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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 129

Episode 129

[Forms a portal connected to each other on the battlefield.]

Jiiiing –

As the season changed, large portal-shaped artifacts began to appear throughout the battlefield.



As the seasons began to change, the first thing that moved was snowfall.


Why do we jump to an obvious conclusion? Finn’s doll tilted its hand and raised its hand.


The rejection was triggered and the snowfall flew to the back.

And there was a portal where he flew.


As Park Chang-sik shouted at Kang-seol, Kang-seol’s new form hit the portal and disappeared.


And it appeared again from the portal behind Finn.


Kang Seol swung his fist violently.


“… damn.”

[Record of Pain: Finn Modria uses Blood Curtain.]

[Nullifies 75% of physical damage.] It was a

good attack for an improvised attack, but Blood Curtain was an ability that was criticized by opponents.

‘It’s difficult to hit by yourself…’

Even if you hit a significant hit, the damage is repaired through the new flesh, so it really felt like dealing with a turtle hiding in its shell.


The bloody spear passed by, aiming for the bridge of Kang Seol’s nose.


Snowfall, who tilted her head to avoid the spear, started planning again.


A move to lower one’s posture and tackle the pin.

But it was also blown away by rejection.


Park Chang-sik took advantage of this opportunity and aimed for the pin.

Sigh! Sigh!

The only thing against him is the Blood Spear.

However, even that felt burdensome to Park Chang-sik, an ordinary user.


Park Chang-sik couldn’t close the distance between him and Finn.





Kang Seol felt frustrated as the battle continued. This was because Park Chang-sik could not follow his movements.

Park Chang-sik was only able to get his attention for a moment, but had no means of striking an effective blow to Finn, and was not even able to ignore Finn’s refusal.

No, this is not Park Chang-sik’s problem…

‘That’s Finn’s way.’

Because that was Snowfall’s way of controlling Finn.

A method of blocking strong opponents by rejecting them and then dealing with weak opponents first.

Snowfall, which judged that it would not be able to deal an effective blow to Finn even in the season of the wizard, changed the purpose of the battle.




While continuing to direct Finn’s attention to himself, he began checking all of the portal connections.

‘The portal will have the same connection even in the coming season.’

The seasons keep turning and turning.

The connections of the first portal created in battle are different, but after that, they have the same connection as the first portal created.

‘It’s okay, we’ve figured it all out.’


the season has changed once again.

[Penance: The season of the shepherd is coming.]

[A hymn of glory for you rings out.]

Ahhhhh –

Park Chang-sik looked around at the magnificent sound spreading throughout the battlefield.


Park Chang-sik widened his eyes and glared at Finn at Kang Seol’s shout.

‘It’s an opportunity.’

The first opportunity for snowfall.

Timing of the first hymn.

In the season of the shepherd, hymns and requiems come one after the other, but the order varies from time to time. Fortunately, the hymn started first, so the timing for Snowfall’s attack came.

[The Ascetic is affected by Hymn of Glory.]

[All of the Ascetic’s stats increase by 35%.]


Park Chang-sik must have noticed this, too, and used the ability he had been saving.

[The Carry Machine uses the 9th consecutive attack.]

[Attack speed increases by 20% each time the attack continues.]


Easy profit-!

Park Chang-sik’s attack embarrassed Finn.

In addition to the suddenly increased abilities, when he used abilities that he had not used before, the power came out even more powerful than the level of power that Finn had expected.


Finn’s goal is to overpower him with a bloody spear.


Unlike before, Park Chang-sik avoided it with very small movements and minimized his movements.

And he focused only on attack.



Park Chang-sik’s attack has now reached a point where it cannot be easily blocked. Once the 9th formula is completed, Finn will not be safe either.

There was the easiest way to guard against this.


Finn had no choice but to use rejection against Park Chang-sik.


Snowfall appeared behind Park Chang-sik’s new model as it flew.


Snowfall pulled her fist close and swung it at Finn.

[Record of Pain: Finn Modria uses the Blood Curtain.]

[Nullifies 75% of physical damage.]



As expected, it’s a turtle.

It was extremely hard. But Kang Seol was not one to give up here.



His movements as he struck the wall became busier.



Spears of blood flew from everywhere, targeting his limbs.

But the snowfall was still continuing its onslaught.

