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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 127

Episode 127

“One day, this never-ending torment was so painful that I hit my head. “It definitely was.”

What kind of crazy words are these?

Toki was confused.

He had been acting normal until now, but after having a nightmare, he started spouting out random words.

“I thought it would definitely end like that, but the next day started without incident. He hit his head and died that day too. “Even so, the next day started.”

“Are you still… dead?”

“Did you think he was dead? I’m not sure if he actually died. But one day… I had that dream. “Someone who turned their back on me scolded me.”

Toki started copying someone.

– You are foolish, you are foolish!

“I got angry at those words and screamed. why! Why was I the only one who ended up in a place like this? Why why do I have to live a more painful life than others! “I… I… can’t bear it anymore.”

Toki muttered quietly.

“God, it’s so painful. So the author answered like this.”

– Someday you will know why. The reason it has to be you. “The reason you have to endure this long ordeal.”

Kang Seol gritted his teeth.

It didn’t matter who appeared in his dream.

Maybe it was just an illusion that Toki created out of pain, or maybe it really was some kind of holy being.

‘… it’s me. The one who left him here alone… was me. I…’

But his God was clear.

The god of Torquay was snowfall.

‘The god of Torquay and his harsh fate he condemned.’

So, that feeling of guilt is something that Kang Seol has to bear.

An indescribable feeling arose in Kang Seol.

Toki said to such a snowfall.

“I believed those words and persevered. “Not yet.”

“Toki, then… are you the ghost of the labyrinth?”

“Do you know them?”

“We ran into each other.”

“They are fugitives from the labyrinth. When you are immersed in a labyrinth, you can feel that this labyrinth is alive. The Labyrinth destroys the minds of ascetics and harvests them when their minds completely collapse. “Fugitives hide from the eyes of the labyrinth to avoid meeting such an end.”

“Then why did you….”

“It’s been a long time since I died or lost my mind without knowing. “I want to see the end, but for some reason I can’t.”

That was the end of the story.

It was a time to reveal what was inside, but instead, all I could feel was that they were all exhausted from the asceticism and were being eroded into the labyrinth.

It seemed like their journey would continue like that. Like standing on a shaky bridge.

But change comes suddenly. An incident occurred that changed everything that had been going on tirelessly.

* * *

A few days later, they were walking through the desert again.

Sniff… Sniff…

“Hmm? “Tongtong, why are you doing this?”


Tongtong jumped up and suddenly screamed. Toki soon discovered the reason why Tongtong was surprised and shouted.

“Damn it….”


a sandstorm? Tongtong! run!”

Sniff! Sniff!

While searching the door, a sand storm suddenly hit the desert. The moment they faced the storm, the two were in despair.

‘I can’t avoid it!’


The sand storm approached at a speed that humans could not control and swept away everything nearby.

Snowfall and Toki were also caught up in the storm.

* * *

A thick feeling in the mouth.

A thirst that has been suppressed.

Snowfall looked around.


Nothing. there was nothing.

Nothing but sand.

What happened to Toki?

Negative emotions settled inside of Kang Seol. The evil that had been suppressed slowly raised its head.

‘Could it be… Are you dead, Toki?’

At that moment, Snowfall’s mental pollution began to rise explosively.

“Huh… Huh….”

I couldn’t breathe properly.

[Mental contamination level has reached 75.]

No, I don’t want to be alone.

“Who… is there anyone?”

[Mental corruption level has reached 78.]

Don’t leave me alone in this desert.

“Toki! Talkie! “No way!”

[Mental pollution level reached 82.]

Snowfall ran like crazy through the desert.

No, I was probably suffering from hallucinations now, so I couldn’t tell if I was really running.

“I… am I alone… now…”

[Mental pollution level has reached 85.]

[Labyrinth has detected mental contamination.]

I can’t do anything alone.

Have I failed?

“I can’t… obviously… I can’t…”

[Mental contamination level has reached 90.]

Okay, let’s just… get it all over with.

Kang Seol tried to accept that he had failed. A decision I would never have made in the first place.

The labyrinth was on the verge of breaking his spirit.

At that time, Kang Seol felt as if her body was floating. His body popped out of the sand.



“Come to your senses!”


“Breath! Take a breath! “You b*stard!”

“Huh… Huhuh… Who…”

“Haah… Haah… I decided not to lose to the labyrinth. look at me! Do you recognize me?”

Kang Seol gave a cloudy look with cloudy eyes.

There was a smiling Toki.

“You’ve been looking for it for a while.”

The mind that had been polluted by that smile found its place, even if only for a moment.


