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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 150

Episode 150

Frannan was clearly a weirdo.

“Work will be difficult here. “This house is a place where I come to rest and avoid troubles.”


“You said you were going to the Timbrians, right? “I happen to have a villa there, so let’s go together.”

– ???

– hey?

“What are you doing? “Not moving?”

He said this and simply packed his bags.

“Take care of the house while I’m away, you b*stard.”

“Yes, Nari.”

“Get rid of the cobwebs in the warehouse!”

“Spiders are not harmful….”

“Your sloth is harmful, Yonseok! Anyway… I’ll be back!”

“Have a safe trip.”

– My wife went to her parents’ house…

– I think she just went in while tap dancing?

– It looks like the spider web will never be cleared up.

After a heart-warming conversation with the servant, Frannan joined Kang Seol’s group.

Snow and his party had to drive the carriage on a forest road that barely had any moonlight.

Even though it was night, the reason they did not sleep and rushed down the road was because of Frannan.

“Why are you going to sleep? Do you have a lot of time?”

[Frannan’s night vision is working.]

[The surrounding area glows brightly.]

[You can attract the attention of the demon beast.]

Frannan’s night vision.

It looks like an ordinary lantern with a lot of magic formulas drawn on it.

The performance was amazing.

“… It’s as bright as day?”

“yes? I made this a long time ago, but after delivering some to the royal family, I got rid of it. “It doesn’t leave a mark compared to the effort that went into it, and above all, the side effects outweigh the benefits.”

“You mean attracting demonic beasts?”

“Yeah, but I clean this area regularly, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Snowfall did not get much information about Frannan from Count Brispin.

As expected, there was no significant similarity between Frannan’s personality and Brispin’s personality.

‘Still, they say he was a wizard of the Aspect….’

A wizard of the Aspect. The 12 magic towers of the Zodiac.

And the magic tower lord located at the top of each magic tower.

If you ask the natives of Pandea who the most powerful person in a magic tower is after the tower owner, they will all say the ‘castle wizard’ of each tower.

The magicians of the castle were, so to speak, a small group of elite elders that the magic tower boasted.

‘I wonder what level the magicians of the time are…’ The one

who created Zodiac was the Prince of Frost, but he only created it and did not do anything for Zodiac.

Titles of unknown origin, such as Aspect Wizard or Little Star, are all created by themselves.

Kang Seol secretly glanced at Frannan.

“What responsibilities did you have in the past…”

“Oh, you didn’t hear what I said from Brispin?”

“I only heard that you served as a saint.”

“Hmm… I did, but it’s been a while.”

After answering like this, silence again.

Frannan couldn’t overcome the alcohol and fell asleep.

“Hmm… Hmm…”

About an hour later, Frannan woke up.

“I’m finally coming to my senses. Good morning.”

“It’s still night, Mr. Frannan.”

“Kuhk… Even though I slept a lot, time doesn’t seem to fly. Why can’t time be manipulated with magic? The world is truly boring. Oh, let’s continue our conversation before going to sleep. “You need my information, right?”

“… yes?”

“That’s right, I heard you didn’t even hear my story properly from that lord. “He left all the troublesome work to me…”

“How did you get to know Lord Frannan and Count Brispin?”

“hmm? That guy, Abby, was my friend. Abby was a very outstanding person. “Well, it turned into dirt a long time ago.”

“It was like that.”

“Okay, anyway, I’m bored on the way, so I’ll tell you my story. Hmm…”

Frannan cleared his voice and turned his eyes to the ceiling, recalling the past.

“The place I worked at was Libra. Do you know the characteristics of Libra?”

“I understand that you mainly study auxiliary magic rather than combat magic.”

“…Did you say it was a transference?”


“Hmm… This is a fact that transferees don’t know, so how did they know? Anyway, I studied there. Thanks to this, I was able to quietly stay indoors and concentrate on my studies while others were collapsing mountains with explosions and bangs. “My specialty is enchantment.”


This work, also known as enchantment, was practiced by very few people, regardless of the depth of the field.

The level of difficulty in learning was considerable, and even if one reached the level, it was difficult to demonstrate omnipotent power, unlike other schools.

‘That’s why I introduced you to Frannan.’

I had a guess deep down.

An artisan with the ability to help a former wizard deal with heartbreak?

If that was true, it was thought that the man named Frannan must be a Libra wizard. Frannan said.

“If the time comes to choose a specialty, be very careful. Otherwise, you could end up rotting in a lab for the rest of your life like me.”

In addition, they listened to Frannan’s saga and the research he had conducted for a long time.

Meanwhile, Chameli asked.

“What kind of place is Zodiac?”

Even though he was the head of a parish, he probably didn’t know anything about the Zodiac.

