.

‘The important thing at the gateway to ignorance is unexpectedness. And mental damage.’

Because it was a completely unexpected place, it was difficult to recall, and mental damage accumulated in the process.

‘You shouldn’t take too much damage at this gateway.’

Since we had not yet begun to conquer the labyrinth in earnest, it would have been difficult if we suffered irreparable damage at the first gate.

Especially since mental damage is directly linked to life.

‘Poisonous smell… Soft, then hard, then unruly floor… Occasional slopes…’

Snowfall’s many worries were clearing away the thick fog.

‘The smell… it’s the smell of blood.’

It’s a smell I’ve become quite familiar with these days, but I could still feel it deep into my bones.

‘It’s a place where there’s a lot of blood.’

Several scenes passed through my mind.

‘Because it’s a place with a lot of blood… a slaughterhouse? laboratory?’

As I continued to think, more information was given.

‘This… I know what the floor is.’

Why was the floor uneven and why was there a curved slope?

Kang Seol clearly realized where he was now and got goosebumps all over his body.

[I am in mental shock.]

[My mind is polluted.]

He tried to calm his mind as much as he could. And I thought.

‘Where I am now is a labyrinth of asceticism.’


The black fog receded, revealing the surroundings.

– Uweeeek;

– it’s crazy;;

– It gives me goosebumps ㅎㄷㄷ

– ㄹㅇ I dropped my spoon while eating and

the corpse died. There were corpses everywhere.

Everyone was lying down with questioning expressions, and rotten me was shaking everywhere. There was no way the floor was even, as white bones and decomposing bodies were mixed together.

Kang Seol looked around with a calm expression.

‘It’s the door.’

He tried to make a sound out of his mouth.

“iced coffee. “I can hear it now.”

Then he looked down.

The eyes of the corpses were staring at him. As if to say, ‘You are also destined to be like this.’

Kang Seol realized that these were the corpses of those who lost their lives in the labyrinth.

He looked away from them and walked towards the door with a carefree smile.



[Ignorance is overcome.]

[Ignorance disappears within the labyrinth of asceticism.]

[Mental Pollution: 13/100]

[Ignorance was overcome in the shortest amount of time.]

* * *

It has been a few days since I overcame ignorance.

The place that appeared this time was a dry wasteland.

A place where the ground is cracked and the trees are all dead, rotting, and crumbling, as if there was a drought. A place covered in thick fog that makes you delirious.

Snowfall walked there again.

I wasn’t alone this time. Karen was on the left and Jamard was on the right.

– Teacher, do you usually enjoy eating fish?

– The mentality is really amazing lol

– This person just rolled around on a pile of corpses.

– It looks like you went to a kids cafe?

– I would have suffered just that much mental damage.

– In fact, kids cafes can be more dangerous!

Snowfall was very satisfied with the current situation.

This was because I immediately realized what this ordeal was like.

‘It’s the penance of doubt.’

Kangseol had that leisure that only those who have experienced every penance can have.

‘If you had any doubts… it went as I expected.’

The order of the last ascetic is mixed up.

I didn’t know which one would come out first. However, I knew that I had to experience it at least once, so I prepared for snowfall.

Karen asked.

“What’s wrong, master?”


“Because you look in a good mood.”

“Leave it alone, fairy. Not once or twice…”

Jamard and Karen had a conversation.

Those who had been unable to provide any help at the Gate of Ignorance were now by his side to be of help.

‘Mental pollution is at 24… I still have some room… but it keeps going up.’

The penance of doubt was simple. I had to think of this place as a dream.

Can you remember how the dream scenes began? Dreams have a blurry beginning and the events in between do not continue clearly.

The asceticism of doubt was also like that.

‘Maybe this fog is tormenting my mind. It’s clouding your judgment.’

The basic gist was that, but in fact, there were so many things that were affected that it was difficult to criticize it by saying that it impaired judgment.

Sense of direction, purpose, trust, identity, etc.

The asceticism of doubt affected all those things and, on the contrary, made the ascetic doubt all those things.

‘Are we on the right track?’

‘No, is this really the labyrinth of penance?’

‘Have I been abandoned?’

‘I didn’t choose to enter the Labyrinth of Penance!’

‘I… what?’

In this way, in the end, it was the austerity of doubt that made everything doubtful.

And when this asceticism of doubt reached its worst point, it was when it touched the ascetic’s trust.

As Kang Seol continued his thoughts, Karen spoke.

“It’s a terrible place, isn’t it, Jamard?”

“yes. It’s already been two days. “I couldn’t eat properly for two days and just walked.”

“therefore! “It’s really frustrating.”

Kang Seol glanced at Karen with hazy eyes.

‘You have to doubt everything.’

Such a boring time passed.

When the snowfall continued for a few more days, the gate finally appeared.

“door! “It’s the door, master!”


But it was a bit much.

“There are… three doors?”

“What should I do?”

Kangseol asked Karen a question.

“Well, where do you think you are?”

“me? “Are you asking my opinion now?”

Karen asked with wide eyes.

Kang Seol nodded and waited calmly. Karen thought for a moment and chose the door on the far left.

“It’s here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I can feel the energy here.”

“What about Jamard?”

Jamard crossed his arms and laughed at Karen.

“That’s nonsense. The door in the middle is real.”

“You’re funny…”

While the two were arguing, a choice came to Kangseol’s mind.

[You have passed through a long period of penance and have finally reached the end. There are three doors in front of you. Where do you want to go?]

