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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 136

Episode 136 Kang

Seol’s findings revealed that while the association’s community function had a convenient aspect, it also had an inconvenient aspect.

It was much easier to create and receive information within similar hubs, but if the distance between the hubs was very far, that is, to the extent of a region or region, one step had to be taken.

Just as there were people on Earth in the past who delivered news, such as dispatchers or messengers, there were people on Pandea who relayed information between bases.

An adventurer who receives a small fee and delivers information when moving between bases. Or even adventurers who just repeat information because they don’t want to get caught up in a dangerous adventure.

In addition, people belonging to the association spread information from each base to other bases.

To overcome this inefficiency, a method of transmitting information using Maseok was once considered, and the Maseok connection network was still being expanded.

Perhaps such networks exist in fairly advanced regions, but unfortunately, Nevenia was far from that.

That was the reason why Novira’s information was received relatively late from Audenin.

Still, there was no means of transmitting information between bases.

The most important things right now were letters sent between friends, and other than that, I knew that urgent information could be read at any of the associations throughout Nevenia by paying an additional fee.

Kang Seol checked the letter Han So-mi had recently sent instead of the old letter written some time ago.

[Letter from my friend ‘All college students die’]

[Written date: 10 days ago]

[Subject: Oppa Seol, is that guy from the Labyrinth of Asceticism your brother?]

Oppa, didn’t you block me? I haven’t heard from you in a long time… But are you in Audenin now? It seems like something quite commotion has been going on in Audenine, and the person listed here as undisclosed has a lot in common with my brother…

right? You’re my brother, right? Haha

, there’s no way my brother would intentionally ruin the contact between his siblings.

Anyway, it’s really amazing! Up to this point, there’s been a lot of noise talking about breaking through the labyrinth. If I had been a little quieter, I might have boasted that I know you and your brother. Isn’t that a bit much?

‘Brothers and sisters?’

I swear I don’t remember a relationship like that being formed.

– Was the place where you exchanged friends at that time under the peach tree?

– I don’t think that was the case…

– It seems like they are one-sided sworn siblings.

Anyway, Kang Seol laughed at Han So-mi’s boldness and read the next article.

I am doing well in Kongori. Did you know that Kongori and Nobira have become very close these days? It looks like the coalition is expanding its influence toward Nobira. Well, it has nothing to do with me. The quality of the adventure in Novira has also improved considerably.

Who was that… Oh, Mira Yu! It seems like the ruins hunting group organized by Mira Yu has grown a bit. Occasionally I get offered a position there too, so I’m thinking about it. And did you know that the new auction house was built? They’re building it bigger than before!


As she likes to talk, she shared various information.

‘I think it’s more useful than I thought…’

I wasn’t talking about Han So-mi’s use, but the function of the community.

I was able to find out how the area was going generally without having to go out of my way to get some detailed information from an acquaintance who remained in the area.

Mr. Moon Ho had already gone somewhere far away. I’ve been trying to contact him over and over again, but he says he’s still looking for his daughter.

Actually… no. Good thoughts, good thoughts!

And if Gae Gyeong-taek sends two letters, he replies with one. Doesn’t it look like trash? Oppa, please say something! Really! If you say it, I think I’ll listen to it because I’m begging you!

It felt like watching two immature younger brothers fight, and a weak laugh escaped Kangseol.

It’s been a really long time since I felt this way.

He also took care of his younger siblings like this at daycare. Snowfall felt comfortable enough to bring back those old memories.

‘… is it?’

Kang Seol felt like he had been on edge ever since he visited the Labyrinth of Asceticism.

I always feel tired and wary of my surroundings.

While hanging out with Toki, I realized that I had no intention of focusing on or finding meaning in other values other than succeeding in ascending to heaven.

Such fierceness accelerated growth, but in reality it led to mental exhaustion. His heart may have been drier than the lonely desert of the labyrinth.

Meanwhile, when I read Han So-mi’s letter, I couldn’t help but laugh without any doubt.

It was difficult to train your body to become stronger than steel. So it was natural to get cuts and injuries.

This is also the case with the mind. Even if you have a strong mind, it does not mean that the mind will not be damaged or destroyed.

I needed a break.

‘… We should contact you often.’

The sense of stability that comes from a relationship eased the burden on my mind a little.

The road to Ascension is a difficult one.

I had to slow down the reins a little to keep my heart from breaking.

Oh, and Gyeongtaek said he wanted to ask you something recently… Are you planning to go to Ilia?

I heard that Gyeongtaek recently moved his base to Ilia. If you are nearby, I think you can meet me sometime. Or at least send me a letter. Gyeongtaek was also waiting for your reply.

