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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 137

Episode 137:

The Shadow Summoner’s tree is usually pitch black. From the roots to the trunk, branches and fruits.

As such, each job’s ability tree had its own unique color.

These unique colors rarely changed. And drinking primordial blood was one of those things that rarely happened.

A branch with half of the red and black colors not harmonized.

Snowfall has confirmed the only complex ability she can currently unlock.

[Passive: Sticky Darkness (Composite)]

– Shadows gain viscosity. Additionally, abilities based on it can be derived.

This wasn’t the first time Kang Seol had seen such complex abilities.

Finn Modria, who was the owner of the Originating Blood, also unlocked a complex ability that mixed the priest’s white color with the red color of the Originating Blood.

‘This is my root ability.’

Root ability.

This ability is called so because a tree starts from the roots.

These abilities refer to abilities that are the basis of the job, such as shadow hand and shadow summoning.

A midpoint between Blood of the Origin and Shadow Summoner.

From here, new abilities will be unlocked. It starts with this sticky dark ability.

[Passive: Awakens Sticky Darkness (composite).]

[Spend 5 ability points.]

[Shadows now gain Viscosity.]

[Can now derive related new abilities.]


When Snowfall stood up, there was nothing left on the wall where his giant tree of abilities had been carved.

“… hmm?”

Hundreds of people were staring at the wall with their mouths closed, but now they turned their gaze to Kang Seol.

someone asked

“That one! Why is only one side a different color?”

“No, it looks like mold…”

“But who is it? This is my first time seeing you here…”

“Ascetic! He is an ascetic! … is not it?”


People suddenly flock to Kang Seol.

The union member who was in charge of guiding the route here was embarrassed and called his colleagues.

“Stop showing off and telling me something!”

“What can’t I tell you?”

“Just let us know!”

Before an unexpectedly hostile atmosphere was created, Union members came rushing in and took Kang Seol with them.

* * *

(New)[‘Pimples Kim’s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: Bringing you some exciting information.]

Oh, damn it.

It was so hot that I dropped it to the ground.

– This is another crazy crazy thing

– I have to wear gloves and bring it ehkeun-☆

– Is it a roasted sweet potato haha

– I’ll bring it again.

(New)[‘Pimples Kim’s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: I brought it back.]

Huh… Huh… It’s hot, so take it carefully.

They say there is such a thing as complex abilities. Just heard about it.

– Wow crazy; When was the transformation?

– Is there even a merger? huh? Please…

– You’re imagining it, right? There is such a thing?

– The Ascetic just showed me a glimpse of his ability tree. People who saw it said that some of the ability trees were different colors.

– Wow, how do you get it?

– Did you even tell me that? ㅡㅡ

– I told you

– Huh

– All you need is an artifact or experience that has a special effect.

– In the end, the message was to focus on textbooks again.

– Where did you tell me?

– Even if an ascetic gets out of the labyrinth, he has to do asceticism because of you pigs and dogs ㅠㅠ

– Gulp! I’ll give you all the information! Give me all the items!

– Wow! If you don’t want to die, go for it! Learn everything you know!

Long after the information about the complex ability was spread in the association community, Jiang Xue was now in a secret place.

“The vicar has arrived.”

“… Let’s leave right away. The time has come.”

As of this moment, the rest period has ended.

[The next adventure begins.]

[The 19th adventure begins.]

[Adventure 19. Tracking the Black Knight]

Adventure 19. ‘Tracking the Black Knight’

vs. the Black Pilgrims, a dispatched force from the sacred nation of Baranoa. The Black Pilgrims of Nevenia have found you.

They were currently secretly tracking the Black Knight, who was a threat to Pandea, and were recruiting several people to subdue him.

One of them is you.


Track down the Black Knight Caution: This adventure is very dangerous.

Please note that situations in this adventure change from moment to moment.

This is an adventure based on the state’s base ‘Ilia’.

Caution Others may get caught up.

Note: This adventure can be replaced with another adventure if you miss the Black Knight’s trail.

Current time remaining: “None”

– Are you paying too much attention?

– I know;; This is my first time on an adventure like this

– is it a field adventure?

The carriage with Snowfall, Chameli, and a few black pilgrims on board set off.

Other black pilgrims followed in another carriage.

While the carriage ran for two days, only a few words were exchanged between Snowfall and the pilgrims.

Mainly things like, ‘Today we will set up camp here.’

“… Was the tracking successful?”


“Yes, the Black Knight.”

Chameli nodded.

“The pilgrims have already gone to Ilia first. “I found traces of the Black Knight nearby.”

“Then hasn’t the Black Knight already entered Ilia?”

“No, the Black Knight is the one who drives blood and wind. “If he had come to the city, people would have already died.”

“Can’t the lord’s garrison stop it?”

“The lord may have great knights, but they probably won’t be a match for the Black Knight. Since it has been like this until now….”

“In the end, we have to resolve it. But even if it leaves a trace, it doesn’t seem easy to track.”

“I understand your concerns. But we are doing our best too. “There is an adventurer who has a separate contract for tracking.”

“Is it transfer interest?”

“Yes, it’s very strong too. The lord there is also providing us with support. Now all we have to do is find the black knight.”

I was a little interested when I heard that a very strong transferencer had joined my teammate, but I didn’t ask about it since I would have encountered it when I went to Ilia anyway.

Chameli advised Kang Seol.

“I’ll tell you in advance, if you behave carelessly in Ilia, you’ll be in trouble.”

“Are you in trouble?”

“The Black Knight is a clever man. How is it that the person who is driving the bloody storm hasn’t been caught yet? “It’s because its military power is excellent, but it doesn’t appear in traps or dangerous places.”