At that moment, this thought appeared in his mind.

‘Ruling with an iron fist… Is it now?’

There is only one bullet. If you go astray, the only thing that awaits you is death.

The thought that he only had one chance was constricting his heart.

If you fail, there is no next time.

‘Not yet… not yet.’

The hymn will soon end.

If the Requiem began in a state of exhaustion, death would be certain, so the only bullet should not be used now.

Ahhh –

new music has spread across the battlefield.

[Requiem of Sorrow for Pain rings out.]

[Memory of Pain: Finn Modria is affected by Requiem of Sorrow.]

[Memory of Pain: All of Finn Modria’s stats increase by 35%.]

“ damage!”


Karen and Karuna.

And Kang Seol and Park Chang-sik saw that their opponents’ momentum had changed and switched to defense.


The noise heard when the bloody spear was stuck also became much louder.




Finn’s summons derived from the Ruby Mirror also increased their abilities, so the Twin Knights also had a hard time.



Although the abilities and abilities could be copied, the bond between the two could not be replicated, and the battle continued.

“Damn… it keeps playing!”

Ruby mirror.

This was not chosen as a seasonal season for nothing, and it was the reason why snowfall was said to be extremely unfavorable in terms of compatibility.

The twin knights were destined to continue fighting their copies until Snowfall defeated Finn.

‘If only the connected soul had been safe…’

This match would have been worth it even if the connected soul had not been blocked in another season of tight flow. The twin knights must have somehow shaken off the replicas and joined the fight against Finn.

But as always, things took a turn for the worst.

Green onions!

Finn’s attack method was quite monotonous, so even though the requiem was ringing, Park Chang-sik and Kang Seol were safe.

‘That’s Finn’s style.’

Never overdo it.

Until the very end.

When the opponent was caught off guard and brought the head under his chin, it was only then that Finn emerged from the shell to bite the neck.


The requiem has ended and the next season has arrived.

The eyes of the magic beast holding the treasure chest glowed. [Ascetic: The season of


beast comes.] [Strong


are driven throughout the battlefield.


The season of the Demon Beast was a time of rest on the battlefield.

The strong wind created the effect of pulling the huge sword stuck in the ground from the battlefield, throwing it away, and blowing away broken debris and dust.


Kwasik! Kwazizig!

During this process, if you are unlucky enough to hit a drawn sword or hit debris and lose your balance, you will fall down with the sword.


A situation where both defense and attack are difficult.

All beings, including Finn’s doll, lowered their posture and resisted the wind.

‘For now, I can take a breather… All seasons have to come quickly.’

Now, after the last remaining season of the harvester, the season of the capricious has arrived.

It is easy to create variables in the temperamental season because it comes with various combinations of seasons.

‘We have to endure until the season of temperament!’

At that point, the game will be decided.

Snowfall was planning to overturn the twin knights’ disappointing attack power and worst compatibility by being sealed there.


The wind died down. The situation on the battlefield returned to before.


Kang Seol and Park Chang-sik aimed for a pin that created a bloody spear to hinder the twin knights.



In the end, the bloody spear goes to Park Chang-sik and the rejection goes to Kang Seol.


The same situation occurred. It seemed like this trend would continue for a while.

But soon another season arrived and the tide of the battlefield changed.

Jiiiiiiing –

The eyes of the Shinigami holding the scythe and the lantern flashed.


“Penance: The season of the harvester is coming.]

[Soul dolls are created on the battlefield.]

[The souls placed on top of the lantern come to the battlefield.]

Things that appear to be souls in the reaper’s lantern are crying. He escaped in a fit of tears and landed on the battlefield.

Clap la la la rock!

They soon became dolls made of the same material as Finn’s dolls.

All stage 4.



The dolls began to come to life.

‘To get to the Season of the Whimsical, we must get through this safely…’

The Harvester’s Gate is where the soul dolls of those who have been harvested join the battlefield.

It was a season that was only harmful to ascetics because most of them were mentally unstable.

Kang Seol made eye contact with Park Chang-sik.

Park Chang-sik nodded.

Someone had to take care of those dolls, and without thinking too much about it, it was Park Chang-sik.

When the snow falls, the dolls will be destroyed as soon as possible, but during that time, Park Chang-sik will definitely be killed by Finn’s doll.


