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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 168

Episode 168:

Love/Hate Deer’s Sachet.

The price was a whopping 20,000 madness, making it a consumable item with a value equivalent to a living metal ingot.

Considering that biometal ingots are items whose effects last forever like reinforcement stones, you can get an idea of how effective this consumable item is at best.

‘Damn… the effect is amplified after cooking…’

The current situation was not one where I could tell them to wait a moment because I would cook it.


If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to fight this black dog while causing a big commotion on the 4th basement level, which is the heart of Alkatron.


‘… is it effective?’


But the black dog, which looked like it was going to bite Kang Seol and tear her to pieces, kept sticking its nose into the sachet of the love-hate deer that Kang Seol had taken out.

Female love-hate deer, a rare monster, creates a strange scent to attract males during estrus.

The problem is that this scent is so strong that it affects not only male deer, but also various living creatures.

‘It’s like a special pheromone.’

There was a scent so fragrant that even snowfall made me faint.

[Love-hate deer’s sachet]

Grade: Insanity

Appropriate level: None

Weight: 0.5kg

Special ability: Forcibly accumulates friendliness above ‘Friendly’ on a hostile target that cannot be affected by affinity. It also increases the target’s favorability increase in the future. However, it cannot be applied to targets with a very hostile enemy relationship, and the favorability built up with this item decreases more easily than the favorability built up in general.

‘Please let it work because if you cause trouble in a place like this, you’ll have to deal with other people too.’

Sniff… Sniff…

The black dog seemed to have calmed down and gradually became smaller.

“Success… is it?”

Panting… panting…

Kang Seol shook off the nervousness in her chest and confirmed the information about the black dog that Seon Ji-an had read.

[Hungry Coco]

Grade: Transcendent

Estimated level: 40~45

There are countless different life forms in the world, and among them, there are some that are difficult to understand at first.

In the distant past, beings were purer and simpler than they are now. Also, because of that, they were stronger and greater than today’s creatures.

Shadow wolves are a representative example of such ancient creatures. They are born in the shadows and live their whole lives in the shadows. Their teeth tear apart mountains and their claws create lakes.

As time passes by, even the great shadow wolves have disappeared from the world.

Coco is probably the last remaining shadow wolf in the world.

This great being was very hungry now.

Basic abilities: [Bite 5] [Claw 5] [Ferocious Wolf 1] [Lonely Roar 3] [Shadow Movement 2] [Charge 2] [Onslaught 3] [Tear 3] [Smell of Blood 1] [Passive: Shadow Beast 2] [Passive: Lord of the Swarm 3] [Passive: Shadow Affinity 3] [Passive: Berserk 2]

Special Ability: [Ancient Wild 2] [Purgatory Flame 2] [Wild Gift 5]

‘… This is what?’

Kang Seol’s expression turned black, as if he had witnessed something absurd.

‘Coco’ sponsored Madness by 1200!

[Living this? Wow….]

– Your level is over 40? Haha, wait a minute~ The only thing you can do is meet other people at level 20, but you’re going around meeting level 40 people by yourself? Haha

– The process of meeting him was so funny haha I fell from the ceiling but he was waiting for me below haha

– Coco: Welcome to hell, kid. I was waiting for you.

– I enjoy eating cocoa cocoa.

– Today again, Sekai has to accept that it is absurd.

– How did you live in this situation?

– It’s a legend to live by rubbing your body together ㅡㅡ

– Wasn’t it a wolf instead of a dog?

‘It would have been dangerous if I had fought….’

I definitely wouldn’t have lost.

Jamad also reached the level of transcendence and was able to control the source power of the representative power sorcerer.

Since Kang Seol even had twin knights, the battle would never have resulted in defeat.

Even so, that doesn’t mean it won’t struggle.

The conflict between transcendence and transcendence must entail considerable damage to both sides.

“Oh… you met a black dog. “It’s been a while, black guy.”


“Hahaha… How did you get to the 4th basement level in such a hurry, my friend? Congratulations, it’s the best… no, it’s the fastest record.”

Ghost Tori appeared, scratching her cheek. Even he would find this situation absurd.

“Tori… Is it because Alkatron sometimes suddenly collapses?”

“That can’t be possible… I was surprised because it was my first time doing something like this. Even when Kungkung started causing trouble, it wasn’t to this extent…”

“… Kungkung?”

