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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 145

Episode 145

“What is that?”

“Open the door! “Open the door!”

The appearance of the black knight has become even more hideous.

The transferees, who sensed something ominous, screamed and ran as far away from the Black Knight as possible.

【Fear is fun! Even suffering is joy! I will eat them all!】


【Are you still planning to stop me? Human?】


Kangseol took a funny pose that he learned from Toki.

For just this moment, that ridiculous posture pushed away the dangerous air of the present.

“There’s a lot of talk about this hideous topic.”

【I decided. I’ll squeeze your blood first!】


Unlike before, where he used a sword, the black knight attacks using his body like a snowfall.


Kang Seol put both hands together to block the Black Knight’s fist, but he could not help but be pushed back.

【Hahaha! It’s no use!】



The force of pushing an entire building!

Grief’s assault was so merciless that it brought out the most primal human fears.


Kang Seol prepared a counterattack even though she received a shock that felt like her back was being crushed.

Snowfall launches herself into the air and kicks the Black Knight’s head.


The fighters trembled at the strange fighting situation.

“Shouldn’t we help you too?”

“Are you crazy? Two lives? “How can you help me with that?”



even possible!

A ball of fire cast by one of those watching flew towards the Black Knight and exploded.

“You got it right….”

“No damage!”

The Black Knight seemed to be in a bad mood and threw a large piece of building debris in the direction from which the magic had come.


simplicity and honesty!



The Black Knight huffed and tried to find the wizard.



A body of snow wrapped around his neck.

It looked like an octopus was strangling the bull’s throat.

【Not the same!】

The Black Knight caught it and beat it up.




The Black Knight stretched his arm back and tried to crush the snowfall that had fallen on the rubble.





Karen and Karuna swung their swords sideways at the same time and struck off the Black Knight’s arm.

Now, these two have come together as one and responded to the Black Knight’s attack. It seemed like they changed their strategy because their individual attacks didn’t work on the Black Knight.

【Damn it! It hurts!】

Taking advantage of that opportunity, the snowfall slightly retreats.

Although he was hit, the blows that did not completely destroy him were able to be recovered using the original blood.

“Haa… haa….”

【… you.】

Snowfall and the others were doing an excellent job even with Grief taking over the Black Knight’s body.

“Isn’t this something that an ascetic might also try?”


Hmm… Hmm,


【Holy shit! I’ll kill them all… I’ll kill them all in this city too! If you’re going to try to block it, try blocking it.】

The Black Knight’s eyes found snowfall.

Kang Seol was looking somewhere else with an expressionless face.


The Black Knight quickly stretched out his right arm and pushed Snow Seol.

Snowfall blocked the attack as much as possible, targeting the Black Knight’s gap. Buildings were crushed in the process.

Ddudddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd of…


The Black Knight screamed and pulled his other arm.

To crush the snowfall with both arms.

However, a problem arose with the left arm I was trying to pull up.


【… Huh?】

My left arm just exploded.

The Black Knight did not understand this situation for a moment.

【What is it?】

[Philia uses Season: Clear Sky Power.]

[Consumes energy to increase the range of the next attack by 200% and the destructive power of the arrow by 400%.]

“It’s finally here.”

“I missed! sorry!”

What I heard was Philia’s voice.

Kang Seol smiled and snuggled into the Black Knight’s arms.

“No, that’s enough.”


Only then did the black knight scream.

After pulling out his right arm as much as possible, Snowfall struck the Black Knight in the chest from the bottom up.



The huge figure rose slightly in the air. Those watching were shocked at the sight.

“Oh my god….”

“It floated….”

Kang Seol shouted at those who appeared from the west gate.


Chameli, who heard the shout, was embarrassed and stuttered. Because the Black Knight’s appearance was so bizarre.

“What is this… the Black Knight…”



Chameli was dazed for a moment, then interpreted Kang Seol’s words in her own way and took something out of her arms.

“The devil has shown his true colors!”

It is the end of sin.

It was a sacred relic of Baranoa.

“Brothers and sisters! “Teach that devil our lesson!”



“With one sound!”

[Chameli uses End of Sin.]

[A pillar of light rains down on the target of End of Sin.] [

Holy power is concentrated.]

[The pillar of light deals a certain amount of damage and causes the target to be exposed to evil. If it is a dyed entity, additional damage is inflicted.]


the Black Knight shouted when a strange energy was detected.

【It’s no use!】


Snowfall took advantage of the gap and kicked away from the Black Knight’s body.


me this time this time?



A pillar of light poured down on the Black Knight.



“If it’s the friend you hid, it’s not you.”

【It’s hot! It’s hot!】

Quaaaaang! Quaaaaaaaaaaa!

If the soul that dwells in the sword of grief were not evil, there would be no evil in the world.

This was the reason why Snowfall was confident when Grief took over the Black Knight’s body.

‘I never thought I would walk into the grave on my own feet.’

It seems that the existence of an end to sin has been completely forgotten.

Otherwise, he might have looked down on the power of the holy object that he had already experienced once.


