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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 138

Episode 138

‘Are you crazy?’

Kim Se-hyun’s head was tilted.

It was his habit when he encountered something strange or incomprehensible.

The man in front of me said that I should pray to him.

It was funny that he reacted seriously to something that was just meant as a joke, but for some reason those words stuck in Kim Se-hyun’s heart.

It seemed like he was saying that he really had to pray. As if he won’t leave you alone if you don’t.

‘What are you?’

Kim Se-hyeon, who had never been ignored like this in his base Ilia, was furious to the core.

“… I? You have to pray? Hey… ha, you crazy b*stard…”

The woman next to the man burst into laughter as if she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Huh… Hehehehehehe… Hey Sehyun, you can’t hold back today. “I’m going to get sick too.”

“Are you so embarrassed right now that you can’t speak? “I just got f*cking ignored, right?”

“Oh, right. “I saw it.”

Kim Se-hyun looked around and looked for someone.

“F*ck… What about Kyungsoo? “Not yet?”

“I sent the kids earlier. They’re almost here.”

In fact, Kim Se-hyeon was not the leader of this group. Although he was okay with floundering, he acted weightlessly and had a short temper. Because of this, I did not receive much recognition even when I was in society.

The actual leader of this group was Jang Gyeong-su.

He is a head taller than others, has strong shoulders, and has an evil personality.

Jang Gyeong-su was an excellent captain for those who admired martial arts.

Jang Kyung-soo is coming.

That single word awakened the beast in Kim Se-hyeon’s heart.


As his actions were interrupted one after another, Kim Se-hyun felt angry and embarrassed at the same time.

Where on earth did they come from that made them so oblivious? Have they not heard of their notoriety in Ilia?

‘Ignore the pilgrim because it could cause trouble… and kill that b*stard.’

Several people in this city have already lost their lives at the hands of their gang. In Korean society, the murder itself would have resulted in him rotting in prison for most of his life, but here, he only received a warning from the lord and no action was taken.

From that moment on, they began to become more cruel.

Their violence was strictly directed only at those who had transferred. On the outside, he seemed to blend in well with the residents of Pandea, but on the inside, he was trying to dominate the transferees.

In fact, there was no one in Ilia who would oppose them.

‘… Could it be him?’

The existence that Yoo Tae-rim next to me spoke about a few days ago.

There is suspicion as to whether the mysterious secret that entered Ilia is the author.

‘I heard it exceeded 3 million points…’

Kim Se-hyun, Yoo Tae-rim, and Jang Kyung-soo recently surpassed 2.2 million adventure points. At least within Ilia, there were no opponents.

If it weren’t for the private that appeared a few days ago, it was possible to suppress them all.

Plus, there was only one guy and we were three, so we thought that if we prepared, we wouldn’t lose.

Yoo Tae-rim, who received Kim Se-hyun’s gaze, shook his head.

“No, he.”

“Are you sure?”

“There are rumors that she is a woman, but she is a man. I can not see?”

“Okay then, why did this f*cking guy make people tremble…”

While Kim Se-hyeon thought for a moment, Chameli apologized to Kang Seol.

“I’m sorry… it was because of me…”

“No. Please stay back. Pilgrims, please do not take part in this work. “It could be a problem later.”


Chameli gives a faint look to Kang Seol, who steps forward in a moment of crisis. It seemed like she was completely mistaken, but Chameli retreated anyway, and Kang Seol focused on Kim Se-hyun and his gang in front of her.

‘A little over 10 people.’

There was no particular meaning in counting numbers.

It felt like just checking how many tangerines I bought at the market were in the black bag.


Something flew towards Snowfall.


The shock was enough to make Snowfall’s hand tremble slightly as she snatched it. When I opened my palm, there was a coin inside it.

Kang Seol looked at Kim Se Hyun with puzzled eyes.

“You idiot. “Are you slow in understanding the situation?”


“I changed my mind. “You and them… I think it would be easier if we just got along.”

“Think again. “It’s your last chance.”

“I can’t hear you very well?”

Kim Se-hyun’s momentum changed.

[Kulsehyun uses chopping.]

[The weapon easily tears through flesh.]

[Induces rough wounds.]

[If successive attacks are successful, there is a certain probability of causing excessive bleeding.]

He strikes without a signal. I dug into Kang Seol.

He had a dagger in one hand and armor in the other, and when he approached, he appeared to be a professional using destructive abilities.

‘First of all, he’s not a duelist, he’s a highwayman.’

Kang Seol was able to guess his occupation in an instant by looking at his posture, abilities, and behavior patterns.

And based on that, we predicted the ability the opponent would use next.

“First of all, you b*tch….”

“… Chi.”

[Kul Se-hyun uses Flying Fish Stab.]