“In short, it means not to be noticed by others.”

“The other person is a magic beast with some degree of socialization. “A monster that speaks human language.”

“… All right.”

“The pilgrims in Ilia are also acting cautiously, so as long as they do so, there will be no problems.”

* * *

After four more days, the carriage stopped.

Ilia was similar in size to Audenine, but only had small guilds and no large community like Audenin’s guild union had established itself.

It was also a place where transferees could act freely or disorderly.

Chameli said on the second day since Snowfall arrived here.

“I’d like to introduce you to a colleague who is helping with the tracking today.”

“You mean him back then.”

“I heard you are at the meeting place, so let’s go.”


After entering Ilia, Snow strictly refrained from going out. Although there was no particular reason to go out in the first place.

The buildings lined up were quite large, as if to show off that this was a city.

However, the atmosphere of the city I walked around for a while was strange.


People were running around as if they had urgent work to do.

‘What’s going on?’

Snowfall’s head turned towards the running people. And the gaze of Chameli next to him.

“What is happening?”

“I think it’s nearby…”

Chameli said, pursing her lips as if she couldn’t contain her curiosity.

“You can find the meeting point by going in that direction.”


“… Shall we go via there?”

Although it seemed like his intention was obvious, Kang Seol nodded. All roads lead anyway.

Snowfall’s complexion, which had been walking around with a faint smile, hardened slightly.




“…You b*stard! “What are you doing?”

“Do not! Please…don’t do it!”

“Ha… I… look at these b*stards. Hey, you guys don’t know me?”

“I didn’t know… I didn’t know… I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Screams, shouts, sobs and madness.

A man was threatening a group of people. With powerful kicks and a grim look.

Chameli was shocked and ran away.

“Such… such ruthless people!”

“Parish, no… no…”

Chameli jumps into the middle of the threat without any time for the pilgrims to stop him.

Snowfall followed slowly.

“Stop it! “What are you doing now?”

“… What is this again? “Why are you interfering?”


The woman next to the man confronting Chameli spoke to him.

“Looks like a black pilgrim?”

“That crap? Why are you installing it here? Hey, do you guys know me?”

“Sehyun, there are a lot of eyes watching. Shall we stop?”

“Are you crazy? I stayed still, but they touched me first. And when did I ever pay attention?”

Chameli said proudly.

“I don’t know the details of what happened, but it is not right to commit violence against someone who does not resist.”

“… Are you teaching me now?”

At first glance, a tattoo that appeared to have been made in society was visible on the man’s neck.

The intimidating feeling of overpowering an opponent with a balanced body.

And strangely enough, the people around him pretend not to notice the man’s indifferent attitude.

The man who was being kicked by the man said.

“…I did it.”


“The item we reserved first… you stole it, right…”



“So? What are you saying? “Apologise?”


The man couldn’t answer and looked around.

It was filled with only cold stares.

Except for this unknown woman, who spread her arms wide, everyone turned their backs and watched this situation as if it was none of their business.

I could guess their thoughts.

I’m glad that the guy over there who got hit wasn’t me.

Maybe this is the thought.

However, I felt unfair in this situation where it was awkward to tell the person who had done something wrong that they were wrong. Because of this, I was filled with sadness and started screaming.

“okay! Apologize! “If you did something wrong, apologize to us!”

A fire bloomed in the man’s eyes after hearing the answer.

“How can I even pray? You’re right. We intercepted it. “I’m really sorry. This was wrong, so I’ll give it back.”


A man who throws an object and returns it half-heartedly. The items inside my pocket spilled onto the floor.

The man who had been beaten trembled in shame.

“Instead, you should be punished because you did something wrong.”


“I folded it without even knowing the topic, so I’m going to have to pull out just one of your teeth, right? “I won’t kill you so I can pull out one tooth every time I think of it.”

“Stop… stop…”

“Hey, catch all these b*stards. “I know that if you let me interfere, they will come after you first.”

Just before an imminent situation occurred, someone stood in front of the fallen group.

What’s unique is that instead of looking at the man called Se-hyeon, he stood looking at the young man who was confronting him.

“The voice…”

That someone was Kang Seol, who stepped forward to protect Chameli.

That was the only reason I came forward in the first place. I had no intention of getting caught up in an unrelated controversy.

It must have been like that.

“Lift your head up for a moment.”

“… yes? uh?”

When the man raised his head, his bloody face was revealed. The eyelids were so swollen that there were no carp in them, and a mixture of blood and saliva was flowing from the mouth.


Kang Seol’s expression disappeared.

The tattooed man said.

“Why do these b*stards keep appearing who can’t tell what to wear and what not to wear? Have you been a little out these days? Hey, you know these guys too, right? “Do you have many friends?”

Kang Seol ignored his words and brushed off the clothes of the man with a swollen face.

“It’s Gyeongtaek, right?”

“Seol hyung? “Brother… is this it?”

“What did you do wrong?”

Gyeongtaek recognized Snow Seol and shook his head, crying.

“No… no… I didn’t…”

Then he grabbed Kang Seol’s ankle and complained.

No one paid any attention to the weak, and instead completely ignored them for fear of being overlooked by the strong.

I can’t believe snowfall appears when I’m in such a disgusting situation.

Gyeong-taek desperately crawled and grabbed Kang-seol’s ankles.

“Please… help me… it’s not my fault…”

Kang Seol suddenly got up and turned around. Then he spoke to the group of tattooed men.

“Then you must have been wrong.”

A tendon protruded from the man’s forehead.

“Ha… Mr. Lee… what else? Shall I pray? “Can I ask for it?”

Kang Seol answered.




The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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