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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 152

Episode 152 Karen

and Karuna, who saw an unidentified sacred object in the hands of Kang Seol, recalled a past they had completely forgotten.

This was when they entered Montra Vigo, which was much earlier than now.

* * *

“… That’s why it’s a field trip.”

“Do trainee knight tours usually take place at the Imperial Palace?”

“That’s a good question Karuna. This is a special opportunity that your sister Karen has been begging you to get. Do you understand now?”

“I understand, Raine. “Karen had an accident again.”

“Kahaha… Jin listens to everything as long as you say it…”

“But you shouldn’t do that.”


Raine scratched his nose and then moved on with Vigo’s manager.

“that! “Where did you get that?”

“That is… um… loot… where did it come from?”

“… are you okay. “I don’t want to know if it’s looted goods.”

“The products that flow into this empire are not all ordinary, so I don’t know much about them except for a few special ones. “Did you expect a friendly explanation, Karen?”

“no! “I wasn’t expecting it because Lane wasn’t friendly!”

“It’s nice to be honest. Articles should have that flavor. Now, what do you do when a senior knight praises you?”


Karen answered, pressing the heels of her boots together.

“hot! thank you!”

“Except the hot in front.”

“thank you!”

“Okay, okay. I’m telling you this in case you become an official knight later. “Everyone is doing this to wish you well.”

“Ugh… old man….”



They looked around Vigo a little more.

Young Karen opened her eyes darkly and asked Lane.

“But… what are these special dogs?”

“Hmm… don’t wonder.”

“I’m curious? Are you going back out of curiosity?”


“Did you come all the way here? “If I go back like this, I’m going to pester Jin again, right?”


“Then you have to come again? “Rain has to come with us again?”

“Okay, what’s the problem with watching? “Please open my door.”

“That is…”

“Come on. “Nothing will happen.”

“All right. “If it is under Lord Lane’s command.”


Jiiiiiiing –

In Karen’s eyes, the principle of Vigo’s operation and the numerous traps and magic installed here could not have been so mysterious.


“It’s sparkling, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s shiny like Lane’s hair.”

“This guy! The bangs just receded a little! “It’s still okay!”

“… Wasn’t he a knight who didn’t know how to retreat?”

“… strategic retreat cannot be seen in numbers. “Anyway, don’t touch anything, just look.”

With only four people in this large space looking at the treasure, young Karuna and Karen were overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the space.

While looking at it for a while, Karuna stopped in front of an object.


“It’s time to go back… hmm? Ah Karuna. “What’s going on?”

“This one here….”

“Uh… uh-uh! “You shouldn’t look at that!”

Lane tried to cover something that Karuna had pointed out using his size.

Naturally, that action caught the attention of Karen, who was a bad boy.

“Whoa! “I think I found something interesting!”

“Ahh! “Go away!”

“What! What is it? Are you embarrassed? “Is this a n.a.k.e.d statue of Raine?”

“This guy! “There’s no way something like that exists!”

“Then what is it! Show me the profit… Get out of the way….”

“Ahh! Don’t bite! I get it! okay! I’ll show! Just show it!”

No one but Jin would know that Rayne, the Knight of the Sun, the highest peak of the Guardians, was suffering such cruel humiliation.

When Lane stepped back, he saw three white spheres lying in place.

Strangely enough, they are all the same size and look the same.

“Wow… is this a gem?”

“… no.”

“Rain, do you know what this is? “When I asked you to explain something else, you gave it to me.”

“Well, if you’re a guardian, you can’t not know.”

“What? What is it? tell me!”

“Karu, are you curious too?”

“… yes.”

“good night! So, from now on….”

Lane explained the origin of this item.

Karen and Karuna listened to the explanation for a long time. Karuna expressed his doubts.

“So this is the weapon of the guardians of the imperial family?”

“yes. “It is a product of alchemy created by Montra with all his might.”

“Then the rain weapon was also made with this?”

“Of course, we go through an uncomfortable process called succession. “All Guardian weapons are made from this ‘pearl’.”

“Is this… a pearl… a gem?”

“uh? Uh… Well, if you go by the name, that’s true. “Does it matter?”

“You’re pretty.”

“Hmm… Hmm….”

But Karen, feeling something strange, asked.

“Is it okay to pile this up in this old warehouse like this?”

“Boy, you are probably the only one who would dare say that about Montra’s remarks. “Don’t worry, this is a spare that was only recently completed.”


