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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 126

Episode 126

‘Special Title!’

Now that I’ve reached a new level, I feel like I’m receiving small titles just by taking a breath, but it always feels great when I get a special title or my first title.

[Title: Reckless One]

Related Achievements: Eat and Cheer (Adventure: Labyrinth of Penance)

Special Ability: The chance of being addicted decreases slightly.

[Special Title: Nannom]

Related Achievements: Effort is also a talent (Adventure: Labyrinth of Penance)

Special Ability: The level of talent proficiency increase due to learning or polishing increases. Additionally, the chance of a flash of inspiration being triggered increases.

‘A title related to talent.’

Representative of Kangseol’s talents are cooking and insight, which have now been promoted to monster cooking.

‘I think Ganpa might get promoted soon… It might be helpful.’

I recently saw a message saying that the skill level of the seer has increased significantly, so perhaps the level of the seer will also be promoted soon.

And the effect of this title will reduce the time it takes to get there.

– Finally ㅠㅠ

– I thought I would cut it to 3 days, but it was an incredibly deep study.

– It would have been a lot shorter if I hadn’t passed out in between haha

– Fainting is also part of the curriculum haha

‘By the way… has it already been 2 months?’

It has already been three months since I entered the labyrinth of penance. Among them, the time spent in the penance of patience was well over two months.

‘We searched the area quite extensively, but there was no door.’

The specific method of escaping the torment of patience has not been clearly established. The saint also wandered here for a while and entered through a door that suddenly appeared.

Snowfall was slowly becoming impatient.

[Mental pollution level has reached 70.]

A message that occurred to him a while ago.

‘If we delay any longer… it could be dangerous.’

Kang Seol spoke to Toki about this the next day.

“Um… Toki.”

“Look, I guess I need to move my residence.”

“… yes?”

Surprisingly, it was Toki who spoke first.

“Slowly… we have to find the door, right?”


“Let’s go. I don’t think there are any doors around here. Around here… no matter how hard you search, you can’t find it, right?”


I forgot about the snowfall for a while.

Toki also came here as an ascetic.

‘He’ll have to find the door too.’

Snowfall may have been looking for the door for two months at most, but Toki has been looking for the door for over 10 years.

I forgot about that for a moment.

Toki smiled brightly and said to Kang Seol.

“To find the branch door.”

From that day on, I had to live an extremely wandering life with Tongtong.



Even though I cover my mouth, I feel the discomfort of chewing on sand.

We also had to save drinking water collected from various places.

I was able to satisfy my hunger to some degree, but being full didn’t mean I was satisfied with everything in life.

Toki was covered in beards to the point where it could almost be called a bush, and Snow Seol’s beard had also grown to some extent.


Sand stuck to my beard.

“Haa… haaah…”

Leaving the camp and moving for about 10 days.

To conclude, the door was not found.

Toki still hasn’t lost his smile.

Even though his life was such that even snowfall with minimal emotional changes felt painful, he still remained positive.

“What is it like here? “It seems like a good idea to start the search again starting from this area.”

“… great.”

“Cheer up. “At least I don’t have to be hungry anymore, right?”

The teeth are sparse.

Nevertheless, Toki’s laughter washed away all of Kang Seol’s negative emotions.

A truly mysterious person.

He was someone that Kang Seol really liked.

Of course, that was still the case today.

Should I say that he is like a person who is cut off from the world and has always left only happiness by his side? Even after suppressing his own pain.

People might ask where there is such a person in the world, but after actually meeting Toki, Kang Seol became convinced that such a person exists.

Because Toki is that kind of person.

When night came, he always said this.

“May God give you good dreams.”

The reason why Snowfall’s mental pollution level did not rise sharply even after enduring the ordeal of patience for over three months was probably because she was with him.

not lonely.

It’s bearable.

With Toki.


Looking at Toki’s smile, I felt that I was not alone in this painful and painful desert.

So everyday life continued.

When the sun came up, I set out for Tokiwa.