“Yes, thump thump. But be careful with Kungkung. Kungkung is different from black dog. “Maybe they’ll try to kill you as soon as they see you?”

“How do you know that?”

“So far, no prisoner has survived after going near Kung Kung.”


“But Kungkung is lazy and stays in one place for a long time. “And even if you move, it usually doesn’t go that far.”

Kang Seol tried to gather various information from Tori. If it weren’t for the message that appeared before my eyes.

[Coco’s favorability towards you decreases.]

“… Hey Tori.”


“A black dog… no, this friend is a wolf.”

“really? “This is the first time I heard about it.”

“Coco is my friend. Is there any way I can win this friend’s favor?”

“Well… that’s easy. “Niggers like to eat.”

“I know that… eating?”

“Yes, black people are considered predators even on the 4th floor. All the prisoners run away when they see a black man. “If you get caught, you get eaten.”

“Hmm… I’m eating…”

As if Kangseol had gotten the hang of it, he opened his bag of food ingredients.

* * *

At that time, someone arrived at the stairs going down from the second basement level to the third basement floor.

“… found.”

That someone was Frannan, the Aspect of Libra.

He was probably the person on the expedition who went underground the fastest, excluding special cases such as snowfall.

“Damn it… what on earth was that shaking from earlier?”

Frannan couldn’t even guess that the shaking caused Snowfall to fall to the fourth basement floor alone.

At that time, there was a movement in the dark.

“Shh… who is there… Lord? “Are you Frannan?”

“This voice is… Yofimba! “Are you Jofimba?”

“Hahaha! Oh my gosh, I died and came back to life. Mr. Frannan.”

“It’s nice to see you too. “If I had to choose the most trustworthy person in this situation, it would definitely be you.”

“What are you saying… Isn’t that the disciple you care about more than me?”

Frannan, who thought about the snowfall for a moment, gently nodded and agreed.

“Of course, that’s okay. But I don’t need to say it in front of you. But did you find out anything?”

“I had to find out.”


Yopimba released various information.

“It feels like this place is a prison where something is imprisoned, and it has a strange feeling of a mixture of ancient and modern times.”

“I also thought it might be a prison, but ancient and modern times are mixed together?”

“That’s right… the architecture, which is completely unintelligible, and the mechanical devices that sometimes activate, are not modern technology. “Something feels unnatural.”

“Hmm… That’s the uniqueness of ancient ruins. But what does it mean that modern times are mixed together?”

“For it to be ancient, the management here is not that bad and the prisoners are still alive.”

“I find that strange too. Immortality is a calling that no one who has been given life has ever achieved. “If it’s a building that has been around since ancient times… it doesn’t make sense that the prisoners here are still alive.”

“That’s right. That’s what I’m thinking. Hmm… I wonder if someone cut this Alkatron out of ancient times and brought it to the present…” “

Just kidding…”

“Otherwise, the Alkatron is actually a building that has been continued until modern times, but everyone knows that. “If you’ve completely forgotten…”

“The Relic Society is persistent. “Are there any other possibilities?”

Jofimba said, scratching his head.

“Unfortunately, my head doesn’t turn because I’m hungry. “For now, I have noted down other unusual details here.”

“okay? Where… it’s dangerous!”

“yes? … Wow!”


A chain dividing the air.

The chain attached to the shackles on the prisoner’s wrists hit the floor where Jofimba had just been.


Jofimba, who narrowly avoided the blow, took out a large object from her arms in anger.

It was a gun. It’s crude, but it definitely resembles a gun.

“This guy! “Take a taste of gunpowder!”




The body of the prisoner who carried out the attack fell apart and disappeared before Jofimba’s eyes.






The prisoner was more agile than I thought.

Jofimba was certain that this prisoner was not the prisoner on the second floor.

‘Damn it… did it come from below? Where did this guy come from…’

And that confidence was confirmed through another incident.


The prisoner put his arms together and headed forward.

“What what… really?” A sound


should never have been heard came from the guy’s arm.

Frannan’s eyes widened.



Fortunately, Yofimba rolled over and avoided the prisoner’s attack.

“Huh… Huh… Crazy b*stard… Where did this guy

come from…” “Are all the prisoners here just like this? “The further down I go, the more dispirited I become… Anyway, back off.”

