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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 139

Episode 139

The words that flowed from the woman’s mouth were the names of the seasons of snowfall.

– That one!

– Shouting out the name of a special move in a public place!

– That’s embarrassing!

– That guy is worse than the guys just now lol

– Let’s pull out the teeth! this person!

– Raise your hand if it hurts.

The embarrassed woman hurriedly covered her mouth.

“Ah… sorry.”

Kangseol thought as he sat down with Chameli.

‘They said he was a pursuer, so it seems certain.’

Trackers are usually divided into several types.

Since it was divided into numerous branches in various areas such as weapons handled and tracking methods, there were various training methods.

Recognizing Snowfall’s abilities must have been the activation of one of those abilities.

‘It must have been the beast’s sense or sense of danger.’

If the pursuer has such an ability, the interface points out one ability to be most wary of when making contact with the opponent.

‘Is this your first time seeing the season? Or…’

Even at this moment, the woman’s gaze continued to rest on Kang Seol. Kang Seol didn’t even bother to look away and was busy thinking about other things.


Chameli started out as if he was embarrassed because he was caught in the middle.

“This is Philia, the chase team in charge of this job… and this is Snowman, the suppression team.”

“nice to meet you.”

“I am also pleased to meet you.”



Chameli wasn’t the type to talk much either, but she spoke first because she thought she would spend time without having any conversation if she continued like this.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Philia. There was an accident on the way…”


“… yes?”

“You mean the square?”

“Ah yes. “How did you know?”


Philia points toward the window with her finger.


When I looked toward the window, I saw a square.

“Were you all watching?”

“I was bored while waiting for you. …I dozed off a bit.”

After saying that, I looked at Snowfall again.

“It was kind of fun.”

– Is this funny?

– But if you look at it from a distance, it honestly looks funny lol

– ㄹㅇㅋ

“But if it stands out too much… it’s not good.”

“I’m sorry, you came forward on my behalf because of me…”

Even if Chameli hadn’t come forward, Kangseol would have come forward, but given the situation, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do so, so Kangseol didn’t say anything.

Chameli looked at the two and said.

“I explained it to Philia once, but since Snowman has just joined, I’ll explain it again.”


“The two of you here are gathered to subdue or defeat the Black Knight. Basically, we plan to proceed under the assumption that the two people’s role will be to help pilgrims.”

This is something I roughly know.

However, Kang Seol listened to this in vain and carefully checked again to see if there was a mistake.

‘Do the pilgrims really not know about the identity of the Black Knight?’

Even though they were already on the same boat, the pilgrims only gave information about the Black Knight, saying that he wears black armor and fights through the people.

‘Or maybe he’s involved in something unpleasant.’

While Kangseol was thinking, Chameli finished the story.

“In this way, the pursuit team and the suppression team will be divided into two groups. And actually, Philia has been helping us for quite some time already.”

“Quite… a long time ago?”

Philia gave the answer.

“About two months. “My previous adventure was also about tracking down the Black Knight.”

“Um… is there any progress?”

“Chameli, do you mind if I tell you?”

“Yes, you already decided to be together, so it’s okay.”

Philia slightly lifted the hood of her robe.

Compared to Geogung, it gave a relatively delicate impression.

‘It looks like you have abilities related to strength assistance.’

Handling the Geogung was particularly influenced by strength. Therefore, no matter how important the destructive power was, the Geogung was inevitably burdensome from the perspective of the pursuer who had to constantly push for agility.

However, if you are using Geogung, you are either a person whose ability level is not that important or someone who has a certain level of ability.

Anyway, Philia’s explanation began.

“Up to now, tracking results show that the Black Knight has been carrying out massacres mainly in sparsely populated villages. No, it was difficult to even call it a village. It was a small village with less than five households. “Anyway, I have been tracking him through the traces he left behind.”

“Are there any characteristics in the traces?”

“The victims have nothing in common. It sweeps away everything that gets in its way as if it were a killing machine. “It’s like a natural disaster.”

Chameli nodded from the side.

Philia talked about the next topic.

“The traces disappeared near Ilia. That was a month ago. It would be nice if it just disappeared, but if not…”

“There is a possibility that it could enter Ilia.”

“yes that’s right. “If the Black Knight were to enter the city, something terrible would happen.”

There will probably be general transference where citizens die in droves or get caught up in it.

“If he notices and goes back, it will be difficult to track him down, and if he gets to Ilia, it will be difficult to subdue him.”

“There is no record of them entering the city so far, but we still have to be careful. It is also important how the lord of this place will respond if the worst happens…”

Snowfall and Filia did not reveal their real names, but called each other Filia and Snowman. Since Philia seemed to be more comfortable that way, Snowfall followed suit.

