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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 147

Episode 147:

At this moment, Snowfall hoped that the brilliant light would not spread out from the box she had just opened.

A very different attitude from usual.

Is it because of his earnest cries?

The box showed its contents with a somewhat boring feel.

[Check the Black Knight’s keepsake.]

[The level increases.]

[The level increases.] [

Acquire ability points.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability is activated.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Cunning Blood Serpent activates.] [

Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[ Obtain the Helmet of Late Regret.]

[Acquire the Leggings of Dusk.]

[Acquire the Devourer of Hope.] [Acquire

21 platinum coins.]

[Acquire 12 gold coins.]

[Silver Coins Obtain 16.]

[Acquire 7 large red potions.]

[Acquire 1 large blue potion.]

‘There is….’

Snowfall’s eyes pierce through exactly one line of message. I looked at him as if I was losing.

[Obtain the Predator of Hope.]

‘There is one!’

Grief, cut in half, was difficult to use right away, but the Devourer of Hope was different.

‘The newly acquired abilities are working properly.’

Since the cunning blood snake was able to ask for additional ability points, a huge benefit in acquiring ability points was expected in the future.


As if eating the most delicious food later, Kangseol first checked the other equipment he had acquired this time.

[Helmet of Late Regret]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 28 – 37

Defense: 160

Durability: 92/150

Weight: 5kg

A helmet used by a notorious black knight near the big city of Nevenia. Now, much of the power contained in the helmet has been contaminated.

Basic ability: Strength + 22 Dexterity + 11 Stamina + 26

Special ability: Has expanded vision. If the wearer’s mental contamination progresses, it may turn into an abomination.

‘This ability plus expanded vision… it’s truly a masterpiece.’

An option mainly preferred by knights and tanker classes.

Helmets that cover most of the face tend to have limited visibility, but with this expanded vision option, you have an unobstructed view.

– Oh…

– Twenty-five…

– Good…

[Leggings of the Twilight]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 26 – 35

Defense: 175

Durability: 136/170

Weight: 6kg

Notorious near the large city of Nevenia. Leggings used by the Black Knight. Now, much of the power contained in the leg armor has been contaminated.

Basic ability: Strength + 20 Dexterity + 18 Stamina + 20

Special ability: Resistance to all elements + 5% When current health is below 50%, recovery at dusk is activated. If the wearer’s mental contamination progresses, it may turn into an abomination.

– Oh oh oh…

– I can’t calculate this…

– Recovery at dusk is no big deal haha. It boosts your stamina for a moment and increases your health.

– Yeah haha, it’s not a big deal, really haha If you’re a snowman, you should spread more~

– Haha… Haha… Is that a bit like that?

– I think it will be okay haha… We don’t have a conscience to begin with haha

Now, this is the item that we had to get in this last fight.

‘I had a hard time because of this guy…’

Kang Seol looked at the black shining armor in silence. This armor is the reason why the Black Knight was able to maintain his strength like a solid iron tower despite the onslaught of Kangseol and his party.

This item made me grit my teeth at the time, but also filled with anticipation.

Kang Seol quickly checked the item.

[Hopeful Predator]

Grade: Abomination

Appropriate level: 40 – 50

Defense: 200

Durability: 200/200

Weight: 10kg

There was someone who dreamed of an armor that would block all attacks. He lived only for that. And, having decided that it was impossible to make such armor with minerals alone, he foolishly disappeared along with the metal fittings.

Where he disappeared, black and unpleasant armor remained.

Basic Ability: Strength +20 Stamina + 27 Dexterity +5

Special Ability: Hunger (Unique) All parts of the armor connected to the action armor are affected by hunger. Durability is automatically restored unless the existence disappears. Causes mental contamination of the wearer.

“… it’s okay.”

– Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

– Paohu armor! Paohu armor!

– I’m feeling dizzy. Please make some ramen quickly!






_ ~? Fan dancers fly away because of the song!

– uh? Huh? You even took away my chicken! Stop calling me!

– … It’s nice to see that the teachers are enjoying the skit without getting tired.

– (Snoring) Did you enjoy it?

– Is there such a welcome sight in the world? Haha

– It’s so expensive that only a handful of people actually use it haha.

Without even thinking about it for a long time, Kangseol immediately made Karuna wear all the items.

