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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 125

Episode 125:

Something was running toward Snowfall.

“Aaaah! come! “It’s coming!”

It was Toki running at full speed.

In contrast to the serious appearance of the night, the appearance was so light that it seemed a bit carefree.

There was a good reason for that.

This was because the creature that was now fiercely pursuing him was very fast and huge.

Red Desert Crowned Scorpion.

Those vicious claws were claws, but if they hit the tail dripping with poison, they looked like they would be grilled on a skewer.

“I brought you here like I said before!”

I never said anything in advance.

– Anyone heard?

– Uh… first of all, I couldn’t hear it.

– me too.

Kang Seol hurriedly tried to use the summoning spell.


push shish shish…

‘Damn it!’

The summoning spell only absorbed magical power and showed no response.

Even though it wasn’t like this when I came as a blood saint. It was clear that Migung was fickle.

‘In that case…’


[Take on the form of the shaman ‘Jammard of the Volcano’ and a night crow.]

[Absorb the abilities of ‘Jammard of the Volcano’.]

[Occupation: Fighter.]

The night raven of the season is like other penances. It worked properly.

“Get out of the way!”


Toki rolled over, intersected by snowfall.

Meanwhile, Snowfall’s black fist struck the scorpion’s head.



Kang Seol realized something was wrong from the sound he heard and the shock felt to his hand and hurriedly escaped.


The scorpion’s tail swept over the place where he was.

Fortunately, Snowfall wasn’t there, but the power of the tail was enough to chill my stomach.

“Isn’t it broken?”

I expected that it would be able to crush the head right away, but contrary to expectations, the scorpion only shook its head and showed no significant injuries.

“Not the head! “You have to aim for the tail and claws!”



Toki roared with enthusiasm and lunged at the tail of the unconscious scorpion.

[Toki uses a pure fist.]

[20% of the damage is applied as fixed damage.]



Another disturbing sound was heard.

Toki shouted as he ran without looking back.

“Not the tail! “You have to aim for the tongs!”

– What is it hahahaha

– I don’t know much about Toki either hahahaha

– I don’t really know anything hahaha

Kangseol quickly burrowed into Scorpion’s arms.

Because his size was smaller than that of the scorpion, the scorpion had a hard time dealing with him.

Jaw –

He grabbed the right pincer of the scorpion’s claws.

“Huh -eup ….”

Puga was caught …

and pulled back and pulled back.



[The right claw of the Red Desert Crown Scorpion is broken.]

[The Red Desert Crown Scorpion loses its balance.] [

The Red Desert Crown Scorpion continues to take damage.]

And at that time, the same sound was heard from the side of Snowfall.



[The left claw of the Red Desert Crown Scorpion is broken.]

[The Red Desert Crown Scorpion becomes defenseless.]

[The Red Desert Crown Scorpion takes up to 3 times the damage for a short period of time.]

“At this time , hey! Step on it!”

As if Toki wanted to set an example, he dug into the scorpion’s gap and broke the shell with his foot.

“die! die!”

– I’m not cultured lol

– Has the talkie actor changed?

– It’s now a stand-in. Please understand.

Kang Seol knew well that this is what Toki originally looked like.

But knowing that didn’t mean I wasn’t embarrassed.

‘From the beginning, I had a somewhat… light-hearted personality.’

It’s called ‘Ugly Toki.’

People, except those who knew his true self, used to call him by such masculine nicknames.

“Do something! “Don’t step on it!”

“… yes!”

Snowfall also followed his instructions and smashed the body of the suffering scorpion.

– Geunmukjaheuk

– No, don’t learn something like that!

Kwaziik! Kwazizig!

After wrestling for a long time, the scorpion stopped breathing.

[The Red Desert Crown Scorpion has been defeated.]

“Hehe… Hehe… Good job. “It was a great collaboration.”

“… Thank you for your hard work.”

-Where did you come from? Haha

– it suddenly becomes savory haha

– come on! Let’s go get some makgeolli at Daepo House in front!

Toki said happily.

“I’ll save it from now on, so watch and learn.”

“… yes.”

He explained to Kang Seol step by step, cutting out the flesh inside the broken scorpion carapace with his hand knife and storing it.

“First of all, this is enough because even after cooking, it spoils easily and cannot be eaten for a long time.”

Starting from this day, after each day’s hunting, Kangseol and Toki sat by the fire at night and talked.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to eat cooked monsters? Thinking that comes from prejudice. “I am speaking here as an authority on monster cuisine, but this is a wrong idea.”

“yes. Then…”

“Each monster has its own habits, the strength of the poison it contains, the area where it is concentrated, etc…”

Toki’s explanation was long-winded.

However, he explained it very kindly, as if trying to explain it to Kang Seol as much as possible.

– … It’s surprisingly deep, isn’t it?

– Of course I thought he was going to talk nonsense…

– Surprisingly, the lecture was normal, right?

Kang Seol learned every single word he said without missing it.

Time continued to pass like that.

* * *

– Um… When does this lecture start?

– Uh-huh! Are you criticizing the curriculum now? Do you hate lectures?

– Yes, I don’t like it

– Haha Jeodong

– Viewers are completely hooked haha It’s Eva who goes through the torment of patience, even to the viewers…

– What’s surprising is that even though so much time was given, no one came close to the Snowman score.

– Who was he in the past…

– I, who had a score of 3 million points, am the youngest in the kitchen here?

[The dish is ready.]

[Spicy desert steamed mole is ready.]

[Beginner’s luck comes into play.]

[It smells good. The cooking was successful.]

[This is a new recipe that has never been seen before.]

[Stamina increases permanently by 1.] [

Inspiration is awakened.] [

Recipes seem to come to mind when encountering new ingredients.] [You have

some cooking skills . Soaring.]

“… Success.”

