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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 153

Episode 153


A crow with red-brown eyes burst out.

‘Hmm, you can last one day now?’

His creation is a crow that shares its owner’s vision.

Now, creating a creature was possible with only a split second of time, but using it was another matter.

‘Once the number of crows increases, vision becomes a bit blurry… and you can’t hear sounds well.’

Perhaps because the ability to hear sounds was a recently added ability, it was extremely inefficient.

If all you had to do was maintain visibility, it was possible to operate several crows at the current level of snowfall, but when attempting eavesdropping, it was difficult to maintain even a single crow.

And another problem.



I was concentrating, but when the creature exploded, a shock wave was sent all the way to Kang Seol. In a way, this was natural.

All that was needed for a creature to move was the creator’s consciousness or reason, and if the creature that received it suddenly exploded, it would inevitably have repercussions on the creator as well.

‘Well, this is still a good level.’

Even though Snowfall is the type of person who is not satisfied with anything, it was actually amazing to raise the level of creation to this level in a short period of time.


“Snowman. “I received word from Mr. Frannan that preparations are complete.”

“I’m going out.”


Snowfall followed the pilgrims.

The Guernsey branch was quiet as it was announced in advance that the ceremony would be held.


When I held the large door on both sides and opened it, a very large space appeared.

“So you’re here.”


“Come this way and take out that demon too.”

A few pilgrims, Chameli, Marcon, and Frannan were with them, guarding the surroundings.


Snowfall laid bottled grief in their midst.

【How stupid! You are all idiots!】

“Ho… what is stupid?”

【anyway! I have absolutely no intention of cooperating! Because I have never done that before!】

“Why have you never cooperated?”

【That’s because I used them all!】


【That’s because I’m a demon!】

Frannan said.

“You foolish devil. That can’t be the answer. Shall I tell you the real reason?”

【Do not say! Don’t say it!】

“You haven’t learned. “Cooperating with others and that it is better.”


“I’m going to teach you that training from now on, so why don’t you follow me quietly?”

Frannan shook his head and let go of his grief.

Marcon stepped forward and said.

“I am still against it. “It is still too dangerous for a mere human to handle demonic spirits!”

“That’s your opinion.”

“… Are you sure, Holy Highness?”


“Yes, Snowman, I would like to ask if you are sure that it is possible to subjugate demonic spirits through this ritual.”

“That’s right…”

Frannan turned his gaze to Kang Seol. Kang Seol received the attention without notice.

Suddenly, he wondered if this was how he felt when Veil took him away a long time ago.

‘No, it’s different from back then.’

Frannan, who was young at the time, was desperate, and Bale may have considered that more important than his potential. They may not have been sure whether Frannan would really succeed.

The situation then and the situation now are different.

Dealing with demonic spirits? It is so rare that it is difficult to find a precedent.

So is it impossible? That’s not it again.

There were so many variables that could be predicted, but in theory it was possible.

And the young man in front of him now had the ability to control those variables.

‘This is a guy who learned the secrets of creation in one night, even if it was just baby steps. If this guy can’t do it, other guys probably can’t either.’

Frannan nodded.

“I’m sure. So let’s do our job properly.”

“… All right.”

Frannan approached Kangseol.

“Hey, get on your knees. “You will lose consciousness soon.”

“… What should I do after this?”

I had already heard from Karen how the Jinju succession ceremony was held.

But at the same time, I had to suppress my grief, so I asked the question.

“Ritual and sorrow will accompany you in the inheritance of this pearl. Have you ever learned something through the power of creation? “Imagining, dreaming, and then simplifying it and bringing it out.”

“… yes.”

“Jinju’s succession can be considered the same way… The problem is that guy, and it’s surprisingly simple. “It’s the same way to charm people.”

“How to…bewitch someone?”

“Yes, we’ll probably hit and fight as soon as we go in. He will desperately harass you because the mental world is his domain. “You have to fight against him and take out as much of his strength as possible.”


“Set a trap. Do you know when those who are being tortured are most likely to reveal their secrets?”