“These are treasures that will be used when the next Guardians fail to inherit the previous Guardian’s armor.”

“… I see.”

There are a total of eight guardians of the Montra royal family.

That has never changed.

Lane asked with a smile.

“Why do you want it?”

“what? Oh no. “Why am I not a guardian?”

“It’s written on my face.”

“Don’t look at my face!”

“Haha… If there is something you want, you just have to work hard. “Maybe you will get two of those three pearls later?”

Young Karen noticed Lane’s subtle encouragement.

“… Will that day ever come?”

“I don’t know. But one thing is certain: if you don’t try, that day will never come.”

“good! “Let’s go back and practice!”

“It’s good! ruler! “I will remain in a horseback riding position until I return!”


“Have you given up already?”

“no! Let’s do it! “Aaaah!”

“Try! “So that I don’t feel sorry for you tomorrow!”

“Sorry! Future me, I’m sorry! “I’m giving up!”

“this! This Raine peeked through the veil of time, and the future you rejected the apology! “If this happens, I have no choice but to make an effort!”

* * *

Kang Seol blinked and asked.

“Is this the pearl?”

“Yes, that’s right? Right, Karuna?”

“I think that’s probably right.”

“But how did it get here?”

Karen looked back at Chameli with a somewhat stern expression.

Chameli was taken aback and answered rapidly.

“Bo’s home office is steadily carrying out projects to excavate and recover sacred relics. “This is an item obtained from the Diocese of Nevenia.”

“What is the source?”

“There are so many paths, I don’t know where they start.”

“Tch… aren’t you a grave robber?”

“Maybe…? “Many of the sacred relics are often recovered that way.”

Kangseol whispered to Karen.

“Is it a valuable item?”

“I guarantee you that even if you combine all the sacred items she has, it won’t be as good as this. “Pearls were considered sacred even in Montra, where all kinds of treasures were piled up like mountains.”

“I guess I should take care of it?”

Marcon and Frannan approached while whispering and dark conversations were taking place.

“It seems like we’re having an interesting conversation. Can we get to know you?”


“Don’t worry too much. I’m not interested in the item, I just thought it might help with research.”

Kang Seol hesitated for a moment, then remembered that Frannan came all the way here to help her, and told him about Jinju’s history.

“You want me to believe that? “You mean it’s something that an ancient empire had?”

“Isn’t it you who asked the question?”

“Hmm… Then you know how to handle this thing, right?”

“Karen, please explain.”

Karen said indifferently.

“The heir must take the Jinju test. “The shape of the pearl is freely determined by the will of the successor, and its strength also varies widely.”

“Hmm… interesting. “What is the strength of the material?”

“Could it even be called a robbery? “There were many cases where they displayed special powers, so even among the guardians, their powers were different.”

“Oh… Is that what you’re saying? Hey Mareko.”

“This is Marcon.”

“Either way, a branch like this would be able to analyze divinity, right?”

“It’s possible… but I’ve already done it. “I couldn’t read anything.”

“Hehehe… That’s because I didn’t have this body.”

“Are you resourceful in this branch as well?”

“Of course, there’s nothing I haven’t done to raise my level.”

“This… this would make a great discussion. “I’m on fire right now too.”

Frannan said, looking back at Snowfall.

“Hey, let me borrow your stuff for a moment. “You’ll be okay, right?”

Kang Seol turned his palm upward, showing that it was no big deal. Frannan, who saw this, laughed and snatched the pearl.

“Take a break for a few days and do some maintenance. If this pearl is as effective as I thought, maybe… you might have some hope of dealing with your grief.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Kang Seol bowed his head and left the place. Chameli hurriedly followed and spoke.

“Thank you for your help, brother. Thanks to this, we were able to solve a problem that would have been difficult with the parish alone. “I don’t know if those pearls are enough compensation, but we feel truly grateful to you, brother.”

“… yes.”

“So… Even after this incident is over, can I keep in touch with you through Brother Jewelry Kang?”

“it’s okay.”

Chameli’s expression noticeably brightened and she smiled brightly.

“Thank you so much! “I will take care of you without any inconvenience during your stay!”

“Ah yes…”

Kang Seol was still not used to someone’s hospitality. Because I have believed it to be true that every action requires a corresponding price.

‘I might have to worry about troublesome work later… Anyway, let’s do a simple check.’


Returning to the lodging provided by the branch, Kangseol listened to Karen’s story.

While listening to the story, Kang Seol asked her a question.