[Seeing Perception activates.]

[Hopeful Predator swallows the shock.]

[Hopeful Predator’s stomach is slightly full.]

[Hopeful Predator digests some of the shock.]


[Seeing Predator activates . ]

[Hopeful predator swallows the shock.]

[Hopeful predator is full.]

[Hopeful predator digests part of the shock.]

[Stop! That’s it!】

[Perception activates.]

[Hopeful predator swallows the shock.]

[Hopeful predator is full.]

[Hopeful predator cannot digest the shock.]


The Black Knight fell to his knees and was crushed by the light.


And at the same time, the beam of light faded.

“Heo-eok… heo-eok….”


“I’m fine… hurry… quickly subdue that monster…”


Chameli fainted and the pilgrims rushed towards the Black Knight, leaving only a few people to guard her.


When they, engulfed in light, stormed into the city, it truly felt like God’s army had come down to this earth to punish evil.

[The Black Knight is exposed to the status ailment: Sunstroke.]

[The Black Knight is exposed to the status ailment: Anemia.]

[The Black Knight is exposed to the status ailment: Guilt.]

With the Black Knight’s whitish vision, Karen and Karuna can be seen at the same time. I saw him running.


The red and blue slash left an X-shaped mark on his chest.

This is a blow that can truly be considered the end.






The Black Knight, who counterattacked Karen and Karuna with his only remaining arm, stood up.

It looked as if a tattered behemoth was standing up.

The Black Knight, no, grief laughed.

【Heh… Hehehe… It’s a shame.】

“… What?”

The Black Knight’s body began to swell enormously.

* * *

I hate it.

Hatred as pure as a child’s emotions.

I hate their colors.

It’s red as if it’s burning and blue as if it’s cold.

The unsound mind occasionally showed reality as if it were a dream.

And every time, I faced myself reflected in their eyes.


is ugly.

A black mass that looked like dirty dirt had clumped together.

Myself, who was swayed by the monster called grief and crossed the line of fire. The days were cruel and desperate.

And when I looked back, all that remained was this hideous lump.

‘no! ‘I didn’t want this!’

Pure hatred.

Hatred for losing Karen.

Hatred for losing Montra.

And hatred for having even broken oneself.

We fought using all of those things as weapons.

To retrieve Karen and uncover the truth behind Montra’s downfall and the secrets surrounding herself.

However, means and goals soon became mixed up.

What do you fight for and what do you fight for?

‘I… why are we fighting?’

Where did it go wrong?

He was regretting it.

Karen, the other half of my soul who I once wanted to meet again.

And another Karuna standing where he should have been.

There was nowhere to see where he could squeeze through. He despaired and soon gave up.

‘It’s over. Let’s let go.’

So let us escape this endless pain. But then a voice of sorrow was heard.

【You idiot! It’s yours!】

“… What?”

【It’s yours! All you have to do is eat it!】


【okay! ruler! Eat it up! Eat that b*stard and you will become stronger!】

“That’s it… is that enough?”

【Okay, you just have to listen to me. As always… it’s the only way to find your precious sister.】


Okay, that’s enough.

* * *

[The Black Knight uses Harvest.]

[Sucks up the fragments.]




The Black Knight hardened as if he had become a large piece of coal, and a tremendous wind blew around him.

“Uh huh? catch!”

“Everyone hold on tight!”

Transferees, pilgrims, and even Kangseol’s party. I couldn’t control my body properly due to the strong wind.



The force was strong enough to tear off the entire wall of the building. And when its true power was revealed, it was all flagged.


“no! Karuna!”

Karuna saw something strange.

When the Black Knight started harvesting, he lost consciousness like a doll whose strings had been cut off.


Kang Seol held his hand and held on.

“It’s big


Karuna’s hand slipping out of his grasp.


Kang Seol reflexively let go of what she was holding and stretched out her hand to Karuna.


Karen noticed this and quickly stretched out her hand and grabbed Snowfall’s other hand.




Karen succeeded in holding Kangseol’s hand, but Kangseol failed to hold Karuna.

But fortunately, the feeling of something shaking prevented Karuna from being sucked in further by the Black Knight.

red line.

A red line extended from the snowfall and led to Karuna.

‘Is it because of the bloodline…’

Thanks to this red line formed with the blood of the beginning, I was able to relax for a while, but the situation got even worse.

Tap… tap…



[Karuna’s bloodline has been cut off.]

The red line has been cut off.

Just as Karuna was helplessly about to be sucked into the Black Knight.

Jamard’s upper body and his bulky hands stretched out from Snowfall’s outstretched arm.

And then he snatched up Karuna’s broken red rope.

“I got it!”




Jamard’s hand touched.

[We form a lineage with Karuna.]


Only then did Karuna’s spirit return.

As soon as he woke up, he pulled out his sword and swung loudly.


[Karuna uses the Moonlight Clash.]

A bluish dawn flooded into the Black Knight.



the black knight’s struggle ended due to the shock. The suction power no longer worked.

But everything wasn’t over yet.

The Black Knight disappeared.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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