It was assumed that he was asking because Zodiac was a very mysterious organization and there was a person by his side who had reached a high position there.

“Tsk tsk… hmm? Zodiac? Ah, so… um… it’s not such a beautiful organization… is it?”


“This is a group that ties together powerful magic towers, so how much authority can they have? The atmosphere is also stiff… Personally, I think the pre-Zodiac period wasn’t that bad.”

“Ah… Yes… Still, it is one of the great achievements of the Grand Duke of Frost…”

Frannan could not contain his excitement at Chameli’s words.

“So, that b*stard, Prince of Frost or something… Did you think that if he made a big deal out of it and stood out, he would become something of a legend?”

He remained a legendary figure.

It wasn’t clear whether he made a big deal out of it, but at least among those who studied magic, the Prince of Frost was a legendary figure.

“You left it like that, right?”

“Seup… That’s what they say. Damn… and that makes me even more pissed off. The wizards felt a wall because of him. And the Zodiac he created is a truly amazing organization. Hey nun. Do you know what kind of wizards are on Pandea?”

“You pure-blood wizards… are a bit of a pain in the ass.”

“Wizards are all people who have the consciousness of the chosen people built in efficiently. They’re not your typical natives. “Obviously the upper class of Pandea.”

Chameli continued his story cautiously.

“But… isn’t that a bit precarious lately?”

“Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk… You’re quick to hear news too, nun. That’s right, it’s probably because of the transfer interest. Hey you! What do you think are the three elements of magic?”

Frannan had heard that the snowfall was a metastasis.

So, in order to explain the topic simply, Kang Seol asked a question that was difficult to answer.

“It is magical wisdom knowledge.”

“… uh? “Didn’t you say it was a transference?”

“It’s a transference.”

“But it’s not as spicy as you think, is it? Well, I guess they entrusted me with this absurd task. Anyway, transferees tend to learn things easily. However, their depth of knowledge is very shallow. The Magic Tower actually doubles as an academic society, so it does not recognize the mountain of mass-produced wizards. “Wouldn’t it be a bit odd to treat people who don’t even know why fire is going out in their hands as equals?”

“… It’s not wrong.”

“They argue that magic should be able to control not just phenomena but also knowledge about them.”

Chameli added recent news to this story.

“Still… it seems like you have come up with a win-win plan?”

“Oh, that? yes.”

I also heard about snowfall.

“Attracting talented transferees to become trainees at the Magic Tower. Well, it will be mutually beneficial. Transformers can create a stable foundation for growth, and the Magic Tower can prevent misuse and abuse of magic and increase power. And while I’m talking, I’m sorry…”

Frannan said while looking around.

“Let’s take a break here. hungry.”


When Frannan said that and snapped his fingers, the carriage miraculously stopped.

When Snowfall looked out the window, she saw a huge magic circle carved on the floor.

[Frannon’s Enchantment: Sanctuary is activated.]

[Dependent lives within the range feel comfortable and rest.]

[All recovery speeds within the range increase by 20%.]


* * *

Some time has passed since the carriage stopped.

Chameli came up next to Kangseol and spoke dejectedly.

“I’m sorry… You said you didn’t like dry food…”

“It’s okay. “I don’t really like dried food either.”

– Right. Is this the Chapagetti chef of today?

– Pilgrim b*stards, how can no one cook? Haha

– These b*stards are all gone today haha. Taste the taste of monster cooking.

Kang Seol threw a lot of things into a large wok for a while and was happy.


“Sniff… Hey, it smells pretty?”

Frannan was sipping his drink without a snack and wrinkled his nose when the smell of Kangseol’s cooking wafted into the air.

“It’s true… it smells just like…”

[The dish is finished.]

[The seasoned tontrio ribs are ready.]

[It smells good. The cooking was successful.]

[Inspiration awakens.]

[Recipes seem to come to mind when encountering new ingredients.]

[Cooking skills have improved slightly.]

Snow scoops it up and goes to where the pilgrims and Frannan are. took it with me


“Me too…”

Everyone took the meat to their own plates.


“hmm? This…”

“What does it taste like?”

“Is it delicious?”

“No, it’s not just delicious. It’s really delicious.”

Kangseol put the meat on his plate as if it was natural.

‘I’m glad that there are some Tontrio ribs left that I hunted in the Desert Labyrinth of Penance.’

Kangseol made eye contact with Frannan.

“It’s an amazing skill… but it’s hard for even the resident chef to create this level of flavor. Have you ever cooked before?”

“I often do it as a hobby.”

“haha! It would suit me well! But this is the first time I’ve felt this texture, and I’m sure it’s not pork or chicken…”

That’s right.

Because it was the meat of a demon beast that was halfway between a pig and a chicken.