“So, that sacred object called the pearl became the sword for you and Karuna?”

“That’s right.”


“Now I was able to remember. “The Scarlet Lotus Sword and the Moonlight Sword are made of pearls.”

Karen and Karuna’s swords have remained a mystery so far.

The strange power hidden in the sword was suspicious, but it also felt strange that the sword retained its original power even though it was newly forged.

‘Well… without going into detail, it’s an amazing holy relic.’

It was as if the sword itself had a soul, and it was always reborn, so Kang Seol couldn’t help but become interested in the newly acquired pearl.

Kang Seol took the bottle out of her arms and looked at Bitan.

How can I deal with this bad boy? And the answer came sooner than expected.

* * *

Exactly three days later, Frannan called Snowfall.

“You were right.”


“The analysis was completed and it was confirmed that the pearl actually functions that way. “It’s a holy relic that gives the heir the power most suited to him… I can’t believe it.”

“Kahaha! “Montra’s alchemy sometimes seems like a miracle, yes.”

Frannan laughed at Karen’s words, and Fat Marcon next to him spoke instead.

“It will take many years to discover the true power of this pearl. “Do you want that?”

“That can’t be right.”

Frannan nodded.

“I think the same thing. If it were my personality, I would have dug into every detail, but unfortunately, this is your stuff. “This should be of help to you.”

“… yes.”

“Now I have four ways to help you deal with heartbreak.”

“… That much?”

“Then, did you get your status through playing? But… I don’t think the compensation for helping you with your work has been agreed upon yet.”


“It would be neatest to say what I want in this case. There is one thing that is giving me a headache these days. “I want you to come with me and solve it.”

“What is it?”

“Well, it’s basically a problem with the Magic Tower…”

“Even though I’m an outsider? “Do you really need to accompany me?”

“That’s my decision. “What are you going to do?”

Kang Seol thought for a moment and nodded.


“Okay, now I’ll explain to you step by step how to cook that monster hiding in your arms. Listen to them all and choose the one you like.”

Frannan began to explain.

“First things first! “It reduces its intelligence.”

“… intelligence?”

“Yes, so far he has been doing very clever things, corrupting the contractor and ultimately taking his life.”

【It’s not? It’s not? That didn’t happen?】

Frannan glanced at Grief’s reaction and then spoke again.

“If you lower its intelligence, it will become a strong idiot and easier to deal with.”

“Are there any side effects?”

“You’re so stupid, it’ll be hard to use all your power.”


“I restrain the second guy and forcibly take away his power little by little.”

“There might be a problem with this too.”

“There are problems with every choice you make. First of all, that guy is the problem itself.”

“That makes sense.”

“Anyway, if you restrain him, you will be able to receive a steady supply of power, but there is a risk that his power will not recover. If that happens, they will eventually become expendable items.”


“Are you afraid?”


“I want you to swallow your saliva.”

“It’s not me.”

It was the sound of sorrow swallowing saliva.

【This human! If you arrest me, I will kill myself! If that happens, things won’t go as you want, right?】

Frannan and Kangseol ignored the words of grief.

“Third, I will melt that b*stard with the power of the pearl and deal with it.”

【These devils!】

– Bitan met the teacher she had forgotten today.

– Devil, I feel sorry for humans…

“If it goes through processing instead, it will become weaker than its original strength.”

“So far, I’ve only seen options that can partially deal with the grief…”

“Okay, the last option will be a little different. fourth! “I will throw him directly into Jinju.”

“… yes? Is that possible?”

“Is it possible. Since ancient times, the most efficient way to purify demonic spirits was to use the power of holy objects.”

“Are you using the power of pearls to melt grief?”

“No, I will slightly distort his sense of good and evil.”


“He was born from evil, so he does not know the path to good. “The goal is to confuse that person’s sense of direction so that he sometimes does good things and does bad things less often.”

“In theory, it’s perfect.”

Frannan laughed.

“I was always perfect in theory. It’s because I fail often. “Okay, shall I give you time to choose?”

[Frannan asks you how to give in to grief. Which method would you choose?]

1. Reduce the intelligence of grief.

2. Bind the grief and take away its power little by little.

3. [Required: Filled Holy Relic] Melts grief and creates pure power.

4. [Required: Filled Sacred Relic] Twist the concept of good and evil in grief.

“It’s okay, I’ve already decided.”

“Hehehe… So what’s the answer?”

Kang Seol answered.

After hearing the answer, Frannan smiled meaningfully.


The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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