Anyway, I’m glad you came back safely. Take care of yourself and go on an adventure! Oh, and this time, please make sure to reply~ By all means~

‘… Gyeongtaek is waiting for my call?’

Kang Seol briefly replied to Han So-mi’s letter and then looked at Kyung-taek’s letter.

[Letter from friend ‘I’m the only cat’]

[Written date: 10 days ago]

[Subject: You’re back, right?]


There was no particular content in Kyung-taek Cho’s letter.

I knew that it was Kang Seol who went into the labyrinth, and I heard that he came back safely. If you happen to come to Ilia, I hope to see you at least once.

Approximately this much.

‘It’s amazing…’

As they predicted, the snowfall was planned to head to Ilia.

Chameli said the last time the Black Knight was spotted was near Ilia, and they plan to start searching again from there.

‘It would be nice to see it if I get a chance.’

I had been building a wall from the world for four months, so I missed people.

Kang Seol left the association after leaving a reply to Gyeong-taek Cho.

* * *

People who move in perfect order.

They were wearing similar attire and were cleaning up the area around Kangseol’s lodgings.

“Why did you trim the lawn like this? “You should have kept your hair straight like Kiyoung’s!”

“Sister, that’s enough…”

“Did you change the bed sheets? “What about the curtains?”

“Yes, I grinded it all.”

The woman was busy acting like a control tower controlling the surrounding situation.

“What about meals? “Did you do it?”

“You tend to skip breakfast…”

“Did you leave that out? “How hungry you must be for that slender body!”

“Then shall we at least prepare brunch? But you usually cook it yourself… please share ours with us sometimes.”

“You let me cook that yourself? Somehow…”

“It tastes better when you cook it yourself… I think I would cook it myself if I had that level of cooking skill.”

“… Is it that much? “Have you any experience in the restaurant industry?”

It was Son Ju-yeon who was directing the people here. Son Joo-yeon went on an adventure 15 days ago and was away for a total of 5 days.

“Anyway, everyone was released while I was away… Don’t you know how important this time is?”

“Juyeon, I don’t think he will like it if you do this.”

“Who is going to throw up at my words… huh? Mr. Changsik?”

Park Chang-sik was laughing while watching Son Joo-yeon making a fuss.

He must have recovered a lot now, and his complexion has improved noticeably.

When Joo-yeon Son came back, she was drunk and grabbed him by the collar, but now she was scratching her cheek and looking at the people around her as if she had never done that before.

“Everyone get some rest. “I ate lunch and went for a walk.”


When she said this, everyone quickly scattered like ants struck by water.

“Aren’t you being too strict?”

“Then what should I do? Now is a golden opportunity.”

“Do you think the snowman will stay with us?”

“to be honest?”

“Yes, honestly.”


“But why are you so enthusiastic?”

“Even if you don’t stay by my side, wouldn’t it be nice to have a friendly relationship? “In fact, it’s all thanks to the snowman that you survived in the Labyrinth of Penance.”

Park Chang-sik smiled faintly at Son Joo-yeon’s words.

“Is it greed or reward?”


“Just do one thing.”

“Hehe… I’ll reward you then. “You don’t want any more, do you?”


“Still, we need to establish a contact network…”

“We added each other as friends.”

“what? “You didn’t force it, right?”

“… uh.”

“Thank God, if we do this, we will be able to contact you.”

The Audenine Alliance, which had never ceased fighting, actually became stronger after Park Chang-sik returned from the labyrinth. This was because they experienced the sadness of losing members of the alliance who were important within the alliance during the attack, and realized to some extent what was truly important for the alliance to be maintained.

As Son Ju-yeon and Park Chang-sik were talking, a member of the union approached them.

“Well… the ascetic is asking for the location of Audenin’s vocational training center…”

Joo-yeon Son reflexively turned around and shouted.

“Catch up! “I’ll mark you closely and guide you to the training center!”

* * *

“Here we are, Ascetic.”

“Ah yes.”

– Are you a celebrity? Haha

– Is this something that requires an escort?

– In reality, he is bodyguarding a bodyguard

– Seeing Joo-yeon Son step forward like that,

I guess he is trying to manipulate the snowman!

– That’s exactly what I said!

Audenin’s training center was the largest base that Snowfall had ever visited, and the location was also open.

Snowfall approached the man wearing a robe.

“So, the rules of conduct in times like this are… hmm? “Ah, is there something you want?”

The man was teaching someone.

The students who were excited about learning were children who appeared to be middle school students.

[This is a place to study black magic. The instructor residing here will ask you about your business. What would you like to do?]

1. [Required: Ability Score] I want to learn a new ability.

