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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 143

Episode 143

– Black Knight: King! You guys can’t beat me!

– Only the dragon that ate rice cakes can find it

– So who is Karuna?

– Customer The Karuna you brought is a fake.

– Nooooo! I got it as a gift!

Kang Seol was anxiously sitting on a chair in the corner of the blacksmith shop, folding his hands.

“Are you at least praying?”

“pray? No, it’s just that my hands are sore.”

“Well, there is no way there is a God you truly believe in.”

Jamard also knew that the heavenly events that Kang Seol experienced should not be revealed carelessly.

Jamard stared at the mountain’s fist, which was being consumed by bio-metal.

“There is no need to feel sorry for it. It is not an item that reduces the effectiveness of the sacred object or tarnishes its sanctity.”

“If you are, then yes. I don’t doubt it. “I just felt that a lot of time had passed.”

“… time has passed?”

“The scales of Tancrid were themselves sacred to our people. “It was the light that illuminated the sharp rock and the hope for the clan to move forward.”


Jamard’s voice became a little gloomy.

“But what is the importance of that past now? “Those who need to move forward always need a new path.”

“Because everything changes.”

“By the way… I heard that a metal with this nature exists… but I still can’t believe it no matter how many times I see it.”

“It must be a very rare material. The armor rat’s biometal is processed without killing the host. If you dispose of it in an instant, the biological metal will turn into an ingot and still think that it is still safely attached to the host.”


“When the ingot is melted and exposed to room temperature, the living metal senses that it is in danger of death and instinctively looks for another host. In this case, the host will be the Fist of the Mountain.”

Jamard asked with worried eyes.

“The thing that has a negative effect on new things…”

“Biological metals are far from that. They just need a place where they can stay safe. “These guys have a tendency to make their homes nice places to live, so the possibility of it having a negative impact is extremely low.”

“Is this the only material that has this effect?”

“No, there are so many strange things in Pandea. Some are metal and some are not metal. Of course, they are all as rare as biometals.”

“What about things that even I, a native of Pandea, don’t know about…”

– We are wondering that now too.

– Is this what you mean by native-level skills?

– They say this is a higher level than native haha.

On their workbench, the Fist of San was placed.

But for some reason, San’s fist seemed bigger than usual.



San’s fist suddenly cracked.

“… no!”

“What’s going on? “What happened?”

[The biological metal is in disharmony with the ‘Fist of Mountain’.]

[The biological metal cannot adapt.]

[The biological metal is destroyed.]

It’s crunchy…


The plaster statue that was painstakingly carved is shattered. Kang Seol’s expression became distorted like the face of a sculptor who saw something.

– Good luck baby! Metal sucks!

– Xiamen! Where is Xiamen?

– Janet! Give me a refund! This is bad!

– LOL I don’t think it will have any effect because it’s a bad influence and it’s rude.

“… Was there anything that wasn’t explained?”

“… uh. “There are many cases where biometals cannot adapt to a new host.”

“To what extent?”

“Approximately… half of half?”

“If that’s enough…”

“In the case of…, it will be successful.”

“Damn it. How many ingots do you have?”

“There are only four left.”

“Time was running out, but there was a bigger problem than that.”

Although the exact statistics were not provided, the probability of failure for biometal ingots was very high.

And the probability of failure became more serious as the grade of the product increased.

The easiest way to describe the biometal ingot was that it was a low-grade reinforcement stone.

Strengthening equipment was usually done through these strengthening stones, except for enchantments or temporary measures such as a blacksmith sharpening a blade with a whetstone.

Biometal ingots were of the lower class among the reinforcement stones.

This is not to say that biometal ingots are yawns, they are just called that because they can only be used for level 1 and level 2 reinforcements.

Higher-grade objects required reinforcing materials that worked in different ways.

This strengthening is quite mysterious and cannot be applied to Buddhist exaltations, but it can be used for sacred objects, hideous objects, and sacred objects that each exhibit special performance, including those of the lower level, treasure grades.