“It’s Ton Trio’s meat, right?”

Tuk. Toouk.

The pilgrims were startled by Kang Seol’s words and spit out the meat they had been chewing on the floor.

“Et tsk tsk tsk!”


“Spit it out! “I’m addicted!”

“Brother, why…”

The pilgrims were suspicious and wary of Kang Seol’s actions, but soon softened with Frannan’s words.

“I don’t think there’s any poison.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I touched Ton Trio a few times for research, but if there was any poison left here, just smelling it would have made my nose tingle.”

“Uh… then?”

“It’ll be okay to eat, right?”

Kang Seol nodded.

Only then did people put their heads down and enjoy the monster dish to their heart’s content.

[You had a great meal.]

[The special effect of the monster dish is activated.]

[‘Relentless stamina’ is applied for a day.]

The repulsion toward the monster was due to the venom within it, but in fact, it was also its appearance that caused the disgust. It played a part.

Ton Trio is a pig and a chicken.

The appearance was also unsightly.

– Let’s see Ton Trio… Ugh… What’s so big?

– Is it worth eating if it’s a big chicken?

– It’s such a big chicken. The official post is as big as the f*cking roof.

– Oh, I understand. It was the ingredients of hell.

Frannan said while looking at the snowfall.

“… What an interesting talent. Since I was treated to such a wonderful meal, I should repay the favor since I am an adult. “Are there any areas that are blocked recently?”

Kang Seol asked those words.


“First of all, I have never taken a disciple. It’s very unusual to be taught by me, so don’t miss the opportunity. “Are there any areas that are blocked in recent times?”

“It’s the part that’s blocked… Ah, there it is.”


Gulp… Gulp…

[Continuous: Sticky Darkness (composite) is activated.]

This power became the worry of snowfall.

This ability, which combines the power of primordial blood and shadow, was showing somewhat ambiguous performance.

‘Relevant abilities are not derived either. Isn’t this how you use it?’

Since it had no other effect other than making it sticky, I regretted throwing my ability points on the ground.

“Hmm… I picked up this and that and ate it. It’s the power of a warrior. It’s a very unique power, but its efficiency is shit. Have you ever used this in battle?”

“It was there, but the performance was disappointing.”

“It’s worth it. “I don’t think this is a power that can be used directly in combat.”

“… yes?”

“I guess it’s a creative power?”

At Frannan’s words, Kang Seol’s eyes opened wide as if a bell had rung in his head.

‘that’s right! Why didn’t I think of that before? If you do this… it’s simple, right?’

Sometimes things that appear from afar cannot be seen up close. It was a mistake that happened because I always thought I was the right answer.

The power of creation.

A power that can be used in various forms, such as golems or chimeras.

To put it simply, it was the power to directly infuse reason into inanimate objects and make them move according to the will of the caster.

“So have you ever used it in that way?”

“Oh, I’ll give it a try.”

“okay? “I’ll tell you more…”

“It’s okay.”

“… I hear you’re okay. I guess I’ll just go to sleep.”

Everyone around me was taken aback by the immediate rejection, which was so immediate that it could be said to be snow cold. Frannan, who was particularly upset, laughed at him in his heart and went to bed.

‘You idiot, when morning comes, you’ll have to beg me to teach you a lesson. ‘Cancer…’

How dare he look down on his own teachings, even though he was an apostle, and what’s more, the power of creation was very closely related to magic, which was Frannan’s specialty.

Frannan was offended by Kang Seol’s harsh refusal, so he decided to tell him a way later.

‘I’ll see you later.’

Chameli said, holding on to the snowfall.

“Uh… this is a long-awaited opportunity, but you are asking for more guidance…”

“It’s okay. “Please sleep first.”

“Ah… Yes…”

While everyone except the watch guard was asleep, Kangseol sat by the fire and pulled up a soggy shadow.

[Continuous: Sticky Darkness (composite) activates.]

“Creation… Let’s try something simple first.”


He concentrated while recalling a very old memory.

– Creation is a projection of consciousness.

“Creation is a projection of consciousness…”


Close your eyes and think of something intensely.

And don’t miss it.

Paint spreads on black paper.

– Creation is easier than brushing your teeth.

“Creating is easier than brushing your teeth.”


Massage it to your heart’s content with your thoughts.

Keep kneading. Massage until you feel like you can do this.

– Creation is…

“Creation is…”

The main character with the voice in the old memory grinned.

Kang Seol also showed his teeth and smiled along, remembering the last lesson.

– Have fun!

“It’s fun…”

It was the mark left on him by the immortal who had killed countless monsters.

“… is not. “Well, it’s not as easy as you think, right?”

First of all, I failed miserably the first time.

…for now.


The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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