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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 162

Episode 162


When Ungus heard the sound of people, he grabbed the two axes at his feet and rushed towards Kang Seol and Jamaed who were sticking out in front.

It was a very instinctive and immediate reaction.

Kang Seol and Jamard also did not sit still.

A great light arose from the lantern, scattered into fragments, and wrapped around Snowfall’s hand.



[Takes the form of the shaman ‘Jammard of the Volcano’ and a night raven.]

[Absorbs the abilities of ‘Jammard of the Volcano’.]

[Occupation: Fighter status.]


Ungus’ ax was caught in Jamard’s hand before it could be swung.


“It was baked very golden brown? “Ambika paid some attention.”


Ungus drooled heavily and put all his strength into the axe. Jamard, who had become a night raven, looked at that figure with pitiful eyes.

“I’m sorry for making you wait so long. “You said you were waiting for me?”

Jamard remembered Ungus’s old self when he saw his face losing its temper.

This is a memory from when I was very young.

– Why are you black?

– They say black is strong.

– I’m not black, but I’m strong?

– Isn’t that strange? No, I’m sure you’ll turn black too, right?

Jamard laughed.

“Tsk tsk…yeah. In the end, I turned black too. You were right. Ungus.”

“Haeh ….”


[Park Ungus uses the Thunderbolt Spell: Lightning Demon.]

[For a short period of time, every attack spreads a weak bolt of electricity.]


Ungus’ ax struck the raven.


It’s so scary!

[Jammard uses volcanic armor.]

Damn enemy!

The fiery skin split and crumbled. Naturally, Jamard’s counterattack followed.




Ungus was hit in the abdomen and flew into a large tree due to the shock.

Damn it…

The tree he hit cracked slightly.

“Now let me make you comfortable.”


In the past, there was a time when children who would lead the next generation of the Troll Tribal Alliance gathered together.

It was a large tribal meeting that was held frequently at the time. At that time, Jamard was just a child with an advanced mind.

– I will be king.

– what?

– I will become king and liberate the trolls from the original god.

– Fuhahaha! That’s completely ridiculous. Let’s go to Ungus.

– Crazy guy….

The most alien being among the five brothers of Rock Tooth.

Jamard’s existence was like an angular stone.

Naturally, the tribe’s successors snorted when they heard his words.

– Let’s go bro.

At that time, Ungola grabbed Ungus’ arm and tried to leave. However, young Ungus instead approached Jamard and asked.

– … how?

– what?

– how?

He was the only troll who asked Jamard how to achieve his ambitions.

“Now I’ll tell you the answer, Ungus.”

Ungus had a grand dream with Jamard.

He was fighting Jamard, holding an ax with lightning flowing through it.

Thump… thud…


The rain gradually became heavier and Ungus, who had been stuck in the tree, jumped up.


Ungus’ body shone brightly.


[Park Ungus uses the Thunderbolt Spell: Flash Strike.]

[Everything speeds up, but leaves an afterimage.]


Even though he was cursed and lost his sanity, his skills remained the same. The new model of Ungus has disappeared.


His afterimage disturbed the plateau, and Jamard concentrated on the presence without turning his head.

In an instant, light flashed and Ungus appeared right in front of Jamaard’s nose.


However, it was blocked too easily.


Jamad, engulfed in strange heat, said to Ungus.

“So… die here.”


“From where I watch.”

Meanwhile, information about Ungus was relayed through Snowfall’s vision.

[Black Ungus]

Grade: Legend

Estimated level: 26~37

Ungus, the hero of the black thunder.

Born with the energy of thunder, he was destined to become the true tribal chief of the Black Thunder, but suddenly he single-handedly challenged Ambika, the primordial god of thunder, the source of his power.

He was defeated and cursed to have his soul bound to the Plateau of Thunder.

The only way to break the curse is to kill him. But that won’t be easy either.

Basic ability: [Unknown 2] [Flashlight 3] [Lightning Fiend 4] [Unknown 3] [Unknown 2] [Unknown 2] [Unknown 3] [Unknown 1] [Unknown Unknown 1] [Unknown 2] [Unknown 3]

Special ability: [Unknown 2] [Unknown 3]

Kangseol watched as he handed over control of his body to Jamad.

‘Legendary level shaman… Is this the first time since Magra?’

At that time, Magra exuded such powerful force that it made my heart heat up just by looking at it.

However, I didn’t feel that kind of momentum from Ungus, who was at the same legendary level and was at a similar level to Magra, or rather higher level than Magra.

‘Have I… grown up?’

Not only did the level of snowfall rise to an incomparable level compared to then, but the level of snowfall had not even reached 20 when they faced the fiery Magra.

Now a lot of time has passed since then.

Now was the time to feel his new power.

‘Jamad will confirm exactly.’

Because it was Jamard who was controlling his body right now.



