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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 151

Episode 151

– Immortals really hunt with ease. I also want to automatically hunt with creatures!

– Who would hear this and think that immortals only have the ability to create creatures?

– How did you make this flesh golem? Is there any combination method? I’m near the base this time… If I’m not busy… Oh, I’m busy?

An expert in the field of creation who was recognized even by the gods.

Kang Seol had immortal memories of leaving behind terrible creations that would go down in history.




It’s difficult.



This is really difficult.

Black creatures bursting out of nowhere.

The squishy shadows overflowed from my hands, but I always failed to create something with them.

It was really too difficult.

‘… I thought it would be done all at once.’

– You didn’t expect to succeed right away, right? Haha

– Aren’t you mistaken in thinking you’re a genius?

– Hey Snowman. Did you forget? You are not ‘Sasuke’, you are ‘Rock Lee’.

– You are a hard worker! Find your identity!

Still, as the viewers said, if you are persistent, you will not be left behind.

He continued to rub something.

Fizzle… Fizzle…

“… I can’t do this.”

It was a mistake to confidently refuse Frannan’s help after only hearing that it was a creative power.

– Did you fall asleep during craft class? Haha

– Didn’t you do your homework?

– Seup… That’s not how you do it…

He just had immortal memories and was not immortal. In other words, he did not possess the talent of immortality.


“Ah… again…”

– Excuse me. Since earlier, I have been hearing the sound of pooping around the teacher.

– It looks like your intestines are healthy?

– In some ways, the results are consistent with the creation of something similar to poop, just because it didn’t come out of the anus.

– So it’s true that you pooped?

– You can say that he pooped with imagination and dexterity.

As the viewers’ sarcasm and ridicule toward Kang Seol continued, something resonated in his arms.

【Ugh! I can’t watch it!】

“… What are you?”

【It’s frustrating, it’s frustrating!】

“… Shut up and just watch.”


– Edward… Oppa…

– Stand up, you dark and chaotic blah blah space trash!

– That’s harsh…

– Yes, look at that and say it.

– That was bad…

– Ugh, what the f*ck is that?

– Is Yeomra remodeling hell in real time?

– Was it a little noisy? I’m sorry haha. As

Kang Seol’s futile actions continued, Bitan said something as if he couldn’t bear to see it.

【Ugh! Again! I witnessed incompetence again!】

“Do you think it might explode if you step on it?”


“It makes me want to check it out.”

【… Be specific.】


Bitan said arrogantly.

【You’re making concrete trash! It should be simple and clear!】


As Kang Seol’s expression hardened, Bitan also began to shrink, thinking that something was wrong.

【I’ll be quiet! Be quiet from now on! I’m quiet now!】

Snowfall quietly recalled the words of sorrow.

‘Simple and clear… I’ve heard this a lot before…’

At that moment, an old phrase passed through my mind.

– Creation is made with sincerity! Practical! Keep it simple!

‘… Yes, I thought it was too difficult. First, let’s put only what we need.’

Practical and simple.

I forgot about them for a while.


what do you need?

‘First of all, it has to be small.’


‘There must be freedom of movement.’


‘It would be nice to have eyes… too.’

What about the others?

‘You don’t have to have it. That’s all you need.’

Sticky shadows began to clump together.

– Please take a seat. It will crackle soon.

– I can’t wait to see that face twisted in despair!

– Pop! Pop! Pop!

– But why does it take so long?

– … I know?

There was seriousness on Kangseol’s face, and Bitan, who was observing his face and the creation alternately, glanced at him and looked a little embarrassed.

【… Huh?】

Pff… Jik!

– Hahahahahaha!

– It’s crackling! It’s cracking again!!!

– The crackling sound is a laughter ring haha.

While the viewers were laughing out loud, their reactions to Kang Seol were mixed.

Something remained in the crushed shadows.

It was a tiny bird.

[enlightenment! Awakens a new ability.]

[Awakens creation creation.]

[The new creature’s attribute is set to Sticky Darkness.]

[The new creature’s type is set to Small Flying Vehicle.]

[New related abilities can now be derived. There is.]

– …

– Sasuke Kun?

– This works?

The little bird moved its body wildly and let out a weak cry.


* * *

Frannan was quite a prominent figure in the Zodiac, and even among the wizards of the time.