2. [Required: Ability Score] I want to strengthen my existing abilities.

3. What are you teaching now?

4. [Need: State of enlightenment] I would like to work as an educator here.

5. [Required: State of Enlightenment] Why not compete against each other’s skills?

“I want to strengthen my abilities and gain new abilities.”

“Aha, but the power room here is a little open…”

“Open… what do you mean?”

Usually, training centers allowed trainees to face the ability tree in a dark room.

The room of ability that the instructor was talking about was just such a room.

But it’s open.

“Look…over there.”

Snowfall turned her eyes and saw a large space made like a cathedral.

Above the low platform, a huge wall appeared in front of it.

“no way?”

“Yes, the practitioner’s ability tree will appear there.”


“The founder designed it that way, saying that those who handle dark power should be more proud…”

“Are you saying that all of my abilities will be exposed?”

“That’s not it. I don’t know if you know, but just as each person’s fingerprints, body odor, blood quality, and skeleton are different, each person’s ability tree is also different if you look closely. The instructor may be able to observe the initial seedlings, but judging by the trainee’s current energy, we probably won’t be able to look into them either. However, its shape, color, and vitality may be exposed.”


“If you don’t like it, you should look for somewhere else…”

Kang Seol scratched her chin and pondered for a moment.

‘I’ve accumulated too many ability points, so it would be cleanest to get it here.’

He said, shaking his head.

“it’s okay. “I will check it here.”

“Yes, this way. Practitioners, please rest for a while.”

The alliance member who guided Kang Seol to the training center and the other warlocks who were using Audenin’s noisy training center.

There were more than a hundred people talking in the hall.

There was only one room of power in this large place. No, it was an open space, so it wasn’t even a room.

“Then I’ll just leave. “If you need help, you can call another instructor.”


After the instructor disappeared, Kang Seol sat down at a distance from the wall.


visions of the ability tree began to appear.

“Let’s see who uses the ability tree… huh?”

“But there’s something a little…”

Kangseol’s tiny saplings began to grow luxuriantly.

Wood clatter…

“It’s that big?”

“More than that! That’s red! “What is that?”

In an instant, hundreds of people’s eyes focused on the tree.

The reason their eyes were focused was firstly on the size of the tree and secondly on the red light spreading across several branches as if polluting them.


The red snake wrapped around a few branches and contaminated the entire tree. Completely red.

There was silence in the training center.

It felt very foreign to hear only the breathing sounds of hundreds of people.

‘The color is almost the same as when it bloomed.’

The blood of the origins seeped into the tree of power.

‘But except for a few, these are completely new abilities?’

Since Finn’s job was different, his derived abilities seemed to be different accordingly.

First of all, Kang Seol chose the abilities he needed to pay attention to first.

Some of the black branches have become darker.

[Strengthens the shadow summoning.]

[The spearman’s special ability is activated.]

[Uses 7 ability points.]

[Now, when the shadow summoning is successful, the transmission of the summon is smoother than before.]

[Now the shadow You can summon 4 summons at the same time. However, there are cases where simultaneous summoning is not possible.]

[Shadow summoning has reached a certain level. 10% of the abilities of all your summons will be transferred.]

‘A space has been created for the next summon, hmm?’

Kangseol, who was checking out his new ability, curled up the corner of his mouth and placed his hand there.

His hand stopped at the red branch.


Unlike before, the ability was revealed with a creepy sound effect.

[Cunning Blood Snake]

– Additional ability points are acquired as a reward for adventure.

Blood-soaked description window.

‘This… has the same effect as the Albuza title, right?’

There was no need to think about it for a long time since the fraudulent nature of the title of Albuquerque had already been proven.

[Awakening the cunning blood snake.]

[Use 2 ability points.]

[Now you gain additional ability points as a reward for your adventure.]

Snowfall sequentially checks the new abilities it can learn, and moves on to the next ability. selected.

As expected, it was an ability born from the blood-red branch.

[Continuous: Enlighten blood relatives.]

[Use 2 ability points.]

[Now you cannot interfere with the summoning of a summoned animal connected by bloodline.]

This means that it is an ability that blocks the summoning itself, which is the summoner’s blind spot. It was said that it was immune to .

‘The blood of the beginning is definitely enormous.’

This was the reason why Finn suddenly became stronger.

The blood-stained tree of the beginning. The abilities born from that tree were far too effective compared to the ability points consumed.

‘There is no need to use all 5 of the remaining ability points, but if you still have a good ability…’

At that moment, Snowfall’s eyes stopped.

‘… uh?’

There was a branch there that did not belong to either the red branch or the black branch, but had half of the two colors mixed together.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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