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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 161

Episode 161 The

uncomfortable position passed in an instant and the sun set.

“Tsk… I never thought you were a guest and not an intruder.”

“It’s Jamard! “Be quiet. Something might happen again.”

“What was it like the last time you came?”

“That young guy got into a fight with the fighters and turned the village upside down?”

“Really? Fighters are elite, right?”

“Yeah, if Ungus hadn’t stopped me, I might have actually seen blood. Fortunately, the relationship between the rock tusker and the black thunderbolt was friendly, so things worked out well.”

Chameli whispered to Mael.

“What are they saying?”

“You’re talking about Jamard’s past.”

“If it’s a jamad… is it the jammad from the sharp rock mountain?”

“yes. “Currently, it is Snowman’s summoning order.”

“That’s not possible… Then that troll from earlier?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Somehow… I was surprised that the trolls suddenly became more friendly.”

The village was noisy and people here and there were preparing something. Judging from the combination of the fragrant smell and the smell of animal blood, it seemed like the entire village was busy preparing a meal.

“By the way, Mael.”


“Why is this a foggy hill? “Do you know anything?”

“It is as the name suggests. This is because water fog often forms.”

“I haven’t heard that there is a large lake or ocean nearby?”

“It… has to do with a primordial god named Ambika.”


“The Black Thunder are one of the tribes that for generations have been subordinate to the primordial god of thunderbolts, Ambika. The existence of primordial gods is like a natural disaster. Wherever his influence extends, an unusual climate is always present.”


“For this reason, it rains often in the Water Mist Hills and is always full of thunder.”

“Mael knows a lot, right?”

“Since then, I have been working as an archaeologist belonging to the Antiquities Society.”

After Chameli finished talking with Mael, she turned her head and looked at where the snowfall was.

“What are you doing?”

“It looks like you’re helping with the cooking.”

“I would have been a little uneasy if it had been the trolls’ cooking… but I would be happy if it was Snowman’s cooking.”

“That’s right.”

As they said, Kangseol was directly involved in the trolls’ dinner service as they welcomed the guests.

A troll with a slightly distorted face approached him and spoke to him. A troll who appears to be usually in charge of cooking.

Snowfall felt something strange not only from this troll but also from several other trolls.

“It’s delicious even without baking. “Kozalkeb’s flesh is soft.”

“It tastes better when grilled. “Why are you avoiding the light?”

“Kozalkhev’s meat burns easily! When burned, it becomes hard. “If it’s hard, people make a fuss and say it hurts their teeth.”

“Then just bake it well.”

“yes. “I know you can bake it well, but it’s difficult.”

“Watch and follow along.”

“Are humans teaching us?”

“You are learning.”

“It’s something else. “Okay, I’ll be watching carefully.”

– I can’t follow the conversation for some reason…

– It’s popular to imitate Jo Sam’s speech when talking to trolls.

– They are as lithe as a kindergarten teacher hahaha

‘I think these people are inferior even within the tribe…’

Trolls are a society dominated by the logic of combat. It seems that combatants who are inferior to others actually lower the morale of their allies, so they were assigned to take charge of household chores like this.

‘You could say it’s harsh… or maybe you could say it’s compassionate.’

At least they didn’t abandon them in the wilderness. If it weren’t for a tribe as wealthy as this one, things like that would happen frequently.


There were braziers lined up, and Quetzal Cove’s meat was cooking inside them.

“It’s done. “Did you measure the time?”

“30 seconds.”

“It’s the same on the other side.”

“Then one minute.”

“Now you just count, and the other kids put meat into the brazier like I did.”

“Are you giving orders?”

“You guys are following.”

“It’s something else. I get it.”

– Maybe this isn’t even a troll’s dream?

– If you mess up just once, everyone will be fooled. These are the people who will be solved in problem number 5 of the mathematical area.


The sound of meat being grilled in the brazier continued to be heard.

‘These guys… they don’t even know the basics of cooking.’

The Geomdungwoore tribe had no concept of hygiene or even understanding of seasonings and how to bring out the taste. If you listen to Jamard’s story, it seems that the rock molars were quite knowledgeable about food, but these were different.

‘I guess I didn’t think deeply about the value of cooking.’

Whatever it was, I couldn’t afford to be treated to a terrible dinner.

Until now, I have been running with only dry meals and not even getting a break.