1. Trust Karen’s words and open the left door.

2. Trust Jamard’s words and open the middle door.

3. Ignore what they say and open the door on the right.

4. [Force: Mental Pollution 100] All doors are fake! There is no door to escape from here!

5. [Required: Duran’s Branch of Truth] Find the truth.

‘… I don’t even trust this option anymore.’

These options also seemed to be forcing him to make a certain choice. As if you had to decide between these options.

While he was looking away for a moment, the fight between Karen and Jamard gradually escalated. They also seemed to be suspicious of each other.

“Jamade! “Are you saying I lied?”

“lie? Hmm… yes, I lied.”

His eyes burned red.

“Keep going until now!”



Jamard stretched out his arm and crushed Karen’s delicate body.


“There’s no way that damn fairy would call my name kindly. is not it?”


their their their their their their their their their date. The liver is also big ….

Wood clatter!

Karen’s neck was broken.

But the snowfall did not stop it.

And that moment.


Karen’s body disappeared like smoke.

Kang Seol nodded.

‘As expected, it was the ghost’s trick.’

Jamard snorted.

“Heung, they are also the evil spirits of the labyrinth. I finally feel relieved. let’s go! “The real thing is in the middle.”

– also! Jamard! I believed it!

– I believed it from the beginning!

– You’re doing something big!

Contrary to the viewers’ fuss, Kang Seol spoke with a calm expression.

“I guess I didn’t read the whole thing.”

Jamard sensed something strange and asked Kang Seol.

“… What are you doing?”

“The evil spirit that exists in the labyrinth of asceticism reads memories and erodes the spirit of the ascetic.”

“What is that…”

“You guys… couldn’t read all of my memories?”

Jamard’s face crumpled in an instant.

“… How did you know? “Aren’t you the first one to come to the labyrinth?”

As Jamard’s figure became blurred, the ghost of the labyrinth appeared.

– An unimaginable identity ㄴ(OoO;)ㄱ

– It was a self-made play… I believed itㅠㅠ

– So what? Was it all fake?

The ghost of the labyrinth smiled and said to Kang Seol.

“Hehehe… Your memories are somehow strange. It’s sparse… there’s not a single corner that looks right. I copied the part that was okay, but this problem occurred… What was wrong? “Can you tell me I’ll fix it next time?”


“That’s not possible, but I imitated it in the same way.”

“That’s the problem.”

Before entering the labyrinth, Kang Seol left one request to his summons.

– Never step forward before I ask for help. Rather, what you do for me will only bother me more.

Now, even if Kang Seol makes meju with red beans, his summons will be trusted. If Kang Seol made that decision, his summons would follow.

Looking at the results alone, the preparations for Snowfall were quite appropriate.

‘Well, when I first fell into the wasteland, I didn’t even remember making such preparations. ‘I’m glad I remembered it now.’

A ghost imitating Jamard asked.

“… Have you been deliberately waiting for us to choose the door?”

“If I were to find it by myself, it would take a few more days from here, and it was like that last time.”

I ignored Jamard, who turned out to be a fake snowfall, and tried to head to the door on the right.

The ghost of the labyrinth tried to stop him.

“wait! How did you know! My imitation is perfect….”


A huge hole was created in Fake Jamard’s chest.


Kang Seol’s body was stained black at some point. Snowfall, which took the shape of a night crow, was no different from a tank that appeared on the battlefield.

Being able to use the shape of a night crow. That in itself made it clear that Jamard was still in the shadow of Snowfall.

So no matter how perfect the ghost’s imitation was, it couldn’t have fooled Snow Seol.

“… Mental pollution keeps rising. Anyway, take care.”

The ghosts of rain trees emerged around Snowfall, which was about to leave.

【You will fail… you will be eaten by the labyrinth.】

【You will be frustrated when you reach the end.】

【Wouldn’t it be better to beg for death from us? Hehehe…]

Everyone waited for Snowfall to choose the right door.

In fact, the only option left to Kang Seol was this door. And the moment he approached the door on the right.

‘… hmm?’


An unpleasant feeling surged up my spine.

[Seeing is activated.]

[It seems like a door you shouldn’t enter.]

“… It’s pretty good, isn’t it?”


“It wasn’t all three, right?”

At that moment, the option window that had appeared in his field of vision disappeared.

[You have passed through a long period of penance and have finally reached the end. There are three doors in front of you. Where do you want to go?]

1. Trust Karen’s words and open the left door.

2. Trust Jamard’s words and open the middle door.

【No way!】

【How… How do you know!】

Kang Seol said, pointing to her golden eyes.

“I have pretty good eyesight.”

Snowfall followed the flow of power reflected in his insight and moved a few steps. As

he stood in front of him, a door suddenly appeared in the air.

[The insight eye sees through the truth.]

[The skill of seeing increases significantly.]

[The power of the insight eye increases even further.]

In the end, this time, Snowfall reached the next gate much faster than when she was a blood saint.

– Trap card activated!

– I was aiming for that! Trap card activated!

– They aimed for that again! Trap card activated!

– They aimed at that again, and then again…

– Brainstorm: Please stop, you b*stards…

– Are we brains in a vat…

One of the ghosts who was watching Kangseol leave cursed.

【Not yet… The labyrinth hasn’t even started… The labyrinth is waiting for you…】

The ghosts are now part of the labyrinth.

Kang Seol opened the door to the next penance and said.

“Me too, not yet.”

[Doubts are overcome.]

[Doubts disappear within the labyrinth of penance.]

[Mental Pollution: 28/100]

[Doubts are overcome in the shortest possible time.]

And one more line of message came to mind.

[Someone’s mind has been completely contaminated.]

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