[Equip Moonlight Knight Karuna with the Helmet of Late Regret]

[Equip Moonlight Knight Karuna with Leggings of Dusk]

[Equip Moonlight Knight Karuna with the Predator of Hope ]

[Inexplicable: The special ability of the Ascetic’s Seal (Demon Beast – Harvester) is activated.] [There

is only one abomination currently being worn.]

[In addition, all stats increase by 10.]

Ugh… .

Finally, when the Hope Devourer was put on, something like dark blood vessels extended from the Hope Devourer and connected to all of Karuna’s armor.

‘I’ve already confirmed that the mysterious effect also applies to summoned animals. However, if all abilities are 10 even though you only wear one, then what are the subsequent effects…’

That’s where the pleasant imagination ends. There was still a lot of work to do.

First, I had to check all the messages I couldn’t check earlier because I was busy answering Count Brispin.

[Twin Knights: Karuna’s fragment has been recovered.]

[Attempt to transmit the transmission.]

[Karuna’s shadow succeeds in replicating Montra’s swordsmanship.]

[Karuna’s shadow succeeds in replicating mind manipulation resistance.]

[ The special ability of Galotta’s Tongue is activated.]

[High wisdom assists the ability.] [

The next level of Moonlight Chuncheon is opened and differentiated.]

[The special ability of Galotta’s Tongue is activated. .]

[High wisdom assists the ability.]

[Moonlight Clash is activated in various forms depending on the current level of Moonlight Clash.] [

Some of the fragment’s abilities are inherited.]

[All abilities are 28.1. % increases.]

Blue light was added to Karuna’s body.

If this is also a change, it is a change.

And another change.

‘A pattern was engraved on the sword.’

A strange and mysterious pattern was engraved on the breath of Karuna’s moonlight sword.

Of course, various messages related to that came to mind.

[The Moonlight Sword regains its forgotten energy.]

[The Moonlight Sword receives its first liberation.]

[The Moonlight Sword acquires the Embracing Moon (unique).]

[The Moonlight Sword receives its second liberation.]

[The Moonlight Sword acquires a new moon (unique).]

It looks like the Moonlight Sword has changed, even if something has changed.

The quickest way to check this is to read the device information.


Grade: Unexalted

Appropriate level: 15 – 30

Attack power: 89 – 100 (+50)

Durability: 200/200

Weight: 1.8kg

The sword used by Moonlight Knight Karuna performed the miracle of Xiamen, a descendant of Orgo. A sword born from meeting. Orgo’s first work was to melt the storm and increase its power. As new energy seeped in, a little bit of the sword’s latent power was revealed.

Basic Abilities: Strength + 35 Dexterity + 27 Stamina + 36 All Stats + 15

Special Abilities: Player’s Victory (Unique) Works Turn Crisis into Opportunity (Unique) Works Embracing Moon (Unique) Works New Moon (Unique) Works To wounded enemy The chance to inflict a critical hit is 25%, and the range and destructive power of fixed attack abilities are increased by 10%.

The overall abilities have increased significantly and the description has changed, but we looked at the two new unique abilities that are the most noticeable.

[Persistence: Embracing the Moon (Unique)]

– Even if the appearance or form of the moonlight sword changes, it has additional moon attribute attack power equal to 50% of the maximum weapon attack power.

[Persistence: New Moon (Unique)]

– When the Moonlight Sword is forged into a new form, the chance of the equipment being rated as unexclusive or higher increases significantly.

‘Karuna Intern’ sponsored Madness by 600!

[I took care of this and that for him since he was new… I went to work today and heard a strange sound. Hey… he’s the chairman’s son?]

– For some reason, he’s got some booty…

– Holy shit! I would have been nicer if you had told me in advance! Oh no, I should have bought you a cafe latte!

– No, this is Merson 129…

– I was swearing at the company’s operating policy, right? It’s because you’re drunk, right? Please…

‘What is that?’ sponsored Madness by 800!

[What is that new unique ability? This is crazy;;]

– Manager Karuna, what is strange about interns driving a sports car to work? If you have any complaints…

– It’s not that it’s strange, it’s that he’s a young man with a truly rare spirit. And I’m also worried that the way to work might be slippery…

– It’s not 50% physical damage, it’s 50% moon attribute attack power lol

– If that’s the case, it’s added when using weapon attack based abilities, lol – I got hit

– It’s more below that. It’s a sight haha. Even if you melt it and make it, the probability of non-appropriation increases? This is completely a case of the poor getting richer and the rich getting richer….