[If you land a Flying Fish Stab, you gain martial arts every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.]

Kim Se-hyun’s body twisted and the dagger danced.

An attack pattern that rises diagonally. The flying fish stabbing that Kangseol predicted was correct.

“Look back!”

The dagger was swung, aiming for Kang Seol’s neck or face. If you get hit, you either die, or even if you survive, you won’t be alive.

But then Kim Se-hyun’s movements suddenly stopped.

“… uh?”

Another dark red hand stretched out from Kang Seol’s hand and was pressing Kim Se-hyeon’s right shoulder, which was the key to his movements.

“This… this… this….”

“Kim Se-hyun! be careful!”

Kim Se-hyun, who stopped in a comical position, arrived before Yoo Tae-rim’s scream and her help.

It was his own hand holding a dagger.

“Oh no…”

Kangseol’s black, squishy hand snatched Kim Sehyun’s hand and stabbed Kim Sehyun’s opposite shoulder.

Puji profit-!


You’re in a situation where your own hands are attacking you.

Kim Se-hyun rolled on the floor from the shock.

“이 개새끼가!”

[Taerimi uses confidence in victory.]

[Be confident before winning.]

[High confidence increases fighting spirit.]

“You’re behind!”

[Taerimi wins! is used.]

[The winner’s victory has been activated.]

[You cannot run outside the designated area.] [

The winner’s abilities increase by 20% within the area.]

[It is in a high combat state.] [

In addition, all abilities are increased by 20%. increases by 10%.]

Yoo Tae-rim has never remembered losing while using the game. She turned on her game and dug into the side of the snowfall.


someone shouts.

And then I heard the sound of a wave.



Snowfall’s black hand had already dug into her back.


There was no surprise.

He was caught by that hand and was thrown down at an angle to the cold stone floor.



she was mistaken for a moment.

The reason she was undefeated so far was not because she was absolutely strong, but because she only used her skills against opponents she could beat.

‘But… if it’s like this…’

The sound of being thrown to the ground was quite loud, but the injury was less than that of Kim Se-hyeon.

I thought it was probably because the other person’s heart had weakened. She wasn’t oblivious either. The opponent was overwhelmingly strong, and now he had to find a way to survive.

In the meantime, what caught my eye was this weak mentality, so I had to dig into it.

But this too was just her illusion.



Snowfall’s boots were placed on Yoo Tae-rim’s hands that were on the ground. Judging from the sound and pain, it was clear that there was a fracture.

Yoo Tae-rim screamed so horribly that his vocal cords were damaged.

Neither Yoo Tae-rim nor Kim Se-hyeon can continue the battle.

Tae-rim Yoo, who had one of his hands crushed, was also Tae-rim Yoo, but Se-hyun Kim still had one hand on his shoulder.

“Oh, it won’t fall… What the f*ck is this…”

“Someone… Someone…”

Something sticky remained on Kim Se-hyun’s right hand, making it impossible for him to remove his hand from the dagger attached to his shoulder.

That alone was a bizarre scene, but Yoo Tae-rim crawling on the floor together, covered in tears and snot, also revealed the cruelty of the scene without filtering.

There was no one on site to help them.

A gang of 10 people were lying on the floor, each with their own reasons. Most of them were caught by Kangseol’s black hand, floated in the air, and then crashed down to the ground.




A man with a broken right arm, a woman with a sprained ankle, etc.

Although they showed mercy and did not kill him, it was an injury that would have left lasting effects even if the priest healed him later.

“Gasp… gasp! Whoosh… Get out of the way!”

A man with strong bones burst into the scene with his men.

Even though it was winter, the man took his shirt off in broad daylight, and his upper body was covered in tattoos.

He looks to be over 190 cm tall and has a size that is a mixture of muscle and flesh. The grim face was busy assessing the situation.

“What is this…? Sehyun Kim, what is this?”

“It hurts… f*ck… help… help… Kyungsoo. That b*stard…”

“…Who is doing this?”

“That b*stard!”


Three people who look similar at a glance.

Kangseol wondered if this was the story of Ilya’s evil trio that had been floating around Audenin’s community for a while.

“… hey. What are you doing? “Do you know what you just did?”

“If there’s anything you need to know, let me know.”

“This b*stard is now…”

said one of the spectators who was watching the sudden violence.

“I remembered that guy! “It’s him, he…”

“Who? who?”

“You’re an ascetic! “The person who broke the labyrinth!”

“ascetic? “Wasn’t it in Audenine?”

“Didn’t they join the alliance?”

As soon as the name “Ascetic” was mentioned, the surroundings became a melting pot of excitement.

The people who had been watching Amon’s misfortune were now talking about where the situation would lead.