“So, you can’t solve everything with effort, but you shouldn’t come to a conclusion in advance without trying. If you don’t have grit, you’ll always be pessimistic…”

“This is the fifth time.”

“huh? what?”

“That’s the theory of perseverance.”

“ha ha ha! “It’s still not enough!”

– Stop… please stop…

– Got it! The real boss of Enduring Torment!

– Gotcha, you b*stard!

In this way, I enjoyed talkies and boring discussions during the day.



“My waist is empty!”



“Your lower body is weak!”

Whoa whoa!

“Oh my! sorry!”

Snowfall buried itself in the sand and woke up spitting out the sand in its mouth.

“The sand is a bit chewy, but it’s okay.”

“Are you angry?”


“haha! After all, youth is the best! “I’m in good spirits!”

What surprised Toki about Kang Seol was not only his mentality.



“Haha, it’s because I don’t have enough experience. “The movement isn’t bad.”

Before dinner, Kangseol and Toki competed against each other every day.

Even though his summoning skills were sealed, he became a skilled fighter when he took on the form of a raven, so it wasn’t bad for him to spar with a monk.




“Was it deep?”


Kangseol was so shocked that he fell down and vomited on the sand.

‘Too… too strong.’

Torquay was strong.

This was the hidden true face of the ugly Toki.

Even though he is a monk, he has no sacred power and the way he prays to God is always his own.

It was clear that he was a sham monk, but the power he had accumulated was not a lie.

‘Well… if you eat monster dishes for over 10 years, your abilities will be like that of a monster…’

He was strong before, but he was even stronger now.

“Where can you throw sand in your eyes?”

“Oh my… I’m sorry. Do I have to wait until the transformation?”


– Nothing to say haha

– But the transformation can wait haha

– You can’t break the country’s rules haha

“Where in the world is cowardice?”

“I didn’t say it was cowardly.”

“ah. Was it like that?”

– You were feeling it yourself!

– My feet are numb haha.

Kang Seol gritted his teeth and said.


“Haha, good perseverance!”



This couplet was a great help in enduring the boredom of crossing the desert.

Toki’s every little movement made up for what Kang Seol was lacking.

Then one day Toki said.

“I will teach you the secret technique.”


“Watch carefully and follow along.”


Toki ran out and threw strange punches in the air a few times before making a gesture as if he was squeezing something.

“ruler! Attack!”

“… yes? What is that…”

“Uh-huh! “It’s because young people are this tactless…”

Toki explained.

“Now, this is a secret story called Mutmae…”

– It’s Daguri, right?

– In the end, it was a group assault haha

– As if it was some kind of great secret haha

– Toki said Toki haha

– I’ll hold you so you hit me! Isn’t it a trick? Haha, 17 to 1 is the strategy on page 17.

– It’s embarrassing to even call it a tactic hahaha.

Kang Seol said with an air of disappointment.

“Is that… the answer?”

Toki was more disappointed than the snowfall.

“Why… no big deal? “Are your movements…embarrassing?”

– Don’t be sullen!

– There’s nothing wrong with Toki!

– Holy damn snowman! Learn quickly!

Kang Seol shook his head and said.

“no. It’s so exciting…”

“Haha! As expected, you knew the basic techniques of combat. This tie is not a method used when the majority puts pressure on one person. “Isn’t that cowardly?”

– What did you know?

– Surprisingly, self-reflection is evident.

Toki said proudly.

“This is a technique used by the weak against the strong. ruler! “Try to follow this.”

“… This is a big deal.”

“No, I mean the movement!”

It was like a type of ground technique where the opponent was put from behind and under both armpits, restraining them upwards.

“You can only be called a true fighter if you can use this perfectly.”


“The first clumsy movement is to steal the other person’s attention and dig back. “If you approach backwards from the beginning, people will notice you, especially if your opponent is strong!”

“Do I really need to learn this?”

“You absorbed other technologies well, but you don’t like this one?”

