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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 146

Episode 146

After the dust and wind settled, everyone looked for the Black Knight, but he was not there.

‘Where… where have you gone!’

Everyone guessed that the Black Knight’s strength was exhausted. Now all I had to do was deliver the final blow to suffocate him.

Then someone looked up at the sky and shouted.

“That guy…”

“Over there! Over there! “It’s going up there

with its tattered body !”


The Black Knight, who had once grown huge, had returned to his original size and was climbing the clock tower that was just a stone’s throw away.

The clock tower is the tallest place in the western section of Ilia.


Philia shouted in astonishment.

“barrier! “That’s… an intention to cross the barrier!”

The distance between the clock tower and the wall was not that far.

Of course, under normal circumstances it would have felt very far, but for a black knight with monstrous strength, this distance could be said to be close.

‘If the guy from the top of the clock tower runs toward the wall with all his might…’

The citizens might be exposed to the Black Knight, despite the fact that the western section was blocked.

The grief that moved the Black Knight’s body had already climbed more than halfway up the clock tower.

【You have to run away! You have to run away! Those guys will be tough! Let’s eat the humans beyond the wall!】

Illya’s voice of sorrow rang out as if she had no intention of hiding her intentions, or if she was so cornered that she kept repeating it over and over again.

The citizens of Ilia who were taking refuge beyond the wall trembled at the terrible voice.

Kang Seol realized that even if she followed him up the clock tower right away, she wouldn’t be able to catch him before he jumped over the barrier.

‘We have to stop it… but how…’

At that time, Snowfall found Karuna looking up at the clock tower.

Karuna made eye contact with Snowfall, who was looking at her. The two looked at each other with eyes full of firm determination.


“… please send it.”

“… Yeah, I think we have the same thoughts.”


Snowfall stood on the roof of a three-story building and waved her right arm.

“What are you doing now….”

Right! Woojijijijik!

“That… that…”

“Does… make sense?”

“The arm…”

Snowfall’s arm suddenly grew huge and picked up Karuna, who was in a stable position.





[Your current magic power is below 5%.]

[You will experience a magic power deficiency.]

[The speed of magic recovery is reduced by 50% for 5 minutes.]

[You used excessive magic power at once.]

[Status abnormality for one day: Dizziness. suffers from.]

[The cooldown of the ability increases by 10%.]

The direction in which Karuna was thrown was precisely the location of the clock tower’s bell tower.

Slightly short of height.



At that moment, Karen’s red color became lighter and Karuna’s blue color became darker.

[The twin knights’ balance is lost.]

[The combined stats are lopsided.]

Karuna stepped on the wall of the clock tower twice. And with that, he was able to rise to the top of the clock tower.

Before he could land, he grabbed his arm and pulled it with all his might.

The black knight senses his popularity and looks back.

【no! Don’t do it!】

What was heard was a voice of sorrow.

Karuna put all his strength into firing the sword he was holding.


The breath was released and flew towards the Black Knight.


A breath that pierces the exact center of the Black Knight’s chest.



He approached the bell tower and bumped into it.

The Black Knight flew and hit the bell, and the bell rang in the wake of the great impact.

Deeng… Deeeeeeng…

“Cough… Knock…”

“… It’s over.”

The blade of Bitan was badly broken. It seemed like the damage received from the hasty attempt to materialize was not resolved.

Grief howled in the form of a sword.

【You idiot! You have to run away! We have to run away!】

“Shut up… Shut up…”

The Black Knight said while lying down.

Black energy and blue energy welled up from his pierced chest. Those will be the powers he has and the memories he has.

“Haa… wow… well… can I ask you something?”


“The fragments that died to me… all had different ideals….”


He continued.

“There were some who didn’t remember Montra… and there were some who forgot Karen. Maybe that’s why each person… drew a different future… ugh… what do you plan on doing? When I have this power… what….”

“To Karen…”


“I plan to show you the sea.”

Karuna, with her back to the moon, looked down at the Black Knight with emotionless eyes.

“That’s what this life is all about.”

A simple wish that does not match the arrogant gaze. However, the answer resonated greatly with the Black Knight.



The Black Knight took off his helmet.

The helmet, which became scrap metal at the threshold of death, looks cramped.

Soon his tearful face was revealed.

His face was stained with tears, snot, and blood.