The dolls started talking.

【Brother… Why…】

【It’s because of you… Changsik…】

【It’s because you abandoned us all here….】




The dolls were quite fierce.

Park Chang-sik immediately realized the identity of these dolls.

“You guys…”

These were the colleagues who came together this time to conquer the labyrinth of penance.

Sung Jae-ho, who headed to the door of doubt, Jang Heung-soo, who headed to the door of patience, and Kim Tae-gyu, who headed to the door of pain.

【Brother… It’s me….】



【Why did you kill me? Why!】


Snow Seol, who was struggling alone with Finn, was in danger, but the one who was most at risk right now was Park Chang-sik.

[Mental contamination level has reached 85.]

His companions hope for his death. Moreover, she became a doll without even facial features.

[Mental pollution level reached 87.]

Park Chang-sik gathered his trembling heart and grasped his sword, wondering

how this terrible situation had come about .

He focused on the problems he was immediately facing rather than the mental pain that was bothering him.

Because he had to deal with three dolls whose skills were not much different from his own at the same time.

“Stop…let me out of here!”

One of the dolls tilted its head and asked.

【you? Why us?】

【Are you the only one planning on getting out of here?】

【Leaving us to rot in this place!】

【You said you would take us… You agreed to take us out too…】

Park Chang-sik spits. I swallowed hard and tried to come to my senses as best as I could.


The two dolls rushed at Park Chang-sik first.

Kaaaaang-! Kang!



As expected, mental agitation also led to a decline in skills.



Park Chang-sik received a deep cut on his thigh from Kim Tae-gyu’s doll.

It wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t move, but it was clear that if he continued the fight, his wounds would open up.

【Yes, it’s even more painful! Because it’s all your fault!】

“Stop it! “What do you want me to do?”

【Then can you… save us?】



The answer was decided, but I couldn’t say it right away.

We may have crossed swords now, but at least when we first came here, we were colleagues who trusted each other.

Because this answer will definitely hurt.

But silence was also the answer.

Seong Jae-ho’s doll muttered.

【I knew… I knew that.】

Jang Heung-sik’s doll, unable to hold back his anger, watched from behind the whole time and rushed towards Park Chang-sik to stab him.

【die! You too must die!】

Park Chang-sik prepared for the coming shock and thought about finishing off one of the dolls, even if it meant getting hurt.

‘If we don’t reduce the number of dolls here… there’s no hope!’

In fact, one fewer doll would not change the direction of the battle, but we still had to do the best we could.

Only then will Kang Seol have a chance.

But then. A strange thing happened.


The charging doll clattered and fell.


Park Chang-sik could not believe the sight before his eyes.

One of the dolls, who was unable to come to his senses, tripped Jang Heung-su’s leg.



And not only did the doll trip Jang Heung-su’s foot, it also stepped on his fallen head and crushed it.

‘The dolls… are fighting? Rather… who is that doll?’

Apparently, three of the challengers together died in the labyrinth.

And there are a total of 4 dolls that have appeared now.

There is one left.

It was clear that the doll whose identity was unknown was one of those who had challenged the labyrinth, but at least I was not familiar with him.

【You… are you… what!】



The unidentified doll’s outstretched fist exploded the head of the doll containing Seong Jae-ho.

At the same time, the doll spun around and kicked up its feet. In the path of the kick was the head of a doll voiced by Kim Tae-gyu.

【Why are you blocking us….】


It’s literally a war.

Like a brief lightning strike, my eyes flashed for a moment and all three dolls shattered.

An unidentified doll that destroyed all the dolls.

The doll left alone shook its head in confusion.

At that moment, Kangseol shouted.

“… Toki!”


the doll said while looking at the snowfall.

“… you?”

“Toki… Is that really you?”

The doll that Kang Seol called Toki raised its head as if it realized something.

And then rushed towards the pin.

At that moment, Finn, who felt threatened, unlike Park Chang-sik, used rejection against him.



Toki slipped and did some tricks on the ground to offset the shock of being thrown away.


he said, having completely relieved the shock.

“God has prepared me here…”


The unsightly saint tries to struggle even in death.

As he lived, he still lives for someone.

“… My use is still here.”



their “Penance: The season of the fickle is coming.]

[All seasons are mixed up.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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