“If you are an ascetic… you must be from the Union. Wow… what are they going to do?”

“So are they joining the Union now? No matter what, I won’t be a match for you….”

“If this happens, won’t the alliance end up putting Ilya on its heels?”

The rumbling gradually grew louder.

No matter how excited Jang Kyung-soo was, he couldn’t help but feel cold when he heard that the Union was behind him.

Each member of the alliance was weak, but in terms of size, no organization in Ilia could compete with the Audenine Alliance.

Jang Kyung-soo turned around and looked at Kim Se-hyun.

“ascetic? “What are you doing walking around?”

“I didn’t know… Ugh… Yoo Tae-rim was there too!”

“It hurts… It hurts…”

Yoo Tae-rim, who can’t come to his senses, even Kim Se-hyeon, whose hands and shoulders are still tightly attached.

Jang Kyung-soo realized that the situation was more serious than he thought.

‘Damn it… I thought it would be okay to just take care of the accident that Kim Se-hyun caused…’

No matter how unlucky I am, I ended up getting into a fight with the most famous adventurer in the area.

“Kyungsoo… what should I do?”


Jang Kyung-soo finally made his decision.

He walked in front of the snowfall.

“I guess it’s going to stick!”

“They’re screwed…”

He then lowered his head.

“sorry! “My friends are the wrong people….”

“Get out of the way.”

“… yes?”

“I have business to do over there.”


Kang Seol passed Jang Kyung-soo and approached Kim Se-hyun.

“Oh don’t come…”

He fell, struggling to his feet and trying to back away. But I couldn’t escape the snowfall.

“I beg! “You can just pray.”


“Please… like this…”

Kang Seol returned Kim Se Hyun’s previous answer exactly as it was.

“I can’t hear you very well?”

“who! “Someone help me… Someone help this crazy b*stard…”

No one answered Kim Se-hyun’s cries.

The situation is not much different from the situation that Gyeong-taek Kyung-taek experienced earlier. Strangely, snowfall created the same situation.

“I’m going to pull your teeth from now on. “This doesn’t change.”

“Don’t do that… Kyungsoo! Kyung-soo, kill this b*stard…”


Jang Kyung-soo just watched the situation and took no action with his teeth gritted. It was because they judged that taking action rashly would only make Kang Seol even more angry.

‘If that happens, everyone will die…’

Jang Kyung-soo instinctively realized that.

Anger could be felt in each breath of snow. Nothing should be done that would go against him.

Power is overwhelmed by greater power. It was a simple but certain natural order of the world.

“Sehyun, be patient… If you don’t want to die…”

“What? Hey… hey!”

Kang Seol grabbed Kim Se-hyeon by the shoulder and ripped out one of his teeth.



“Leave Ilya today.”

“F*ck… Shivaal… It hurts….”

Kang Seol’s eyes met Kim Se Hyun’s eyes. Somehow, the perspectives are different from the first time.

It was true that Toki’s last words in the labyrinth opened up a new option for Kang Seol.

– Do good deeds sometimes in your life if possible.

Now, he has more time to look around, focusing on goodness rather than impatience.

But there was no place for the wicked where the sunlight of goodness reached.

His eyes lit up with hellish fire.

“If we meet again, I will pull out all your remaining teeth.”


“You can hear clearly now, right?”

His voice rang out alone in a place where hundreds of people had gathered. Those who heard that voice felt their hearts chill.

“Ah Okay. “I will.”

Jang Kyung-soo left the place lonely, supporting his friends and group.

Gyeong-taek Kyung-taek approached Kang Seol.

The reason he seemed more comfortable than before seemed to be because he received healing from the pilgrims.



“Thank you, brother… I was really… I was really upset and angry…”

Chameli approached and said.

“Brothers, let’s release the complaints later and the injured person needs to rest, so please move with the pilgrims.”

“Ah… yes.”

“And Snowman, I think you should go with me right away. “I was late for my appointment.”

“Gyeongtaek, let’s go and see you later.”

“yes? “Your brother.”

So Kyung-taek Cho and his group left with the pilgrims, and Kang Seol and Chameli went to the agreed upon place.

The meeting place was not far away and was a building visible from the square where the incident occurred.

“If it’s too late for you to leave… Hey! “There you are.”

A person dozing off with their head toward the window.

The opponent was carrying an incredibly large bow on his back, and long hair was peeking out from inside the hood.

Chameli approached the other person.

“That sister…”

“Wet… yes yes?”

“We’re a little late because something came up. sorry.”

The other person did not respond to Chameli’s apology, but turned his gaze to look at Kang Seol.

Kang Seol did not avoid it but made eye contact with the other person. After that, time passed like a split second.

A woman’s voice came out.

“… a raven?”

“… yes?”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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