“I… don’t remember the sea… damn it… what I forgot was that memory…” “


“That… more than Montra, more than our revenge. .. Is it something more amazing?”

Karuna told the Black Knight what the sea looked like. As if telling the world of a fairy tale.

“The whole world is full of blue water… haha… it’s a lie…”

The Black Knight couldn’t stop crying as he said that.

“…Why are you crying?”

“It’s because of regret….”

“Regret? “If you’re regretting your mistakes…”

“No, that’s not it. “I regret so much that all I can give to you… your future is this hideous hatred.”

Leap… Leap…

Karen and Snowfall appeared at the clock tower.

The Black Knight spoke without even looking back, pierced by his sword. All the pieces that were defeated by him left a similar will.

“I accept defeat. I give you my strength and my memory. … I hope, Karuna, that you are a mirror that reflects the truth.”


With those words, the Black Knight’s body began to disperse like smoke from the extremities.

【no! No!】

Pushuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhouuuuuuu wast was was it is the bell…

Smokey aspect of this was the bell tower.

Bitan trembled, then took the opportunity and jumped on the smoke.

There was someone who held onto such grief.


【Let go! Let go!】

“But you shouldn’t have all the power. My hatred and what this devil should not have…. Please don’t be affected by the same hatred as me…. Grief There is no need for black where they are headed. You will stay here with me…”

The black light, which can be said to be the root of the Black Knight’s power, captured the black energy of grief. He was planning on disappearing like this along with his grief.

“There’s no need for that.”


Kang Seol is the one who snatches the energy of grief from the arms of the black knight.

“I need black on my way.”

The black light looked at Karuna this time. Karuna nodded.

“We go together.”

The black light that truly wished for those words shattered and spread into the air.


And then I started to be sucked in by the breath lifted by Karuna.

Blue light flowed from Karuna’s eyes. A strange and old memory seeped into me.

* * *

Memories that come to mind like a piece.

This was a memory that Karuna had as a whole, and a memory that remained clearly in fragments filled with hatred.

Rumbling… Rumbling…


Karuna fell down the cliff and was pulled up by someone on a ferry.


“… Good job. Let’s go quickly.”

There were only two people on the ferry: an old man and a young man.

Time passed.

Karuna continued his hazy ritual while lying on a stone with geometric patterns engraved on it.

Occasionally, old people, young people, and temple believers would visit.

“I mean…”

“Shut up! “How can the Guardian…”

They argued.

Mostly, the old man scolded and the young man listened quietly. As time passed, the sounds of them arguing became more frequent.

It took quite a while for it to turn into a scream.



The overflowing magical energy and bloody scent played a huge role in awakening Karuna’s consciousness.

“Huh… Huh….”

A young man with his hair down and half lost consciousness approached where Karuna was sleeping.

His entire body was soaked in blood, and his age revealed on his face was already past middle age.

“Do you… think I’ll die keeping my oath? No… I was wrong for a long time….”


The first word he mentioned was a word that was both unfamiliar and missed.

“Hehehe… You foolish knight, how did you end up in Jin’s arms? “Why do you shackle yourself when you have so much power?”

There was something strange about the man.

“I am different from Jin. He didn’t even know that what was in his arms was treasure, so he left it alone. I’m different! “I… will use you to be reborn!”


The man grabbed Karuna by her hair and growled.

“I’m going to cut you into pieces and create an army! Hehehe… no one… no one can stop me. Isn’t it so boring to have to protect yourself even with power? is not it? huh?”

Something grew in Karuna’s chest.

This is a moment I have experienced again and again.

Hatred. Hatred toward the man sprouted in his heart.

“Haha… not much left….”

And that hatred soon bore fruit.


The man in front of me tried to stop the blood flowing from his neck, but he was no longer worthy of survival.

“Get out… get out…”

He looked at Karuna with resentful eyes.

No, what he was looking at was not the complete Karuna. Fragments of hatred that remained in the temple of Karuna, which had already been broken into fragments, and killed all those who had planned this.

It was a black knight.

The Black Knight left the temple like that.

And then I wandered around looking for the awakened fragments. They were able to recognize each other, and the fact that they had to fight each other was also engraved in their instincts.

The shards of hatred were strong.

– defeated. I give it all to you…

– I lost. Strangely, the fragments you

defeated left behind their own wishes before being absorbed.

– May we protect the good.