Of course, he had an eccentric personality and was always drunk, so judging by his appearance, he seemed like nothing more than a grumpy old man.

Even so, looking back on the path he took, no one could ignore his extraordinaryness.

Born as the son of a poor serf, he left the family at an early age and worked as a handyman for a traveling mercenary company. And instead of wasting that time, he persuaded the mercenary wizards to study magic.

He was an outstanding genius.

His ability to control the flow of magical power and his brilliant intelligence were unrivaled.

He would have become a mercenary wizard if the mercenary corps had not been virtually disbanded due to dangerous missions. Anyway, being alone, he knocked on the door of the magic tower.

Because he did not enter the path of magic from a young age, the Magic Tower rejected him. Magic Tower is a place full of young and talented people. There seemed to be no place for him.

– It’s too late.

– It’s a bit difficult to become a wizard…

– Talents like yours are everywhere.

He was judged by the ruthless as meat and slaves are judged on their quality. That sickened his heart even more than in the past when he was under the control of nobles.

Because the life of a serf was not his choice, but magic was.

People usually fall into despair when something they personally chose and worked hard for is completely denied. It might be a pit that you can never escape from.

But he was luckier than he thought.

– Hmm, it might be useful.

As I found out later, he was a single-minded high-ranking wizard named Bale. He stays in the lab every day and doesn’t leave the door.

– Mr. Veil, this child is too old…

– Age? His name is Frannan?

Frannan will never forget that moment until he dies.

– Are you trying to become a great wizard who commands the world?

– Oh no…

– Then it doesn’t matter. If you are a moderately useful wizard, it is enough to make an effort from now on.

– … yes yes?

– When I first came here, I brought with me an unusual flower, but it hasn’t bloomed in my old age. It’s really poisonous.

– ….

– So, what kind of bizarre things is this old man saying?…

The old man named Bale made eye contact with Frannan’s eyes and smiled.

– I just happened to need someone to take care of the plants when I die. That’s you.

At best, he is a disciple who will take care of the plants.

Frannan was disappointed. Veil placed his hand on his head.

– I also want to see you bloom. This… I’ll be able to see it before I die, right?

– … yes! I definitely will!

As time passed, Bale died.

And Frannan failed to keep his promise.

– Frannan? Frannan? Answer.

– … yes?

Frannan was now surrounded by many Libra wizards.

– It’s a flower that has been plagued by pestilence since its inception, so what kind of flowering is it waiting for…

– Frannan?

– Well… first of all, it blooms faster than a flower. My flower is…

– Frannan! Are you ready to answer?

Frannan’s face was crushed and he muttered.

– It’s a little late, old man. Please wait just a little longer.

– Hey Frannan!

– That’s it.

– Swear!

The promised words flowed from Frannan’s mouth.

– Knowledge is the blade and wisdom is the handle. I am omnipotent and incompetent. Follow the truth but have contradictory thoughts.

– ….

– I am a wizard.

– I grant you the glorious title of Wizard of the Libra Magic Tower. Take responsibility and expectations.

– Waaaaaaaa!

– Frannan! Frannon!

Damn it.

Damn it!

“Aaaah! Damn it!”

“What’s going on?”

“Mr. Frannan?”

Frannan woke up screaming.

‘Oh, is it a dream? ‘I’ve been unlucky since morning.’

Perhaps because he felt sorry for blooming too late, Frannan often dreamed of his teacher.

Remembering that he was now traveling with a pilgrim and a strange transferee, he got up and asked:

“What about him?”

“Ah, if you’re Snowman, over there…”

Frannan recalled a fact he had forgotten as he fell asleep during the night.

‘Have you done some reflection?’

It was a huge insult to Frannan to look down on the non-combat field.

The power of creation was difficult to achieve without accurate theories and training from skilled practitioners, even if one had talent and had to work hard day and night.

‘Is it because I acquired too powerful objects and power in a short period of time? Anyway, those who have transitioned… It will be different from slowly becoming an adult and waking up as an adult, so it may take some time, but if you work hard step by step, you will see results.’

Then he tilted his head for a moment and resumed his thoughts.

‘You don’t want to listen to advice that even a vagabond can give, so I guess I’ll have to give you some shortcuts. But…’


“What… is this smell?”

It seemed like Jeon was preparing a meal to impress himself.

‘Still, you have some sense. All you have to do is be sincere.’

Frannan approached Kang Seol, feeling satisfied.