– Now we are sitting here and passing on unspent money haha

– From now on, we will abolish the inheritance tax!

– Moonlight Sword Other equipment Ladders start kicking…

‘This… will definitely help.’

There will be many abilities that can be doubled in one way or another when it comes to attribute attack power, not just attribute damage.

In addition, even when it is time to change equipment as the level increases, worries about the level drop are reduced due to the unique abilities gained this time.

‘We can put aside our concerns about Karuna’s weapons.’

And there was still one final change left.

That dark energy fluttering from Karuna’s pupils.

Kang Seol read the contents related to him.

‘This is…’

[A great match! Karuna unlocks a new attribute.]

[Karuna unlocks the night attribute.]

[Afterwards, abilities related to the night attribute may be unlocked.]

‘Night… Night? Was there a property I didn’t know about? Then this… really?’

Kang Seol’s expression noticeably brightened.

‘Compound property?’

[Karunaga achieves the special achievement ‘Complex Attribute’.]

[Karunaga obtains the special title ‘Night Keeper’.]

[Special Title: Night Keeper]

Related Achievements: Complex Attribute (Adventure: City Blockade)

Special Abilities: The probability of unlocking new abilities of the night attribute increases significantly.

Snowfall was also aware of the advantages of composite properties.

However, we did not know all the characteristics and powers of each complex attribute. So he was looking at the title with an ambiguous feeling that was difficult to either like or be disappointed in.

When I had roughly gathered all the contents of the box, I heard a sound coming from the clock tower’s spiral staircase.


It was Chameli’s voice.

“Oh, I’m going down now.”

“that is… “I think we need to move carefully.”

“… yes?”

Kang Seol’s head tilted slightly at the unfamiliar sound, and only after hearing Philia’s explanation did his head return to its original state.

“There are a lot of people downstairs… to see you.”

“That’s it now…”

“Earl Brispin is defeating people, so I guess I should join him and get out.”

It was only then that Kang Seol realized that the series of events that took place in Ilia were very uproarious and made everyone anxious.

‘Now that I think about it, the bell from earlier…’

The bells in all other sections except the western section were still ringing.

Ilya’s night was brighter than ever.

* * *


Four chairs carved out of crystal.

The situation is such that two chairs are torn apart from side to side, facing two chairs on opposite sides.

To their side was a huge throne carved with a skull.

“Why are you doing that?”

“… nothing.”

“Well… I don’t think it’s anything special?”


The person sitting in the chair pretended to be worried and blocked the conversation with the person who was talking by closing his eyes.


They seemed to be in the same position, but their actual status seemed to be slightly different.

Still, the old man who seemed to be the oldest asked.

“Knight… Is there some problem?”

“… No way.”

“Heulheul… Is it because of the past?”


The man’s expression crumpled.

As he slightly perked up, the brazier around him burned fiercely.


“Hehe, how can you get angry?”

“Why are you bringing up memories that have already been lost?”

“Just because a flower forgets its seed doesn’t mean it bloomed alone. Is there even a need to deny it?”

“… I am not a flower.”

The woman who was quietly watching from the side said.

“Leave the old man alone. “Let’s just focus on our work.”

“Anyway, this is the end of today’s meeting. I look forward to the next time we meet.”

“Is that old man mistaken about the date of the meeting?”

“Hehe… As you get older, your memory declines. “The same goes for you.”

“I have no intention of getting old, do I?”



The four leaders stood up, opened the door to the meeting room, and went out.


Light came in through the crack in the door.

The knight’s face was revealed in the light.

Karuna was the face of another Karuna.

However, the difference between him and the Black Knight was their upright gaze.

It was the look in the eyes of someone who was sure of his own path.

There were numerous believers within his line of sight.

When they saw Karuna, they lowered their heads to the ground and muttered.

“Eternally immortal… Eternally immortal….”

Another Karuna returned to his residence, ignoring them. There were believers everywhere. They were the eyes of the church, and the scope of their surveillance extended to them.


This residence was the only place that was not under surveillance. The only place where he can act with peace of mind.

Another Karuna slowly raised his head and looked into the distance. He couldn’t go any further because he was blocked by the wall, but he wasn’t looking at the wall in the first place.

Ideal or dream.

Or memories.

He muttered to himself.

“Jin… soon. “We’re almost there now.”

The believers outside chanted the climax of the prayer.

“Only one life will last forever!”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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