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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 166

Episode 166:


The veins near Snowfall’s eyes sprouted out. So much so that you can clearly see the bright red blood flowing.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… it hurts…”

“Does it hurt that much? It’s okay to cry. “I’ll pretend not to know.”




The snowfall’s movement stopped.


“Is it over already? “You’re holding up well.”

“Haaa… Haaa….”

Kangseol slowly opened his eyes that had been tightly closed in pain.

[Under the influence of the original blood, the insight eye changes into the foresight eye.] [

Continued: Awakens prior knowledge.]

[Continued: Excellent bloodline comes into play.]

[Continuing the lineage. The recipient has the foresight.]

[You can cause the created creature to temporarily use the foresight.] [

You can see through invisible substances.]

[A variety of powers . You can see the flow.]

[Your vision increases significantly.]

[You can see the status of elite monsters more clearly than before.] [The more

you train, the more statuses and the status of stronger opponents are displayed.]

[High probability of being important. The description of the object is displayed.]

[As you train, the probability increases and the status of the more valuable object is displayed.] [The

skill of seeing through greatly increases.] [

Seeing through has reached maximum proficiency.]

[Talent ‘See through’ You will be promoted to Intermediate Seeing Perception.]

[Seeing Perception will activate more often.]

[The area where Seeing Perception will activate will be wider.]


“Hiya… Your eyes have become nicer?”

Snowfall’s pupils were a mixture of golden and crimson colors, emitting an enchanting light.

However, he still looked grotesque because of the bloody tears around his eyes.

‘… Did the blood of origin come into play?’

The blood of the beginning urges continuous change in Kang Seol’s body. Even if it is a general change, when the blood of the beginning intervenes, it changes to the level of the creation of heaven and earth.

There is no other treasure like this when it comes to strengthening the body.

‘But… the insight eye wasn’t strengthened, but changed into a vision eye?’

As far as Snowfall knew, once you got powered snow, you had to keep going with it unless you replaced it with new snow.

It was said that it was normal for insight to become insight even if the insight was strengthened.

Taking that into consideration, I decided that Kang Seol had good insight eyes.

‘Seonji… what kind of effect is it?’

[Continuation: Precognition]

– You can predict what will happen in the near future.

‘If you look at the content alone… it’s almost like precognition… what is it?’

– There are so many effects!

– Is it you again, the blood of the beginning?

– The effect is really creepy;; Haha

– Wow… I was still frustrated, but since I got this, it’ll be okay for a while, right?

– But I’m not sure what most of the effects are;;

– My eyes light up because I have achieved the level of proficiency!

– If this is going to be the case, why was Simcheong left out?

‘Applying to bloodlines… does that mean it also applies to summoned beasts?’

I didn’t know exactly what effect the foresight had, but it was said to apply to snowfall summons going into battle, so there was no way it would be harmful.

‘Even if everything else is the same, isn’t it surprising that it also applies to creatures?’

While Kang Seol was thinking about various things, Tori spoke.

“Don’t just think about it to yourself, can you join me too?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry to say this, but your monkey has been a little strange since a while ago.”

“… Do you mean Kiki?”

“Yeah, look over there.”

Ukki… Kiiii…

Kiki the addict was constantly looking at someone’s excavation log that he had been holding since he came here.

Snowfall approached Kiki.

“Kiki Mael will find you soon, so don’t worry…”

Kiki said before he could lift her up.

[The excavation was difficult from the beginning. Twenty people have been killed so far for unknown reasons.〕

“… Kiki?”

〔The number of people complaining of mental illness also increased. He kept saying that he heard a voice coming from behind the tightly closed door. But we couldn’t open that door.〕


Kiki hurriedly turned the pages.

〔Am I dreaming? Until yesterday, the excavation had clearly progressed, and when I looked again today, I saw that the dug-out space was dense with stones and rocks.〕

Kangseol felt a sense of déjà vu from the part Kiki read.

– This space we are currently walking through was originally full of rocks and rubble. But… somehow I can keep going.

‘What Mael said!’