Because it was difficult to strengthen a weapon without melting it down again and making it into new equipment, some players instead just pounded reinforcement stones into treasure-grade items.

Of course, both methods were extremely expensive.

This was because there was no guarantee that equipment made by melting down non-exclusive materials would be of non-exclusive grade again, and reinforcement stones were an extremely rare resource.

“Are you going to continue? Rather…”

“This is the only way to have the offensive power to overcome the predator of hope in a short period of time. “Even if you manage to resolve the grief, the predator of hope is literally a giant castle gate.”

And after a while, the liquid that melted the metal poured onto San’s fist.


[The living metal is interested in the ‘Fist of the Mountain’.]

[The living metal explores the ‘Fist of the Mountain’.]

“… And the thing that destroys the castle gate is a big charger.”

Drop… drop…

The rain that had been going on for quite some time stopped.


Thump thump thump!

“I heard you were here…”


The door slid open.

Chameli stuck his head out and looked inside.


Inside the building, Snowfall was looking at the armor from which a strange light was coming out.

The mountain’s fist reflected in Snowfall’s pupil gave off a reddish aura.

[New item: Fist of the Mountain]

Grade: New item (Transformation-Upheaval)

Appropriate level: None

Attack power: 43 (+4 per level) (current additional attack power +76)

Durability: 50/50

Weight: 5.0kg x 2

Tancrid gives sergeant A sick thing from a rock molar. Because the framework is strong, continuous flowering is possible. Izumokan’s blessings came.

Basic abilities: All abilities +3, core abilities +5,

Special abilities: MP recovery per second +5, spell range and destructive power increase by 50%. Attribute Bloom (Level 2: Volcano) When hitting, additional light damage is applied by 20%. When using the enhancement ability, it also applies to one other ally in addition to the caster. Automatic repair of damaged areas (biological metal)

‘… successful.’

The finished product after pouring all five biometals into it.

This complemented the mountain’s weak attack power, which was its low attack power.

Snowfall put a mountain fist on Jamard’s hand.

Jamard twitched his hand a few times while wearing armor with red energy spreading through it.

– Will you marry me?

– It’s not a proposal. Don’t put weird subtitles on lol

– I like it.

– ???

“It’s good. I can feel the power surging. “If it’s this…”

“Okay, it might be worth a try if we get together again.” … hmm?”

It was only after finishing work that Kangseol looked back at Chameli. Chameli said after seeing the snowfall.

“Sister Philia, who left first, sent me news.”

“Is this good news?”

“You can say yes…or you can say no.”

“Please tell me.”

“They say the black knight didn’t go very far. He said that even if we start now, we will be able to catch up quickly if we increase our speed.”

“If you tell me the good news first, I feel uneasy about what follows…”

She answered with a somber expression.

“They say the direction the Black Knight is moving is towards Ilia.”

“… damn it.”

“Not yet… it’s not too late. “I heard the Black Knight is moving slowly, so if you hurry now, you can catch up with him before he enters Ilia!”

“… Did you tell Count Brispin of Ilia?”

“Some of the pilgrims who went with Sister Philia headed to Ilia first. The news has probably reached you. However…”

“It means there is a high probability that the Count will ignore the warning.”



Snowfall returned Jamard to the shadows and left the blacksmith shop. And then he looked back at Chameli with a surprised expression.

“These horses…”

“There was a horse stable nearby that was making a large paddock. Despite the heavy rain, pilgrims paid extra money to buy horses from him. Oh, you know how to ride a horse…”


Kangseol easily climbed onto the horse and skillfully grabbed the reins.

“I see…”

“To buy all these horses… I can feel the power of the parish.”

“Still… I couldn’t subdue the Black Knight.”

Snowfall said, looking down the mountain.

“It will be different this time.”

* * *

It’s called leisure.

A time when I even forgot that such a thing existed.

The Black Knight never looked back on the path he had taken. Because there was no reason or time to do so.