[Park Ungus uses the thunderbolt spell: magnetic field.]

[The power of the thunderbolt fills the area around the caster.] [

The effectiveness of abilities using the power of the thunderbolt is greatly increased.]

‘… It’s coming!’


Whilick! The ax passed through Jamard’s face.

Jamard bent his waist to avoid the attack and kicked up his feet.


The attack hit Ungus’ chin.


her Any its ever her any her character?

[The Reveler’s move is activated.]

[The evasion rate increases by 10% and the hit rate increases by 5%.]

A left hand that rushes quickly.

Ungus tried to defend himself with an ax blade.

‘No, this is a trick.’

Jamard changed his stance very quickly and used the technique.

[Uses a sky kick and a ground kick.]

[One of the two abilities activates.]


Ungus tried to take a big step back due to the completely unpredictable movements, but it was already too late. The new form of the night raven sank down and aimed at his lower body.

Jamard’s feet coiled like a snake.




At once, an optical illusion appeared as if Ungus’ legs were distorted.



Ungus’s momentum has changed.

His fighting instincts were revived.

[Park Ungus uses the Thunder Spell: Roaring sound.]

[The sound is swallowed up around the caster.]

[Inflicts abnormal status on the target: dizziness.]



The tinnitus was enough to make Kang Seol frown, and for a moment, Ungus attacked again.

[Park Ungus uses lightning spell: Thunderbolt.] [

The target that collides with the caster receives strong lightning damage.]

I’m going to have a good time!

The thunderbolt rushed towards the black shadow.

“That one!”


The black thunder trolls were already in deep thought, and the Alkatron search team was also biting its fingernails.

Ungus was no different from a monster that scattered lightning.

Ungola, the leader of the Black Thunder tribe, watched this and quietly recited.

“Jamade… face it… is this the future you wanted? “My brother… my brother…”

Ungola gritted his teeth.

Because seeing them fighting over and over again brought back memories from my childhood.

– Now, I will play the role of the king.

– Then I am a general. What do you want to do, Ungola?

– … What was left behind?

– The general’s right hand man.

– Are there any roles that are that needlessly long?

– I just made it.

– I will not!

– Uh-huh! I was demoted to the left arm because of that comment just now.

Paper profit profit-!


However, due to the huge collision just now, Ungola was unable to continue his thoughts deeply.

As the lightning flashed, everyone felt as if the thunder plateau was shaking.





Everyone thought that since such an impact had occurred, there was no way the snowfall at the point of impact would be safe.


Pak-! grasp-!


The battle was continuing.


The volcanic armor must have absorbed the shock, so the remnants of the volcanic armor that stuck together fell off during the battle.

“I have to help too…”

Frannan shook his head at Chameli’s words.

“No, take a good look.”


Fierce attacks mainly came from Snowfall’s side, and Ungus was busy retreating.

“It’s overwhelming….”

“That’s Snowman’s true power!”

“There was a reason why Frannan took me as his disciple!”

The wizards and several figures from the Society of Artifacts were amazed by Snowfall’s dance.

Frannan nodded.

“I knew that some of the transferees were exceptionally talented, but… this is truly a monster.”

Green onion-!



“Wow ….”

The snowfall of pushing Unggus was expressionless, but Jamad’s expression in it was gradually distorted.

Jamard screamed in pain.


– Ungoose Isn’t it unfair?

Young Jamard was already disillusioned with life. And Ungus was interested in Jamad.

– what?

– The blood that flows through our bodies is not ours.

– ….

– Instead of giving us power, the primordial gods implanted a curse of barbarism in us and made us serve them. Intelligence has deteriorated and only instinct has taken precedence.

– Just because it’s unfair doesn’t mean you can change it.

Young Jamard was bold and ambitious.

– You can change it as much as you want. The day this Jamard stands up, he will turn everything upside down. Watch. Because I’m telling you specifically in advance.

Ungus looked surprised.

– Oh… but I don’t like it.

– what?

– When you stand up, I stand up too.

– ….

He busted his young chest! He revealed his ambition by pounding.

– This Ungus has warrior blood flowing in it! There is no need for thunder or lightning. As long as your heart beats, you can fight at any time. Let me help you!


the rain made the battle even more gruesome.

Jamard, who returned to reality, asked Ungus, who was stumbling around because he was so beaten.

“Ungus, why did it become like this? Why… did you challenge Ambika without fear?”



Ungus’ arm swings helplessly.


Jamard took the hit on purpose and returned the favor in kind.





Kang Seol thought that he had followed Jamaard’s skill in many ways, but in the end he and Jamaed had completely different tendencies.

Snowfall’s fighting style pursued perfection.

The tendency to reduce damage and look for opportunities to deliver effective hits.

However, Jamard fought by giving his flesh and taking his bones.