“Are you making breakfast?”

“Yes, just wait a moment and it will be ready.”

“Hmm…how does that work out?”

“yes? “You mean that?”

“You know, that… um?”

But there was something that caught his eye a little.

“What kind of b*stard crow is like this… Ugh! They eat the ingredients! What are you doing!”

Frannan shouted at Kang Seol.

And then I realized something was strange.

“This crow…”

The crow had red-brown eyes.


Snowfall was disappointed to see the shadow that was a crow come back in a blur.

“Ah… it won’t last that long.”


“What’s going on?”

Frannan has always fought geniuses even in the Magic Tower.

Whether it’s research, effort, or life. Since he was a genius himself, he was confident in this kind of struggle.

‘But this guy… Could it be that night?’

Kang Seol scratched his head and said.

“Oh this… “It was harder than I thought.”

Frannan was dazed for a moment by Kang Seol’s answer.

Sometimes, I was envious of geniuses who blossomed at an early age.

But this was a problem on a different level.

The flowers have already bloomed.

“You… you…”

* * *

“We have arrived.”

The group’s carriage arrived in Timbrian.

“But… can’t you stop by the villa?”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, but it’s not too late to stop by after visiting the Baranoa branch.”

“The girl will guide you, Mr. Frannan.”

“Haha… look at this.”

Kang Seol felt that there was something strange about Frannan’s reaction.

‘Why are you doing that?’

Frannan didn’t say a word the entire way, just glanced at Snow Seol and didn’t talk as much as before.

‘I guess my mood goes up and down.’

The group stopped by the Timbrian branch of Baranoa.

“Bishop! I should have come to meet you…”

A fat middle-aged man wearing reading glasses waddled up to Chameli, making a fuss.

“Brother Marcon’s heart alone is enough. Rather, did you receive the news I sent you?”

“Ah… that… I heard that you are coming here with a crazy person who wants to control demonic spirits…”

“When did I tell you that!”

“Isn’t it crazy to want to deal with demonic spirits? “Am I wrong?”

Frannan, who was watching quietly, smiled and held out his hand.

“There is a friend here who is just like me. Where are you from?”

“who are you? … ah! “A wizard who held that position?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“It just worked out. “I wanted to find a knowledgeable wizard and ask him something.”

“hmm? Say anything. “I’m quite relaxed right now.”

Chameli said to Marcon.

“Are you talking about the sacred object you were planning to give to Snowman?”

“Yes, there is no result. “I can’t open it and look at it… Perhaps someone who has been a saint might be able to find some clues.”

“Hmm… not a bad idea. “Everyone, please go in.”

Kang Seol and his party were guided by Chameli and Marcon.

From the ascetics offering mass in the magnificent marble-covered temple to the handymen who manage the temple.

For a branch of Baranoa, it was enormous.

“It’s huge.”

“The Timbrian branch is like the center of the diocese… It’s a shame. “Now this way.”

Relic storage room.

After passing several guards, several locks, and barriers, I was finally able to enter the room.

Jiiiing –

Marcon approaches, taking out something from a storage unit with a strange number written on it that only they can recognize.

“This is it.”

“Um… I don’t know?”

“As soon as I saw you? “Did you see it correctly?”

“Are sacred things really special? If you don’t know it as soon as you see it, you probably won’t know it until the end. “I will look into it in detail.”

And after about a minute.

“I don’t know?”

“Didn’t you say you were going to check it properly?”

“No, really. “It seems like there’s an unfamiliar energy sleeping there, and it seems to be a different type from the normal holy relics?”

“Hmm… if the Holy Highness says that… I have no way of knowing.”

Snowfall stepped forward.

“Let me take a look.”


– Ha… Should I step in for this?

– Yare yare… Shoganaina~

Kang Seol took over the round sphere from Marcon, who did not trust him.

white sphere. And the size of a little pig.

As far as the knowledge he has, this holy relic is enough…

“Hmm… I don’t know.”

– Hey Rock Lee! I told you to stay still!

– Don’t keep acting out, just stay still!




Suddenly Karuna and Karen were summoned at the same time.

They came out on their own, not because Kang Seol intended.

“Um… Um… What…”


After Kang Seol raised his hand to indicate that he was safe, he looked at his summons.

Karen slowly put her face into the round sphere.

“Master, I think I know what this is.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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