This means that the Alcatron has been completely cleaned up to a location where no excavation had even taken place. If that were possible, then what was mentioned in the excavation record that Kiki is reading would also be possible.

Kiki said.

〔It’s clear that someone is watching us.〕

– Kiki, stop reading! I can’t stop peeing!

– Why… why are you reading that! Kiki! Waikiki!

– … Is it pretty?

– (Snoring) Are you okay?

– Wow, but it’s scary;;



Kiki stopped reading and ran to Kang Seol and held her in her arms.

Whoosh! Squeak!

“It looks like that monkey is scared?”

“… I guess so. Tori, how long has it been since you stayed here?”

“well? “I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been here, but I only recently woke up.”

“Are all the prisoners alive here?”

“I guess not. “I confirmed that many people rotted in their cells or committed suicide.”

“Then I guess there aren’t that many prisoners wandering around Alcatron?”

“That’s your wish! Alkatron is massive! Even if some of them are dead, there will be far more of them than your group. “How on earth did they create a place like this?”

Kang Seol put his hand on his chin and thought for a moment.

“Now that I think about it, I haven’t thought about that. “Who made Alkatron?”

“No one will know? Just looking at the records the monkey read, they are relics from a much earlier era, right?”

“Tori can you help me?”

“You’re still helping me right now, right?”

“My colleagues…”

“Oh, by the way, if they are colleagues, are the people who came before you also your colleagues?”

They are probably Yopimba and the others.

“Did you see them?”

“I saw it.”

“Where did you go?”

“I guess it went lower than here? I don’t know the details either. But… some of them must have gone down to the second basement level.”

“… How many floors is there here?”

“More than 4 floors underground.”


“I don’t know how many more floors there are after the 4th floor. It may be one floor or there may be more. For your information, the further down you go, the more vicious the prisoners were.”

“Have you seen the prisoners on the fourth floor underground?”

“I saw it. “I can’t not see it.”

“What does that mean?”

“You will understand when you see it. Ugh….”

Kang Seol asked the most important question.

“Are they… strong?”


“More than me?”


– As of the current time, I declare that it has been terminated!

– Warning order activated!

– F*ck it! F*ck it! No matter how much I think about it, it’s a mess!

– Snowman: Haha, I’m not alone anymore, so I’ll have to get out through the entrance.


Tori’s head whipped around and looked in the other direction.

“excuse me! “It’s your colleague again!”


Snowfall moved like a thunderbolt at Tori’s words.

The same monster just now was a handful for Kang Seol, but it would be a tough opponent for the other expedition members.

As I headed towards the direction Tori pointed at full speed, I saw the shape of a person.

“Oh don’t come!”

Those words were not meant to Kang Seol. A behemoth resembling a hedgehog stood in front of the man.

[1st floor: Yormand]

Grade: Rare

Estimated level: 27~32

A monster with unknown history.

The thorns that grow on its body can pierce even armor.

Basic Abilities: [Spike Cover 1] [Injection 2] [Poison Secretion 3] [Steel Cut 1] [Rolling 5] [Giant Slalom 2] Special Abilities: [Golden Thorns 2] “Oh….


Man As he passed by, he was startled and shouted.

“be careful!”



Yorman curled his body into a circle, exposing his thorns directly.

After calmly repelling the attack, Kang Seol extended his right fist again.


‘… Huh?’

Something that could be called an afterimage showed Yormand’s movements.

Kang Seol stopped extending his fist and swung his other fist again.


Yormand thrust his head forward as if to headbutt, but it did not touch Kangseol’s right arm. Instead, Kangseol’s left fist hit Yormand’s chin.



I’m so excited!

Kak… Kahak…

Yormant was completely destroyed.


[1st floor: Yormant has been defeated.]

‘Is this a prophet?’

Kang Seol had been putting off evaluating Seon Ji-an, but after finishing this battle, his mind changed slightly.

‘… It’s more than I thought?’

Moreover, since not only himself but also his summons were affected by this effect, the increase in combat power was indescribable.

‘It just takes some getting used to.’