“ha ha ha! You definitely have talent! “Now I’ve figured it out.”

Kang Seol just tasted the monster dish he made with Toki.

Sigh –

‘It’s delicious.’

Mamono cuisine had a decisive difference from other cooking methods.


Every time Toki cooked a dish, he made strange comments like it was the taste of the hand or the chef’s sense, and changed the recipe each time.

But surprisingly, all of his dishes were delicious.

Toki even treated the by-products of monsters as if they were no big deal, to the point where I never once got an upset stomach after eating his cooking.

At first, I thought his extraordinary cooking skills were a talent, but at some point, I got the hang of it. My mouth started watering when I was hunting monsters, and now I immediately thought of how to cook it.

As a result of Kangseol’s own experience, Toki’s method of cooking monsters had many advantages other than being able to use monsters as food.

And the most notable advantage was demonstrated immediately after eating.


Kangseol finished the bowl and put it down first.

[You ate a great meal.]

[The special effect of the monster dish is activated.]

[You can ‘breathe sand’ for a day.] [

Random stats are permanently increased by 1.]

[Your health is permanently increased by 1. ]

This is it.

Follow-up effects, which only activate when eating high-grade dishes using carefully selected ingredients, were triggered without fail.

The monster itself seemed to be treated as a special ingredient.

“You’ve worked hard so far.”


“There is nothing more to teach in cooking. “If you are skilled, you will be able to get through the rest on your own.”

Snowfall nodded and stared at the talent window on the interface.

‘… uh?’

Now that I’ve finished training, my cooking should definitely change to monster cooking, but there was no sign of that happening.

“but! “The most important thing remains!”


– Ah… hahaha

– ??? : Learn under me for 10 more years!

– You thought it was over, right?

“Maybe this is the most important part. “It’s how to choose planting material.”

“How to choose planting material…?”

“yes. As even young people know, all monsters are poisonous in their own way. Until now, the main teaching was to remove the poison well and make it to a level that the human body can tolerate. You did a great job. However, in the first place, such cooking methods are only a small part of monster cooking methods!”

“… yes?”

“What are you going to do in a place where there are no spices, fire, or even dishes?”

“That’s right…”

“Don’t say something weak like you won’t eat monsters!”

– Did you have to eat that much?

– I’m assuming the worst case scenario lol

– I’ll somehow create a situation where you have no choice but to eat!

“What would you do if such a situation came?”

“I guess I should eat it as is, right?”

“That’s right!”

Kang Seol was dumbfounded even after his own answer.

I’m just going to eat the monster.

“The human body can truly be said to be a miracle. No matter how poisonous the monster’s flesh is, once you get used to it, it’s just meat with a bit of flavor and you won’t mind! “Now, starting today, I will get my body used to it.”


The smell of copper spread everywhere.

“It’s the flesh of the scorpion we hunted last time. After maturation, the toxicity decreases noticeably, making it perfect for consumption. Well, it’s just the right time! Are you ready?”

“That’s the preparation…”

“Are you sure you’re giving up after coming this far?”


“Were you planning on learning how to cook monsters from me without having the grit of a fingernail? A person with grit may not necessarily be first, but a guy without grit will definitely be last!”

“… I will eat.”

– You said it was hard work.

– This is what happens in the end.

– Please prepare for the Kabepene banner to come up.

Toki, who was so unsightly as he was, grabbed a piece of flesh and let out a roar.

“May God look upon us. under! “I guess I’ll go first!”


A piece of scorpion flesh entered Toki’s mouth.



Toki just fainted.

– ??? : I guess I’ll go first! (to hell)

– Huh? Why are you beyond the river? Come here quickly.

– King Yeomra: What? So what did he die for? Why can’t you answer?

– Kabepene Banner: Yes? Go up now?

Kang Seol touched his nose and then touched his wrist.

I was breathing and my pulse was beating well.

I probably lost consciousness for a moment due to the exhilarating pain.

After sighing heavily, Kang Seol followed Toki and ate the scorpion flesh.

[It tastes terrible.]

[I am thrilled.]

[Achievement ‘Eat and Cheer’ is achieved.]

[Obtain the title “Reckless.”]


And then I fainted.

– Hey! Read and understand! Are you still learning?

– King Yeomra: What are you again? Are you his friend?

– Kabepene Banner: Why do you keep going up twice?

– Crazy hahaha Toki is scarier than the desert.

– It’s a scary video that shows that it’s the same thing whether you die from hunger or from eating.

– Thank you for watching the snowman video so far.

Another month like that.


[It tastes terrible.]

[But it is a taste I have already experienced.]

[I feel a different flavor.]

[Inspiration awakens.]

[A new recipe comes to mind.]

[My cooking skills improve significantly.]

“Finally… .I have completed all training. “You worked hard to get here.”


Kang Seol’s eyes were burning.

– We were dirty together, let’s never see each other again!

– Please don’t even buy monster dishes!

A message popped up on his interface.

[You have completed the hidden promotion procedure for the talent ‘Cooking’, ‘Cooking Monsters.’] [

The talent ‘Cooking’ is promoted to ‘Cooking Monsters.’] [You can skillfully cook monster by-products.] [

You can skillfully cook monster by-products.]

The poison of the cooking monster is significantly reduced.]

[Experienced a new horizon in cooking.]

[Cooking skills are greatly increased.]

[The chance of making an incredible dish is greatly increased.]

[A factor that determines the quality of a dish. The impact of plantings is reduced.]

[‘View liver’ can be used.]

[It makes it easier to classify edible ingredients.]

And the following message.

[You have completed the hidden promotion process for a talent.]

[You have promoted a talent to a rare talent for the first time.] [

Achieve the special achievement ‘Effort is also a talent.’]

[Obtain the special title “Nannom”.]

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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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