Since there was almost no conversation about anything other than work, the meeting ended before long.

The three had a brief chat about each other’s contact network and future situation and then parted ways.

(New)[‘Cucumber native”s post]

[Publishing date: Just now]

[Title: I was tired and the ascetic appeared haha]

The 3 siblings who were making fun of me were defeated haha

Wow, I almost took a break as a group after seeing them in the square

– Water park opening hahaha

– 3 siblings Is that right? Aren’t they three brothers?

– Aren’t they triplets?

– It’s funny how you guys are so open-mouthed haha. It’s a bit ugly that people who used to turn a blind eye when Jang Kyung-soo passes by are suddenly leaving a message here ^^

– Sehyun, have you left Ilia yet? The car will be cut off so hurry up. I can’t go far because my brother is busy~

– ㄹㅇㅋㅋ Do you want to be chosen? Seriously, the ascetic should have killed him today.

– Haha, it doesn’t seem like they are part of Jang Kyung-soo’s gang. They all just left.

– These kids have to be angry to listen.

(New)[‘Please make it anonymous”s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: Well, it’s gone. Let’s sprinkle some salt.]

Those vicious b*stards…

but they’re self-employed haha. The person who touched them was an ascetic’s friend haha. It’s a legend.

– Those b*stards have been rumored in other areas as well, so it looks like they’ll get cut before they even settle down lol

– Honestly, there’s probably no place like Ilia anymore where they’ll take it as quietly as possible, right? It looks like he’s going to regret hitting Jang Kyung-soo’s gang to the ground haha

– Maybe it’s because they’re no different from gangsters, so there’s no sympathy at all

– Sympathy? F*ck, I actually saw someone get beaten to death by Jang Kyung-soo at a bar. I still think about him at night

– Jang Kyung-soo is also Jang Kyung-soo, but Yoo Tae-rim and Kim Se-hyun really believed in Jang Kyung-soo and showed off too much. In fact, he was Iljin’s girlfriend and Iljin’s stooge.

– I’m suddenly furious. I have to furiously reflect on what I saw during the day.

– Wow, really, don’t come back again lol

(New) [‘Honorary Citizen’s’ post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: But did the ascetic really come forward because of his friend?] From

what I heard, they are an older brother and younger brother?

– That’s not true, but they said I was a high school classmate.

– No, they said it was my girlfriend.

– They’re both boys, so where did the girlfriend come from? LOL

– Aren’t they triplets?

– Triplets, stop it!

– Wow, but if your network is an ascetic, it’s perfect. No matter what happens, it’s okay if you do something. Do you know about ascetics? Because you can do it.

– I heard that this is the same as when I was in high school. Do you know so-and-so?

– ㄹㅇㅋㅋ It’s not the age of barbarians

– at least the ascetics are living quietly and it’s really good. He appeared like some kind of hero, pulled out his teeth, and disappeared.

– Are you the Tooth Fairy?

– Tooth Fairy LOL

The community was noisy for a while because of something that happened during the day.

After the meeting with Philia, Kang Seol went to see Kyung Taek.

Kyung-taek Kyung-taek’s body was not fully recovered yet, so he did not stay for long, but he was able to hear everything he needed to know.

– It was originally going to the Timbrian side, but a noble from the Timbrian side said there was something they needed. That’s why I came to Ilya. A trader crossing the border happened to be passing through Ilia…

But Kim Se-hyun’s gang recognized the goods and tried to intercept them.

Jo Kyung-taek said that the rumor probably spread because the client was probably a fairly famous nobleman in Timbrian.

– I’m sorry, bro… I’ll definitely repay you for this favor!

When Kyung-taek Kyung-taek staggered and bowed, Kang-seol couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

If he had not happened to pass by the square at that time, the humiliation Kyung-taek would have suffered would have been indescribable.

Anyway, Snowfall returned that way and was now staying at the lodging with the black pilgrims.

The structure of the accommodation was divided into a main building and an annex, and Kang Seol stayed alone in the annex.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I came out, so I guess I’ll live.”

Karen took a walk around the outbuildings long before returning to her lodgings. Karen was now usually in a shadow space.

The reason this was possible was because Kangseol got the blood of the beginning.

Perhaps due to the strong restraint that comes from blood, the relationship between summoned beasts and the master-servant has become more perfect than before.

– Phew… Karen almost ended up in Pikachu’s position

– Karen isn’t even a rat so she’s so big lol

Karen wasn’t the only one in the annex right now.

Jamad and Karuna also walked around the garden created in the annex.