No, it had a very aggressive tendency, intending to crush all the bones if you gave it its flesh.

Perhaps because of that, Ungus was consistently in a defensive posture from Jamard’s onslaught from some point on.

So, the overwhelming battle for Jamard continued.



Ungus seemed to have sensed this as well and tried to use a final move to turn the situation around.

[Dark Ungus uses the thunderbolt spell: the form of a thunder deer.] [

Dark Ungus’s physical abilities and magic power increase significantly.]

[The energy of thunder is greatly strengthened and turns black.]

Pajijijijik- !

Black thunder enveloped Ungus’ body.

Ungus threw away his ax and attempted to attack Jamad.



Every time the fist was swung, black lightning swirled around.

The current Ungus has changed in appearance to the extent that it is reminiscent of Ambica, the original god of thunder.

The deer’s horns grew larger and the fangs became more ferocious. And even bulging muscles.

But it was all to no avail.

Jamard, who met and became one with Snowfall, is now a night raven, so strong.

“Damn you!”

Kwajigi profit…


“Pull it out….”

Truly overwhelming power.

Jamard’s fist pierced Ungus’ stomach and escaped backwards.

“I won….”

“Brother tongue!”

Those who were watching the situation while stamping their feet approached Ungus and Jamad.



Ungus’s arms rested helplessly on Jamard’s arms, as if trying to pull them out, which had pierced his stomach.

Jamard suffered even after victory was confirmed.

“Why… why on earth… did you challenge Ambika…”

“… nya.”

At that moment, a small voice came out of Ungus’s mouth. A very clear and strong voice, different from the screams of the past.

“Is that voice… Jamard…?”

“Woo Ungus?”

“How…are you alive?”

“dead. When I died, I became a shadow. “To achieve my ambitions.”

“Puhuhuh… You crazy b*stard is still ambitious even in death…”

Ungus seemed to be blind.

The cloudy eyes were looking at the world, not Jamard.

“…Why did you challenge Ambika?”

“Ambika… she’s so strong that I’ve never been able to touch her… puh-huh… what did I expect?”

“say! Why…”

“I’m afraid I’ll get scared…”


“I’m afraid you won’t be here… I’m afraid I’ll get scared…”


“That was absurd Ambika. Why didn’t you tell me that…”

A little bit of strength returned to the arm that Ungus was resting on. It may not have been recovered. It was clear that he had squeezed out the last of his strength.

“Let’s go together, Ungus.”

“Are you asking me to become a shadow? Even joking…”

An expression appeared on Ungus’ face.

He forced a facial expression to laugh at his friend.

“I was cursed by Ambika. “My soul cannot be revived.”


Jamard gritted his teeth and said in a trembling voice, as if it was difficult for him to speak.

“If we can’t go together… I will take your power like this.”

“Ah… there was a way.”

“You don’t like it?”

“Not at all… take my power.”



… It wasn’t something he did. It was pulled out by Ungus himself.

“Kuheook… kuluk….”


Ungusu stumbled for a moment and then regained his stance.


I spread my arms and spoke to Jamard.

“Jamade you deserve it.”

Even though blood continued to pour from his mouth, Ungus did not stop talking.

“By all means… make your ambitions come true.”



“It is our ambition.”

Ungus grinned.

“I’ll go.”



[Switches to volcano stance.]

[All attacks cause flames to ignite.]

[An explosion occurs at the point of impact.]

[Continuous: Transferring flames are applied.]

[Continuous: Heat and warmth are applied. ]


[Night Raven: Uses Iron Fist Rule.]

[Shadow hand persists: Affected by migrating flames.]

[Shadow hand persists: Affected by heat and warmth.] A

huge right arm sweeps Ungus’ entire body. It was.


And as if that wasn’t enough, they struck down a huge tree on the plateau.


The huge tree was torn apart by the impact and fell over.

“My tree… flew away.”


Those watching were in awe of the indescribable being who was both Snowman and Jamard.

[Your current magic power is below 5%.]

[You will experience a magic power deficiency.]

[The speed of magic recovery is reduced by 50% for 5 minutes.]

[You used excessive magic power at once.]

[Status abnormality for one day: Dizziness. Suffers from.]

[The cooldown of the ability increases by 10%.]

A lack of magic power that always comes.


[You have defeated Black Ungus.]

[You will receive the favor of Black Thunder as a reward.]

[You can use the road leading to Alkatron in the Water Mist Hills.]

“Wait there for a moment. “Ungus”

Jamard walked over and stretched out his hand over Ungus’s crushed corpse.

I’m going to take a look at it!

A thunderbolt erupted and enveloped Jamard, causing terrible pain.

“I will send Ambika there soon.”

Let’s go!

“With your strength.”

The message came to mind countless times.

[Absorbs Ungus’ magic.]

A bright yellow thunderbolt with flickering black light bit Jamard.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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