This short meal had to be tasty and nutritious to take away all that fatigue.

It wasn’t for the trolls, it was for the search team.

“A troll who can read and write?”

“Uh… it’s me.”

“Do you have any of these?”

On the paper that Snow Seol held out, there were the names of seasonings written in Troll language.

“This and this. And this only grows in winter.”

“Bring enough. And I will write down the recipe and how to use it, so you can read it whenever you have time even after I leave.”

“Are you giving orders?”

“You are following.”

“It’s different. I get it.”

Snowfall began to show off her skills in earnest. The sauce was boiled in a cauldron large enough to fit a person, and vegetables to balance the nutrition were placed next to the meat.

“Ugh… Trolls don’t eat grass.”


“Eat animals that eat grass.”

“… You have to eat the grass separately.”

“Grass is not tasty.”

“If you eat grass, you grow as big as a jamad.”

“What are you doing, not giving me more?”

– Was Jamard a vegetarian?

– I eat well what is given to me.

– What a good kid. I also eat without beans.

The abundance of Quetzal Cove’s fish was running out.

“But didn’t you say this was meat for ancestral rites?”

“You can offer the sacrifice tomorrow. “On days when guests come, even Akimba turns a blind eye.”

When numerous trolls in the village received food, a message came to Kangseol’s mind.

[The dish is complete.]

[The grilled Quetzalcove with vegetables is complete.]

[It smells good. The cooking was successful.]

[This is a new recipe that has never existed before.]

[Stamina increases permanently by 2.] [

Inspiration is awakened.] [

Recipes seem to come to mind when encountering new ingredients.] [You have

some cooking skills . [#233]

The message did not end there.

[You have prepared a festival-sized dish in one go.]

[Your cooking skills have greatly improved.]

[Inspiration has awakened.]

[Your understanding of ingredients has risen to a genius level.]

[The range of cooking has greatly expanded . loses.]

[Achieve the special achievement ‘Feeding and Living’.]

[Obtain the special title “Chef”.]

[Special Title: Chef]

Related Achievements: Feeding and Living (Adventure: None)

Special Ability: A flash of inspiration develops. This is inspirational.

‘It’s completely a cooking effect.’

Still, Kangseol sits down next to Frannan, thinking that he will use it someday.

“Hmm… it tastes good.”

“Is that always the case?”

“Thanks to you, I now know that trolls do weird dances when they’re in a good mood.”

“… I don’t like that.”

When Kangseol took a bite of food and looked around, a group of trolls were looking at Kangseol and whispering.

[Unozuma’s favorability towards you increases.]

[Toruruk’s favorability toward you increases.]

[Hinui’s favorability toward you increases.]

‘… Is it because of the monster cooking? ‘

Since my likeability has increased, I should definitely feel good, but I didn’t feel that good, perhaps because I felt burdened by receiving excessive attention from trolls.

A group of trolls approached and tapped Snowfall on the shoulder.

“How did you make this?”

“Are humans different from the humans I know?”

“I can’t believe I almost ate this human.”

“Such a waste! “Can’t you take me with you?”

“They say you’re Jamard’s friend?”

“You’re going to sleep today and leave tomorrow, right? Right?”

“But you’re Jamard’s friend…”

“It’s worth it! “He’s the guy who made this kind of food, so of course!”

Kangseol felt strange because he felt like his ability to cook monsters was being treated as if it were a great ability.

‘Anyway… is it good?’

At that time, Chameli looked at Mael and Kang Seol with a distressed expression.

“I… what should I do? “I think the troll next to me is offering me a drink!”

“It is a liquor made by fermenting goat milk. “Isn’t the tradition of sharing alcohol with friends also common among humans?”

“I am a woman who serves God, and alcohol is….”

“Aren’t trolls closer to God now?”

“Hmm… I can’t help it. Just one drink…”

“…was it possible?”


Chameli took a gulp of alcohol and said with a bitter expression.

“Wow… strange… There is a verse in the scriptures of Baranoa that a wise person does not seek the sun at night.”

“What is the interpretation?”

“The morning will definitely come, so don’t forget what we have been taught and hide in the darkness. Isn’t even this drink of darkness like that? But it really doesn’t taste good….”

“You’re having a hard time telling me that it’s okay to drink alcohol, the vicar director.”