I just silently broke down the fragments and absorbed them.

Even when he collided with fragments stronger than himself, he used every means possible to defeat his opponent.

The predator of grief and hope also acquired the weapons that way.

【Let’s kill! More life! want! More blood! there is! Stay close!】

“Stop… please stop.”

【You promised! I’m hungry!】

The Black Knight suffered from such grief that he wanted to cover his ears. Grief destroyed his spirit.

No, it wasn’t just heartbreak.

After a long fight, his mind was already not normal even before he encountered grief.

Now I look back.

The path he took.

The path of a blood-soaked demon obsessed with revenge and hatred.

– You… are not the Karuna I know. Karuna is kind and warm. You… you are a monster.

What was tormenting him more than the insidious whispers of grief right now were Karen’s words, which he thought would never be alive.

Those words became a dagger and pierced his heart.

The reason he looked back on the path he had taken was not because he finally had some free time.


It’s a situation where you can’t draw anything because it’s stained like a white paper that has already had a lot of paint spilled on it.

The paper is completely black with everything mixed together.

That was the black knight.

“For what… I… I am not a fake….”

【You are a fake! FALSE! Hahahaha!】

“Shut up!”

【You are wrong! Give me blood! Blood! Hehehe.】

A crazy sword like this couldn’t comfort my heart. In that case, he had to at least shut up the sword’s mouth.


Ilya’s majestic appearance, covered in a night blanket, came into view. He intended to collect blood here.

Normally, I wouldn’t have done something this dangerous.

But it felt good now.

“I will soon give you enough blood to make your stomach explode. So….”


At that time, a sound was heard from somewhere.


Grief pulled itself out and struck down the arrow that came from behind.


The trembling sword didn’t seem to be an ordinary arrow.

【I blocked it! I stopped it!]

Someone walked beyond the curtain of night.

“Again… it’s you again.”

The being reflected on the moon was snowfall.

“Do you think we need to go somewhere in a hurry?”

“You won’t have to go far. I will kill you and get Karen back.”



“Are you going to throw me into a fight where you don’t know the end?”

“… I’ll make you shut up.”

“Is it going to be difficult this time?”


[The Black Knight enters the first stage of Moonlight Chungcheon (月光衝天), the current moon.]


[The Black Knight’s Grief uses a meteor.]

[The Black Knight’s Grief pierces a certain path.]

[The Grief inflicts damage equal to 170% of the weapon attack power to all enemies in the path. .]

[Enemies hit by Grief receive the Unholy Wound effect.]

[I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!】

Snowfall was staring straight ahead as grief flew at her.


Then he twisted his waist and punched upward from the bottom.



The grief bounced off with a huge scream.

Taking advantage of that gap, the snowfall quickly reached the front of the Black Knight.

Swish-! Swish-!

Even though he was a black knight without grief, the power he possessed was not ordinary.


A black knight who hits Kang Seol precisely in the face.

Even as Kang Seol turned his head, he thrust his opposite fist loudly. The target is the Black Knight’s abdomen.




The Black Knight’s new form slightly surfaced after being hit by Snowfall’s fist.

[Perception is activated.]

[Hopeful Predator swallows the shock.]

[Hopeful Predator’s stomach is slightly full.]

[Hopeful Predator digests some of the shock.]


– Guts Theory actually existed!

– no! In the end, capital won!

– I don’t know! First of all, it got stronger!

– Because I got reinforced, I suddenly got a sparkling deal lol

– Janet! It’s nice to lean on the snowman’s shoulder! Janet! It’s nice to lean on the snowman’s shoulder!

– This is the taste of capitalism!

After exchanging attacks, Kangseol fell once and then got up again.


Black energy flowed from his hand and summoned the twin knights. The two knights pointed their swords at the black knight with serious expressions.

Just like that.

Twin knights who, unlike before, show tremendous fighting spirit.

Kang Seol smiled, showing his teeth.

“I told you it would be difficult this time.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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