– May we stop the evil in the world. –

The fragment that had hatred

towards Karen… just couldn’t understand them.


Did you think that the strong who defeated the weak would listen to the weak’s request? For what reason?

The Black Knight could not understand the defeated fragments. So I thought of their requests as a burden.

He predicted that among the fragments of Karuna left in the world, he would be the strongest and closest to the original Karuna.

However, it was a wrong judgment.

The point at which I realized that it was a wrong decision was when I encountered a special fragment.



“It’s dirty and ugly.”

“You’re talking bullshit…”

“… Get out of there.”

The fragment of hatred fell and vomited blood.

Another Karuna trampled his hand and disappeared.

‘… Who is it?’


It seemed like some eye was looking at this place right now.

Karuna felt an insidious spirit in those eyes.


The memories of the Black Knight end there.

The light faded as if a curtain had been drawn.

Then a black light came.

It was a fragment of hatred.

“Now… I think I understand.”


“Why… am I leaving behind a wish?”

Black light flickered.

“Karuna, don’t forget Montra. Bring back your sister, prosper together, and build a good world. … These are the things I have been asked to do by those who have gone before me.”

Karuna answered while staring into the distance.

“…what are your wishes?”

The black light was embarrassed.


“What is your wish?”

“How could someone like me…”

“What are your… wishes?”

The black light wavered.

He seemed to be crying.

He seemed to regret it.

“…don’t make the same mistake I did. “Do not hate the world…”

“It is impossible. “The world is still full of malice.”

“… Hatred and anger are different things.”

“Be angry…”

“And be happy with your sister. “This is my wish.”

Karuna nodded at the black light.

“I will remember.”


With those words, black light seeped into Karuna’s chest.

* * *

Blue light was added to the body of Karuna, who regained the memories of the Black Knight. If this is also a change, it is a change.


And another change.

‘A pattern is being engraved on the sword.’

A strange and mysterious pattern was engraved into the breath of Karuna’s moonlight sword.

A lot of messages related to him came to mind, blocking Kang Seol’s view.

And the change is not over yet.


The moment Karuna opened her closed eyes, a dark energy flickered in her pupils.

‘What is this…?’

I thought, and I wanted to dig into all of this one by one. But the situation was too difficult to do so right now.

Kang Seol first looked at what was in his hand.

What was in his hand was the remnants of grief.

【okay! okay! Do you want power?】

“Of course.”

【That idiot lost because he was an idiot! I won’t lose!】


【I will do it! what do you want! king? Do you want to be king? Or is there something you wish for? I’ll listen to anything!】

“Really? Then…”

Grief poured out words one after another that were like candy.

Kang Seol said such harsh words that it was hard to believe that he had just poured out such babbling words.

At the same time, he continued to emit magical energy.

So that the spirit of snowfall becomes polluted. So that he becomes as corrupt as his former master.

Heartbreak was confident.

Until Snowfall’s cold words flowed out.

“Can you please shut up?”

【… Huh?】

“That’s how you live, so just keep your mouth shut.”



Snowfall put the lump of slime that grief had materialized into a suitable bottle and closed the cork. Grief could have broken the bottle at any time, but Snow Seol’s words made her hesitate for a moment.

Meanwhile, Count Brispin asked a question from beyond the wall.

“What happened! “The situation is!”


“Come on! “What is the situation?”

Kang Seol thought about the answer for a moment and then struck the nearby bell tower.


Count Brispin was taken aback when the bell suddenly rang.



The moment the bell rang again, Brispin knew it was the answer to his question.

“… is it.”

The count said to his men.

“Ring all the bells of Ilia now.”

“… yes?”


The order was quickly given, and bells hung on clock towers in all districts, north, south, east, and west, rang.



Deeeee… The

bell is ringing in Ilya.

The nightmarish night was ending with the sound of a bell. It was an unforgettable night for everyone.

[The Black Knight has been defeated.]

[The Black Knight’s keepsake is created.]

[The adventure objective has been met.]

[The adventure can be completed when the time limit expires or when you select a reward.]


“The ascetic won!”

“Open the barrier quickly! “You b*stards!”

When the entire city was in an uproar, Snowfall instinctively glanced at the box formed at his feet.

Carrying this box down would also cause it to lose its shape, so I had to deal with it here.


The box opened with his kick.


‘Please, I need that…’

[Check the Black Knight’s belongings.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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