“Mr. Frannan? Ha, we have to deal with it together…”

“That’s enough. “It’s enough on my own.”


Frannan bent his head, relaxed his body, and spoke to the prisoner.

“I just decided to choose number 151 out of 163 ways to kill you. So die gracefully.”


A magic circle in the shape of a six-pointed star appeared on both of Frannan’s palms.


The prisoner’s body was crushed.


Wood clatter…

The prisoner is glaring at Frannan with bloodshot eyes. Frannan expressionlessly continued with the next spell.




In an instant, as many as three spells intersected.


Just when the prisoner’s body was about to burst from being crushed, the prisoner protested.


“Ho… Are you trying to solve it? “You interpreted my magic?”

Jijijik… Jijijijik…

Jofimba raised his gun as he watched the prisoner gradually escape from his restraints.

“Frannan! “Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Just watch quietly.”


that moment.


The prisoner’s head was blown off.

“… uh?”

“Hmph, I guess all he could do was copy things. “It’s not enough.”

“What happened?”

“He copied my magic in an instant. But that’s it. When it comes to magic, power isn’t everything. If you don’t know the principles or how it works, the magic flows back and actually causes the user’s death. “It’s listed in Basic Theory of Magic.”

“You even expected that… that’s amazing. “There are 163 more methods like this.”

“Did you get the status through playing? And it’s a lie.”

“… yes?”

“Actually, I could only think of three things.”

“Hmm… Hmm….”

“Anyway, let’s go down. I guess the shaking from earlier made me uneasy. “I think there might be some problem.”

They slowly went down to the third basement level.

* * *

Chop chop chop…


“Did you know you could cook?”

“I know how to do this and that.”

Chop chop chop…

[Coco’s favorability towards you increases.]

[Coco’s favorability toward you increases.]

Coco was finishing the food that Kangseol had prepared for her as if she were hiding her eyes.

As a result, Coco’s favorability was noticeably increasing, but unfortunately, this situation did not seem to continue.

‘How much are you eating? We’re almost out of food.’

If she ate at this rate, the missing ingredients would end up in Coco’s mouth instead.

“I think it’s coming.”


“I guess there was a prisoner nearby who smelled it.”


The prisoner who appeared before them was a reptile with impressive tusks. It looked like a type of beastman also called a lizardman.

‘… strong.’

The enemy that appeared showed a force that was incomparable to that of the prisoners on the first and second floors.

[Ghostly Cro]

Grade: Legend

Estimated level: 33~37

Cro, which grew up eating the shady energy of the swamp, is a predator of Mother Nature. As for Cro…

But before Kangseol could even check the information, something moved quickly.





The sight of a legendary prisoner being torn apart by Coco, who had just been eating, was a huge shock to Kang Seol.


Crow’s blood splattered on his face.

– My dog doesn’t bite.

– Tear it.

– Look at the snowman’s expression haha

– Hyeonta’s dog is very angry haha

– Are you crying? Are you crying?

Crow’s life was cut short by Coco, with his limbs disintegrated, without even being able to resist.

‘Is this a good situation or a bad situation?’

Snowfall is in a situation where it is difficult to judge hastily.

After defeating Coco, I wondered if I, who was defenseless after the battle, would be able to deal with the other prisoners who came after hearing the commotion.

However, if we kept watching like this, there was no clear way to break through the 4th basement floor.

‘Because of Coco, I can’t just cook all day… hu…’

But something unexpected happened to Snow Seol.


Coco bit Cro’s disassembled body and brought it to Kangseol.

“Do you want me to cook for you?”


“I’m your dedicated cook…”

[Coco’s special ability: Gift of the Wild is activated.]

[Coco will gift you some of Cro’s stats as a game hunter.]

[Gift of the Wild Receive.]

[Wisdom increases by 3.]

“… It wouldn’t be a bad idea to become a monk. “For a while.”

– Actually, it has been my dream to be a wise mother and good wife since I was young.

– The career path was forcibly decided.

– Why is my ability level increasing? Haha

– Isn’t this something that keeps activating?

–Ability level farming here?

“Coco, aren’t you nice? “Do you like walking?”


Coco’s tail swayed like a propeller.

[Coco likes you.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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