“It’s a little bigger inside, but it’s definitely more comfortable outside. As long as I don’t get noticed, I want to stay outside. “That little helpless red fairy isn’t making such a fuss about staying outside for no reason.”

“Who can’t help me!”

“I guess you heard me.”

“I’ve been hanging out with my owner lately, so…”

Jamard and Karen fight, screaming loudly.

Snowfall took her gaze away from them and looked at Karuna.

Karuna was looking at the moon.

“… Karuna?”


“Karuna? what’s the matter?”

Karuna cupped her chest and frowned.

“Pain in my chest…”

The pain seemed to have subsided for a while, and Karuna calmed down and spoke to Kang Seol.

“After coming to Ilia, my heart feels heavy and I feel dazed all day long, master. “What could this be?”

There was no way he could tell it was snowfall… Karuna didn’t get the answer he wanted.

“Are you okay Karuna?”

Karen approached.

“Oh yeah. it’s fine now.”

“Look, I’m getting sick of being locked in that shadow all day.”

“I’m fine.”

“Shut up troll! “Because there are things that only fairies can communicate with each other!”

“Fairies are an uncomfortable group of people.”

“Ugh… I can’t stand it! “Is it all about being big?”

Karuna smiled at Karen and Jamad.

Then he made eye contact with Kangseol and said.

“Do not worry. “It will probably get better soon.”

* * *

Two days later, Emild, a small town near Ilia.

It is a place that cannot be said to be close to Ilia, but it is also difficult to say that it is far away.

“Are we really leaving?”

“What an ascetic!”

“You two shut up. “Are you talking loudly about what you did well after an accident?”

“But isn’t it too bad to run away from here?”

A bar in Emild.

Jang Gyeong-su’s gang, who had fled from Ilia, was letting off steam here.

In particular, Kim Se-hyun could not hold back his anger and threw the oak cup on the floor.



“Why is it like that…”

Kim Se-hyeon shouted to the surprised guests.

“What are you going to do? “Do you want to die?”



Kim Se-hyeon, who was shaking in front of snowfall, did not hesitate to get angry at the polite customers at the bar.

No, in fact, Kim Se-hyun was still shaking. His left hand was shaking and shaking the table.

“The aftereffects are damn…. Do I have to live like this for the rest of my life? Hey Jang Kyung-soo. “My friend ended up like this, but you…”

Jang Kyung-soo’s cold eyes turned to Kim Se-hyun. Even when Kim Se-hyun was drunk, he was able to discern the truth. Those are the eyes that Jang Kyung-soo shows when he is angry.

“So I’m just like you?”


“Are you making fun of Agari for doing a good job by dragging the idiot in while he was digging? “Hey, answer me.”


“… Does this sound like a joke? Please answer. “Try to say the same thing to those b*stards who made me tremble because of you.”

Yoo Tae-rim stopped Jang Kyung-soo.

“Kyungsoo, stop. Sehyun must have been frustrated too….”

“The one who is most frustrated is me, you b*stard Kim Sehyun. What would have happened if I had just stayed quiet? “Why can’t you just sit still and make things worse?”


“A-san? Do you want to keep talking?”

“… I need a cigarette in front of you for a moment.”

When the atmosphere became strange, Kim Se-hyeon took a cigarette and ran out of the store.

Jang Kyung-soo took a gulp of alcohol out of frustration.

“How long is that b*stard going to live like that?…”

“Kyungsoo, even though Sehyun talks like that, his mentality is…”

“His mentality is shit… Don’t we all know that we’re all in the same class? “Why are you acting so pretentious all of a sudden?”

“… Have you said everything?”

“Would it have happened like this if you hadn’t been there to encourage it?”

“Why are you saying that all of a sudden?”

“The bullshit you guys are talking about….”

That was then.


The door of the bar shattered after someone kicked it.

Jang Kyung-soo and Yoo Tae-rim reflexively shrank their bodies slightly and looked toward the entrance.

I thought that Kim Se-hyun, who couldn’t control his anger, might be doing this to attract attention again.

“Huh… heh…”



The person standing in front of the broken door was a knight. Blood dripped from the sword in the knight’s hand.

The knight in black armor was holding Kim Se-hyun’s severed head and bowing his head.


“Run away too…”

A cracking sound came from the Black Knight’s mouth.

“… there is.”



In an instant, three or four bodies were cut into pieces.

“back door! “Get out the back door!”

Everyone was distraught at Jang Kyung-su’s words and tried to leave the bar.


The Black Knight gathered strange energy into his sword and released it horizontally.


The bar literally exploded.

“It’s getting… closer… closer.”


The new form of the Black Knight, who had finished the slaughter, disintegrated and disappeared.

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