“I do not know.”

Frannan grinned.

“That’s when the torture suddenly stopped. “That’s when most people’s hearts break.”


“Anyway, let’s go inside and think about it carefully. My magic will assist you, so take care of the rest inside. “Now let’s begin.”

Clap. Clap!

Marcon placed a chain slathered in holy oil around it.

“It will prevent the spread of evil energy. And you won’t be able to notice it from the outside.”

“Haha… Then I guess we can start when I’m ready. Where…”


Frannan snapped his fingers.


A magic circle unfolded with snowfall, grief, and pearls in the center. The magic circle was incredibly gorgeous even at first glance.

“If you fail, I will kill you cleanly, so don’t worry.”


“Huh ….

Karen and Karuna muttered an unknown spell.


the shape of the pearl began to deform.

Then it transformed into a large wrapping cloth and tried to swallow Snowfall in one bite.

Then Frannan clapped his hands.


[Frannon’s Season: Uses a large-scale amplification magic circle.]

[All pre-installed magic circles are activated in a short period of time.]

Jizzik… crackle…

The wrapping paper stopped still and expanded even further.


Frannan with veins growing on his forehead.

Mysterious characters came out of the magic circle and began to be engraved on the snow, heartbreak, and pearls.

“Ugh… this far!”


When Frannan released his strength, Jinju finished what he had originally set out to do.

[The pearl’s test begins.]

[The Snowman’s succession ceremony takes place.]

Snowfall and grief disappeared into the pearl.

“Whew… I wonder if the guy that comes out is an abomination, a holy relic, or something else… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”

* * *

In the world, there were things that were determined from the moment we were born.

Ships will float on the water and birds will fly in the sky.

They were given that fate from birth.

So what about the newly born black being here?


will wander.

A world forever stained with blood and corpses.

“Ugh… wow…”

I saw a knight dying unjustly in front of me.

I feel sorry for him. This is a battlefield and he lost.

Along with that, tattered corpses were all around him.

He will lose his life on the battlefield.

As opposed to a black entity.

‘Because… I was born here.’

A being stained with many people’s resentment and regret. The embodiment of evil born from their grievances.

That was him.

There was no love, no hope, no faith here.

There was only death and screaming.

“Do you want me to help you?”


“Accept me and I can help you.”


“It’s me…”

the fallen knight muttered, looking at nothing.

“Ah… my sadness… my regret.”

The knight held the black being’s hand.

“Grief… send me back to my homeland.”

That’s how the black being was given a name.

After consuming the man’s body, Grief refused his request.

“no. You don’t know how to do that? “Now I’m going to kill as much as I want!”


The surroundings were distorted.

The grief gradually grew as I regained my sense of self.

He has already regained his prime appearance.

The muscular body, like a large demon, was extremely ferocious.

“Ah… I see! “I’m trapped here with that damn human!”

“Are you here now?”


Snow falling suddenly from behind.

cried Bitan.

“Have you been waiting for me?”

“Yeah, I’ve been through this quite a bit, so I came here quickly.”

“Hehehe… Hey I’m heartbroken. “You are only human at best.”

“I’m a human being and you’re just heartbroken?”

“Don’t fuss!”


When Grief swung his fist, the radius shattered.

It felt somewhat different from when I was helplessly held by Kang Seol.

“This power! This superior power! “Can you feel it?”

“You’re excited.”

“okay! Now do you understand the difference between you and me?”





“Where did that come from?”


“It’s too bad the sword met the wrong owner.”

“I feel more sorry. Because the owner got the wrong weapon. “I don’t think it’s black.”



A strange thing happened.

This time his pure white sword transformed into a winged staff.

“I’ll crush you!”


The fist that grief swung did not reach Kang Seol.

He bent his back to avoid Grief’s attack and immediately swung his staff and poured out a spell.


Shadow hands poured out rainwater.

Plop! Pow!

Bub bub bub!


Bitan, who had been beaten, rolled over and aimed at Snowfall.


Likewise, Snowfall, which was easily avoided, waved his staff.