Frannan snorted and Chameli grinned.

“Does God do that too?”

Kang Seol calmly looked at the glass that was handed to her and took a sip.


‘Eup… It’s corrupt.’

Then another message came to mind.

[A flash of inspiration comes to mind.]

[A new recipe comes to mind.]

Kang Seol told Chameli exactly what came into her head.

“If you drink this mixed with some honey and cinnamon powder, it will be fine.”

“Ah… what difference will that make?”

“I agree.”

After hesitating for a moment, they mixed honey and cinnamon powder as Kang Seol told them to drink and were amazed.


The trolls who saw this began to follow suit one by one.

[Force: Your influence on Black Thunder increases.]

* * *

The next day, Snowfall’s party, Ungola of the Black Thunder tribe, and the tribe’s elite headed to the Thunder Plateau.

Jamad and Kangseol talked as they headed to the plateau. Last night, Jamard had a separate conversation with Ungola and had to be told about it.

“What kind of curse was Ungus received?”

“In the Plateau of Thunder, there is a tree that does not burn. “It’s a curse where the soul is bound and struck by lightning.”

“Ambika… scary.”

“All of the original gods are extremely vicious. “The reason we survived after encountering Purga the sulfur monkey was because Purga was in a good mood at the time, nothing more, nothing less.”

“How can I save it?”

Jamard said indifferently.

“There is nothing but death.”

“Then why didn’t Ungola kill Ungus? “I heard you two got along well?”

“It’s not that I didn’t kill him. “I couldn’t kill him.”


“Ungus is the hero of Black Thunder. I understand and handle the power of lightning more deeply than anyone else. Although he was a simple guy, his skills were clear. “It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen you, so maybe your skills have improved even more.”

“There is such a difference in skill? “No, but wouldn’t it be enough to just push through numbers?”

“Genshin’s curse is not that simple. “I guess Ambika strengthened Ungus’s magic power to fight back when surrounded by multiple enemies.”

“… You treat me like a toy.”

Jamard nodded at Kang Seol’s words.

“The Black Thunder strives throughout its life to contain the power of lightning in its body. And there is the easiest way to know the level they have built. “What is that?”

After hearing his answer, Kang Seol thought for a moment and remembered the peculiar appearance of the black thunderstorm.

“Scorch marks on your body and face?”

“Yes, that’s right. The wider the scorch mark, the stronger the person. “Did you see Ungola’s face?”

“Yes, half of my face is tanned black.”

“What do you think of Ungus?”


“You will see it for yourself this time. And… I have a favor to ask of you.”


Jamard said seriously.

“This fight… leave it to me.”


“I know it’s your body. But… I can’t just sit back and watch as I let my friend go.”


“… what?”

“I’ll help you instead. “I guess that’s okay, right?”

Jamard nodded in response to Kang Seol’s refreshing answer.

“Yes, anyway, it would be difficult for me to send him away alone.”


Then thunder rumbled.


The troll knocked on the carriage door.

“Now get off the carriage, humans. “If you don’t want to get burned to death by lightning.”


“From here… it’s the Plateau of Thunder.”


I’m so tired!

Chameli was startled by the lightning and grabbed Mael’s arm.

“Lightning just struck next to the bar.”

“It’s my mood.”

“It’s true! “I saw it! I saw it!”

“Hahaha, you’re getting on your nerves.”

“This… this….”

– (Holding back harsh words)

– I think Mael will keep a diary even in hell. Haha

– He has the ultimate mentality. Really haha.

Pound… Pap patter…

Rain falling down on them. greeted.

Sometimes it’s hard to even use an umbrella, and the raindrops are enough to make the top of your head feel cool.

It rained, but it didn’t pool.

Ungola said.

“Let’s go, my brother is waiting for me.”

Clap, clap, clap…

This was the Plateau of Thunder.

There was a huge tree in the middle of the plateau, struck by lightning, and it caught the attention of everyone heading to the plateau.

And finally they reached a position where they could clearly see the trees.

There was someone there.


A thunderbolt struck him.



This person writhes in pain every time the lightning strikes.

However, it never fell from the tree.

Jamard said.

“hey! Ungus! I came. “I heard that you misbehaved again and ended up in a bad situation?”


His dark skin was revealed, emitting a subtle heat as if his entire body had been roasted.


Ungus was pitch black.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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