“That’s not it… Just because I know about it doesn’t mean I can use it anyway…”

“No, no, no! “The key to this technique is, surprisingly, the person hitting it rather than the person holding it.”

That was a little strange.


“The person hitting must take one breath without hesitation so that the person behind them does not get hit back, so you have to keep that breathing in mind. Remember this! Against a strong opponent, you have to throw everything you have in this split-second! It’s truly a deadly technique. Um…”

– I will cancel the course.

– Tuition fees are slowly melting away.

– Can you see it? Your tuition is going up!

Although there were teachings that I did not understand, I still achieved some accomplishments while sparring.



Previously, his movements were somewhat awkward, but now he moves like an experienced back alley fighter.

The problem is that the movement gives off a bit of an alley smell.

As Kangseol absorbed Toki’s movements and merged with him for a long time, a message came to mind one day.

[Good education takes you to a new level.]

[Enlightenment! Awakens a new ability.]

[Passive ability: Awakens the moves of a libertine.]

– Yamae tutoring

– Haha! Success! It turned out to be a great Parakho! Now, let’s go flirt!

– An unsightly thing that even the system acknowledged lol

When night came to the desert, they fell asleep without fail.

Toki and Kangseol, who had poor sleeping habits, rarely woke up in the middle of their sleep.

However, while the search for the door continued, there was a day when snowfall woke me up.

“… why why me… why!”

“… Toki?”

“Why am I… here… why!”


Kangseol ran to Toki, who was breathing heavily and talking in his sleep, and shook him.


Torquay woke up with a fight.

“Huh… Huh… “Thank you.”

“Is this a nightmare?”

“… It’s a dream I often have.”



I had a hard time sleeping, so it wasn’t easy to fall asleep again.

In the end, Toki and Kangseol sat in front of the bonfire to warm themselves.

Kang Seol asked.

“What did you dream about?”

“…are you curious?”


Toki was silent for a moment and then started talking.

“Have you ever… ever thought that the fate given to you was harsh?”

“Fate… is harsh.”

Snowfall was also a victim of fate.

The experience of falling from the heavens and being caught up in a strange plan was not something that should be taken lightly.

“I told you before, but my background is not simple.”


“I also had a dream. I wanted to become a great monk who preached hope to others and guided the evil people with his brilliant divinity. “Maybe at the time, I thought becoming a monk was the best way to become noble given my humble origins.”


“That was probably the first time I felt that fate was harsh. One day a priest came to me and said to me: I don’t feel like I have as much divine power as my fingernails. “Probably faith will not germinate.”


“Can you imagine how frustrated I must have been at the time, thinking that martial arts without faith were just violence? Oh, there’s an interesting story. The priest was secretly going to a brothel with donations from believers, but he was caught and beaten to death by believers.”

Toki sighed.

“Still, even if it was a bad thing that led to such an end… what the priest said was true. There is nothing in my body. “Magic power, divine power, even motor skills.”

“But now…”

“I trained my body with my own beliefs, but this is the limit. Everyone was moving ahead and benefiting the world, but I was at a standstill. “How funny must my struggles have seemed to them?”

Toki ran eagerly, looking ahead, but to those who went first, it probably seemed like they were just playing around.

“Ugly Toki. That was the name that called me. “Do you think I’m ugly too?”

“… It’s not like that.”

“I missed the story for a moment. Surely the theme was the harshness of fate? Right, right….”

Toki looked distressed.

“When I entered the labyrinth of asceticism and faced the test of patience, I had courage at that time. Because I have a young and strong body. I promised myself that I would overcome these hardships and go out and save the world. In fact… he’s the one who can’t even save himself yet.”

I forgot about it for a while, but Toki has been patient here for a long time. But I still couldn’t find the door.

Toki pursed his lips and tried to say something, but swallowed it back.

For a long time.

He revealed a fact that Kang Seol did not know.

“Actually, I died a long time ago.”

“… yes?”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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