This time, a flock of crows with red-brown eyes appeared.

Food deuk…

tok tok tok!

Toto Talk!

A flock of crows flew hither and thither, harassing the grief.

“Hey… you are nothing without your summons!”

“Isn’t that the same for you too?”

“… what?”

“You can’t do anything alone.”

Bitan must have been shocked by those words, but even after crushing all the crows, he stared blankly at Snowfall for a moment.

His body became a little smaller.

The shock in the mental world was conveyed to him in real time.

Snowfall looked at the staff and muttered lowly.

“As expected, I think this is comfortable.”


The staff has now been transformed into a fighting armor.

“… I will definitely corrupt you. I’ll make you indulge in blood and enjoy the extinguishing of life!”

“I don’t like it that way.”



Grief was onslaught.

Even if Heotsamjae gets half of the shots right, Kang Seol successfully defends half of them.

Nevertheless, they continued to attack.

“This is it!”


The snowfall changed direction in the air and hit Heartbreak’s cheek.


Thump patter…

The large body of grief fell and shrunk a little.

“Kuhhh… Ugh… It hurts!”

“I’ve done too many bad things. “How about trying something good now?”

“Kikik… Don’t try to convince me. “I was born like this in the first place!”


– You didn’t learn. Cooperating with others and that it is better.

Grief cried out and charged.

“Don’t try to teach me!”



Grief was a demonic spirit, but unlike some terrible demonic spirits, it was large and strong, but did not know how to control that power.

I just swing it recklessly.

So far, that’s okay.

Until I met snowfall.


Kang Seol’s eyes changed.

He had always felt Jamard’s sharp senses, and his skills, which had reached a state of maturity through training with Tokiwa, were difficult for grief to touch.


“Like this….




“Aaaah! it hurts!”



The heartbreak was truly nothing on its own.

Just a lump of resentment and hatred. And it was just a being that was lucky enough to gain great power.

“Hehe… I knew I would lose! Bonus….”

Puheook! Pow!

Grief didn’t give up.

No, actually, I wanted to give up.

But if I gave up, it was over.

Rather than simply surrendering, the existence of the demonic spirit itself will disappear.

‘I can’t lose my existence… I have to protect my self.’

cried Bitan.

“Aaaah! “You son of a b*tch!”

The heartbreak continued to diminish, but I continued to fight.

So much so that Kang-seol is amazed at how stubborn the devil is.

How much did they fight like that?

“Huh… Huh….”

Grief was hit so hard that he lost consciousness for a moment. Everything around was pitch black and there was no snowfall.

And Grief finally realized that his violence could no longer continue.

“Ha… Haha… Hahahaha! You must be tired after all! Because we are human! Did I win? You won, right? After all, humans are weak on the inside! Just wait a moment, your mind will be corrupted quickly…”


“Ugh… my body hurts so much… He was a very strong person. But what to do with this? In the end, this grief won… Doesn’t it look like he was trampled alive?”


“Ugh… I think I need a little rest… hmm?”

A warm flame appeared before the eyes of such grief.

“… fire?”

And the devil’s room that contains it.

A terrible demonic statue was carved into the door.


The door was opened.

As if he was waiting for heartbreak.

“Hehe… It’s the perfect place for me. Just wait a moment, human. “After I rest here for a bit… I’ll put an end to it.”

The carved demon seemed to be whispering.

It’s here.

This is where you stay.

“Then I’ll see you later.”

Grief entered the devil’s room looking tired.



The door closed and there was silence for a moment.

But suddenly a large hand was placed on the devil’s statue.

The hand spun the room.

But somehow, on the other side of the devil’s room, there was a sculpture of a woman with her eyes closed in a benevolent manner.

A sacred feeling, very different from what grief had imagined.

In fact, the snowfall did not hide, but rather the grief became smaller.

“…is the lantern form the best? Well, anyway….”

The place that Bitan entered, thinking it was the devil’s room, was inside a lantern that Kangseol had made using pearls.

Snowfall smiled while holding a lantern radiating sacred energy.


The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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