“Your mind is already in tatters. If you stay still, the labyrinth will eventually swallow you up. “I need to get out of here quickly.”

“But there is no door…”

Kang Seol really liked Toki.

He is a person who always carries hope.

“I found the door.”

He was a true saint of Kang Seol-man

* * *

“… did you find the door?”

“Okay, so you can go out!”

While Kang Seol shook her head and came to her senses, Toki continued speaking.

“I’m not lying. Now get ready. “I have to get out of here.”

Toki’s actions really seemed to put his affairs in order here.

“Tongtong is dead. I guess I fell wrong when I fell. “What a sad guy.”

“I see… Tongtong…”

Kang Seol was saddened by the news that the person she was so attached to had left.

Here, any living being that could communicate with one another felt precious, whether it was a monster or a human.

“But I buried him well, so he won’t be upset. “Anyway, we’re leaving tonight, so prepare yourselves.”

Quick resolution.

I wonder if Toki’s words were true, I didn’t go anywhere today and just sat there and chatted with Kang-seol.

“Is that true?”

“Is that so? “Is it any surprise that my painful first love is the son of a nobleman?”

– yes.

– Very lol.

They talked for a long time.

Kang Seol’s spirit was still suffering, and the line between reality and delusion was blurred.

It’s like a dream.

Not only the situation itself where Kang Seol was talking to Toki, but everything he said sounded like a dream.

It would be a strange sight.

This is a labyrinth of penance.

People who have endured the worst of all, the torture of patience, for months are having happy conversations.

That’s why they savored that happiness.

Kang Seol listened intently to Toki’s story as if she really valued this happiness. I really cherish it so as not to miss a single word.

And when night fell, Toki stopped talking.

“Haha… Looking back, my life wasn’t all that bad. ruler! “Then… I have to leave now.”


While talking with him, Kang Seol gained a certain confidence.

The door that Toki found. About the source of that inquiry.



“Don’t do that, Toki.”

“… What does that mean?”

He is about to do something a fugitive from the labyrinth should never do.

“… You couldn’t find the door, right?”

“… young man.”

“You couldn’t find it! say!”

Toki grinned.

“Yeah, actually I couldn’t find it.”

“Then don’t look for it.”

“No, I have to find it.”


Toki’s eyes burned.

“If this continues, both of you will be eaten by the labyrinth.”


Even though it would be difficult to escape Snowfall, which has a dangerous level of mental contamination, Toki was able to endure here as long as he had endured before.

Even if Snowfall collapsed, at least he could avoid being eaten by the labyrinth.



“Have you noticed… how to find the door?”

Kang Seol nodded.

Normally, I could have encountered it while wandering in the desert, but when I had no time like now, there was only one thing.

“Toki…a way…a different way….”

“When I look at you, I think of myself when I was young. Me when I was young, full of flaws but full of confidence. “Maybe that’s why God brought us together.”

“If someone has to die….”

“No! You can say that because your spirit is already broken. You need to leave the labyrinth and think about this again. And it’s a simple problem. It’s a question of whether one dies or whether both die. I thought I could at least do arithmetic…”


Toki said heavily.

“Now I… I no longer have the confidence to endure being left alone. “I found out that being together can be such a joy.”


“If anyone can escape the labyrinth… it should be you, not me.”

He put on a determined expression and started doing what he had been determined to do all along.

“Labyrinth! I, Toki, am here! So…”

Toki held on to find out the reason for his hard life.

And now Toki has lifted the final barrier protecting his mind.

A tremendous energy swept through the desert.

“Come and take him!”

[Someone’s mind has been completely contaminated.]

Toki shouted at Kang Seol, who ran to stop him. Kang Seol had no choice but to stop at those words.

“You only get one chance! Don’t make a stupid mistake! Get out of the labyrinth and greet the morning. As you know, I am already dead. This kind of thing… is something that someone like me has to do. And never give up! know? “A guy with no guts…”

Kang Seol bit his lip and answered.

“…being last place.”


“I didn’t forget. Then don’t be last.”


The sound of the door opening.

It was loud enough for both Snowfall and Toki to hear.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

A large, bizarre-looking door burst open. And then unpleasant colored hands came out of it and flew towards Toki.


Toki closed his eyes and muttered until he was surrounded by those hands.

“The reason why I have lived until now, the reason why I am here… I finally realize it. You prepared me where I should be haha! You are truly… astute. Ugh….”

When strange hands wrapped around him, he turned his eyes to Kang Seol and said his last words.

“My whole reason… was you.”




Toki was caught by Labyrinth’s hand and sucked into the door.


The snowfall ran like crazy. Is it possible to catch him?