As Snowfall knocked down Yormand and scratched his nose, the man who was being chased by this monster suddenly approached him.

“It’s all you. Frannan’s disciple… is that correct? “It’s me!”

“…What is this? Oh that!”

“It was me who was lying in your hospital bed. haha!”

“What happened?”

“Haven’t you experienced the same thing?”

“So you were transferred too.”

After that, we exchanged information with Yoran, but he didn’t know anything in particular.

Yoran spoke at the moment of disappointment.

“Have you ever heard the saying that loners die?”

“Do loners die?”

“Those words rang in my mind right before I metastasized. I remember someone else mentioned it too. “Maybe everyone didn’t listen?”


The loner dies.

Kang Seol still didn’t know what this meant.

Anyway, Yoran was very happy to see Kang Seol, saying that he was no longer alone, and they wandered around looking for a way.

Time passed by in vain.

‘Damn, it takes so much time just to find the way because I can’t see in front of me…’

Kang Seol asked Tori if she had a good idea.

“Can you tell me the directions to the floor below Tori?”


“Why are you doing that?”

“Then… I guess that doesn’t work.”

“… yes? “What do you mean?”

“I heard a voice too. “The voice of the one who scattered you.”

How crazy would you be to even talk to a ghost?

Kang Seol thought this and questioned.

“What are you saying?”

“Don’t disturb the play.”

“… play?”

“I don’t know… I don’t think this will help. “You have to find it yourself.”

“All right. “Calm down, Tori.”

Tori trembled.

What kind of voice is this that makes even ghosts tremble with fear?

The time limit is already almost up.

A full day has passed, but the only people I’ve met are the addict Kiki and the wizard Yoran.

‘Has everyone gone down?’

Just when it seemed like that, Kang Seol found someone.


“Snowman! Even Kiki? “Is it noisy there?”

“you’re right!”

“ha ha ha! It’s a good thing you came here. Chameli is here too.”

“Snowman! “It’s me!”

Kang Seol had a smile on his face.

I was a little worried about what might have happened to the two of them, and if they were together, it would be a great addition to their military power.

“Did you hear that? “It means that loners die.”

“Oh, that’s it. “I heard it from Yoran.”

“I wonder if the former person can’t hear it… I even heard that they were giving him a day’s time. Is that correct?”

“Yes, I know that too.”

“This is a big deal… almost a day has passed.”

“First of all, let’s move. “Let’s exchange information as we find our way downstairs.”

“good idea.”

They took a step forward.

“You met a ghost?”


“…Where are you now?”

“It’s… next to the vicar.”

Chameli said stiffly.

“Mu… Mu….”

– Mu- Yay!

– That’s how scary you are!

“Don’t be scary… It’s a joke, right?”

“It’s true.”


Chameli was close to Mael.


In the process, something hit her feet.

“Uh, what is this…”

“… It’s a corpse.”


“This man… is the leader of the ghost spinning wheel mercenaries.”

“No way! A person like that would die alone in a place like this…”

Everyone’s gazes crossed.


“… loner?”

“No way….”

[New information about Loner Dies has been obtained.]

[Loner dies when the time limit expires.]


The moment he felt a strange magical energy, Mael shouted first.

“Here it comes again…!”

[Space transformation occurs.]

[Your body is deprived of freedom.]

[Hidden adventure ‘If caught, you die’ activates.]

Jiiiing –

Mael shouted something, but I couldn’t hear it properly.


This time, Snowfall transferred without losing her mind. Kiki, Yoran, Mael, and Chameli have all disappeared.

“Woke up?”

“Tori… you came straight to me.”

“huh! “Because I’m a ghost.”

“Damn it… was this a repeat?”

“So… I had no idea either.”

Snowfall gritted her teeth and confirmed that the adventure had been activated again.

“If you get caught… will you die?”

He looked around to check the changed situation on the first basement floor. Unlike before, there was something that clearly caught my eye.

‘… What is that?’

Seon Jian recognized an ominous being walking in the dark.

Kang Seol read the information that came to mind at that moment and muttered softly.

“A jailer?”

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