However, Labyrinth’s hands were very fast and slipped through the door in an instant.

Then there was only one way left to save him.


After the labyrinth’s hand escaped, Snowfall jumped towards the door that closed on its own.



The door was closed.

* * *

“Haa… haa….”

“Brother… brother… I did that to help you…”

“Cough… crack….”

The final gateway to the labyrinth.

There was no one sitting on the bench. However, not everyone was standing up.

Park Chang-sik looked at Seong Jae-ho, who was crawling on the floor as his stomach was pierced by his sword.

While Snowfall fought a bitter battle in the desert, they also met a painful end.

“Why… why did you do that to Tae-gyu…”

Kim Tae-gyu, who escaped the painful penance, was also not fine. He was panting with his heart shattered, but soon he could no longer breathe.

“Hehehe… that guy… tried to stab me…”

Seong Jae-ho, who had broken through the torture of doubt, soon stopped breathing.

I found it strange that he hesitated when asked about his mental contamination level, but I never expected him to hit his colleague’s chest.


How do you feel about taking the life of your close friend?

If there was a devil, I would have asked him this.


[Mental pollution level reached 77.]

Park Chang-sik was in pain, covering his head with both hands. If the level of mental pollution rises further, he will probably meet the same fate as those who have already died.

But then a loud noise was heard from the door behind him.



Something escaped from the door.

‘Did I fail?’


Park Chang-sik sighed as his soul was sucked into the lamp of the statue of the Four Gods.

“Now… what should I do now… what should I do since I’m left alone…”

Park Chang-sik, who believed that the soul that had just been dragged in was Kang Seol, fell into a state of panic.

But there was something he didn’t see clearly.


“… Huh?”

“Whoa… whoa…”

Kang-seol escaped out the door and was gagging, unable to recover from the shock.

“Did you succeed?”

A message occurred to Kang Seol.

[Overcoming patience.]

[Patience disappears within the labyrinth of penance.]

[Mental pollution: 91/100]

Park Chang-sik approached him and supported him.

“Is it all over? Now… can I get out of this hell?”

Kang Seol sat on a long chair, raised her head from her bowed position, and said.

“No… not yet.”

“… yes?”

“There may still be a final gate left…”

He panted and looked ahead.

‘A battle awaits at the end of the labyrinth.’

A battle with a strange-looking wooden doll.

When I was a blood saint, I broke through that gateway without difficulty.

Rather, it could be said to be the easiest gateway.

That moment.


The statues shook violently.

A red glow appeared in their eyes, and something came out like a skein of thread.

[The final penance begins.]

“… That? doll?”

The unidentified energy created something that looked like a doll.

The created doll resembles a wooden doll with unnatural joints.

The doll that appeared in the square space between the statue and the snow stood still, as soulless things usually do.

Up to this point, everything is as Kangseol knows. In that case, it was as if the labyrinth had already been conquered.

But from the beginning, his wishes were rarely fulfilled.

[Sharing the pain begins.]

[Defeat the pain of the person recorded in the labyrinth.]


Something more escaped the statues’ eyes.

And then it gently approached and landed on the doll.


Finally, the doll started to move. The doll stood up with a clatter.

Although Kang Seol knew quite a lot of the secrets of the Labyrinth of Asceticism, there were some things that even he did not know properly.

What kind of future awaits you if your soul is harvested, and what is the purpose of the labyrinth? And why does the asceticism of pain feel different from other asceticisms?

Kang Seol had asked Toki about this.

– Do you know anything about the penance of pain?

Toki hesitated to answer and replied:

– You will naturally find out when you reach the end of the labyrinth. Even if you find out the answer now, it won’t do you any good. Rather… it will break.

Kang Seol now perfectly understands Toki’s words.

“Why… Why…”

[Record of Pain: Defeat Fin Modria.]

[Record of Pain: Fin Modria only exerts 20% of its original strength.]

The Labyrinth is a place of pain. The power of ascetics has been recorded through penance. To greet the next ascetics who will come to the labyrinth.


The soul doll tilted its head crookedly.

Red light exploded from his body.



[Records of Pain: Finn Modria uses a vigorous flow.] [

Records of Pain: Fin Modria’s debilitating effects are greatly reduced.] [Records of Pain: Fin Modria uses a powerful flow.]

[Records of Pain: Fin Modria uses a powerful flow. It only exerts 25% of its power.]

The soul doll looked at Snowfall.

Finn Modria.

One of the 10 horses that attempted to ascend to heaven.

“… Why is it you?”

The footprints left by the Blood Saint in the past greeted him at the end of the labyrinth.

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